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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(The Gems are teaching Steven how to dance while "Fusion Disco" plays in the background.)
Pearl *snaps her fingers* A 5-6-7-8!
(Steven and Amethyst try to dance in unison. Garnet walks in to observe.)
Pearl Synchronize! *still snapping fingers*
(Amethyst tries to lift Steven, but she drops him and he falls. They both start laughing.)
Pearl *irritated* Be serious!
(Steven and Amethyst continue dancing while Pearl snaps her finger in rhythm. Amethyst successfully lifts Steven, but they both start laughing again. Pearl stops snapping and frowns in annoyance. She then takes over and begins to demonstrate with Garnet next.)
Pearl Pay attention now, Steven.
(Pearl and Garnet perform a ballroom dance, with Garnet twirling and lifting Pearl around. Garnet then pins Pearl against a wall, both her hands on either side of Pearl's head, as Pearl slightly blushes.)
Pearl *turns at Steven* See? *beckoning gesture*
Steven *stares at Pearl wide-eyed for a second, but then looks determined* Hmm.
(Steven tries to dance with Pearl and copy Garnet's moves. Garnet helps him with some of the poses, as he is too short. Pearl smiles hesitantly and looks at Garnet as the short Steven pins her against the wall.)
(Steven and Amethyst dance together next, doing a dance similar to the "Macarena". Steven follows pretty well but is not as limber and flexible as Amethyst.)
(Steven tries dancing with Garnet next, copying her dance, but cannot keep up with the speed of her hand movements.)
(Steven then tries a ballet duet with Pearl. Pearl accidentally hits him in the face with her leg since he is too short, causing him to fall on the ground, and looks at him apologetically.)
(The Gems then try to dance in unison with Steven. They snap their fingers in rhythm; Steven is a bit off beat. The Gems each put one foot forward; Steven puts forward his hand. The Gems run in unison and exit stage right; Steven runs in the wrong way, quickly turns around and tries to catch up with them. The Gems slide, leap up, and pose in midair together; Steven tries to jump and pose as well, but quickly falls to the ground.)
[Trans. Int. Steven's Kitchen]
(The Crystal Gems walk towards the kitchen to take a break)
Steven *carrying a towel around his neck* I don't get it, I thought I almost had it.
Pearl *sits besides the kitchen counter* Nobody expects you to be able to perform fusion right away, Steven.
Amethyst *hops and sits on top of the counter* Yeah! It's really hard, even for us.
Garnet *leans against the cabinets* Not for me.
Pearl We'll keep working on the dance for now, and who knows, in a few years... *pauses and ponders* I wonder though if Steven's body is capable of fusion. Fusion merges the physical forms of gems, but Steven is half-human. He's organic.
Steven *pops in* Organic?
Amethyst Aw, come on! It's Steven! *speaks mockingly* Who knows what's gonna happen? *laughs heartily*
Garnet Well, I think Steven can do it. *looks over at Steven*
(Steven looks back up at Garnet with a worried expression.)
[Trans. Int. Beach]
(Steven and Connie are sitting in the sand, facing each other, with their shoes and Connie's glasses left a distance away.)
Connie Can you get them to write out the steps?
Steven No... I don't think it's just about the dancing. When they fuse, they glow and kind of... phase into each other. *cross his fingers together* I don't know if I can even do that.
Connie Well, I think it's amazing you were able to dance with them at all. I could never do that.
Steven Huh? What do you mean?
Connie *looks down* I've never danced in front of anyone before.
Steven Really?
Connie Yeah. There was a dance at my school, and I was really excited about it...but, I just couldn't bring myself to go. I just couldn't stop thinking about everyone staring at me.
Steven Well... no one's staring right now?
Connie *sees Steven staring at her* Um... You are.
Steven *looks away blushing* Oh...yeah. Oh, one sec.
(Steven reaches into his pocket, pulls out his smartphone, taps it a few times, and sticks his phone in the sand. "Alone Together" starts to play.)
Steven *walks away a few steps away from Connie and covers his eyes with his arm* So, what I was trying to say was... *offers his other hand to Connie, blushing* Come dance with me.
(Connie hesitates, then reaches for Steven's hand. Steven lifts his arm off his eyes and smiles. He then pulls Connie towards him and they begin to dance. Steven twirls Connie around and starts to do a little jig on his own. Connie also does her own dance solo too. Steven and Connie then run around carefreely when they bump into each other. Steven starts to fall, but Connie quickly catches him. They both stare at each other in the eye and blush together. Connie leans closer and laughs heartily, and Steven's gem begins to glow, enveloping the whole screen in pink light.)
(A mysterious person slowly wakes up on the beach, revealing rosy-brown legs, in front of Steven's flip-flops and Connie's flats and glasses.)
Stevonnie Whoa. Why am I-? *hand reaches forwards and picks up Steven's flip-flop* Why is... your sandal too small for my- your feet?
(Stevonnie runs their hand along their legs, hips and stomach.)
