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Amethyst is a "defective" Quartz-type Gem created on Earth in the Prime Kindergarten with the natural abilities to be a soldier. She emerged from the ground five-hundred years later than intended, causing her form to be smaller and less powerful than the average Quartz. For an indeterminate amount of time, Amethyst roamed the Prime Kindergarten by herself until being found by the Crystal Gems and joining them.


SU Movie 241

Before emerging, other recently-made Amethysts in the Prime Kindergarten waited for Amethyst (or as they called her, 8XM) to emerge, but were quickly shooed away after being told she could catch up with them later. Amethyst emerged approximately five hundred years later, by which time all the Homeworld Gems had fled Earth. Before being found by Rose Quartz and the others, Amethyst's life consisted of playing with rocks in the Prime Kindergarten. She lived with the other Gems for thousands of years after being found by them, and appears to be knowledgeable on some, but not all, of Gem history most likely taught to her by the others. During Amethyst's time with the Crystal Gems, she learned how to fuse, most likely to have formed Opal, Sugilite, and possibly Alexandrite. Amethyst grew a close relationship with Rose, describing her to be the person who was always there for her. Over the years, Amethyst poofed a lot due to her clumsiness, as she describes thousands of years later to Rose's son Steven.

Buddy's Book 135

Although Amethyst lives at the Crystal Temple, she still visits the Prime Kindergarten, and met Buddy Buddwick on one of her trips back. Buddy shows Amethyst the map that Pearl drew up for him, and tells her that he's an explorer. Amethyst tells him that he's not really discovering anything, but instead walking in someone else's footsteps. When Buddy is upset by this, Amethyst tells him that he should try finding the sand castle in the Desert, since it's never in the same place twice. Buddy is then on his way, and Amethyst tells him to come back any time, but not too much. Also around this time, Amethyst and the other Gems helped sailors fend off their boat from shark infested water, as seen in an old Gem painting. Amethyst, specifically, is pulling one of the sailors out of the water.

Hundreds of years later, Amethyst met Greg Universe when he visited the Temple in search of Rose. Shape-shifted as an owl, Amethyst flies to Pearl and tells her that that a long-haired human was talking to her about Rose. Amethyst is excited by Greg's appearance, telling him that she likes his long hair. Amethyst gives him the nickname music man after finding out he's a musician.

Another day, Greg and Rose are singing a duet together while the Gems play background instruments. Amethyst played the drums, which Greg promised her Pop-Pop if she did. When Greg is later trying to learn a fusion dance, Amethyst is shown to be experienced. Amethyst is happy to see Rose and Greg together. However, the more time Rose and Greg spent together, the more Amethyst began to change her feelings. Amethyst became hurt that Rose started seeing Greg more than her, and blamed Greg for this. Amethyst never lashed out at Greg though, and the two were close friends. They were known to watch the TV show Li'l Butler for days without leaving the house.

Three Gems and a Baby 226

When Rose and Greg have Steven, Amethyst has trouble adjusting to the fact that Rose is gone. Garnet has to continuously explain to her that Steven is a human baby and not Rose. During Steven's first winter, Amethyst and the other Gems visit Greg to give presents for Steven. Amethyst's gift are adult diapers, which Greg promptly points out are too big for him. Amethyst tells Steven to shape-shift bigger so that they fit. When Steven gets excited, his Gem begins to glow, leading Amethyst to believe that Rose is trying to shape-shift back into her old self. The Gems kidnap Steven to try and figure out why his Gem was glowing when Greg is unable to. Amethyst tries to show "Rose" how to shape-shift, not understanding why Rose would be shape-shifted for months, longer than Amethyst was shape-shifted into a toilet. Once the Gems realize that Steven is not Rose, Amethyst accepts the fact that from now on, everything has to be about him.

Season 1

"Gem Glow"

Gem Glow (077)

When Steven gets home, he finds Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet locked in battle with Centipeetles that have invaded Steven's room. They destroy most of them, but Amethyst realizes that the Centipeetles left behind no gems after poofing them. Afterwards, the Gems explain to Steven that they purchased some Cookie Cats (which recently went out of business) from a nearby factory since they knew that they were his favorite. However, Amethyst claims to have stolen them, leading Pearl to go back and pay for them. Steven takes a bite out of a Cookie Cat, and his Gem starts to glow. Amethyst tells him to try to summon his weapon, but Steven does not know how. He asks to be taught how to summon a weapon and visits Amethyst behind the Big Donut.

Amethyst explains that whenever she needs her weapon, it just comes to her naturally and demonstrates this by pulling out her whip and slicing a dumpster in half. Amethyst is later present when Steven tries recreating the events that occurred when his Gem began glowing when he still can't figure out how to summon his weapon. Amethyst and the others reassure him when his plan fails, but are taken back when Steven eventually does summon his shield. Steven loses control and his shield starts bouncing around the house and smashes into the TV, which Amethyst finds hilarious.

The Centipeetle Mother appears outside. Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet go outside, but tell Steven to stay inside. They engage in battle, but are eventually pinned down by the monster. Amethyst remarks how they could use Steven's shield, and her as well as the other Crystal Gems cheer in amazement when Steven finds a different way of subduing the Centipeetle Monster. Amethyst concludes that Steven's powers don't come from eating ice cream, which the latter theorized.

"Laser Light Cannon"

Laser Light Cannon 046

Steven and Amethyst are at Beach Citywalk Fries ordering fry bits when she notices a Red Eye hurtling towards Earth. They join Garnet and Pearl at the beach to come up with a plan to stop the giant eyeball from crashing into Beach City. Garnet tries throwing Amethyst at it, but to no avail. The only way the Crystal Gems can think of to destroy it is to use Rose's Laser Light Cannon, the issue being that none of them know where it is. Steven suggests getting his dad to help, even though the other Gems tell Steven that his dad probably would not have the light cannon. While he is gone, Garnet continues to launch Amethyst at the Red Eye, but she merely bounces off it and plops into the ocean below.

As Steven and Greg arrive at the beach with the Laser Light Cannon, they come across the Gems still launching Amethyst at the Red Eye, which is getting dangerously close to impact with the Earth's surface. The group tries to activate the cannon quickly as the Red Eye begins emitting a gravitational pull and begins destroying everything in its range. They try various methods but nothing works. When Steven eventually figures out how to activate the cannon, it glows, opens up, and the barrel falls on the sand. The Gems help Steven lift and aim it at the Red Eye. When the light cannon fully charges, it blasts out a strong beam of light and destroys the Red Eye. Amethyst congratulates Steven by telling him he saved "most of Beach City".

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

Amethyst tries to get a large egg into the fridge while Pearl is discouraging her. Later, Amethyst wants to bring Steven along on a mission under the pretext of education. After Steven succeeds in using sweaters as a rope swing, Amethyst pulls out her whip and brings her and the rest of the Gems over. Later, Steven apologies that the spire sunk, but Pearl and Amethyst cheer him up saying that 50% of his ideas worked. Later, Amethyst and Pearl start chanting "cheeseburger backpack" over and over again.

"Together Breakfast"

A shape shifted Amethyst as a policeman called the "dumb police" starts yelling that Steven is dumb. Steven tells Amethyst that he knew of her disguise the entire time. He puts on a new shirt which Amethyst squirts with her water gun again. Pearl comes out of the Temple using Amethyst's door and is mad at her for taking one of her swords. Amethyst claims she did not, but rushes back in after Pearl mentions that she cleaned her room.

Later, Steven lands in Amethyst's room with the Together Breakfast still intact. Amethyst notices him and complains that Pearl always accuses her of taking her things, but in reality, they always fall down the waterfall into Amethyst's room. She then proceeds to mess up her room again to her standards. Steven says that it still looks pretty messy, which pleases her. Then she notices Steven's breakfast and she insists on eating it. Steven starts running, telling her that it is for everyone, but she still chases him through the Temple. Steven jumps on the pole to the Crystal Heart and slides down it. Amethyst and Pearl catch up with him.

Later, the breakfast squashes Garnet and Amethyst with a waffle. Later, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl help Steven make another Together Breakfast which is bigger and better so they can all share it.

"Cat Fingers"

Cat Fingers (026)

Amethyst as a cat.

After Steven and Greg finish cleaning Mayor Dewey's Van and play fight with the water hoses, a cat holding a hose in its mouth starts spraying Steven and Greg. The cat reveals itself to be Amethyst. Steven asks Amethyst if he could shapeshift like her as they walk to the Crystal Temple. When they arrive Amethyst shows off her shapeshifting powers, and Pearl tells Amethyst that just because she can shapeshift doesn't mean she should. Steven asks Pearl if she could shapeshift. She answers that all Gems can, and Amethyst interrupts by shapeshifting into Pearl and mocking her. Pearl leaves and Steven asks Amethyst how to shapeshift. Amethyst explains her methods of shapeshifting, and Steven attempts to turn into a cat. He manages to transform one of his fingers into a meowing cat head. Amethyst then tells Steven to show it to his dad, and Steven runs around showing off his cat finger. Later in the episode, Steven returns to the Crystal Temple and asks Amethyst for help returning his fingers to normal, as the Gems are leaving to fight a "living island". Pearl insists that they stay to help Steven, but Garnet says they can't because the mission is urgent. Pearl blames Amethyst for this; Amethyst replies, "That's fair." Pearl tells Steven to stay calm as they leave. The Crystal Gems return the next day, and Pearl rushes to ask if Steven is okay. She then begins to lecture Steven about him listening to her instead of Amethyst, to which Amethyst agrees.

"Bubble Buddies"

After Steven's first confrontation with Connie, Amethyst, who had been observing, teases him about liking her. After Garnet tells Steven to just talk to her, he asks the three not to watch him this time. Later, Amethyst, along with Garnet and Pearl, meets Connie formerly and introduces herself.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Tiger Millionare 178

Steven catches Amethyst sneaking out of the temple at night. He follows her to an underground wrestling arena, where she battles under her alter ego as the Purple Puma. Her persona is enormously popular, with Lars Barriga being among her fans, and when she later leaves the ring she is confronted by Steven, to whom she divulges her life as a wrestler and how she indulges in it to feel powerful. She agrees to takes him on as a teammate, "Tiger Millionaire". Fighting side by side, the two become a strong duo in the ring, but lose popularity after Steven treats Lars badly. The next night, the party is crashed by the arrival of Garnet and Pearl, who scold Amethyst for using her powers on humans and fighting unnecessarily. This infuriates Amethyst, who feel that the two are taking away the one thing that makes her feel strong. This culminates in a faux wrestling match between the four, causing the Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire to win back their popularity.

"Steven's Lion"

While on a mission, Amethyst succeeds in securing the Desert Glass, but insists on not bubbling it right away, reasoning she can do whatever she wants with it since she is the one who obtained it. When she and the other Crystal Gems walk back to where Steven is, they find that he has befriended a pink lion. Amethyst is charmed by the lion, but Garnet and Pearl insist that Steven leave it behind. Later, back at the temple, Amethyst uses the Desert Glass as part of a fort she and Steven take a nap under. While she is sleeping, Lion comes to the house and spends time with Steven. However, when Steven realizes Lion is just here for the Desert Glass, he chucks it out onto the beach. There, it starts constructing and demolishing sporadically. The noise awakens Amethyst, who is promptly scolded by Pearl for not bubbling it while she had the chance, to which she expresses apathy. After the situation is contained, Pearl questions whether they should let Steven keep Lion, with Garnet responding that they kept Amethyst.

"Arcade Mania"

Amethyst is on a mission in a cave with the rest of the Crystal Gems. After Garnet successfully defeats the Gem Cave Creature, Steven takes them to Funland Arcade to celebrate. He shows Amethyst Skee Ball. Checking in on her later, he finds that she's cheating at the game. Mr. Smiley gets angry at the damage to one of his arcade machines, causing Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven to leave the arcade.

Later, Amethyst and Pearl see that Steven is being attacked by the Drill Parasites created by the Gem Cave Creature. They defend the boardwalk while Steven goes to break Garnet away from Meat Beat Mania.

"Giant Woman"

Amethyst and Pearl are playing a game of checkers on the beach, with Steven sitting above them hitting them with water balloons every time one of them loses. Pearl defeats Amethyst, who is willingly pelted by water balloons. Pearl sternly remarks that she hopes Amethyst won't respond this well to losing in combat, and Amethyst bemoans that they don't form Opal anymore since Pearl isn't any fun. While the two argue, Steven asks what Opal is. Pearl explains that Opal is the product of the two cooperating enough to perform a fusion dance, which rarely happens due to their conflicting personalities. In the house, Pearl and Amethyst continue to argue, then Garnet assigns Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl to collect the Heaven Beetle together. The three warp to the Sky Spire and being making their way to the top. While there, Steven continues to question them about Opal and encourage them to fuse, to no avail. He sings the song "Giant Woman" while Pearl and Amethyst continue to antagonize each other.

