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The Abandoned Warehouse is an old building in Beach City on the edge of a cliff near the ocean. It has been used for various purposes, including underground wrestling, rave parties and an improvised print shop for Bill Dewey's campaign.


It is a severely dilapidated brick building with a partially caved-in roof and some broken windows. The interior is a wide, open space, and one of the walls has almost completely collapsed.

It is located in an industrial area, a short walk away from Beach City, near a beach. In "Tiger Millionaire", the lighthouse and the Crystal Temple can be seen in the distance through the hole in the wall. This is north of the Crystal Temple, assuming the Crystal Temple faces east. In Steven Universe: The Movie, a sign can be seen on the outside of the front wall, opposite the collapsed one, reads "Delmarvan Distribution Centers", an indication of what the building was originally used for prior to abandonment.


"Tiger Millionaire"

The warehouse is used as the venue for the Beach City Underground Wrestling tournament. During the tournament, the warehouse is set up with a single large ring located towards the back and several rows of folding chairs situated near the front facing the ring.

"Alone Together"

Sour Cream holds a rave in the warehouse attended by his internet friends, including Kevin. The warehouse features a dance floor, with lighting and sound equipment and a DJ table up on a raised platform.

"Shirt Club"

It is shown that Mayor Dewey utilizes the warehouse on his campaign as a storage area. The warehouse contains a set of screen printing equipment, several cardboard boxes full of campaign materials, and campaign banners that are mounted on the walls.

"We Are The Crystal Gems"

During Amethyst's verse, the scene shifts from the Prime Kindergarten to the warehouse. Amethyst lands on the wrestling ring, and a spotlight shines on her as she pulls out her whip.

"Drop Beat Dad"

Steven helps Sour Cream haul his DJ equipment to the warehouse. Marty, intending to promote Sour Cream, says he needs to be where the people are and decides that the rave be held on the beach instead.

"Tiger Philanthropist"

The warehouse is used again for the Beach City Underground tournament, and it also serves as the place where Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma retire their careers as tag team wrestlers.

"Letters to Lars"

In his letter, Steven catches Lars up on the latest news from Beach City Underground Wrestling.

Steven Universe: The Movie

The Warehouse is used as an evacuation shelter and venue for a Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert. Steven, Greg and Amethyst try to restore Pearl's memories there. Amethyst sings "Disobedient" with the band, while Steven and Greg fuse and form Steg, who performs "Independent Together" and allows Pearl to regain her memories.


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