Stevonnie Steven? *grabs their hair in shock* Connie! *looks down* I- I did it! You did it? *struggles to get up* Wait. Ugh, this- no. This is gr-great! Oh my gosh, look at you now! *finally stands up and poses still* I'm a fusion.
(Stevonnie then throws their hands up in the air and begins to run around the beach, laughing. They trips and falls behind a rock, but quickly gets up.)
Stevonnie I have to show everybody.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(The Gems gaze in shock and surprise, as Stevonnie stands confidently in front of them.)
Stevonnie Pretty cool, right?
Pearl He fused? With his friend Connie?
Amethyst *chuckles and leans to Pearl* Pearl, look at Garnet.
(Pearl turns and sees Garnet with her hands clasped together and a huge grin on her face. Pearl then looks back at Stevonnie and approaches them.)
Pearl This is unprecedented. *starts to examine all around Stevonnie's body* A Gem fusing with a human being...? It's impossible! *looks away, cupping her face with her hand* Or at the very least inappropriate.
Amethyst *approaches Stevonnie too* Wow! You two look great together! How does it feel, Steven? Connie? ...Stevonnie?!
Stevonnie It feels amazing!
Pearl *getting uncomfortable* Yes. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves, but you two should unfuse this instant.
Stevonnie Wait, what? Pearl, you were so worried Steven wouldn't be able to do this. Aren't you proud of him?
Pearl Of... course I am! I- *turns to Garnet in worry* Garnet, help me out here.
Garnet Stevonnie... *walks up to Stevonnie, while Amethyst and Pearl back away* ...listen to me. *places her hand on Stevonnie's cheek* You are not two people. And you are not one person. You... are an experience! Make sure you're a good experience. Now... Go!... Have!... Fun! *grins widely*
[Trans. Ext. Beach City]
(Stevonnie is seen running in determination while "Twilight Run" plays in the background. They then starts to sprint, grinning widely, and performs a string of cartwheels towards the edge of a high cliff. Stevonnie peeks over the edge of the cliff, and then jumps off of it into the ocean, screaming excitedly. They are float back to the beach short on their back, alternating between Steven's and Connie's laughter. Their stomach then begins to grumble. They sits up and sees the Big Donut nearby.)
[Trans. Int. Big Donut]
(Sadie and Lars are in the middle of a conversation behind the counter. Lars is smiling; Sadie is not.)
Sadie No-
Lars Sure!
Sadie Lars-
Lars I don't- I don't think that's-
Sadie Seriously-
Lars Okay!-
Sadie -He's very nice.
(The shop door chimes and a drenched Stevonnie walks into the shop. Sadie and Lars both stare at Stevonnie with wide eyes, as they walks up to the counter.)
Lars *blushing and stuttering* Ha- ha- how can I- help... me?
Stevonnie *flicks their hair gracefully and starts squeezing it dry* Two donuts. Please.
(Sadie and Lars continues staring in awe. Lars reaches into the donut case and pulls out a bag of two donuts, placing it on the counter. Stevonnie then pulls out some bills and coins from their pocket and inches closer to the counter, towards Lars.)
Stevonnie What do I owe you?
Lars *still blushing and stammering* Uh- ah- uhhhh-
Sadie *slams on the counter* Oh, nothing! *gently pushes Stevonnie's hand aside and looks away, blushing* It's on the house.
Stevonnie *incredulously* Really?
Sadie & Lars *nod heads in unison* Mmm-hmm.
Stevonnie *shrugs* Okay.
(Stevonnie grabs the donut bag from the counter and leaves. They then pauses at the doorway.)
Stevonnie But just so you know- *looks back at Lars and Sadie over their shoulder* -that isn't a very sound business practice.
(Sadie and Lars keep staring at Stevonnie startled, wide-eyed and mouths hanging open. The shop door chimes as Stevonnie closes the door behind them.)
[Trans. Int. Beach City Boardwalk]
(Stevonnie walks along the boardwalk, reaching into the donut bag.)
Stevonnie Sweet, two doughnuts! One for me and one... for... uh, me.
(Stevonnie pauses in front of a wooden bench and looks back in uncertainty. They look down at the pair of donuts in their hands, holding them side by side.)
Stevonnie (Connie) Are you okay? *pulls the donuts apart as the screen darkens a bit.* We can stop if you...
Stevonnie (Steven) *puts the donuts back side by side* No, no. Don't worry.
(Stevonnie sits down on the bench, crosses their legs, and starts eating a donut. Sour Cream then appears and approaches them.)
Stevonnie Oh hey, Sour- ...faced stranger. *puts the donuts down* Wow, cool pants!
Sour Cream Cool. *looks away nervously* Rave tonight. *hands Stevonnie a flyer*
Stevonnie *takes the flyer* Like, a dance?
Sour Cream *blushing* Yeah, at the warehouse. I'm DJ-ing, and a bunch of my friends from the internet are gonna be there. There's gonna be free... glow sticks?...
Stevonnie Yes! I'll definitely be there! Yes. Thanks! *walks off*
Sour Cream *flustered* Cool.