Giant Woman 357

When they reach the top, the beetle is nowhere to be seen, but their confusion is interrupted by an attack by the Big Bird. Amethyst and Pearl finally agree to forms Opal to defeat the bird, but unable to cooperate and fail to fuse. Immediately after, Steven is eaten whole by the bird, which turns out to be the things that makes Amethyst and Pearl willing to work together enough to form Opal. Once fused, Opal pulls Steven out of the bird and fuses Amethyst's whip with Pearl's spear to form a bow, which she uses to destroy the bird. She then helps Steven up as he marvels at her. They warp back to the temple, only then realizing that Opal doesn't have the beetle, causing her to fall apart. Unfused, Amethyst and Pearl continue to bicker and blame each other before Steven remembers he has the beetle.

"So Many Birthdays"

While searching Amethyst's Room, Pearl is disgusted by her untidiness. Steven finds a painting of the Crystal Gems from several centuries ago. While Steven marvels at the ages of the Gems, Amethyst becomes nauseous from the five-year-old burrito she just ate. Later, Steven throws Amethyst the first birthday party, and she spends the whole time goofing off. When Steven dangles a piñata over her head, she uses a bat to whack it into the ocean, but is adamant when Steven tells her it had candy inside. At Garnet's party, Amethyst shapeshifts into a toddler so she can drive a small car provided by Steven, causing him to question if he really is too old for birthdays. Later, while cleaning up the birthday parties, the Crystal Gems are approached by Lion, who is carrying Steven, aged to an old man. The Gems desperately try methods to age him back down to his normal self, but nothing works. While the three argue, Steven yells at them to stop arguing, aging down to a middle-aged man. His age continues to fluctuate as the Gems assure him of how much they love and appreciate him, eventually aging him back down to a twelve-year-old.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Amethyst and the other Gems visit the Dead Man's Mouth, where they surround the area with police tape to ward humans away from it.

"Onion Trade"

Steven comes to Amethyst distressed that he can't find one of his G.U.Y.S., causing Pearl to lecture him on keeping his room tidy. When Amethyst attempts to defend Steven, Pearl reminds her that she still hasn't found her magic axe.

Once again, Steven comes to Amethyst to complain that he can't trade any of his Dave Guys for Onion's Ranger Guy. Amethyst then reveals Pearl's Replicator Wand, which she found in her room. She gives it to Steven, saying he can replicate new Dave Guys so he can have enough to trade for Ranger Guy.

Amethyst later appears on the boardwalk after Onion has flooded it with replicated Dave Guys. She's also dismayed when the Replicator Wand is destroyed, as all replicated items disappeared.

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

When Pearl is showing Steven how real sword-fighting works, Garnet and Pearl linger in the stands, with Amethyst cheering on Holo-Pearl. When Pearl is stabbed and poofed, Amethyst assures him that she will be fine and regenerate a new body in due time, mentioning that she is poofed more often than anyone else. Two weeks later, Amethyst laments that Pearl still hasn't reformed, but reacts coldly to Holo-Pearl. On the beach, Amethyst, on a whim, eats a cloud she made, which causes her to become loopy and blow up like a balloon. When Pearl does eventually reform, Amethyst tells her she got hit by an airplane.

"Lion 2: The Movie

Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl warp into the Beach House just as Steven and Connie were going to leave for a movie. She demonstrates her shapeshifting to Connie and tries to steal their movie snacks.

"Beach Party

Instead of defeating the corrupted Watermelon Tourmaline, Amethyst transforms into a baseball bat and knocks her far into the ocean. She is later banned from Fish Stew Pizza due to Garnet destroying the roof.

Amethyst attends Steven's barbecue that he threw in an attempt to have their ban lifted. She competes in a volleyball competition on a team with Jenny Pizza, only to devolve into bickering with the other teams. They're interrupted by Watermelon Tourmaline returning, and the Crystal Gems and the Pizzas work together to defeat her. As a result of saving the day, they are no longer banned from Fish Stew Pizza.

"Rose's Room"

Steven invites Amethyst and the other Gems to go mini golfing with him, since he got enough five dollar coupons for all of them. However, they can't go because the Gems have a mission. When they return, Amethyst gets in the way of Steven watching the ending cutscene of Golf Quest Mini and accidentally breaks Steven's TV with the Wailing Stone. She then tries to stop Steven as he enters Rose's room.

After Steven leaves the room, she's excited to see him again. Later, she and the other Gems join Steven in mini golfing.

"Coach Steven"

The Crystal Gems warp to the Communication Hub, which has been transmitting sporadically lately and thus needs to be destroyed. Amethyst shapeshifts into a bigger version of Steven and starts punching one of the pillars, but Pearl insists that isn't efficient enough. Garnet announces that the job will require Sugilite, the fusion between herself and Amethyst.

Garnet and Amethyst fusion 06

Pearl protests that Sugilite is too unstable and pleads with Garnet to fuse with her instead, but Garnet ignores her. Amethyst and Garnet fuse, exciting Steven. Once fused, Sugilite puts on a display of shear power violence, fusing Amethyst's whip with Garnet's gauntlets to form a flail. Sugilite easily takes out each of the towers, but in the process a piece of rubble accidentally hits Steven in the face. Furious, Pearl yells at Sugilite that she's just "too much", to which Sugilite snidely berates her by suggesting that she's "too little". Pearl warps back home, taking a protesting Steven with her. Immediately after they leave, a boulder lands on the Warp Pad, destroying it.

Later, Sugilite makes her way across, the ocean, enraged that Pearl left her behind. By this point, she has begun to lose her sense of individuality, and begins a brawl with Pearl, who is trying to make her unfuse. The much-smaller Pearl is easily defeated by Sugilite and nearly gives up, but Steven insists that she is stronger than Sugilite since she is strong "in the real way". Pearl challenges Sugilite again. She manages to chase her off a cliff, and at the bottom she is crushed by her own flail. She unfuses, and Amethyst and Garnet lie on the ground, exhausted from being Sugilite for so long. Pearl, relieved to have her friends back, hugs them both, which they find physically painful. While Pearl, excited over her success, is rambling, Amethyst questions how long this will last, but Garnet insists that they deserve it and to just take it.

"Joking Victim"

Amethyst pranks Steven by giving him french fries seasoned with Fire Salt. She's later seen watching as Lars struggles with the effects of Fire Salt.

"Steven and the Stevens"

In the Sea Shrine, Amethyst chooses the wrong hourglass. This causes the Sea Shrine to collapse, and Amethyst is stressed as Garnet stretches to save Steven. Later, she replaces Steven 1 on the drums in the band Steven and the Stevens.

After the timeline shift, Amethyst performs the drums for the song "Steven and the Crystal Gems" for Beach-a-Palooza.

"Monster Buddies"

The Crystal Gems are fighting a corrupted Larimar. After defeating her, the cave begins to collapse, and Amethyst is buried under a pile of boulders.

Upon returning to the temple, Amethyst is frightened that Steven is interacting with the now-reformed Nephrite. Despite this, she's amused that Garnet takes Steven's side over Pearl's and allows him to tame Nephrite. When Steven returns to show how he's trained Nephrite, she accidentally destroys Amethyst's sandwich.

Nephrite accompanies the Gems on their second attempt at collecting the Shooting Star. When Nephrite is scared by Garnet's gauntlets and begins to attack the Gems, Amethyst and Pearl go on the offensive. However, she accidentally sends herself, Garnet, and Pearl flying into the wall with her whip. Steven steps in to defend them from Nephrite. Later, Amethyst helps comfort Steven after Nephrite is poofed.

"An Indirect Kiss"

Amethyst accidentally cracks her Gem falling off the top of the Temple. When Steven is unable to muster any tears to try and heal her, the Gems decide to take her to Rose's Fountain.

An Indirect Kiss 111

Steven stays with Amethyst as Garnet and Pearl try to find a path through the brambles. Amethyst tries to help Steven cry, and he gets to idea to prick himself on the brambles. However, the brambles try to attack Steven, so she pushes him out of the way. After being chastised by Pearl, Amethyst accidentally walks right into a rock, worsening her crack.

Garnet and Pearl leave Steven with Amethyst as they go investigate the piping of the fountain. When the two are attacked by brambles again, Steven is finally able to cry, but his tears of no effect on Amethyst's Gem. At this moment, the fountain begins to flow once more, and Amethyst is healed.

"Mirror Gem"

Amethyst amuses herself by placing items on Pearl's pile of school supplies, throwing off the symmetry and causing Pearl to stab these items. She goes along with the Gems in taking The Mirror away from Steven, and is shocked when Steven hits Garnet.

When Lapis Lazuli is freed from the Mirror, she knocks Amethyst and Pearl away with a water arm. After Lapis leaves, Amethyst and Pearl rejoin Steven and Garnet.

"Ocean Gem"

Since Steven has been grounded, the Gems give a lecture to Steven where Amethyst threatens to bury him. However, they're interrupted by Greg telling them they need to come outside, where they see that the ocean has disappeared. After the Gems calm the citizens of Beach City, Amethyst is excited to head out and find Lapis. While driving, Amethyst reveals to Steven that the monsters they've been fighting have been Corrupted Gems.

When the Gems finally reach Lapis's tower, Lapis creates water clones of them which they fight against. Amethyst struggles against her own water clone. However, all the fighting ends when Steven summons his shield, disrupting all of the water clones.

Amethyst is fearful when the tower begins to collapse with Steven still on it. After Steven is saved and everyone returns to Beach City, Amethyst congratulates Steven. Seeing everyone cheer over Steven, she hugs Lion.

"House Guest"

Amethyst watches as Pearl attempts to repair Greg's Van, broken after the event of the previous episode. She suggests Steven try and use his healing powers on Greg's broken leg. After Greg has moved in, she's seen making paper airplanes with him and Steven.

Amethyst goes with the other Gems to assess the Geode, which is breaking apart. She consoles Steven when his healing powers are unable to seal the crack.

"Space Race"

Amethyst tests whether warp pads at the Galaxy Warp are inactive with the other Crystal Gems.

"Secret Team"

Amethyst and Steven are swimming in puddles in the former's room. Steven accidentally pokes his head through a puddle that leads to the Burning Room, and Amethyst pulls him out and tries to distract him with more cannonballs. The puddle she tells him to jump into leads into Pearl's Room.

Following Steven, Amethyst realizes that Pearl is n her room inspecting one of Rose Quartz's bubbles, which contains Gem Shards. Upon confronting and taunting her, the two begin to argue and fight. When Steven takes the bubble, both reach for it at the same time, causing it to pop. The Gem shards form and disappear into the temple. In fear, the three decide to work together to recapture all the shards before Garnet finds out.

Secret Team 095.5

While searching for the shards, Pearl and Amethyst start working well together and getting along. After finding all the shards, the two then help Steven place the bubble in the Burning Room. Wanting to see the two happy together again, Steven tries to reform Secret Team by presenting a new heist, but Amethyst and Pearl start bickering again, declaring they don't want to be on a team together.

Upon finding out about Secret Team from Steven, Garnet takes both him and Amethyst into Pearl's room. When Steven takes responsibility for the bubble popping, Amethyst and Pearl do not correct him. They're interrupted by two black hands, seemingly a missed Gem shard, dragging Garnet underwater and capturing the remaining three. Amethyst confesses the bubble wouldn't have popped if she wasn't there, and after Steven and Pearl also make confessions, Garnet reappears, revealing the hands to be hers. Garnet declares they are all on one team, and they shouldn't keep secrets from each other.

"Island Adventure"

The Crystal Gems are on Mask Island, looking for a corrupted Gem that disappeared. When they give up, Pearl allows Steven to warp the Gems back to the Temple, and Amethyst decides to prank him by shapeshifting her head into a fly's head.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Keep Beach City Weird (013)

Amethyst and Garnet play Steven Tag with Steven. When Pearl refuses to join, Amethyst attempts to tag Garnet. However, Garnet throws Amethyst into the air and punts her into the beach, leaving a crater. When Steven returns having learned about Ronaldo Fryman's conspiracy theories, Amethyst and Pearl both disprove them. Ronaldo eventually uncovers the crater Amethyst left in the sand.

Later, Amethyst and the other Gems help rescue Steven from Ronaldo, making fun of him. They stop when Steven asks them to and leave after Peedee Fryman helps his brother formulate a new conspiracy theory.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Steven struggles to decide which Gem to take to dinner with Connie's parents to present as his mother. While Pearl, who hates eating, bemoans that it has to be dinner, Amethyst mentions that she loves eating and finds it weird. Steven briefly considers Amethyst to take to dinner, but decides she's too gross to be a mom, also deciding against Garnet and Pearl. Steven solves the problem by asking all three Gems to come together, fused into one. The Gems are initially resistant, but ultimately cave in.

