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Phòng của Pearl là một phòng trong Crystal Temple.

Giới thiệu

Pearl's Room is at the top of a waterfall and has a lake with many fountains. Above it, there is a large golden ribbon-esque decoration that splits to all the fountains. Her 'Sword Collection' is kept at the top of the central waterfall. The background consists of a dark indigo and light purple sky with many red, white, and blue stars.

By some unknown mechanism, probably magical in nature, the platforms supporting the waterfalls allows the water to be alternatively dived into (to appear elsewhere in the Crystal Temple) or walked upon as if shallow or as if the water on top was solid.

The central waterfall contains a big round-shaped fall that goes down to Amethyst's Room, as shown in the episode "Together Breakfast". Since her sword collection is in the central waterfall and the fall is connected to it, sometimes her swords fall and land in Amethyst's room.

Lịch sử

"Together Breakfast"

Pearl's sword collection is displayed within the waterfalls in her room. Her room is connected to Amethyst's Room via the waterfalls, explaining how one of her swords appeared in Amethyst's room. Amethyst mentions that Pearl's things have fallen from her room before.

"Secret Team"

Pearl hides a Rose Quartz bubble with Gem Shards in the central waterfall. This was so she could examine the bubble, but it was put back in The Burning Room by Steven at the end of the episode.

Tin bên lề

  • Pearl và các Crystal Gems khác có thể đi trên nước trong căn phòng này, điều này giống với khả năng đi trên mặt nước của Lion.
  • In "Together Breakfast", Steven fell into the lake, but in "Secret Team" he can walk on the water on top of the main waterfall with no apparent effort. It is unknown whether this is an animation error, or Steven developed this ability on his own.
  • The water theme may be a reference to the fact that pearls are formed underwater.
  • Pearl's Room' theme during 'Together Breakfast' was inspired by Rachmaninoff's Prelude Op. 23 No. 5 in G minor stated in a Q&A on Reddit by Aivi.