[Trans. Int. Abandoned Warehouse]
(Stevonnie walks up to the warehouse and takes a moment to scope the rave at the partially collapsed wall. Several people are already dancing while DJ Sour Cream is playing chiptune rave music on a platform. Ronaldo is seen free-styling, while an unknown man watches, leaning against a wall and looking bored.)
Unknown Man *scoffs* Yeesh. *walks away*
(Jenny and Buck are also seen dancing. DJ Sour Cream adjusts his music equipment: a soundboard, a keyboard, and three handheld video game consoles similar to Game Boys, and transitions the music into an upbeat song. The crowd cheers in response.)
(Stevonnie, still hanging at the partially collapsed wall, put on a brave face and step into the warehouse. Everyone quickly pauses and turns to look at Stevonnie as they passes by. Stevonnie walks up next to Jenny and Buck and begins to dance. Jenny and Buck stop dancing too and back away, letting Stevonnie be as they does their dance solo.)
Sour Cream *watches Stevonnie dancing* I'm amazing... *adds a sweet descant to the music*
(Stevonnie has an inadvertent yet graceful dance solo by twirling, knee-sliding, and flipping their hair. They ends their dance by launching themselves and twisting in the air, and lands with a satisfied sigh. They then stands up and notices everybody in the room staring at them.)
Stevonnie *laughs nervously* I- thought this was a dance party. *looks around* Why isn't anyone else dancing.
(The crowd remains speechless and continue to stare at Stevonnie.)
Stevonnie *starts to panic* This is what being cool at a cool dance is, right? This is how it's supposed to be... Why isn't it like it's supposed to be? *hyperventilates and closes their eyes*
(Stevonnie starts to hallucinate, as the people around them transform into huge looming shadows, and tall shards of glass rise out of the floor. A disco ball then appears and encases Stevonnie inside like Steven's bubble shield. Stevonnie looks around in disorientation as light circles around them inside the disco ball. They then sees the unknown man from before phasing through the wall of the disco ball and stepping inside.)
Kevin *sizes Stevonnie up* Hey, baby.
(The hallucination ends, the crowd already returned to chatting among themselves in the background. Hand on his hip, Kevin smugly awaits Stevonnie's response.)
Stevonnie *put off by the man's presence* Huh?
Kevin *leans in and offers Stevonnie his hand* Get ready. *slides around Stevonnie* It's Kevin Time. *smirks*
(Kevin starts dancing arrogantly as the music transitions, grasping everyone's attention. As he dances, Kevin inches closer and closer to Stevonnie, growing increasingly uncomfortable. Stevonnie then runs off the dance floor and leans against a wall, catching their breath.)
Stevonnie (Connie) *panting* I don't understand what's wrong. You have fun dancing but this dance isn't fun. You're supposed to like this. Why- don't we like this?
Stevonnie (Steven) *sighs and stands up* I wish you were here. *anxiously crosses their arms and slumps against the wall* If we were together, it would be okay.
Stevonnie (Connie) But we are together, and it's not.
Stevonnie I'm alone...
Kevin Not tonight.
(Kevin then appears and plants his hand next to Steveonnie's head against the wall.)
Kevin *smirks* Hey baby, why'd you leave me on the dance floor?
Stevonnie *nervously* I don't- *pushes Kevin's hand away* I don't want to dance anymore.
Kevin What are you talking about? We're the best thing that's ever happened to this place. *brushes his bangs with his fingers* Come back out with me.
Stevonnie *becoming stern and defiant* Why should I?
Kevin *patronizes* Because we're angels walking among garbage people. We're perfect for each other.
Stevonnie *gets angry* How can you say that!? You don't even know us!
Kevin Oh, whoa. I'm just looking for a dance! *gets accusatory at Stevonnie* Don't get crazy.
Stevonnie No one is crazy. I just don't like feeling alone here!
Kevin If you're so lonely, then dance with me!
Stevonnie Ugh! Fine. *glares at Kevin* You wanna dance? Let's go.
(Stevonnie grabs Kevin's arm and drags him onto the dance floor. Stevonnie turns around and looks down at Kevin.)
Stevonnie And it's Stevonnie; I am not your baby.
(Stevonnie starts dancing aggressively, kicking and punching the air while grunting forcefully. Everyone turns to look at Stevonnie again and Kevin turns blue in the face.)
Kevin Okay, bring it back, girl.
(Stevonnie ignores Kevin and starts jumping up and down wildly. Their gem begins to glow and Stevonnie disappears, separating back into Steven and Connie, lying on the ground. Jenny, Buck, and the rest of the crowd gasp at the sudden dissolution of Stevonnie.)
Kevin *taken back, still blue in the face* It's two kids! I'm out. *leaves hastily*
Steven *slowly sits up* We're back...
(Connie starts laughing nervously, and then hysterically. Steven stares for a moment, then starts laughing while crying.
Sour Cream *starts scattering glow sticks on the dance floor* Y-e-e-e-ah!
(Steven and Connie, lost in their euphoria, continue laughing raucously and dance in the rain of glow sticks, ignoring the stunned crowd staring at them.)

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