Later, at a restaurant, Connie and her parents have been waiting for nearly twenty minutes when Alexandrite shows up with Greg and Steven on her shoulders. Connie's parents are intimidated by Alexandrite's enormous stature and imposing behavior. Alexandrite (tries to) eat all the breadsticks in one bite, making Connie's parents even more nervous. Connie's mother asks Greg how he met his "wife", and when he is unsure how to respond, Steven blurts out that the two met on a roller coaster after she was too tall to ride. Upon being questioned about his "mother"'s occupation, Steven responds that she works on an apple farm where she uses all six of her arms to pick apples.

After Alexandrite accidentally insults Connie's mother, Connie takes Steven away to talk to him, and when they return Amethyst's part of the fusion tries to eat some of the food offered, but is resisted a horrified Pearl. Garnet's part of the fusion attempted to maintain the peace between the two, resulting in the six-armed Alexandrite physically fighting herself. The stress on the already-fragil fusion splits her back up into three. While Pearl expresses her disgust towards eating, Amethyst comments that she loves eating, and both of them are smacked by an irritated Garnet. Embarrassed, Connie runs away, pursued by Steven. After they board a bus taking them away, the three Gems, having fused back together again, chase after the bus, picking it up and demanding that Steven and Connie exit.

Fusion Cuisine 168

Back at the restaurant, Alexandrite has unfused again, and Steven is now being scolded by Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl for trying to run away, with Amethyst warning him that he and Connie could have been thrown in prison. Connie's parents, hearing the scolding, decide that Steven's father and the Crystal Gems are responsible caretakers and allow Connie to continue her friendship with Steven.

"Watermelon Steven"

Amethyst investigates the watermelons Steven grew overnight, finding it strange that they don't move like Rose's plants did. When the Watermelon Stevens attack the Gems, they attempt to bury her. After Baby Melon's sacrifice, the Watermelon Stevens stop fighting and disappear into the ocean. Amethyst is disgusted when Steven takes a bite of what remains of Baby Melon.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Pearl attempts to recruit Amethyst and Garnet in watching Steven while he sleeps, since Steven doesn't want her doing that anymore.

"Warp Tour"

The Gems are returning to a Warp Pad in a flower meadow after a successful mission. Amethyst and Pearl both compliment each other. In the warp stream, Steven begins sneezing because of his allergies, and Amethyst remarks that he should sneeze at Pearl.

That night, Amethyst scares Steven while retrieving food from the kitchen. She mocks him, asking if he's scared of the object he saw in the warp stream. In the morning, when he accidentally sprays Pearl with a water gun, Amethyst gets the cookies Garnet and Pearl made for him instead.

Warp Tour (054)

The Gems warp to different locations to help calm his fears, Amethyst remarking at the Sky Spire that Steven Jr. now has kids. When they finally reach the Galaxy Warp, Amethyst tries to comfort Steven, believing that he was wrong about seeing something. She's amused when Steven and Pearl begin arguing.

Warp Tour (272)

Amethyst finds Steven watching the Warp Pad, becoming annoyed at his sadness. Steven tries to call her back when a Flask Robonoids falls through the ceiling. Offscreen, she hears the Warp Pad activate, and Garnet's future vision sees that Steven is adrift in Warp Space. The Gems save Steven, following the robonoids to the Galaxy Warp. They watch the robonoids fix the Homeworld warp, hiding as Peridot appears. She's fearful upon realizing the Homeworld warp is reactivated and that Homeworld Gems are once again interested in Earth.

"Alone Together"

Amethyst, along with Garnet and Pearl, attempts to fuse with Steven, but the two goof off and none of them succeed in fusing. To comfort Steven, Amethysts tells him that even they have trouble fusing together, and acknowledges that as a half-Gem half-human, anything could happen with Steven. Later, when Stevonnie bursts into the house, an excited Amethyst tells them they look great together, giving them the name "Stevonnie".

"The Test"

Amethyst and the Gems are playing Citchen Calamity with Steven. When they finish, he goes into the closet to find another game, coming across the Moon Goddess Statue. Pearl accidentally reveals that the events of "Cheeseburger Backpack" were a test to see if Steven was ready to go on missions with them. Since he failed that one, Steven demands the Gems organize a new test so that he can prove himself.

The Test 088

The test is located within the Crystal Temple, with each Gem designing a chamber. The first chamber Steven enters is Amethyst's, where there is a statue of herself. A boulder emerges from the mouth of the statue, causing Steven to run away. There's a gap before the door, so Steven swings across a vine to reach it. Steven later discovered that this room was rigged. There isn't really a gap, but an invisible bridge to stop him from falling. The boulder will stop before reaching Steven.

Outside the chambers, Steven spies on the Gems. Amethyst is nervous and remarks that they're bad at raising Steven. She claims, "You can't control him, and he shouldn't be taking advice from me, and we don't have Rose to tell us what to do!". When Steven goes back through the chambers, the Gems congratulate him on his success. After hearing him talk about how great the chambers were, they all hug him.

"Future Vision"

After Steven asks, Garnet explains that Amethyst can't see into the future like she can. Later, Amethyst makes fun of Steven's helmet before leaving with Pearl and Garnet on a mission.

"On the Run"

On the Run 015

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl arrive back from a mission bearing some of Peridot's Flask Robonoids. Amethyst comedically squashes one, causing goo to squirt everyone. Pearl explains Gem colonization as vaguely as possible to Steven, visibly upsetting Amethyst. Steven compares the Gems not having a home to The No Home Boys, one of his favorite book series about some boys who have no home. Steven, experiencing wanderlust, longs for the open road, and Amethyst suggests they run away. They pack satchels for themselves and leave, running around the countryside and having adventures, ending with the two in a moving box car at sunset.

Steven says he's done being a No Home Boy and wants to go home. Amethyst responds that the temple is not her home, and Steven recalls that she is from Homeworld, but Amethyst snaps that that's her home either. Steven asks her where she's really from, and she smirks and tells him she'll show him. She takes him to the Prime Kindergarten, a barren canyon filled with thousands of Gem-shaped holes. Amethyst tells him this is where she was made, and shows him old rocks she used to play around after she first emerged. She eventually shows him the hole she came out of, unnerving Steven.

On the Run 133

It is then that Pearl warps into the Kindergarten, Garnet having told her that's where they were. Pearl scolds Amethyst for bringing Steven to a Kindergarten. Steven asks Pearl if Amethyst was really made there, causing Pearl to demand Amethyst tell her how much she told Steven. Amethyst, against Pearl's protests, tells him how "bad Gems" came there to make other bad Gems, and the Crystal Gems fought a war so the Earth wouldn't be used to create "more parasites like [Amethyst]!" Pearl apologizes to Steven, saying that she never wanted him to see "this horrible place". The remark proves to be the last straw for Amethyst, who goes berserk and starts attacking Pearl. They fight, Amethyst yelling the whole time about how she hates herself and hates Pearl for reminding her of how bad she is, culminating in Amethyst breaking down crying and saying she never asked to be made.

On the Run 194

Steven rushes between the two, pleading for them to stop fighting. It is then that one of the injectors, which was damaged during the fight, topples over. Steven casts a bubble around himself and Pearl, but Amethyst runs away from them just as the injector falls to the ground. When the dust settles, Steven finds Amethyst in her hole, and she tells him to go away because she's bad and he shouldn't be around her. He tries to comfort her, but she insists he can't understand because he wasn't there. Steven then tells Pearl that she is the one who has to talk to Amethyst because she understands everything that happened. Pearl climbs into the hole and tells Amethyst she had no idea she was upset about this, which shocks Amethyst. Pearl's further attempts to comfort Amethyst leads to her accidentally insulting her, making things worse. Pearl finally says that Amethyst is not responsible for anything that Homeworld did to the Earth leading to her creation, and that she considers her to be the one good thing that came out of Homeworld's invasion, something Pearl had thought Amethyst was proud of. Her words finally coax Amethyst out of her hole, and she hugs Pearl, finally comforted. The three Gems go back to the warp pad and warp back home.

"Winter Forecast"

Amethyst makes a joke after Garnet uses her future vision to see whether it will snow. In one of the futures Steven sees, the Gems attempt to warp the Shooting Star to Galaxy Warp to destroy it. Steven distracts Pearl, causing the Shooting Star to explode in the Beach House.

"Maximum Capacity"

Steven recruits Amethyst to help Greg clear out the U-Stor. She begins going through all of his stuff, marking all of it as "keep". Amethyst finds old Li'l Butler Tapes, and she and Greg begin to watch on a TV in the U-Stor.

The next morning, Steven finds that the two are still watching Li'l Butler, having lost track of time. Upon speaking with Garnet and Pearl, Steven discovers that Amethyst and Greg used to hang out together for days on end watching Li'l Butler tapes, but one day they just stopped. When both of them miss the fireworks, Steven goes to the U-Stor to confront them, but ends up watching their conversation. Hearing the fireworks, Greg realized he missed New Year's. Amethyst tries to continue watching Li'l Butler with him, shapeshifting into Steven. This makes Greg uncomfortable, and he states that he wants to be there for Steven. Amethyst becomes angry, saying she used to have someone there for her until Greg came around. In anger, she shapeshifts into Rose Quartz, causing Greg to turn away from her.

Maximum Capacity 331

Steven jumps out to stop her, meeting eyes with Amethyst. Steven lectures them about letting go, and Amethyst reverts to her usual form and runs from the U-Stor. The next morning, Greg and Steven find that the Gems, on Amethyst's request, have already cleared out the U-Stor. She offers to keep his old stuff in her room and gives him the picture of himself and Rose, now with a new frame.

"Marble Madness"

A collision in the ocean causes the Gems to burst of the Beach House, finding a Plug Robonoid crawling onto the beach. They defeat it, and Amethyst, covered in goo, chases Pearl around. Eventually, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all participate in a "goop hug".

More Plug Robonoids fall from the sky. The Gems defeat one that landed on Mask Island, realizing that it was trying to get to a Warp Pad. When one lands in the Desert, Steven convinces them to leave it moving and see where it wants to go. They ride the Plug Robonoid to the Prime Kindergarten, where it eventually leads them to the Prime Kindergarten Control Room. The Gems hide as Peridot connects to the Control Room, though Steven slips away from them and begins speaking with her. The Gems move to defend Steven from Peridot, Amethyst eventually destroying the power source.

"Rose's Scabbard"

The Gems return to the Gem Battlefield to collect the discarded weapons lying around. Upon hearing stories of the war, Amethyst is impressed, wishing she could have witnessed it. She and Garnet attempt to carry several weapons back to the Temple. Upon seeing Steven retrieve Rose's Sword from Lion's mane, Amethyst realizes that Lion's connection to Rose would explain why he was pink. Pearl becomes angry that Rose kept a secret from her, and Amethyst becomes defensive, reminding Pearl that she isn't the only one who misses Rose. Amethyst gets angry after Pearl leaves, claiming she hates it when Pearl acts this way.

"Shirt Club"

Steven finds the Gems assembling a stool. He asks them to look at a picture he drew to advertise his father's guitar classes. Amethyst is confused by Greg's teeth in the drawing, not recognizing them as such. Later, Steven bursts into the Beach House, with only one stool completed and another two mid-assembly. Steven startles the Gems, claiming they have to help him get rid of the shirts Buck Dewey is making. Amethyst asks whether the people are catching on fire when they wear the shirts, and Steven says no. After turning down Pear's idea, Steven explains that he doesn't like how the shirts are being used, and the Gems decide not to help him.

"Story for Steven"

Story For Steven 100

Greg tells Steven the story of how he met and started dating Rose Quartz. In the story, Greg follows Rose to the Temple as she left without the Mr. Universe Shirt she wanted. Upon encountering the fence, Greg finds Amethyst, shapeshifted into an owl, sitting on top of it. She scares him by speaking and tries to scare him away from the Temple before flying away. She flies to Pearl and tells her about Greg, only to find that he followed her over the fence. She returns to her regular form and crawls around him, commenting on how she likes his hair. Garnet arrives and attempts to throw Greg over the fence, but Rose exits the Temple and stops her. Amethyst asks Greg to play them a song, but Greg realizes that he needs to get going. She waves by to him as he leaves, and then laughs as Pearl proclaiming that she can sing as well.

"The Message"

Steven enters the Beach House to find Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl panicking due to the Wailing Stone activating, causing a loud, continuous noise. Pearl accuses Amethyst of playing a prank, but Amethyst denies it and yells about how she doesn't like the noise. After Greg fails to convert the Wailing Stone's sound into a message, Amethyst says bye to Greg and jumps away. After being convinced, the Gems help Greg restart his van to try and convert the Wailing Stone's sound into video. This results in Lapis Lazuli's message from Homeworld, revealing that Peridot and another Gem are coming to Earth. Amethyst is scared by this prospect.

