Bản mẫu:Youmay Bản mẫu:Merchandise The Answer is a book that was released on September 6, 2016. It is an alternative narrative to Ruby and Sapphire's story first seen in the episode of the same name.


You already are the answer!

Thousands of years ago, there were two Gems called Ruby and Sapphire who lived on the faraway Gem Homeworld planet. Even though one Gem could see into the future, neither could predict that their paths would come together in such an incredible way! This is the story of Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems, and how she came to live on planet Earth. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, tells this love story with plenty of warmth and humor.

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  • The book is dedicated to Ian Jones-Quartey, Rebecca Sugar's boyfriend.
    • She has previously stated that Ruby and Sapphire's relationship was based off of theirs, with Ian being Sapphire and Rebecca being Ruby.
  • The books confirm that, while extremely rare, there are multiple Sapphires.
  • When Rose told Garnet that she was the answer to all of her questions about herself, Garnet thought that Rose meant that she should never ask anymore questions in general.

Notable differences

  • Ruby and Sapphire have different outfits.
  • Blue Diamond's gemstone is the same cut and shape as Yellow Diamond's.
  • Rose's hair is less voluminous in some pages.