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Speaker Dialogue
[Open int. Beach House]
(Steven sits on the couch, thinking and has a flashback.)
Ruby (Eyeball) I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems -- Rose Quartz -- shatter Pink Diamond!
(Cut to Pink Diamond punching the glass in Yellow Diamond's Jungle Moon base.)
(Cut to Zircon (Defense) at Steven's trial.)
Zircon (D) So how did a Rose Quartz, with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond, get so close in the first place?
(Flash of a silhouette of Pearl behind Pink Diamond and holding Rose's sword.)
Steven Ah!
(Pearl and Amethyst enter.)
Amethyst I can't believe you've had your phone for a month, and you haven't used it at all!
Pearl That's not true! I use it to tell the time!
(Steven groans, as they go to sit.)
Amethyst Come here, P. *takes her phone* Let's change your wallpaper. *takes a selfie* Looks great. Okay, now texting is in the messages. Just click on this screen icon-
Steven *panicked* Pearl, can I ask you-
Amethyst Hold on, Stevo. I'm in the middle of a demonstration. Hey, anyway.. then you can type pretty much anything you want.
(Steven receives a text from Pearl.)
Amethyst You should get a case for that thing.
Pearl I do. *summons a suitcase from her gem*
Amethyst Okay. I have a whole bunch of actual phone cases in my room. Don't go and throw that thing against a rock or anything until I'm back.
(Amethyst goes inside her room.)
Steven Pearl?
Pearl What is it, Steven?
Steven You remember how Mom shattered Pink Diamond? Well, I was just wondering, if maybe, you shattered Pink Diamond.
Pearl (shocked) I-(phone drops and she puts her hands to her mouth).
Steven It's okay. You can tell me.
(Pearl seems to struggle to speak, with her hands still covering her mouth.)
Steven Why can't you just talk to me about this?
(Amethyst returns.)
Amethyst I got case.
(Pearl slowly uncovers her mouth.)
Pearl *shouting* AH YES, the phone case, thank you Amethyst! (picks up and stores the phone in her gem) Whoops, so clumsy, it's probably safer I just keep it in here.
(Pearl turns and marches into the Temple.)
Amethyst Wait, come on, just put it in this *holds up case* then put in in your head. (Temple door close) What was that?
(Steven sighs.)
[Ext. Beach Citywalk Fries. Steven eats fry bits and then receives a text from Pearl].
Steven *reading* 'I want to tell you, but I can't?'
(Steven rushes home, where Pearl is vacuuming.)
Steven Pearl, I'm ready to talk!
Pearl What?
Steven I got your text! 'I want to tell you, but I can't?' With a monkey emoji? (🙊, speak-no-evil monkey with hands covering mouth [again])
Pearl Steven, I didn't send that. I haven't used my phone since I put it away this morning.
Steven Maybe you butt dialed me? With your gem?
Pearl No, that's impossible! Hang on, I'll pull it out *summons her gem* and we'll get to the bottom of this. See, here. *drops a remote control* See, I- *drops a violin*. Maybe this? No. Maybe this? *frustrated* No! *still trying* Maybe-ma-may this? *drops a bundle of cash* NO!
Steven Pearl, are you okay?
Pearl I know it's in there somewhere!
Steven You just sent another one!
(Steven shows Pearl the next message, only sending a single hibiscus flower emoji.)
Pearl Steven, I need you to go inside my gem and find my phone.
Steven What?! Is it stuck in there or something?
Pearl There are certain things I can't tell you, but I CAN tell you I need my phone. Please. I can bring you back out once you find what you're looking for.
Steven Your phone?
Pearl Exactly. I'll keep your phone, text me with mine when you find it.
(Pearl takes Steven's hand and her gem glows, lighting him up and he floats inside. He looks around in a room, with Pearl in a storage like space, humming.)
Steven There's another Pearl, inside Pearl's pearl?
Pearl Oh, Steven! (picks him up) Where should I put you? Certainly not with the spears. Human paraphernalia? Personal items? Let's just go alphabetical. (scrolls the wall like a screen) S..S-t..
Steven Wait! No, don't file me! You sent me in here for your cellphone.
Pearl My phone? Okay (sets him down) let's see...(scrolls the wall) P-h-o..hmm, nothing. Oh, it's a cellular phone! I must have put it under C (scrolls again) It should be (points to an empty spot). It should be right here! Unless...some other me took it.
Steven There's more of you in here?
Pearl Oh no, not here. I made sure of that. I am VERY good at compartmentalizing things. That's why I get to be surface, and they have to be put away.
Steven Well if one of those Pearls has the phone, can you tell me how to find her?
Pearl Oh, you don't want to go back where they are. It's a mess. Let's just stay here, where everything is alphabetized!
Steven Come on, I can handle it!
Pearl (sighs) Alright. Don't say I didn't warn you.
(Pearl's gem glows and Steven floats inside again. He looks around, and notices he's on the Beach, near the Crystal Temple.)
Steven This doesn't look like a mess. It looks like...the past.