"Political Power"

Amethyst brings Pearl one Peridot's Flask Robonoids so she can test her robot disruptor. Instead of disrupting the Robonoid, however, it ends up causing a power outage throughout Beach City.

Steven walks in on the Gems discussing what they're going to do when Peridot shows up, and Amethyst says they should just destroy all the Robonoids. She quickly derails the conversation when she realizes that Steven is listening and suggests that they all play cards. That night, Steven asks the Gems to tell him the truth, and Garnet tells him that they're scared.

"The Return"

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are all on the beach, apprehensively looking up at the Gem Warship and preparing to attack it. The Gems ready the light cannons on the house and fire, but the approaching ship easily deflects the blows.

The Return 080

The Gems eventually start loading up Greg's Van for Steven and his father to evacuate in. The pair leave as the Crystal Gems wave goodbye, and the Gems relapse into worry again over the new threat.

Steven eventually returns to Beach City to help the Gems. He finds that the ship is now much closer and Amethyst and Pearl have fused into Opal to fight it off. Opal uses her bow to attack the ship, but to no avail. They then realize that Steven is there, and Opal falls apart out of shock. The ship finally lands, and Lapis, Peridot, and Jasper emerge from it. Jasper is disgusted by their diminished threat and calls the Gems degrading names, with Amethyst being dubbed a "puny overcooked runt". She order Peridot to fire at the Crystal Gems with the ship. Garnet instructs Steven to leave while he can, but Steven resists, summoning his shield to block the attack. Jasper is alarmed that "Rose Quartz" is apparently alive. Garnet attacks her but is poofed by Jasper, much to the horror of Amethyst and Pearl. They rush to attack Garnet as well, and Steven is knocked out by Jasper.

"Jail Break"

Jail Break 424

Steven wakes up worrying about the location of Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet. When Garnet reforms, she instructs him to find Amethyst and Pearl, and gives him a brief glimpse of future vision to find them in their cells. He finds and frees them, and they all go to the control room to take control of the ship from Peridot. Amethyst uses her whip to tie her up, but she escapes due to turbulence throwing Amethyst off. The ship crashes, but the Crystal Gems are unscathed due to Steven's bubble. Amethyst is surprised that Steven met Ruby and Sapphire. She and the other Crystal Gems watch when Jasper and Lapis fuse to make Malachite and Lapis's half of the fusion uses her powers to drag them into the ocean.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

Full Disclosure 112

Amethyst, the other Crystal Gems, and Lion are all on the beach staring out into the water after Malachite disappeared. Amethyst begins celebrating their victory against the Homeworld Gems. When Pearl suggests building a moat due to Steven wanting to keep humans out, Amethyst says she wants to be the crocodile. Garnet doesn't let them. Steven says he's going to ignore Connie to keep her out of Gem business, but Amethyst notes that Connie's approaching the Beach House.

"Joy Ride"

The Crystal Gems work on cleaning up the debris from the Gem Warship. When Steven is in Jenny's Car with The Cool Kids, he vents about finding out that the Gems are alien rebels that are wanted by Homeworld Gems, and he feels like he can't talk to them about his problems because he thinks they blame him for Rose Quartz not being around.

Steven accidentally releases a flare while inside Peridot's Escape Pod. Believing Peridot to be inside, the Gems attack. They're angry when they find out that it was actually Steven inside, as they could have hurt him. However, the Cool Kids convince the Gems to lay off Steven, and Amethyst remarks they wouldn't have escaped the Gem Warship if it weren't for him. The Gems then take several selfies with the Cool Kids.


Steven comes into the house asks Amethyst to take an online personality quiz based on his favorite show, Crying Breakfast Friends!, which she finds weird. Nonetheless she relents, but grows bored and wanders back to her room, where she finds Garnet. Garnet says she came to the room to find The Slinker, which crawled into the room. While sifting through her things, Amethyst is strangled by the monster and poofed, upsetting Steven. Garnet reminds him that it is only temporary and Amethyst will be back soon. Sure enough, Amethyst hastily reforms, but has a pair of legs where her arms should be, which she claims was intentional.

Amethyst overhears Garnet telling Steven that she should have put more time and thought into her new form like Pearl did. Amethyst is irritated at being compared to Pearl, but is immediately poofed by the monster again before she can continue. Garnet remarks that this is a good chance for Amethyst to pick a better form for herself, but when she reforms seconds later, her outfit is a parody of Pearl's. Amethyst also mimics Pearl's speech and demeanor, and when Steven has he answer more questions from his quiz, answers as she thinks Pearl would. She is annoyed when Garnet expresses her disapproval at Amethyst's new form, telling her it becomes her business when it makes the team weaker. Amethyst interprets this as Garnet wanting her to be physically stronger. She is grabbed by the Slinker again and poofed. When she reforms again, her new form is unsymmetrical and awkwardly proportioned, with muscles bulging in odd places. Garnet informs her that her new form is unsustainable, agitating her. She runs off to fight the Slinker herself.

Amethyst Final Regen

Garnet and Steven find her and the monster trying to strangle each other. Amethyst demands to know what Garnet wants her to be, but Garnet responds that she can't decide for Amethyst and it's something she has to figure out for herself. This statement further enrages Amethyst, who continues, fighting the monster. Steven says aloud that Amethyst simply doesn't want to think about herself, stunning Amethyst, who is poofed yet again by the monster. Garnet punches the Slinker away and Steven catches Amethyst's gemstone. Four hours later, Amethyst still has yet to reform, which Pearl says is the longest she's ever taken to regenerate. Garnet regrets being too hard on her. Amethyst finally reforms with a new outfit similar to her old one. The Crystal Gems are all approving of her new form and hug her. Amethyst says that this is "dumb", but is secretly happy.

"Sworn to the Sword"

Steven explains to Amethyst and Garnet that he's worried about the mindset Pearl is putting Connie into during her sword training. After Garnet explains that this is an extension of Pearl's actions during the Rebellion, Amethyst asks if Steven is okay, but he quickly leaves.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

The Crystal Gems watch a video Ronaldo uploaded to TubeTube about strange happenings in Beach City, all relating to the Gems. Ronaldo ends up blaming the Gems for all the strange things that happen in Beach City. Eventually, Ronaldo intrudes on the Gems while they're fighting the corrupted Bixbite. Amethyst is confused and annoyed when Garnet seems to give in to Ronaldo's demands that they leave Beach City. Later, while watching the video, she laughs about them being the only ones to watch it.

"Keeping It Together"

The Crystal Gems discuss Peridot while doing laundry. Amethyst remarks that it would be funnier if humans stopped wearing clothes. After the Gems move to check on the Prime Kindergarten, Garnet and Amethyst call Steven over, reminding him that he's a Crystal Gem as well.

After a brief battle with Peridot, she flees, and Amethyst and Pearl give chase. They meet back up with Garnet and Steven in the Prime Kindergarten Control Room after losing track of her. Garnet orders them to poof and bubble all of the Cluster Gems.

"We Need to Talk"

Greg tells Steven and Connie the story of the time he tried to fuse with Rose Quartz. He starts by showing them a music video he made with Rose and the Crystal Gems, where Amethyst is playing the drums. After the video was shot, Greg rewarded Amethyst with Pop-Pop popcorn, and Amethyst watched as he and Pearl bickered.

Amethyst and Garnet later find Greg near his band, tired from trying to replicate Pearl's dance moves from when she and Rose fused into Rainbow Quartz. Garnet throws a stick so Amethyst will chase it, giving her and Greg some privacy.

We Need To Talk (286)

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl watch Rose and Greg dance from behind the Temple's broken hand. When asked about them by Greg, Rose describes them as three long stories. Amethyst remarks that she thinks Greg is her favorite.

"Chille Tid"

Amethyst drops Steven in the ocean while he was underwater looking for Malachite. After a long night of searching, Garnet forces Amethyst and Pearl to rest with Steven at the Beach House while she keeps looking. Amethyst falls asleep while Steven tries to teach Pearl.

In Steven's dream, Amethyst skateboards into the house and makes fun of Pearl for fussing over Steven. Pearl chases her offscreen.

Later, as Steven describes a different dream, he wakes Amethyst up. While sleeping, Steven has a second dream in which Amethyst rides a whale. Amethyst wakes Steven due to her laughing at Pearl's dream, which is being projected onto the ceiling via her Gemstone. When Steven reveals that he's been communicating with Lapis through his dreams, Amethyst tries to get him to fall asleep again to find out where she is. She's amused by quickly he falls asleep, and is there for him when he wakes up from his third dream.

"Cry for Help"

Amethyst is deeply confused by Crying Breakfast Friends!, one of Steven's favorite shows. The two are watching it together when the broadcast is suddenly interfered. Amethyst tries to whack the television to make it work again, but only picks up a video made by Peridot, pleading to Homeworld to send her help.

Cry for Help 045

Garnet concludes that the message was sent from the Communication Hub, and when they all arrive there on Lion they find that Peridot has partially repaired it. Steven suggests that Amethyst and Garnet fuse again to destroy it, but Garnet refuses, recalling the last time they fused and went berserk. She asks Pearl to fuse with her instead. After fusing they form the glamorous and showy Sardonyx, when easily destabilizes the hub. Amethyst is annoyed by the fusion in spite of Steven's enthusiasm, especially after Sardonyx compares her elegant nature to Sugilite's violent one. After unfusing, Garnet and Pearl embrace each other eagerly, excited by their glamorous victory, while Amethyst sits to the side, feeling left out.

Back at the beach house, Amethyst is still disgruntled while Steven and Garnet are watching Crying Breakfast Friends!, but the TV is interrupted again, and the Gems warp back to the hub to find that it's been repaired again. Garnet and Pearl fuse again, and while Sardonyx demolishes the tower, Amethyst realizes that the main reason she enjoyed fusing with Garnet was because it made her feel strong, and laments her feelings of inadequacy compared to Garnet.

To make her feel better, Steven takes Amethyst back to the hub later in hopes of catching Peridot repairing it. They observe Peridot's escape pod repairing the tower, but are shocked when they realize Pearl is the one inside. Amethyst realizes that Pearl has been fixing the tower deliberately as to receive more opportunities to fuse with Garnet. When the Gems warp back to the hub again, Garnet and Pearl prepare to fuse, but Amethyst and Steven interrupt and reveal that they saw Pearl repairing the tower so she could fuse with Garnet.

Garnet, feeling as though she has been used, is furious with Pearl. Amethyst rushes to Pearl's defense, pointing out that they are both weaker than Garnet and fuse with her to feel stronger, but Garnet barks her down before ordering Amethyst to fuse with her as to destroy the hub once and for all. They fuse, and Sugilite knocks down the tower while Pearl watches, horrified with herself. Later, Steven and Amethyst are watching Crying Breakfast Friends! in the house. Amethyst observes a character in the show easily being forgiven for hurting her friend while Garnet and Pearl walk past each other without saying anything. Amethyst says aloud that she wishes things could work out like they do in cartoons, which Steven agrees with.

"Keystone Motel"

Keystone Motel 377

Pearl states that she will make sure Amethyst knows that Garnet left town with Steven and Greg. Later, as the three return, Pearl is seen talking about her problems with Amethyst.

"Onion Friend"

Amethyst is shown to be disinterested in Steven's lunch, causing Steven to be confused. After chasing Onion, Steven is shocked upon entering the garage of Onion's House, as there is a great amount of paintings depicting Amethyst as the subject. He brings her to the garage to show her the paintings, and the home's owner, Vidalia, comes out to confront the intruders. The two are excited to see each other, and Amethyst reveals that the two used to be good friends. They used to hang out with Greg, but eventually they started spending time together without him. Vidalia explains that Amethyst is her favorite model.

Onion Friend (212)

Vidalia and Onion invite the two to stay for dinner, which is buttered noodles. Amethyst catches up with Vidalia, finding out that she married Yellowtail. They also reminisce on their past, like when they trashed the mayor's boat. While Steven and Onion hang out in Onion's room, Amethyst talks to Vidalia about the tension between Garnet and Pearl. Vidalia says that she admires how Amethyst isn't afraid of anything.

While leaving, Amethyst thanks Vidalia. The two make plans to spend more time together in the future.

"Historical Friction"

Amethyst is depicted in the historically accurate play "Beach City or Bust" as a mop. She, along with Garnet and Pearl, warned human settlers that they should not settle on the nearby shore. Later, while fused as Obsidian, she saved William Dewey from a corrupted Gem, allowing him to settle near the Crystal Temple.

