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{{TD||[''The episode begins with [[Steven Universe (character)|Steven]] and [[Lapis Lazuli|Lapis]] walking on a pier near the [[Beach City]] [[Beach City Pier|harbors]]. Steven has a surprise for Lapis as she covers her eyes with her wings.'']}}
{{TD|Lapis| I'm starting to guess the surprise, Steven.}}
{{TD|Steven| I told you to close your eyes!}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Laughs''] Sorry.}}
{{TD|Steven| Okay, wait here.}}
{{TD|[[Greg Universe|Greg]] and Steven| Surprise!}}
{{TD||(''Steven shows Lapis a [[Minor Objects/Vehicles#S.S. Misery / Li'l Lappy|large yacht]] the three will use.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| Hm.}}
{{TD|Steven| We bought a boat!}}
{{TD|Greg| Uh, correction. We ''rented'' a boat. I may be rich, but buying a boat would be going a bit ''overboard''.}}
{{TD|Steven| Ayyy.}}
{{TD|Greg| Ayyyyy.}}
{{TD|Greg and Steven| Ayyyyy!}}
{{TD|Greg| Just a joke I picked up from some sailors. They have a surprisingly clean sense of humor.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Steven, who is this?}}
{{TD|Greg| Uh, Greg Universe. (''Offers a handshake to Lapis.'') You broke my leg trying to use the ocean to fly back to your [[Gem Homeworld|homeworld]]?}}
{{TD|Lapis| Lapis Lazuli. Nice to meet you.}}
{{TD||(''Greg holds out his hand expecting a handshake which never comes, making the moment awkward.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Great! Well, I'll get the boat started.}}
{{TD|Steven| So what do you think?}}
{{TD|Lapis| It's nice, Steven... but I don't know.}}
{{TD|Steven| Look, Lapis, I know you spent a really long time fused with [[Jasper]] at the bottom of the ocean, but you're not [[Malachite]] anymore. And water is a part of who you are. You can't let one bad experience take that away from you.}}
{{TD|Lapis| It was more than one.}}
{{TD|Steven| Just give it a chance. I promise we'll make this the most fun you've ever had.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Steven, I... Don't deserve this.}}
{{TD|Steven| Of course you do! We even named her ''Li'l Lappy''.}}
{{TD||(''Greg is seen giving a thumbs up to the name until he realizes the taped coverup paper fell off and showed its real name, "S.S. MISERY." to Lapis' amusement.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Snorts then laughs.''] Okay. I'll give it a chance. But, just one.}}
{{TD||(''Lapis picks up Steven and flies to the floor of the boat.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Woah! [''Laughs'']}}
{{TD|Greg| (''Speaking into a speaker microphone'') You two ready to set sail?}}
{{TD|Steven| Aye, aye, Captain!}}
{{TD|Lapis| Yes.}}
{{TD|Greg| (''Sounding the horn'') Full speed ahe-- Woah!}}
{{TD||(''A piece of wood was pulled off the dock since Greg forgot to unlock the cord keeping the yacht at bay.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Ah, geez, you think anyone will notice?}}
{{TD||(''Steven, Greg, and Lapis set sail, their progress seen in a birds-eye view.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Wow, I think I did a number on that dock. Maybe somebody else should take a shot at being captain. What do you say, Captain Lazuli?}}
{{TD|Lapis| I shouldn't.}}
{{TD|Steven| Go for it, Lapis.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Don't put me in charge! Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn't trust me with the boat.}}
{{TD|Steven| Uh, that's okay. Don't worry about it. We can all be first mates, so there's no pressure. Only fun stuff today!}}
{{TD||(''Lapis is pleased with the plan, including Greg, who continues to offer the Captain's hat.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Lapis, you can still wear the hat, if you want.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Thanks, but I'm not putting that on my body.}}
{{TD|Greg| (''Puts the hat back on.'') Let's set a course for f-u-u-un!}}
{{TD||(''Upbeat music plays as Steven and Greg enjoy their time on the yacht. Lapis is not as energetic from noticing the unknown but eventually enjoys herself as she continues to pull the horn. Afterward, they talk to Greg, who is seen fishing.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Dad! Dad!}}
{{TD|Greg| Hey, you two. Finally get enough of that horn?}}
{{TD|Steven| What?!}}
{{TD|Greg| [''Chuckles'']}}
{{TD|Lapis| What are you doing?}}
{{TD|Greg| Catching fish. (''Throws the hook into the water.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| Oh, I can help! [''Sighs'']}}
{{TD||(''Lapis steps back and uses her hydrokinesis to lift a large mass of water containing plenty of fish.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| [''Gasps''] What the?!}}
