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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Beach City Pier]
(Steven is seen leading Lapis Lazuli, who is covering her eyes with her water wings, by her hand on the piers.)
Lapis I'm starting to guess the surprise, Steven.
Steven I told you to close your eyes!
Lapis *laughs* Sorry.
Steven Okay, wait here.
(Lapis retracts her water wings and sees Steven and Greg standing in front of a yacht.)
Greg & Steven Surprise!
Lapis *mildly unimpressed* Hmm.
Steven We bought a boat!
Greg Uh, correction. We rented a boat. I may be rich, but buying a boat would be going a bit... overboard.
Steven Ayyy.
Greg Ayyyyy.
Greg & Steven Ayyyyyyy!
Greg Just a joke I picked up from some sailors. They have a surprisingly clean sense of humor.
Lapis Steven, who is this?
Greg Uh, Greg Universe. *offers a handshake to Lapis* You broke my leg trying to use the ocean to fly back to your homeworld?
Lapis Lapis Lazuli. Nice to meet you.
(Greg holds out his hand expecting a handshake which never comes. He then breaks away from the awkward moment.)
Greg Great! Well, I'll get the boat started.
Steven So what do you think?
Lapis It's nice, Steven... but I don't know.
Steven Look, Lapis, I know you spent a really long time fused with Jasper at the bottom of the ocean, but you're not Malachite anymore. And water is a part of who you are. You can't let one bad experience take that away from you.
Lapis It was more than one.
Steven Just give it a chance. I promise we'll make this the most fun you've ever had.
Lapis Steven, I... don't deserve this.
Steven Of course you do! We even named her Li'l Lappy.
(Greg is seen giving a thumbs-up to the name, until he realizes the taped cover-up paper had fallen off, revealing the yacht's real name "S.S. MISERY.", much to Lapis' amusement.)
Lapis *snorts and laughs* Okay. I'll give it a chance. But, just one.
Steven Woah! *laughs*
(Lapis picks up Steven and flies on-board the yacht. Greg is in the bridge, preparing to pilot the boat.)
Greg *speaking into a speaker microphone* You two ready to set sail?
Steven Aye, aye, Captain!
Lapis Yes.
Greg *sounds the horn twice* Full speed ahe- Woah!
(Greg falls backwards as the yacht jerks. A piece of wood gets pulled off the dock, since Greg forgot to remove the cord keeping the yacht at bay.)
Greg Ah, geez, you think anyone will notice?
(The yacht begins setting sail out into the sea.)
Greg Wow, I think I did a number on that dock. Maybe somebody else should take a shot at being captain. *turns around and turns off his Captain's hat* What do you say, Captain Lazuli?
Lapis I shouldn't.
Steven Go for it, Lapis.
Lapis *agitated* Don't put me in charge! ...Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn't trust me with the boat.
Steven Uh, that's okay. Don't worry about it. We can all be first mates, so there's no pressure. Only fun stuff today!
(Lapis smiles, pleased with Steven's plan.)
Greg Lapis, you can still wear the hat, if you want.
Lapis Thanks, but I'm not putting that on my body.
Greg *puts the hat back on and turns back to the steering wheel* Let's set a course for fuuuuun!
(Upbeat music starts playing in the background as Steven and Greg enjoy their time on the yacht. Lapis does not seem as enthusiastic though, as she fears the unknown of the ocean, but eventually enjoys herself as Steven asks her to pull the yacht horn. Time passes, the yacht stops sailing and Greg is seen fishing by the deck.)
Steven Dad! Dad! *approaches Greg with Lapis*
Greg Hey, you two. Finally get enough of that horn?
Steven What?!
(Greg chuckles sheepishly.)
Lapis What are you doing?
Greg Catching fish. *casts his fishing rod into the water*
Lapis Oh, I can help!
(Lapis steps back and takes a deep breath. She then begins using her hydrokinesis to lift the water around the fish hook.)
Greg *gasps* What the?!
(Lapis lifts a large mass of water out of the ocean, encasing plenty of fishes inside.)
Steven Woah.
Greg That's a pretty uh... fancy way of catching fish.
Steven That's 'cause Lapis is super strong!