"Friend Ship"

Using her Escape Pod, the Crystal Gems were able to track Peridot to the Galaxy Warp. Despite their best efforts, the Gems are out of sync due to recent events, and Peridot is able to warp away. Amethyst suggests Garnet and Pearl talk to each other, but they ignore her. She recognizes that Pearl is trying to make it up to Garnet but believes that catching Peridot won't be the solution. The Crystal Gems then track her to the Ancient Gem Colony Ship, where Peridot traps them. After escaping Peridot's lasers and spikes, the floor collapses and the Gems fall. Amethyst manages to catch herself and Steven with her whip, but Garnet and Pearl fall into a pit, which seals shut. There is a monitor through which Amethyst and Steven can view them.

Steven looks for a way to get Garnet and Pearl out, but Amethyst stops him when she realizes that they're talking to each other. The pit begins to close in on itself, and Amethyst and Steven use the former's whip to stop them while the two keep talking. Amethyst is shocked to hear that Ruby and Sapphire split up due to Pearl's deception. When the whip snaps, Amethyst and Steven panic, but Sardonyx breaking out of the pit causes them to stop. The Crystal Gems then proceed to the ship's control bridge, where they find Peridot struggling with the old Gem technology. Though she manages to get away again, Amethyst is relieved to see that Garnet and Pearl have made up and are working together once again.

"Catch and Release"

The Crystal Gems warp into the Galaxy Warp to find that Peridot has kidnapped Steven. Finally poofing her and saving Steven, Amethyst is weirded out by her Limb Enhancers remaining afterwards. She dumps them into the ocean, pretending it was an accident. She later taunts Steven by pretending to by Peridot back to kidnap him and makes fun of him for keeping her Limb Enhancer foot.

Catch And Release 216

Peridot runs out of the Crystal Temple while Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are sitting in the kitchen. They chase her through the Beach House before she finally locks herself in Steven's Bathroom. The next morning, Amethyst discusses their next course of action with Garnet and Pearl.

"When It Rains"

The Crystal Gems try to get more information about the Cluster from Peridot, but she refuses. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl go to the Prime Kindergarten to conduct their own investigation, leaving Steven to watch over Peridot. When Peridot tells Steven about the Cluster in the Prime Kindergarten Control Room, Steven tries to convince her to tell the other Gems. The two are attacked by Cluster Gems, and they're saved by the three other Crystal Gems. Peridot decides to share everything about the Cluster.

"Back to the Barn"

Peridot shares with the Crystal Gems that the Cluster is the forced fusion of millions of shattered Gems, incubating within the Earth. The Crystal Gems decide to start constructing their drill to reach the Cluster at The Barn. Garnet and Amethyst arrive at the barn later than the others to find that Peridot and Pearl are participating in a robotics competition. Amethyst cheers Pearl on during the competition, eating popcorn throughout. At one point, the robots compete to see who can paint Amethyst the best. She's excited when the competition turns into a fight, and is still proud of Pearl even though she lost.

"Too Far"

Amethyst and Steven walk over to Peridot after she has been tied up to a fence on leash. Amethyst is amused by Peridot's bizarre terminology for various body parts and objects. Peridot offers to get a drill head from the Kindergarten, but Garnet doesn't allow her to go until Steven and Amethyst volunteer as chaperones. At the Kindergarten, Peridot is confused that Amethyst would require permission from "the perma-fusion". She says that Amethyst is the most high-ranking of the Crystal Gems and should be in charge, but notes that she is "defective". She explains that as a Quartz, Amethyst should have been twice her size, but emerged smaller due to staying in the ground too long. This strongly upsets Amethyst, who uses her whip to cut off a drill head.

Too Far 130

When the three return to the barn, Peridot is unable to understand why Amethyst is in a bad mood, and Steven explains to her that she unintentionally made her feel bad about herself. When working on the drill, Peridot accidentally activates it. She tackles Amethyst to keep her out of the drill's path before it is disable. Later, while cleaning up, Peridot confronts Amethyst, begrudgingly explaining that she didn't mean to hurt her feeling and regrets it. Amethyst accepts the apology.

"Steven's Birthday"

Amethyst is seen with Garnet, Pearl, Greg and Connie as they celebrate Steven's birthday. She is surprised when Steven grew himself to be taller. Later, when she realized that Steven didn't grow but shapeshifted, she warns him that shapeshifting into a form and staying in that form for too long will have consequences. When Steven turned back into a baby, she repeated her warning to him from earlier. She is seen shapeshifted into a booster seat for the baby Steven. After Steven turns back to normal, she teases him about his facial hair.

"It Could've Been Great"

It Could've Been Great 186

Amethyst is seen relaxing with Garnet and Pearl, watching the sunset together. She sings a part of "Peace and Love on the Planet Earth" with the other Gems. When the Gems realize that the coordinates for the Cluster could be located on the Moon Base, Amethyst is excited to be there though disappointed that she can't jump around like Steven. Her opinion changes quickly, and she becomes creeped out by the place. Upon seeing the plans for Earth as a completed colony, Amethyst is disgusted. When Peridot insults Rose Quartz, she is deeply angered.

"Message Received"

Amethyst asks Pearl how long it will be until they'll be able to use the drill, and Pearl responds that she wants to run a few tests first. Later, Steven shows the Diamond Communicator Peridot took from the Moon Base to the Gems, and Amethyst is hurt by Peridot's seeming betrayal. Once Peridot escapes the truck and escapes in her robot, Amethyst shapeshifts into a helicopter in order to pursue her. While the Gems are distracted beating Peridot's robot, Peridot sneaks away and is able to activate the communicator. Hiding behind the wreckage, Amethyst is surprised to see another Pearl and is shocked by Yellow Diamond. She's overjoyed at Peridot's defection from Homeworld.

"Log Date 7 15 2"

Steven listens to Peridot's Voice Recorder, and hears several stories about Amethyst. When Peridot tries on her stilts to feel taller, she mentions retrieving Chaaaaps from a high shelf for Amethyst. Later, Amethyst is seen shapeshifted as Lion to mess with Peridot. She shapeshifts into Peridot to mess with her, and at Peridot's request, also transforms into a chicken. Peridot also recalls a time when Pearl and Amethyst fused into Opal in order to put the drill together.

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island"


Realizing that Malachite is on Mask Island, the Crystal Gems leave Steven and Peridot behind the deal with her as Alexandrite. As the two battle, Alexandrite is almost defeated. However, the Watermelon Stevens come to her aid and are able to distract Malachite long enough for Alexandrite to recover. Using all of the fusions' weapons, Alexandrite is able to break Malachite apart, catching both Jasper and Lapis before defusing on the island's shore. Amethyst is more exhausted from the fusion than the other Gems, laying face down in the sand. As the ground begins to break apart, she assures Steven that he can handle the Cluster.

"Gem Drill"

The Crystal Gems find another Warp Pad to return to the barn. Steven tells them that the Cluster has been bubbled.

"Same Old World"

Peridot regales the Gems with the story of how she and Steven stopped the Cluster. Later, they return to Beach City in Greg's van.

"Barn Mates"

Seeing the Roaming Eye near the barn, the Gems warped over to handle the situation. Amethyst is shocked to see that Lapis has already knocked it out of the sky.

"Hit the Diamond"

Hit the Diamond HD 149

The Gems hide in the barn from the Rubies, who are searching for another Gem. She's surprised when Garnet unfuses so that Ruby can approach them. Amethyst then participates in the baseball game against the Rubies so that they will leave them alone. She uses the alias Amy. Steven chastises her for using her spin dash to make it all around the bases. After Steven convinces the Rubies that Jasper is on Neptune, she comments that Rubies are dumb.

"Steven Floats"

Steven finally returns home to the Beach House, and Amethyst looks in the fridge with him at the expired food. When she sees Steven floating in the sky, she believes she remembers him being able to fly, but then realizes she's thinking about Lapis. Steven asks her to get Garnet. Through a phone Garnet steals, Steven is able to ask them to keep him company until he figures out how to land. When Steven's alarm goes off, they tries to weigh him down, but it doesn't end up working. When Steven starts falling again, it's his happy thoughts of the Gems staying with him all night that help him to slow down.

"Too Short to Ride"

Amethyst walks in on Steven and Peridot, ready for a day trip to Funland. The three depart and arrive at the amusement park and decide to ride the roller coaster first. However, all three are rejected on account of being too short to ride. They retreat, with Amethyst saying "Shorty Squad, out.". Once out of sight, Amethyst bemoans that they aren't tall enough, but realizes that they can simply use shapeshifting to make themselves taller. Steven and Amethyst both use shapeshifting to make themselves several feet taller, but Peridot is unable to. She tells them to just go without her, and the two ride the roller coaster while she looks up what a roller coaster feels like. When Steven and Amethyst get off, they all enter the house of mirrors. Amethyst and Steven have fun making their reflections change with shapeshifting, but Peridot is not amused.

When they leave, Peridot discovers a ring toss game and wants to play it to earn the prize, a classic stuffed green alien. The three play for the alien, but none of them land any rings. However, Amethyst distracts Mr. Smiley and makes her arm grow longer, gently setting a ring on a bottle. However, the prize is just a tiny alien, much to Peridot's dismay.

Too Short to Ride 219

Later, Amethyst asks Peridot what she thinks is wrong with shapeshifting, to which she confesses that she can't do it. Steven and Amethyst try to help her learn how to shapeshift, but it doesn't work. Peridot explains that she is incapable of shapeshifting due to being made during Era 2. Amethyst tries to explain that Peridot shouldn't define herself by what she can't do, but Peridot just uses her tablet instead of listening. Amethyst is annoyed by this and finally confiscates the tablet and throws it into the ocean. Peridot is horrified by this and flings her arms out, unintentionally making the tablet stop in midair. Steven realizes that Peridot has metal powers, something Peridot herself didn't even know until now. Amethyst is impressed, and Peridot later uses her newfound powers to move ten of the metal rings onto the bottles, thus earning the alien doll.

"Restaurant Wars"

Amethyst works in the restaurant Steven opens up in the Beach House to force Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza to reinstate their truce. She prepares the pizza bagel that Kofi ordered. When Steven tries to have the Gems help him clean up, Amethyst responds that they can't because they're on break.

"Monster Reunion"

Amethyst is excited when Steven smashes a plate on the ground to demonstrate that he's regained his healing powers. She wants to break more things, but Pearl stops her. When Steven decides that he wants to try to heal Nephrite, Amethyst makes sure to grab Chaaaaps, as she remembers Nephrite liked them. She's supportive of Steven as he heals Nephrite, but she's willing to be the one who poofs her when the healing isn't complete. When Nephrite reverts to her corrupted form, Amethyst shapeshifts into that form as well. The Gems leave the Ancient Gem Colony Ship together.

"Greg the Babysitter"

Greg The Babysitter 026

Amethyst is briefly featured in a flashback, warping into the Crystal Temple with the other Crystal Gems.

"Gem Hunt"

Steven mentions to Connie that corrupted Gems used to be normal, like Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

"Crack the Whip"

Garnet and Pearl have to leave for a mission to find Jasper, and ask Amethyst to hold things together while they're gone. Connie arrives for sword trying, which Pearl forgot about. Garnet and Pearl leave. Connie and Steven train together anyway, leaving Amethyst to stand on the sidelines, bored. Connie expresses distaste at her failure on her first Gem mission due to feeling like she didn't prepare enough, but Amethyst points out that it a real battle, you never know what's going to happen, so you can never truly be prepared.

The three take a snack break and go to the Big Donut, where Amethyst shapeshifts into Lars to steal donuts (Steven and Connie pay for them). They spend the day having fun around town and end up at the ocean. They are then interrupted by a corrupted Quartz Gem emerging from the water onto the shore. Amethyst uses her whip to strangle the monster and succeeds in poofing it. Connie say that it was the same monster they fought up north, but recalls that there was a second one. Sure enough, the other corrupted Quartz bursts from the water, with Jasper riding it.

Crack The Whip 202

Amethyst assigns Steven and Connie to handle the snow monster while she takes on Jasper. However, Amethyst is badly beaten by Jasper, who berates her the whole time. Amethyst meekly defends herself, but Jasper brushes her comments aside and poofs her. Steven and Connie abandon their fight with the monster and rush towards Jasper, who picks up Amethyst's gemstone and prepares to crush it. As they are running towards her, they fuse into Stevonnie, who kicks the gemstone out of her hand and grabs it.

Amethyst reforms, ready to help, but stops when she realizes Stevonnie has poofed the monster and defeated Jasper without her help. Japser is furious at being beaten by another fusion, and retreats back into the water, swearing vengeance. Stevonnie unfuses, and Steven and Connie hug Amethyst when they realize she's reformed, also expressing excitement at their victory. Amethyst pretends to be happy for them, but feels bad realizing they didn't need her at all and they defeated Jasper while Amethyst herself failed.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

After hearing Steven's story of Stevonnie's victory against Jasper, Pearl asks where Amethyst is. Pearl and Garnet are shocked to see that Amethyst has reformed. She's later seen dropping eggs in the garbage disposal. Steven invites Amethyst to watch him train with Pearl at the Ancient Sky Arena. At the arena, Amethyst decides that she wants to train with Steven. Amethyst falls behind Steven in a race, and later fails against Holo-Pearl where Steven succeeds. Steven is able to defeat several Holo-Pearls while Amethyst is only able to defeat one.

