It's just an old storage unit I use to keep stuff that doesn't fit in the van. If it's anywhere, it's in here.

Greg Universe, "Laser Light Cannon"

Bản mẫu:Location U-Stor is a storage facility in Beach City that is first seen in the episode "Laser Light Cannon". Greg used to rent one of the storage units there.


U-Stor is a storage center where people can rent a storage unit to store their belongings in.

Greg's Unit

Greg used the unit to store a large amount of items that didn't fit in his van. These items included a T-Shirt Cannon, a painting of a cat, a lamp, stacks of newspapers, a giant fish, a giant hat, some chess pieces, a boom box, a chair, a giant bottle, a lance, two mattresses, a drum, a fishing rod, an umbrella, a pool table, golf clubs, Li'l Butler VHS tapes, an T.V., a pet carrier, Rose's Laser Light Cannon, a picture of him and Rose, and more.


"Laser Light Cannon"

Steven and Greg find and retrieve the Laser Light Cannon from deep within Greg's storage unit so that the Red Eye could be stopped.

"Maximum Capacity"

Steven, Greg, and Amethyst try and clean out the storage unit, but the latter two end up watching Li'l Butler the whole time and become addicted to the show once again. Later, with the help of Pearl and Garnet, the entire unit is cleaned out, with most of the items being transferred to Amethyst's Room.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

It's briefly seen in the background as the bus carrying Quentin Frowney out Beach City left while Mr. Smiley and Steven waved goodbye.


  • The name is most likely a reference to the real-life moving/storage company, "U-Haul".
  • The "Sumy" television in the storage unit is a reference to the Sony television.
  • It is surrounded by the streets Waterman, Sussex, Chestnut, and Chesapeake.
  • Greg's storage unit was full of pop-culture references and icons. See "Laser Light Cannon" for more details.
  • The word "Stor" is a sensational spelling of "Store."

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