Greg Well, I uh, appreciate the gesture, but I-I think it would be safer to stick to the old-fashioned way of doing it.
Lapis Oh, uh... *blushes* Sure.
(Lapis shoots the large mass of water back into the ocean, causing a large ripple that shakes the yacht.)
Steven & Greg Woah!
Steven Wow, Lapis! That was ama... (Lapis puts her hand on Steven's head to calm him down.) zing...
Lapis So, how do you fish the old-fashioned way?
Greg Oh, it's pretty simple. You start with a rod, and you put a hook on the end of your line. And then, when you feel a nibble, you reel it in. And there it is. You've caught yourself a fish to eat!
Lapis But why would a fish ever bite a hook?
Greg You got to bait it. Put something on it you know it wants, like a worm or a $20 bill. Here, I'll show you. *throws the hook with a bait on it back into the water* Fishing.
(Time skips by as Greg continues to fish, waiting for a bite, while Steven and Lapis grow increasingly impatient.)
Lapis When does the fish part happen?
Greg Well, sometimes it isn't about the fish you keep, but the company you catch. *notices a nibble* Woah! I got a bite!
(Steven gasps in excitement.)
Greg Lapis, here! Give it a try! *hands the fishing rod to Lapis* Hold it just like that and reel it in slowly.
Lapis Like this? *starts turning the reel*
Greg You got it. It looks like a big one!
(Lapis continues to turn the reel, but is suddenly pulled forward with great force.)
Steven Lapis!
Greg Steven!
(Steven and Greg both grab hold onto Lapis and tug on her.)
Steven *grunts* You got it, Lapis! Reel it in!
Lapis It's... pulling... so hard!
(A silhouetted entity is reeled in, about to emerge from the water. Lapis suddenly sensed a familiar presence when the fishing rod snaps in half and the entity sinks back into the water. Lapis runs up to the edge and stares down at the water with great concerns.)
Greg *inspects the broken fishing rod and sighs* Looks like this pole rental turned into a pole purchase. But, you did a great job tangling with that beast.
Steven Y-yeah. Don't worry about that one getting away.
Lapis Oh, thank you.
Greg Welp, that's my adventure quota for the day. I'll be at the controls. Holler if you need me.
Steven Yes, sir! Lapis, what do you... *notices Lapis has left the area* Lapis?
(Steven looks around and notices Lapis sitting on a patio lounge chair on the deck. He then walks up to her and sits on the other chair .
Steven Hey. Whatcha doing?
Lapis I just thought I'd sit for a bit.
Steven You looked like a real pro fisher before the pole snapped.
Lapis Thanks.
Steven Hmm. So, fishing was a bust, but I-I got something that'll cheer you up. Shuffleboard! What do you say?
(The yacht suddenly starts to shake as something is heard crashing against it.)
Steven Ahh! Ugh! *falls over, and gets up groaning* What was that?
Steven & Lapis Ahh!
(The yacht shakes again, causing Steven to fall over again.)
Lapis Are you okay?
Steven Yeah.
Lapis What's going on?
Greg Steven! You got a moment?
Steven Is everything okay, First Mate Dad?
Greg *reading the yacht manual* Shh! You hear that?
(There is total silence, as the shaking has stopped.)
Steven Uhhh... no.
Greg I guess it stopped. I think something's wrong with the boat.
(Greg tries to turn the steering wheel to no success.)
Greg Aw, geez, something's throwing off the rudder. I don't know what's going on, and this owner's manual is no help. It's mostly advice on sun tanning and what crackers go with caviar.
Steven Well, what crackers go with caviar?
Greg Water crackers.
Steven& Greg Ayyyyyyyyyyyy!
(Muffled thumping is heard inside the yacht.)
Greg *gasps* There it is.
(The yacht begins to rumble, and a small explosion is heard. Greg and Steven quickly run over to check the internal of the yacht. Greg opens the hatch to the engine room, when smoke bursts out, causing Steven and Greg to cough profusely.)
Greg Oh, crud! The engine! I don't know how to fix an engine. This trip might be a little longer than we thought, little buddy.
