Aivi & Surasshu is a chiptune and piano duo, comprised of pianist Aivi Tran and sound designer Steven "Surasshu" Velema. The two have created a significant number of songs for Steven Universe.

Personal Life

Aivi composes music for indie games, plays piano on YouTube and also teaches at a music school.[citation needed] Aivi and Surasshu got married in 2015.[citation needed]


Aivi & Surasshu specialize in chiptune and piano music. This style is reflected in the songs they have composed for the show. The two met in a hotel bar and bonded over their love of video game music.[citation needed] They later collaborated to produce the album "The Black Box", which has a comic book dedicated to it.

Aivi in particular is a big fan of Rebecca Sugar's work on Adventure Time, and was equally thrilled with Steven Universe.[citation needed] Aivi said:

"Rebecca Sugar’s work as a storyboard artist and songwriter on Adventure Time is fantastic, and we instantly fell in love with Steven Universe and its diverse characters. The music that we've been writing for the show draws inspiration from both classical and pop genres, synth and acoustic sounds, and of course, what the two of us are best at: Videogame Music!".[citation needed]

You can find Aivi & Surasshu's non-Steven Universe work from the link to "The Black Box" above. Everything they create for the show is posted to their Soundcloud account of the group's name.


  • Aivi's name is pronounced like "ivy" and Surasshu is pronounced like "sur-RAH-shoo".[1]
  • The two produced the music heard in Google's 2015 Halloween-themed doodle. Aivi And Surasshu Came back to record the soundtrack for Google’s Halloween Doodle For 2018, taking inspiration from the music for Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.[2]
  • According to Aivi Tran, Surasshu's signature instrument would be noise drums.[3]
  • Aivi and Surasshu have made non-canon gemsonas using the Gemsona Maker on Doll Divine. Aivi's gemsona is called Calcite, and Surasshu's gemsona is called Sodalite. Their fusion, Afghanite, was chosen based on its appearance rather than its properties.[4]
    • Sodalite is described as powerful, but fragile and "breaks easily". 
    • Calcite is "common and used in everything." She "looks pretty boring, except for a red ribbon around their neck that drapes over their chest." They do this because Sodalite's gemstone is on her chest. When they fuse, Calcite's ribbon wraps around Sodalite's gemstone to protect it.
    • Their fusion music would possibly be a "strong, stable sound layered with a frantic, glitchy sound."

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