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«Happily Ever After»  — это песня, которая звучит в начале фильма Steven Universe: The Movie. Она рассказывает историю главных персонажей мультсериала: Стивена, Жемчуг, Гранат и Аметист.

Текст песни

Here we are in the future
Here we are in the future and it's bright
Nothing to fear
No one to fight
I can't believe we've come so far
Happily ever after, here we are

Once upon a time, I thought I'd always be in my mother's shadow
Answering for her crimes, I thought I'd always be in an endless battle
Until I began to hone
A power all my own
That I could feel growing stronger every day
And now I've saved the world
Not just that- the whole galaxy saved
We did it!

Here we are in the future!

Hey Pearl, hey Dad!
[Грег говорит]
Hey Schtuball!
[Жемчуг говорит]
Steven! I'm learning to play the bass
[Грег говорит]
I keep telling her, it's "bass"
[Жемчуг говорит]
Excuse me, B-A-S-S spells "bass"
[Грег говорит]
You're the boss
[Жемчуг говорит]
Heck yes, I am!

Once upon a time
I only lived to be of Pink Diamond's service
'Til the day the two of us snuck down to be on this planet's surface
We became our fantasy
And I was sure she set me free
But in the end, I guess I never left her side
And after love and loss and all the tears that I cried, I find that-

[Стивен и Жемчуг]
Here we are in the future!

[Стивен говорит]
Hey, buddy
I'm heading into town
[Грег говорит]
See you at the concert tonight?
[Стивен говорит]
Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Here we are!
[Гранат говорит]
I saved you a seat
[Стивен говорит]
Thanks, Garnet!
Hey guys, what'd I miss?
[Гранат говорит]
You're just in time for my favorite part of the story

Once upon a time, a Sapphire came to Earth with her Ruby soldier
Sapphire's deadly fate was set until the Ruby rushed in to hold her
Suddenly they were fusing
Beautiful, strange, confusing
And there I was, a bundle of questions, so naive
That if you told me this I never would've believed you then but-

[Стивен и Гранат]
Here we are in the future!

[Стивен говорит]
Let me just save this
Hey, any idea what Amethyst is up to?
[Гранат говорит]
I have every idea what everyone is up to
You'll find her if you head to Little Homeworld
Take the warp!

[Аметист говорит]
Woah! Careful dude!
[Аметист и Стивен говорят]
Pew pew!
One, two, three, hah!
[Стивен говорит]
Thanks, Amethyst!

[Висмут говорит]
Steven! You're just in time!
We're about to install the new warp
[Перидот говорит]
Which means Little Homeworld is 83.7 percent complete!
[Ляпис говорит]
Only 83.7 percent? We'd better get cracking!
[Висмут говорит]
I'm on it!

[Стивен говорит]
Wow, Little Homeworld's growing fast!
[Аметист говорит]
So are you!
"Look at me! I'm a young adult!"
I love that all these Gems wanna make their new home on Earth!
Wish I'd had this when I first emerged

Once upon a time, I burst to life inside of the Kindergarten
A product of a war that I had no idea I had a part in
I came out late and alone
Knew nothing but my home
But I know now exactly who I'm s'posed to be
And it's a part of this family!

[Аметист говорит]
So, whaddya think?
If I could just stop right here and be
Finally done
Finally us
Finally we are in the future

[Стивен, Аметист, Гранат и Жемчуг]
Here we are in the future and it's bright!
Nothing to fear
No one to fight
I can't believe we've come so far

Happily ever after
[Стивен, Аметист, Гранат и Жемчуг]
Happily ever after
Happily ever after

[Стивен, Аметист, Гранат и Жемчуг]
Here we are!

Интересные факты

  • Это — самая длинная песня в фильме и во Вселенной Стивена. Она длится пять минут и десять секунд.
  • Это вторая песня, в которой задействованы все главные персонажи. Первая — We Are The Crystal Gems.
  • В этой песне использованы мотивы старых песен. В части Стивена — «We Are The Crystal Gems» , в части Жемчуг — «Strong in the Real Way» , в части Гранат — «Stronger Than You» .
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