(The sky begins to fill with dark clouds. Lapis is seen staring out to the ocean on deck, when Steven approaches her.)
Steven Lapis? Um... I have some not-so-good news. There's trouble with the engine, and we might be stuck out here for a while.
(Lapis sighs in response.)
Steven I'm so sorry! This whole thing is my fault. I just wanted you to have fun, but everything's a mess. I shouldn't have made you come on this trip.
Lapis It's my fault. I'm the one to blame.
Steven That's not true.
Lapis I'm really trying to enjoy it out here, but... I can't stop thinking about being fused as Malachite, how I used all my strength to hold her down in the ocean, and how I was always battling against Jasper to keep her bound to me.
Steven But it's not like that anymore. You don't have to be with Jasper.
Lapis That's not it. I... I miss her.
Steven What?!
Lapis *sighs* We were fused for so long.
Steven But... she's terrible.
Lapis I'm terrible! I did horrible things! I-I broke your dad's leg. I stole Earth's ocean! Go on! Tell me I'm wrong!
(The yacht begins to rumble again as it starts to rain. An arm emerges from the water, climbing up the anchor chain. The yacht continues to rumble as the entity climbs up the chain and then climbs on deck. Steven and Lapis gasp in shock as the entity reveals to be Jasper.)
Jasper Finally!
(Thunder crashes behind Jasper, glaring at them menacingly.)
Steven & Lapis Jasper!
Jasper I thought I'd never catch up to you!
Lapis You've been following us?
Jasper I've been following you.
(Jasper starts approaching Lapis, who gasps in horror.)
Steven Stay back! *summons his shield*
Jasper *laughs aloud* This dulled-down version of Rose Quartz works for you now? You're pointing that shield the wrong way. *chuckles* She's the one you should be afraid of.
Lapis That's not true.
Jasper You can't lie to me. I've seen what you're capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you... you're a monster.
(Thunder crashes again as Lapis stares frightfully at Jasper.)
Lapis I...
Steven Lapis doesn't want anything to do with you!
Jasper This is between... US!
(Jasper swipes her arm at Steven. Steven groans in pain as he is knocked flying away from Jasper and Lapis on the deck.)
Lapis Steven!
(Lapis tries to run up to Steven, but Jasper grabs her hand and pulls her back. Jasper then clasps her hands around Lapis' hand and kneels before her.)
Jasper Let's be Malachite again.
(Thunder crashes again as Jasper makes the bizarre request.)
Lapis Why... would you want that?
Jasper I was wrong about fusion. You made me understand! Malachite was bigger and stronger than both of us! We could fly!
Steven Lapis, don't listen to her!
Jasper *gets up and turns to Steven* Stay out of this!
Lapis I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to, I-I hated you. It was bad!
Jasper It'll be better this time. I've changed. You've changed me. I'm the only one who can handle your kind of power.
(Jasper approaches maniacally towards Lapis, backing her to the front of the yacht's bridge cabin.)
Jasper Together, we'll be unstoppable!
(Lapis begins to ponder. She glances at Steven, lying on the ground, as she makes up her decision.)
Lapis NO!
Jasper What!?
Lapis What we had wasn't healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just, go!
Jasper Lapis!
Steven *runs to Jasper* She said, "No!" Leave her alone!
Jasper This is your fault. *growls* I'll SHATTER YOU!
(Jasper starts charging towards Steven, and he and Lapis gasp. Lapis then quickly summons a giant water arm that punches right through the yacht and into Jasper, sending her flying off the yacht and far away into the ocean.)
Steven Lapis, you did it! *runs to hug Lapis*
Greg *runs in* Are you two okay!? Wha-?!
(Greg stares at the hole in the yacht's deck, as the boat begins to sink into the water.)
Greg What... happened?...
Steven Uhh, it's kind of a long story.
(Lapis picks up Steven and Greg and begins to fly off. Greg glances back at the sinking yacht in grief.)
Greg I guess I bought a boat after all.
Steven Eh, sorry, Dad. But hey, the ocean's really beautiful from up here.
Lapis Yeah. It is.
(The star iris closes onto the trio flying in the distance, as the episode ends.)

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