Steven vs. Amethyst 278

Back at the Beach House, Steven tries to make Amethyst feel better by letting her win against him at Lonely Blade. Amethyst calls him out for this, which eventually devolves into an argument about which one of them is the worst Crystal Gem. The two of them decide to battle each other to see who loses. The entire fight, Steven and Amethyst compliment each other to highlight how the other is a better Crystal Gem than they are. After the two collapse, they talk to each other about how they can't be what they're supposed to be. Pearl then walks in and screams at them for destroying the Ancient Sky Arena.


Amethyst and the other Gems cheer Steven on as he plays a video game. When Steven is distracted by Lion, Amethyst takes over playing the game. She's concerned when Steven begins to freak out about a strange Gem in Lion's mane, and when he guides Bismuth out, she remarks, "Wow, a total stranger!". She's initially wary of Bismuth, but warms up to her after they visit The Forge and Bismuth equips her whip with a flail. Amethyst trains with Bismuth later and participates in Steven's rituals. After Steven bubbles Bismuth, she's dismayed, but still lets her go into the Burning Room. The Crystal Gems then stare at the stars together.


Amethyst is obsessed with having a rematch with Jasper, so to take her mind off things, Steven encourages her to take the day off. They visit Lapis and Peridot, and are surprised to find that the two have remodeled the barn and bonded with each other since they last saw them. Lapis and Peridot show them their "meep morps", which Amethyst is disinterested in. They start playing music in hopes of impressing their guests, but stop when Amethyst yells that they are wasting time when they could be looking for Jasper. Peridot quietly says that she avoid using "the J-word" around Lapis, and Amethyst storms out.

Beta 134

Peridot tries to make Amethyst feel better by telling her she's way better than Jasper and divulges that Jasper was also made on Earth, but in a different Kindergarten. She says that while Amethyst was made in the well put together Prime Kindergarten, Jasper was made in the inferior Beta Kindergarten, and invites her and Steven to see it with her.

They all warp to the Beta Kindergarten, where Peridot explains that it was made in the middle of the rebellion when Homeworld was desperate to produce more soldiers, and as a result the final product was extremely rushed and produced many misshapen Gems. She points out several abnormally shaped exit holes, but Amethyst notices Jasper's hole, which is far superior to all the others. Upon further inspection, Peridot admits that it's the best hole she's ever seen, making Amethyst feel even worse. Steven assures her that she is defined not from where she came from, but who she wants to be. Unfortunately, Amethyst takes this the wrong way and declares that she wants to be the Gem who defeats Jasper. She notices a particularly odd hole that Peridot, looking at it, says isn't an exit hole at all. The search further and find other similarly dug-out hole, which turn out to be cages housing corrupted Gems. Peridot questions who would even do this, and then Amethyst notices Jasper lurking in a corner by one of the cages.


Peridot suggests going back to the temple to get reinforcements, but when Steven turns around he finds that Amethyst is gone. Amethyst is now trying to sneak up on Jasper, but Jasper suddenly acknowledges her presence. Amethyst announces she's hear to beat Jasper in a rematch. Steven runs up to try to prevent the confrontation and Jasper berates him and his "lackeys". Peridot reveals herself, announcing to Jasper that she has joined the Crystal Gems. Amethyst insists on fighting Jasper alone, but her hits have little effect on her and she is easily beaten down. After an injector falls to the ground, Amethyst bemoans to Steven that she can never beat Jasper due to seeing herself as inherently inferior for coming out too small. However, Steven compares Amethyst to himself, pointing out that neither of them are like anyone else, and pleads with Amethyst to stop leaving him behind. Amethyst is comforted by his words and hugs him tightly.

Earthlings 115

It is then that they accidentally fuse for the first time, forming Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is more capable at battling Jasper, and ultimately ends up freeing the corrupted Gems. Jasper is furious at being beaten by another fusion, and forcibly fusing with a fleeing Quartz monster to form Zebra Jasper. However, Smoky creates a tornado to combat the fusion. In the midst of it, the fusion falls apart and Jasper falls to the ground. While Smoky is busy congratulating themself, they notice Jasper has begun contracting corruption from the fusion, and falls apart in shock. Amethyst warns Steven to be careful as he goes over to try to heal her before she's too far gone. However, Jasper rejects Steven's help and yells at "Rose" for what "she" did to her and her Diamond. She finally succumbs completely to corruption, but is poofed after being impaled by Peridot. Amethyst tenderly bubbles the gemstone and sends it back to the temple. Steven walks over to her and she leans against him. Later, Amethyst (who is exhausted by the standoff), Steven, and Peridot head back to the barn and find the Rubies are back on Earth and are now being held in water bubbles by Lapis.

"Back to the Moon"

Lapis unbubbles the Rubies one by one to talk to them about why they came back to Earth. "Army" is the only one who divulges that they are back to find Jasper, not realizing that she is beyond help by now. Amethyst sneaks away from the group and shapeshifts into a purple to version of Jasper, tricking the Rubies into thinking she is the real thing. When "Eyeball" questions her about her hue, Amethyst claims its a tan she got from the sun, which the Rubies believe.

Back to the Moon 117

The Rubies invite "Jasper" to come with them back to Homeworld, but Amethyst insists on staying, saying that she needs to keep the Crystal Gems hostage for the Diamonds. The Rubies are impressed at her apparent devotion, but they must go to the Moon Base to tell the Diamonds first. Amethyst, along with Steven, Garnet, and Pearl, enters the Roaming Eye with the Rubies, the latter three still posing as prisoners. Amethyst maintains the facade (and her form, with difficulty) all the way to the moon. When they exit the Roaming Eye, "Eyeball" asks "Jasper" to recount the tale of Pink Diamond's fate, but she claims to be too traumatized. "Eyeball" recalls the story herself, including how Rose Quartz ended the war by shattering her own Diamond. Steven is horrified by the revelation, insisting that his mother would never murder another Gem. Amethyst and the other Crystal Gems simply look at him with pity.

The Rubies discover that the communicator has been destroyed, so "Jasper" asks them to go back to Homeworld and file the report for her. They agree and board their ship again, and an exhausted Amethyst shapeshifts back to her natural form. However, they exit shortly after to offer Jasper a ride back to Earth. They see Amethyst in her default form and realize they've been tricked. Enraged, they fuse and try to fight the Crystal Gems, but Steven opens the door and the fusion is nearly sucked out. Garnet and Pearl form Sardonyx, and, with Amethyst on her shoulder, uses her hammer to knock the fusion out into space. The impact causes them to unfuse, and one of the Rubies grabs Steven and pulls him into space with her. Amethyst screams Steven's name as he flies out into space, completely exposed to the vacuum.


Amethyst, along with Garnet and Pearl, finds Steven floating out in space in his bubble. They bring him into the Roaming Eye, where the four have a tearful reunion.

Season 4

"Kindergarten Kid"

Amethyst works with the rest of the Crystal Gems to clear out the Beta Kindergarten of the corrupted Gems that Jasper kept captive there. She leaves with Garnet and Pearl to give Peridot a chance to fight the Tongue Monster, though Amethyst is annoyed. After Peridot poofs the monster, the three reveal they never left, but instead watched to see if Peridot could do it.

"Know Your Fusion"

Know Your Fusion 012

Steven and Amethyst are eager to show Garnet and Pearl their fusion, Smoky Quartz. After whispering to each other their plan for introduction, they tell Garnet and Pearl that they want to introduce them to someone who helped them defeat Jasper. They then fuse into Smoky Quartz, shocking Garnet and Pearl. While Smoky is showing them their yo-yo tricks, they fuse into Sardonyx, who uses her hand to catch the yo-yo's.

To help Smoky better demonstrate their fusion abilities, the two fusions move into Sardonyx's Room, which is structured like a talk show. Sardonyx interviews Smoky about themself with an imaginary audience, which Smoky struggles to answer due to only having been in existence for a total of about ten minutes. Sardonyx then makes Smoky try out activities other fusions like Opal and Sugilite excel at, but which Smoky fails at.

Smoky then becomes deeply insecure, and reacts by making self-deprecating jokes towards themself, discomforting Sardonyx. She realizes that she has stolen what should have been Smoky's show and made the situation about herself. The remorse causes Sardonyx to split up, and her room begins collapsing without her presence. Garnet and Pearl are unable to reach each other, so Smoky Quartz uses their yo-yo as a grappling hook, grabs Garnet and Pearl, pulls themself out of the room, unfusing in the process. In spite of the rough landing, Garnet and Pearl are impressed with Steven and Amethyst, with Pearl even telling Amethyst that she's been a good influence on Steven. Amethyst starts telling the story of how she and Steven fused for the first time back at the Beta Kindergarten.

"Buddy's Book"

Buddy Buddwick recounts in his journal that he encountered Amethyst at the Prime Kindergarten. She drew the locations of several Gem locations on his map, which caused him to go out and explore them all.

"Last One Out of Beach City"

Amethyst had shapeshifted into a ball and is bouncing around on the floor of the Beach House due to being excited that Greg is taking her to a rock show. However, she is dismayed to discover that Greg must cancel at the last minute. Pearl suggest Amethyst could hang out with her and Steven, to which Amethyst sarcastically responds that they could knit together. But Pearl insists that she could drive them to the rock show, shocking Steven and Amethyst, who insists Pearl should dress like a human. Later at the Big Donut, Amethyst is impressed by Pearl's bad-girl persona, and swallows a can whole while Pearl drinks some apple juice.

Last One Out of Beach City 057

It is then that a mysterious pink-haired woman walks into the store, causing Pearl to spite out the juice. Amethyst encourages Pearl to talk to the girl, which results in her botching the interaction by dropping coffee cups. In the car, Amethyst laments the interaction, but Pearl insists they focus on the show. Steven says aloud that they might as well acknowledge that woman strongly resembled Rose Quartz, which Amethyst hadn't noticed until then.

It is then that the girl drives up next to them on a motorcycle, and Amethyst advises Pearl on when to shoot her a look. However, a light in front of them turns red just as the girls drives past it, stopping the group. Pearl decides to embrace her wild side and drive through the red light, impressing Amethyst even after the cops start chasing them. Pearl eventually evades capture, but find that the car is out of gas, forcing the group to continue on foot.

Pearl becomes frustrated that she was unable to impress Amethyst and Steven as she wanted to, but the two assure her that she was very cool tonight. It is then that they realize they have made it to the house where the show is, and see that the pink-haired woman is. Pearl decides to talk to her despite of Amethyst's protests. After coming back from the conversation, Pearl tells them everything that happened, ending with a slightly disappointing revelation that the woman walked away after giving her a piece of paper with some type of code. Amethyst, realizing that the "code" is actually a phone number, tells Pearl that she is a "total rock star". The credits for the episode list Amethyst as "Ultimate Wingman".

"Gem Harvest"

When Andy DeMayo shows up at the barn, Amethyst arrives with the other Crystal Gems in Greg's van. She's doesn't like Andy at first, but puts forward an effort at Garnet's request. She shapeshifts into Pumpkin, scaring her. Amethyst drinks three bottles of cooking oil before dinner, so she doesn't eat any of the wedding cake. She jokes with the other Gems at the table and is there when Steven returns from chasing after Andy.

"Three Gems and a Baby"

Amethyst is laying on the floor as the Gems talk to Greg, who is staying over due to the cold weather. She listens to Greg tell the story of Steven's first winter.

Three Gems and a Baby 103

During this winter, Amethyst visited Steven and Greg at Onion's house, bringing Steven the gift of adult diapers. Greg claims they're too large for Steven, though Amethyst believes he should just shapeshift so they fit. She laughs with the other Gems over how Steven likes to watch Greg's keys jingle. Their laughter is cut short as Steven's Gemstone begins to glow, Amethyst believing it to be Rose trying to shapeshift back to herself. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl then kidnap Steven while Greg is distracted.

Amethyst struggles to figure out why Rose would want to be a baby. She shapeshifts into a baby and has Garnet hold her, admitting that it's actually not that bad. She tries to show Steven how to shapeshift by going between her baby form and normal form, but this just causes Steven to laugh at her. She holds Steven as Garnet attempts to show him how to unfuse. As the Gems realize they were wrong about Steven, Amethyst accepts that they have to make sure everything is about him.

At some point when Steven was little, the Gems threw a jungle gym at Steven's babysitter, believing her to have kidnapped him.

Steven laughs about how wrong the Gems were about him, and Amethyst tells him to cut them some slack. They all agree with Steven that Rose would have loved seeing them together telling stories.