{{TD|Steven| Woah.}}
{{TD|Greg| That's a pretty uh... fancy way of catching fish.}}
{{TD|Steven| That's 'cause Lapis is super strong!}}
{{TD|Greg| Well, I, Uh, appreciate the gesture, but I-I think it would be safer to stick to the old-fashioned way of doing it.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Oh, uh... sure.}}
{{TD||(''Lapis shoots the large mass of water back into the ocean which causes a large ripple that shakes the boat and makes it creak.'')}}
{{TD|Steven and Greg| Woah!}}
{{TD|Steven| Wow, Lapis! That was ama... (''Lapis puts her hand on Steven's head to calm him.'') zing...}}
{{TD|Lapis| So, how do you fish the old-fashioned way?}}
{{TD|Greg| Oh, it's pretty simple. You start with a rod, and you put a hook on the end of your line. And then, when you feel a nibble, you reel it in. And there it is. You've caught yourself a fish to eat!}}
{{TD|Lapis| But why would a fish ever bite a hook?}}
{{TD|Greg| You got to bait it. Put something on it you know it wants, like a worm or a $20 bill. Here, I'll show you. (''Throws the hook back into the water.'') Fishing.}}
{{TD||(''Time skips by as Greg continues to fish. Steven and Lapis get impatient.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| When does the fish part happen?}}
{{TD|Greg| Well, sometimes it isn't about the fish you keep, but the company you catch. (''Notices a nibble.'') Woah! I got a bite!}}
{{TD|Steven| [''Gasps'']}}
{{TD|Greg| Lapis, here! Give it a try! Hold it just like that and reel it in slowly.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Like this?}}
{{TD|Greg| You got it. It looks like a big one!}}
{{TD||(''Lapis continues to reel in but faces difficulty as she is pulled back with great force.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Lapis!}}
{{TD|Greg| Steven!}}
{{TD||(''They both grab hold onto Lapis and help her pull.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| [''Grunts''] You got it, Lapis! Reel it in!}}
{{TD|Lapis| It's... pulling... so hard!}}
{{TD||(''The silhouetted entity is about to emerge. Lapis is shocked as the line snaps and lets it sink back.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| [''Sighs''] Looks like this pole rental turned into a pole ''purchase''. But you did a great job tangling with that beast.}}
{{TD|Steven| Y-yeah. Don't worry about that one getting away.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Oh, thank you.}}
{{TD|Greg| Welp, that's my adventure quota for the day. I'll be at the controls. Holler if you need me.}}
{{TD|Steven| Yes, sir! Lapis, what do you... (''Steven notices they disappeared from their area.'') Lapis? (''Steven notices her sitting on a patio lounge chair.''}}
{{TD|Steven| Hey. Whatcha doing?}}
{{TD|Lapis| I just thought I'd sit for a bit.}}
{{TD|Steven| You looked like a real pro fisher before the pole snapped.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Thanks.}}
{{TD|Steven| Hmm. So, fishing was a bust, but I-I got something that'll cheer you up. Shuffleboard! What do you say?}}
{{TD||(''The ship starts to shake as something is heard crashing.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Ahh!, Ugh! [''Groans''] What was that?}}
{{TD||(''The crash happens again, and continues to happen.'')}}
{{TD|Steven and Lapis| Ahh!}}
{{TD|Lapis| Are you okay?}}
{{TD|Steven| Yeah.}}
{{TD|Lapis| What's going on?}}
{{TD|Greg| Steven! You got a moment?}}
{{TD|Steven| Is everything okay, First Mate Dad?}}
{{TD|Greg| Shh! You hear that?}}
{{TD||(''Silence as the crashing stops.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Uhhh... no.}}
{{TD|Greg| I guess it stopped. I think something's wrong with the boat.}}
{{TD||(''Greg tries to turn the wheel to no success.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Aw, geez, something's throwing off the rudder. I don't know what's going on, and this owner's manual is no help. It's mostly advice on sun tanning and what crackers go with caviar.}}
{{TD|Steven| Well, what crackers go with caviar?}}
{{TD|Greg| ''Water'' crackers.}}
{{TD|Steven and Greg| Ayyyyyyyyyyyy!}}
{{TD||(''Muffled thumping is heard inside the yacht.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| [''Gasps''] There it is.}}
{{TD||(''The yacht begins to rumble then crash again. Greg and Steven go over to check the internal of the yacht. It begins to leak smoke which causes Steven and Greg to cough profusely.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| Oh, crud! The engine! I don't know how to fix an engine. This trip might be a little longer than we thought, little buddy.}}
