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I wonder if Amethyst made this one.

Steven, in "The Test"

Amethyst's Chamber appeared in the episode "The Test". This is the first of three rooms made by the Crystal Gems. Amethyst created this room for Steven's test in the Crystal Temple.


This room's main feature is an enormous statue of Amethyst with her tongue out. Her tongue forms an inclined path downwards that extends half the length of the room. The entrance to the chamber is set halfway up this path. The path finishes sharply before the end of the chamber forming a deep chasm. A rope is suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the chasm. On the other side of the chasm is the door to exit Amethyst's chamber. There are many vines or ropes (resembling Amethyst's whip) hanging from the ceiling. It also has numerous levitating torches with dim, purple flames. The room is coloured in shades of purple and magenta similar to Amethyst's clothing.


This Chamber's challenge is to evade a rolling boulder that emerges from Amethyst's statue's mouth. It follows a path from a point of elevation to the midground in the room, causing the boulder to gather speed as it descends. To avoid being crushed, the player must leap the gap between the end of the boulder's path and the chamber's exit, making use of the rope hanging in the middle. Like Pearl's Chamber and Garnet's Chamber, the room has a two-part challenge. In order to make sure Steven could not fail the test, the boulder stopped right before hitting him. Likewise, the "gap" between the door and the boulder's path was actually solid ground.


  • Unlike Garnet and Pearl's chambers, which were modeled after the trap room in the Pyramid Temple from "Serious Steven", Amethyst's chamber was an original creation.
    • It does, however, appear to have been heavily influenced by the opening scene of Raiders of The Lost Ark.





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