"Steven's Dream"

After warping back to the temple, Amethyst truthfully responds that she has no idea what the palanquin in Buddy Budwick's journal, but becomes suspicious when Garnet and Pearl refuse to tell Steven about it despite clearly knowing what it is. She appears stunned when Steven yells at Garnet and Pearl, as he rarely gets angry at anyone.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

As Steven and Garnet return to the Beach House, Amethyst is shocked to hear that Greg has been kidnapped by Blue Diamond. She's also disgusted to hear about Pink Diamond's Zoo. The Crystal Gems decide to use the Roaming Eye to reach the zoo, leaving Peridot and Lapis in charge of defending Beach City.

As the Gems discuss the Roaming Eye's gravity engine, Pearl explains that they don't know what effect using it would have on Steven's organic body, and it may turn him "into a pancake of skin and bones." Amethyst thinks that's gross, and when Pearl retorts that Amethyst has bones in her room, she claims that those are her bones and they're different.

The Roaming Eye forces the Gems into the body shapes of Rubies because of the ship's presets. Due to Steven's meddling with the gravity engine, the Gems take on different forms. Panicking, Steven presses a button that causes the ship's calibration to turn off. As a result, the Gems' light-based bodies lag behind the ship.

After Steven reactivates the calibration, Amethyst laughs about phasing through a planet. The Roaming Eye then arrives at Pink Diamond's zoo.

"Gem Heist"

Gem Heist 088

After reaching the zoo, the Crystal Gems plan to infiltrate by playing the roles they were made for. Garnet unfuses and Amethyst shapeshifts into a full-size Quartz soldier, complete with a uniform. They all leave their ship and walk up to the two Amethysts guarding it. Holly Blue Agate appears and agrees to give Sapphire a tour of the zoo, but orders Amethyst to stay behind with the other guards at the door.

"That Will Be All"

That Will Be All 012

An Amethyst drops Steven and Greg into a room full of fierce-looking Quartzes, comprising mostly of Amethysts. Among them is Amethyst, now back in her default form, who has apparently been found out and is desperate. She starts to describe how terrifying the zoo Quartzes are, but at the last second says that they're actually great, revealing her apparent capture to be a hoax. Amethyst is revealed to have befriended the other Quartzes, who she says were also made on Earth.

Their bonding is interrupted by Holly Blue marching in and ordering everyone out to prepare for Blue Diamond's arrival. Steven and Greg hide in the crowd of fleeing Quartzes as the leave the room. Once out, Amethyst tells them to run and that she'll catch up with them later. Later, Greg and Steven escape from the room full of bubbled Rose Quartzes and reunite with the Crystal Gems, Amethyst having rejoined them by now. They make their way back to the Roaming Eye with Holly Blue, Steven and Greg hiding and Amethyst concealing her true size. Unfortunately, Holly Blue catches them just as they are on the verge of escaping. She attempts to recapture the two humans, but is stopped by Garnet after Ruby and Sapphire refuse. The Crystal Gems attack her, with Amethyst using her spin attack to tangle Holly Blue in her own whip. Amethyst says goodbye to the "Famethysts" and the Roaming Eye begins its journey back to Earth.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Amethyst arrives with the rest of the Crystal Gems back on Earth. They listen to Connie's story about how the Crystal Temps ran the carwash, with Lapis acting as Amethyst the whole time. At the end, she surveys the cleanup the Crystal Temps did of It's a Wash and sees the new sign that they made.

"Storm in the Room"

Steven accuses the Rose Quartz he made in his room of abandoning Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg. That night, the Gems and Greg return to the Beach House with a mushroom pizza they bought for Steven. Amethyst eats the pizza with him.


Amethyst makes fun of Ronaldo for quitting social media and laughs when she finds out he wants to join the Crystal Gems. When Ronaldo passes out due to sleep deprivation, Amethyst does an impression of him as they leave him outside Beach Citywalk Fries. Pearl comments that her impression was very good. When Steven wants to text Peedee to tell him where Ronaldo is, Amethyst says that Steven has cared about him too much.

"Tiger Philanthropist"

Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma are competing against Shark-O-Mania, defending their title as tag team champions. After their victory, Amethyst announces as Purple Puma that she's done with wrestling and leaves the belt behind. When asked by Steven after they leave, Amethyst explains that wrestling has become boring and that they don't need it to have fun.

Steven continues wrestling, and he vents to Amethyst that he doesn't know why he does it anymore. Amethyst tells him that she used to wrestle when she felt like she wasn't enough, but because her self-esteem is better, she doesn't see a point anymore. Steven says that he never wrestled for that, but because he saw it as their thing to do together.

Tiger Philanthropist (282)

During Steven's final wrestling match, Amethyst interrupts as Purple Puma. She explains to him that the time they spent together wrestling meant everything to her. The two then lose the wrestling match, bequeathing the tag team championship to Chunk Truck and Concrete Heat.

"Room for Ruby"

When Steven mentions incidents from which "Navy" might be angry at the Crystal Gems, he mentions the time Amethyst pretended to be Jasper.

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

Steven claims that Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl expect big things from him.

"Are You My Dad?"

Amethyst drinks from a can of beans as she talks to Steven about the mail. She waits at the mailbox for him while he runs to the Big Donut. Later, the Crystal Gems and Connie help Steven by drawing composite sketches of the Gem he saw, though Amethyst's looks more like a winged horse. She's also confused about Aquamarine allegedly searching for her dad, as Gems don't have dads.

"I Am My Mom"

Amethyst and the other Crystal Gems panic upon hearing that Aquamarine and Topaz are stealing humans from Beach City. When Connie manages to send Steven a lead, the Gems head to Funland to try and find the kidnapped humans. The Gems encounter Aquamarine and Topaz, who reveal that they're stealing humans based on a report Peridot made after "Marble Madness". After they struggle to fight Topaz without hurting the humans, Amethyst is shocked and confused that Steven pretends to be "my dad", allowing himself to be captured as well.

I am my mom 289

Aquamarine's Ship struggles to take off, and the door opens to reveal Alexandrite keeping the ship down with her hand. Aquamarine holds Alexandrite and the humans still wit her wand, halting their escape. Steven then makes that claim that he's Rose Quartz and once again gives himself up to Aquamarine, causing Alexandrite to unfuse and her components to fall in the water. The Gems try to stop him from leaving, but Steven allows himself to be taken.

Season 5

"Lars' Head"

Amethyst is seen looking dejected after Steven's abduction to Homeworld, but is thrilled upon realizing he has somehow made his way back to Earth. She and the rest of Steven's family hug him.

"Dewey Wins"

Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg watch with worry from the Beach House as Steven sees Connie off.


Seeing that Steven is despondent after his escape from Homeworld, the Gems and Greg decide to rent a vacation home for the weekend to cheer him up. When they arrive at Cool Ranch, Amethyst finds a long snake inside the house that bites Pearl.

Gemcation (130)

Amethyst tries to talk to Steven about his experiences on Homeworld, but ends up confusing him instead. She shrugs at Greg. After Pearl's attempt, Amethyst is shocked to find out that Steven isn't upset about Homeworld, but about Connie being angry with him over leaving. After Greg notices that Steven doesn't have any bars on his phone, everyone gets in Greg's van to try and find a place that where there are bars. When Steven's phone does regain connection, he only finds messages from Ronaldo, not Connie. Though he's sad, Greg and the Gems sit on the roof of the van with him, looking at the night sky.

"Back to the Kindergarten"

Seeing that Peridot is still upset that Lapis left with the barn, Amethyst invites her to come along to the Prime Kindergarten with her and Steven. They once again take the train to the Kindergarten, and once there, Amethyst and Peridot start discussing which of the Amethysts would have come from which exit holes. Amethyst is excited when they notice a flower growing in the Kindergarten, and the three decide to try planting flowers to see if more life can grow.

Amethyst, Peridot, and Steven come back with gardening supplies and begin clearing space and planting their sunflowers. The next morning, Peridot and Amethyst talk about the plants and Steven gets ready, and on the train Amethyst suggests planting hydrangeas next. Peridot thanks them for working with her to fix something.

Upon arriving at the Kindergarten once more, the three are shocked to find that the sunflowers have all died. Peridot becomes angry and stomps on the initial flower, saddening Steven and Amethyst and causing her to feel bad. The ground begins to rumble, and the flower is revealed to be a corrupted Gem. The Flower Monster eats Peridot, and after pursuing it, Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz and poof the monster, saving Peridot.

On the train home, the three lament over their failed garden. They decide to try to plant a garden somewhere else, hugging each other.

"Pool Hopping"

Garnet asks Vidalia to paint her like she paints Amethyst.

"Letters to Lars"

Letters to Lars (124)

Amethyst has joined the Beach City Laugh-guards, an improv troupe lead by Jamie. In Steven's letter, she performs a routine based on the word "plumber" where she transforms into a plunger. Jamie criticizes her for always shapeshifting. She's later seen watching a wrestling match between the Marmalade Boys in the Abandoned Warehouse.

"Can't Go Back"

Using the Observation Orb on the Moon Base, Lapis views the beach, where Amethyst is training with Garnet, Pearl, and Peridot. Peridot lifts cans into the air with her ferrokinesis, which the other three use as target practice. Amethyst then listens with Garnet and Pearl as Peridot vents, though what she says is unheard. Peridot eventually regains her confidence, and the three walk off with her.

"A Single Pale Rose"

ASinglePaleRose (613)

Amethyst is dismayed to find out that Pearl has barely used her new phone despite having had it for a full month. She changes the wallpaper, using a picture of herself for it. She retreats to her room to find a phone case, and when she comes back she finds Pearl in shock after Steven asked her if she shattered Pink Diamond. Pearl loudly thanks Amethyst for the case and robotically retreats to her own room, confusing Amethyst. Later, Steven exists Pearl's Gem and sadly says aloud the revelation that his mother was Pink Diamond. Amethyst, standing nearby net to Garnet, responds with a loud "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?".

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Amethyst is still in disbelief that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond, but jokes to Garnet that with Rose seemingly being obsessed with pink, she wouldn't be surprised if Rose has invented cotton candy. However, she becomes uneasy when Garnet doesn't respond, appearing stunned when she unfuses. In Pink's backstory, several of Amethyst's sister Quartzes wait several seconds for her to emerge but are told that she can catch up with them later, unaware that she will not emerge for several centuries.

"What's Your Problem?"

Upon discovering that Ruby ran away, Pearl, Sapphire, and Steven ask Amethyst if she saw where she went. However, Amethyst doesn't know. She tries to continue playing video games as Pearl and Sapphire freak out asks Steven to join her. When Steven decides to go look for Ruby, Amethyst joins him to get away from the other two's crying.

On the beach, Steven says they should try putting themselves in Ruby's shoes to figure out where she went, so Amethyst decides to shapeshift into her. Steven tells her to be serious, so Amethyst reverts to her regular form to search the ocean. Back on land, Amethyst uses her shapeshifting once again to turn tiny, going into a conch shell. Steven tells her that he likes her jokes, but she should stop messing around so that they can find Ruby. As the two keep searching, Amethyst offers Steven fry bits, cheers as they ride The Teacups, and wins Steven a prize at Funland. Steven is too focused on handing out missing posters to have fun with Amethyst.

Amethyst convinces Steven to take a break from their search in order to eat at Fish Stew Pizza. While they eat, Amethyst tries to get Steven to talk about his feelings, but he keeps brushing them off to focus on Garnet. She gets mad at him, revealing that she feels like they shouldn't be the ones to fix the fallout of Rose's secrets because they weren't around for the war.

At that moment, Jenny enters to store and shares that she delivered pizza to Greg and a red friend of his on Brooding Hill. Amethyst tries to leave without Steven, recognizing that she's an adult and she shouldn't be letting so much pressure fall onto him. However, Steven tries to stop her, demanding she talk about her feelings. Amethyst transforms into a helicopter, but Steven manages to tag along. They end up crashing due to Steven throwing Amethyst off.

What's Your Problem (331)

On the beach, Amethyst finally shares how she's feeling with Steven. She's upset because none of them are responsible for Rose's actions, but they're still feeling the consequences of them. She also states that she doesn't want to dump all of her problems on Steven, because she's going to be responsible for herself. Steven realizes that Amethyst was trying to cheer him up the whole time and claims that she might be the most mature Crystal Gem. Amethyst shapeshifts back into a helicopter, and the two head to Brooding Hill together to find Ruby.

"The Question"

Amethyst and Steven find Greg and Ruby near the van, eating pizza together. Amethyst is supportive of Ruby wanting to find her identity away from Sapphire and potentially live the rest of her life without her. When Ruby decides to go on a cowboy adventure, Amethyst joins as her horse. She late helps Ruby with her proposal to Sapphire, Ruby flipping off of her to show off. Amethyst joins Steven and Pearl on the porch as they watch the rest of the proposal.