{{TD||(''The scene transitions to an overcast weather. Lapis is seen staring at the scene of the ocean.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Lapis? Um... I have some not-so-good news. There's trouble with the engine, and we might be stuck out here for a while.}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Sighs'']}}
{{TD|Steven| [''Sighs''] I'm so sorry! This whole thing is my fault. I just wanted you to have fun, but everything's a mess. I shouldn't have made you come on this trip.}}
{{TD|Lapis| It's my fault. I'm the one to blame.}}
{{TD|Steven| That's not true.}}
{{TD|Lapis| I'm really trying to enjoy it out here, but... I can't stop thinking about being fused as Malachite, how I used all my strength to hold her down in the ocean, and how I was always battling against Jasper to keep her bound to me.}}
{{TD|Steven| But it's not like that anymore. You don't have to be with Jasper.}}
{{TD|Lapis| That's not it. I... I miss her.}}
{{TD|Steven| What?!}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Sighs''] We were fused for so long.}}
{{TD|Steven| But... she's terrible.}}
{{TD|Lapis| ''I'm'' terrible! I did horrible things! I-I broke your dad's leg. I stole [[Earth|Earth's]] ocean! Go on! Tell me I'm wrong!}}
{{TD||(''The yacht begins to rumble again. An arm emerges from the water, grabbing the anchor chain and climbing. It turns out that Jasper has returned which shocks Steven and Lapis.'')}}
{{TD|Jasper| Finally! [''Thunder crashes behind her.'']}}
{{TD|Steven and Lapis| Jasper!}}
{{TD|Jasper| I thought I'd never catch up to you!}}
{{TD|Lapis| You've been following us?}}
{{TD|Jasper| I've been following ''you''.}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Gasps'']}}
{{TD|Steven| Stay back! [''Summons his shield'']}}
{{TD|Jasper| [''Laughs''] This dulled-down version of [[Rose Quartz]] works for you now? You're pointing that shield the wrong way. [''Chuckles''] ''She's'' the one you should be afraid of.}}
{{TD|Lapis| That's not true.}}
{{TD|Jasper| You can't lie to me. I've seen what you're capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you... you're a monster.}}
{{TD|Lapis| I...}}
{{TD|Steven| Lapis doesn't want anything to do with you!}}
{{TD|Jasper| This is between... us!}}
{{TD||(''Jasper swipes Steven with her arm, knocking Steven back and moderately damaging him.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| [''Groans'']}}
{{TD|Lapis| Steven!}}
{{TD||(''Jasper grabs Lapis by the arm, restricting her movement.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Grunts'']}}
{{TD||(''Jasper then clasps her hands around Lapis' and lands on her knees.'')}}
{{TD|Jasper| Let's be Malachite again.}}
{{TD||(''The thunder continues to crash, setting the scene.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| Why... would you want that?}}
{{TD|Jasper| I was wrong about [[Fusion Gems|fusion]]. You made me understand! Malachite was bigger and stronger than both of us! We could fly!}}
{{TD|Steven| Lapis, don't listen to her!}}
{{TD|Jasper| Stay out of this!}}
{{TD|Lapis| I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I-I hated you. It was bad!}}
{{TD|Jasper| It'll be better this time. I've changed. You've changed me. I'm the only one who can handle your kind of power. [''Walks closer towards Lapis until her back's against the front of the ship's cabin'']}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Gasps'']}}
{{TD|Jasper| Together, we'll be unstoppable!}}
{{TD||(''Lapis thinks about it. Staring back at Steven and his worried look helped set her decision.'')}}
{{TD|Lapis| No.}}
{{TD|Jasper| What?}}
{{TD|Lapis| What we had wasn't healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just go!}}
{{TD|Jasper| Lapis!}}
{{TD|Steven| She said, "No!" Leave her alone!}}
{{TD|Jasper| This is your fault. [''Growls and starts charging towards him''] I'll shatter you!}}
{{TD|Steven and Lapis| [''Gasps'']}}
{{TD|Lapis| [''Grunts'']}}
{{TD||(''Lapis summons a large mass of water forming into a fist, smashing through the middle of the yacht, hitting Jasper.'')}}
{{TD|Jasper| Eeuugh!}}
{{TD||(''Jasper gets pushed far, far away because of the impact.'')}}
{{TD|Steven| Lapis, you did it!}}
{{TD|Greg| Are you two okay?! What?!}}
{{TD||(''The boat begins to creak and groan as it starts to sink.'')}}
{{TD|Greg| What happened?}}
{{TD|Steven| Uhh, (''Lapis picks up Steven and Greg and flies away.'') it's kind of a long story.}}
{{TD|Greg| I guess I bought a boat after all.}}
{{TD|Steven| Eh, sorry, Dad. But hey, the ocean's really beautiful from up here.}}
{{TD|Lapis| Yeah. It is.}}
{{TD||[''The star iris zooms into the trio and pops, and the episode ends.'']}}

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