(Steven turns to hear a sobbing Pearl, hidden behind the hand of the Temple Fusion.)
Steven Oh. That kind of mess. Hey Pearl, inside Pearl, inside Pearl's pearl. Are you upset about the whole missing phone situation too?
Pearl *crying* No, it's Rose. What was she thinking? She can't have a baby.
Steven Well...this is awkward.
Pearl What am I going to do when she disappears? I'm going to lose her! Just like I lost my-(to Steven) what was it you said?
Steven Your cellphone?
Pearl *sobs* My cellphone..!
Steven It's going to be okay. *hugs her* That's why you sent me in here. I wanna help you find it.
Pearl *looks up* I think I know where it is. It's probably where I lost everything else.
(Pearl takes his hand and her gem glows, teleporting him inside again.)
(Steven arrives in the Gem Battlefield, and everything is red. He walks around and trips, noticing he tripped over a gem. He gasps and jumps back.)
Steven Better not turn out her phone was in her pocket. *walks around* Or she left it on the dresser or dropped it in the toilet. Seems about as likely as putting it in your repressed war memories! *stops and sees Pearl* Pearl? I mean, Pearl inside Pearl, inside Pearl's pearl Pearl? Is this really about your phone or what?!
Pearl *in shock* We're the only ones left. Homeworld. They were all leaving. We thought we'd won. There was a bright light and everyone was-why did I do it?
Steven What do you mean? Just tell me!
(Pearl shakes her head and takes Steven's hand. Her gem glows and he's teleported again.)
(Steven appears on the ground and mallow flowers surround the darkened area. Pink gem shards seem to be scattered and he picks it up. He looks up and sees Rose in a cloud of dust, having swung her sword at whatever was there. Tears stream all down her face and voices are heard behind, outside a palanquin)).
Steven Mom?
(Steven gets up, holding the shard and walks towards her.)
Steven I thought this was Pearl's-- What are you doing here?
(Rose looks up, revealing it to be Pearl's eyes.)
Steven W-What?!
(She turns, hearing a voice that sounds like Jasper's screaming, and her pearl gem shows.)
Steven I-I knew it. It was you who shattered her.
(Pearl, shapeshifted as Rose opens her fist and shows a pink diamond gem in her hand.)
Steven Pink... Diamond? But... I don't understand.
(Pearl's gem glows again, teleporting Steven one last time. Steven sits on a chair, getting down and noticing he is inside the palanquin.)
Steven The palanquin? *walks around and hears talking. He sees Pearl and Rose and listens in.*
Rose And then we'll be done. It's going to be easy!
Pearl There's got to be another way. I mean, maybe-
Rose Blue and Yellow don't care. They never have. This is Pink Diamond's colony. We can end it all right here, right now.
Pearl *clutching Rose's sword* You know this is crazy, right? (Rose nods) Your status, my purpose. None of it will matter anymore. (Rose nods more excitedly) This will change everything.
Rose I know! Isn't it exciting?
Pearl (sighs and blushes) It is.
Rose We can leave our old lives behind. If this is really my world, I want to give it to the Crystal Gems. I want to live here with human beings! I wanna live here with you! We'll both finally be free!
Pearl *smiles* Okay. I'm ready.
Rose *excited* Peeearlll! *takes her hands*
Pearl I can't believe I'm going to do this.
Rose I can't exactly shatter myself.
(They hug. Rose shapeshifts back into Pink Diamond herself, and steps outside the palanquin. Steven gasps. Pink Diamond returns with a single mallow flower in her hand, as well as a pile of dirt. Pearl takes the flower, and puts it in her hair. Pink Diamond tightly squeezes the dirt and blows into it, compressing it into fake gem shards.)
Pink Diamond Convincing?
Pearl Very much so, my Diamond.
Pink Diamond Soon it will be just Rose. (she takes and swallows the shards. Pearl begins to unsheathe the sword) Wait, there's one last thing I need to do.
Pearl Yes?
Pink Diamond No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back. So, *folds Pearl's hands to cover her mouth* for my last order to you as a Diamond, please, let's never speak of this again. No one can know.
(Pink Diamond stands up and walks outside her palanquin.)
(A shocked Steven gasps at Pearl, who turns and looks at him.)
Pearl *hands him her phone* Sorry to make you come all this way.
(Steven takes the phone, surprised. Pearl shapeshifts into Rose in front of him, and takes the sword, heading outside. Steven texts Pearl that he found the phone. A flashback sequence plays quickly, of Pearl "shattering" Pink Diamond, poofing her, and she grabs her gem. Flashes to the battlefield, where Garnet and Pearl fight other gems. The sky suddenly lights up in the field. Pearl lays her hands on Rose Quartz's pregnant tummy. Pearl is seen with the Crystal Gems at the temple being comforted. Steven lands back on the floor of the house, and looks at Pearl.)
Steven I know.
Pearl *crying* I wanted to tell you for so long.
Steven *shocked* Mom was Pink Diamond.
Amethyst and Garnet are standing right behind Steven, both shocked.
Amethyst *surprised* WHAAAAAAT!?

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