conocido como Joshua

  • Vivo en Brazil
  • Nací el 24 de abril
  • Mi ocupación es Drawing, writing
  • Soy Asexual
  • Biogr the flowers you gave me are rotting and still I refuse to throw them, awayyyy
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✝ Welcome ✝


Hi, I'm Banana Well, butyou can call me Joshua. I am a Wikia user since 2014. I am active every day, so if you need something you can write me on my wall, I will respond as quickly as possible.

Random data about me

I'm asexual
I'm vegan
My favorite colors are black, pink, blue and purple
I love cats
My favorite holiday is Halloween
My zodiac sign is Taurus
I measure 1.66 meters
I have really vivid dreams
My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Total Drama and American Horror Story.

My favorite artists

Melanie Billie Dua Elita Lana Ariana1 Decccco NicoleDoll Ängie

Bye, bye, b*tches
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