"Made of Honor"

Amethyst helps Ruby and Sapphire set up their wedding. She licks envelopes for them and incorrectly sets up chairs. When Steven tries to bring Bismuth back with a toast, she's confused that nothing happens. She keeps her drink raised while Steven is gone like he asked her to. When Bismuth comes back, she's socked and delighted.


Amethyst decorates Ruby and Sapphire's wedding altar with pink roses, though begins to regret her flower choice and asks Steven if someone may find them controversial. Steven tells her that he'll get more flowers from Peridot. She later joins Steven as backup vocals right before the wedding begins.

Amethyst puts out the fire Ruby starts on her way to the altar. She later has to cue Bismuth to present Ruby and Sapphire with their rings, as she's become overwhelmed by tears. During the receptions, Amethyst is seen having a conversation wit Vidalia, Onion, and Peridot. A later conversation she has with Bismuth and Pearl is interrupted by the bouquet finally falling, Bismuth being the one to catch it. This causes Amethyst to laugh.

Reunited (706)

Amethyst, Bismuth, and Pearl are once again interrupted by the arrival of Blue and Yellow Diamond in their ships. She's in the Beach House as Steven tries to get in contact with the Cluster, but rushes out once it forms. Once Blue Diamond leaves her ship, Amethyst forms Alexandrite with the other Gems to defend Steven, though she's broken apart by Blue Diamond's pathokinesis. She and the others fight against Blue Diamond, managing to knock her down. Blue and Yellow's ships fall on top of her due to Yellow losing against the Cluster.

After Yellow Diamond frees Blue Diamond and knocks Steven out, Amethyst is fearful as she battles the Diamonds with the rest of the Gems. She is afraid for herself, but Steven manages to psychically reassure her. She's later seen looking down at Steven as he wakes up.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

As Blue Diamond cries with relief, believing Steven to be Pink Diamond, she causes all of the other Gems in the area to cry as well. Amethyst and the others accompany Steven to the Ancient Gem Colony Ship with the Diamonds, where he explains to them that the Gems on Earth weren't destroyed at the end of the war, but corrupted. She's shocked to see that Steven and the Diamonds are able to temporarily restore Nephrite to her former state.

The Crystal Gems decide to go to Homeworld so Steven can try and convince White Diamond to help cure the corrupted Gems. They first take a detour with the Diamonds to Rose's Landfill, where they find Pink Diamond's ship. As the Gems prepare to leave, Amethyst is excited she finally has a chance to visit Homeworld, hoping to find meet more Amethysts. During the journey, she and Connie end up napping against Garnet, though they wake up when she suddenly stands. When they arrive, Amethyst is scared by White Diamond's Pearl taking Steven away to see White.


When Steven meets with Pearl, she mentions that Amethyst and the others are still on Pink Diamond's ship. Later, she puts all of them into her gem and brings them out to Pink's room, where Steven is. Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie all embrace Steven upon seeing him again.

"Together Alone"

In Pink Diamond's room, Amethyst asks the Pebbles to make furniture that best simulates the design of the Beach House. When Steven is planning the party with the Pearls, Amethyst calls dibs on being the confetti cannon, but is shot down when Yellow Pearl says that cannons are forbidden. As Yellow Pearl continues to describe ball procedures, Amethyst remarks that it sounds pretty dry, and Yellow Pearl states that liquids are also forbidden. After Blue Diamond comes, she reluctantly allows the "faulty" Amethyst to attend the ball, as long as she wears limb enhancers, which irritates Amethyst. At the ball, Amethyst enters wearing limb enhancers similar to Peridot's. She jokingly calls Steven "my Diamond" and mentions that she finds the limb enhancers uncomfortable. However, she does have fun controlling the fingers to do what she wants. She then leaves to mingle with other Quartzes.

Together Alone - Amethyst dancing

While dancing in place with the other Quartzes, Amethyst struggles to adjust to her limb enhancers and stumbles and falls. Steven and Connie descend from Pink's throne to dance together, they accidentally fuse into Stevonnie, startling everyone, including Amethyst. The Diamond demand that Stevonnie defuses, but Ruby and Sapphire also fuse and announce that they'll have to go through her first. Pearl reinforces the statement, and runs over to Amethyst and fuses with her, forming Opal. However, Garnet and Opal are immediately poofed by Yellow Diamond.


Steven, in the body of a Watermelon Steven, draws Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl, the Pebbles and the Diamonds in the sand to show Bismuth, Greg, and Lion what happened on Homeworld. They are confused by this drawing.

"Change Your Mind"

In Steven's dream, Pearl and Amethyst are poofed unfused rather than as Opal. After he wakes up and Blue Diamond arrives, he demands to know where their Gemstones are. When Blue Diamond realizes that she hurt Pink Diamond, she resolves to help Steven, Connie, and the rest of the Gems escape.

Change Your Mind 226

Blue Diamond takes them to Yellow's room, where the Crystal Gems are bubbled. While the two Diamonds fight, Steven and Connie manage to grab the bubble, though Steven quickly summons his own as Yellow Diamond grabs at them. The Diamonds fall onto the bridge, taking Steven's bubble with them. The collision causes Steven to drop his own bubble and the Gems to be freed. He's concerned that they don't immediately reform.

After the Diamonds reconcile and Yellow decides to help, Steven carries the Gemstones. Yellow tells him that they won't be back for a while since they took a direct hit from her. After White Diamond catches them leaving, Steven looks down at the Gems and tells them he thinks they're in trouble.

Change Your Mind 454

When White Diamonds controls Blue and Yellow, the Diamond Mech drops everyone else standing on them. As Steven is caught by Connie, he accidentally drops the Gemstones, so he jumps down to save them. The first one he makes it to is Amethyst, whom he begs to come out of her Gem to help him. Steven then fuses with her gemstone, forming Smoky Quartz. Though confused, Smoky realizes that Steven pulled Amethyst out of her Gem through fusion. Smoky then notices Pearl's Gemstone and launches Steven out of the fusion so he can save her. Amethyst shapeshifts into an owl, where she joins Rainbow Quartz 2.0 on the ground after they save Ruby and Sapphire. She compliments Pearl's new look.

Amethyst watches as Steven tries to pull Ruby and Sapphire out of their Gems, but is almost crushed by the foot of the Diamond Mech. Sunstone manages to save her and the others. They throw Amethyst and Pearl over their shoulders before attempting to scale the Diamond Mech with their suction cups. However, they are swatted off quickly, causing Sunstone to defuse. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven then decide to form Obsidian, who is able to reach the head of the mech before being forced apart.

Change Your Mind 790

Inside the ship, the Crystal Gems are disturbed by the Gems being controlled by White Diamond. When Amethyst says that White Diamond is speaking nonsense, White Diamond uses her powers on her, controlling her as well. The same happens to Garnet and Pearl. White Diamond then proceeds to speak through them as well. When Connie arrives, White Diamond uses Amethyst and Garnet to hold Steven back from defending her against Pearl.

After Steven's Gem is pulled out, Amethyst has the same shock as White Diamond. White tries to use her and the others to shoot her mind control lasers at Steven's Gem half, but he's able to block them with his shield. Steven's Gem half then bursts his shield, causing White Diamond and all the controlled Gems to fall over.

White Diamond releases her control on Amethyst and the other Gems after a reunited Steven uses the comeback, "I am a child. What's your excuse?" Though initially confused, though she celebrates when she realizes that everything is okay.

The Crystal Gems return to Beach City in the Diamond Mech, interrupting a Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert on the beach. She helps empty the Burning Room of all the corrupted Gems and take them to Rose's Fountain. Using Chaaaaps, she lures Nephrite into the water, uncorrupting her. When Jasper emerges from the water and is stopped from attacking Steven, she swims over to her to offer reassurance.

Change Your Mind 1014

Amethyst watches the top part of the Diamond Mech leave with Garnet, Pearl, and Steven. She later joins him on the beach, the four of them sitting together as Steven sings "Change Your Mind" for them.

Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 247

Two years after "Change Your Mind", White Diamond tells the story of how Pink Diamond left Homeworld, mentioning Amethyst as one of her new friends. When Steven refuses to live on Homeworld with the Diamonds, he mentions that he already has a home on Earth, with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Back on Earth, when Steven sings "Happily Ever After", there is a visual of a younger version of himself running behind Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Steven finds Amethyst helping with the construction of Little Homeworld. The two perform their handshake with each other. Continuing "Happily Ever After", Amethyst sings about how she emerged late in the Prime Kindergarten and didn't know anything, but has found her place on Earth with her family. The four main Crystal Gems then finish the song together.

Laying near The Lighthouse, the Gems relax. When Garnet looks into the future, she realizes everything is about to change. Spinel arrives on her injector, driving it into the ground. Amethyst is angered by this. Spinel correctly identifies all of the Gems and proceeds to best them battle. Amethyst complains that she's rusty. Spinel poofs the Crystal Gems with the Gem Rejuvenator before having it turned on her by Steven.

SU Movie 493

Amethyst is the last of the Crystal Gems to reform in the Beach House. Her hair is short once again and there are visible seams on her joints. She begins to mimic those around her. Pearl, in her rejuvenated state, explains that she is not a good example of an Amethyst and that something is wrong. Steven leaves Amethyst and Pearl with Greg and he goes to Little Homeworld to try and figure out what's wrong with the Gems.

While at Little Homeworld, Bismuth tells Steven that the Gems have been hit by a Gem Rejuvenator, which reset them back to how they were when they emerged. After Steven is cheered up by Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot, Spinel suggests that reminding the rejuvenated Gems of who they used to be might fix them.

SU Movie 956

When Greg arrives at Little Homeworld, he admits to Steven that he lost Amethyst. Steven and Spinel look for Amethyst on Lion, eventually finding her in the garage of Onion's house mimicking an abstract painting of herself. Steven begins to sing "No Matter What" to try and fix Amethyst, with Amethyst copying everything he says. He takes her to Beach Citywalk Fries to reintroduce her to eating and Funland Arcade to show her how she cheated at Skee Ball. Steven, Amethyst, and Spinel ride on the train to the Prime Kindergarten, where Steven takes her to her exit hole. Standing on top of Brooding Hill, Amethyst performs her handshake with Steven, restoring her back to her original self.

Though put off by Spinel, she still goes with her and Steven to check in on the injector. Peridot at first refuses to look at Amethyst, afraid to see her rejuvenated, but quickly pivots and tells her she's just in time for the end of the world. Peridot explains that the substance in Spinel's injector is a bio-poison which is going to kill the Earth. Amethyst supports reminding Spinel who she was.

SU Movie 1088

Steven and Amethyst go to Pearl to find out how to help Spinel, but Pearl doesn't know anything about her while rejuvenated. Amethyst messes with Greg by pretending to still be rejuvenated. She has the idea of using the rock show to remind Pearl of her freedom and defection from Homeworld. Amethyst performs vocals and the drums for "Disobedient" with Sadie Killer and the Suspects. She shapeshifts into Rose Quartz partway through in an attempt to remind Pearl of the person she left Homeworld for. However, this doesn't end up working.

Steven and Greg form Steg, causing Pearl to realize she can be someone outside of a servant. Amethyst joins Steg and Pearl on stage, and Steg uses his levitation powers so he, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet can fly. After Pearl returns to her current self, Amethyst fuses with her into Opal. Opal then continues singing "Independent Together" with Steg and defuses before reaching the ground.

Amethyst is shocked to see how worn out Steven is after Steg defuses. He runs off to find Spinel. Everyone else follows him, though they arrive after he's already warped away.

When Steven returns with Spinel, who's remembered her past, Amethyst pulls out her whip in distrust. Though Steven tries to calm her and Pearl down, they're interrupted by both Connie warping in on Lion and Greg leaving the bathroom. She ends up going with Spinel and the other Gems to stop the injector. However, Spinel begins to distrust Steven and drills her injector deeper into the ground. Amethyst and Pearl are able to find Steven and Garnet, now restored. The three Crystal Gems are able to fight Spinel back until she disappears to the top of her injector.

SU Movie 1621

Steven heads to the top of the injector to stop Spinel, while everyone else goes into Beach City to save the citizens. Amethyst forms Alexandrite with Garnet and Pearl, who's able to save the Jenny, Kiki, Kofi, Cat Steven, and Jamie. She watches as Steven makes it to the top of the injector.

Now defused in Little Homeworld, the Crystal Gems are horrified to see Spinel's injector explode. Pearl drives the Gems and Greg in his van to find Steven. They're relieved to see that he's okay and he's gotten his powers back. Upon seeing Steven kiss Greg's arm back to health, Amethyst says that he should do that to the whole planet. Though she was joking, Steven takes her advice.

SU Movie 1984

Amethyst is happy that the Diamonds take a liking to Spinel. After they leave, Amethyst and Pearl laugh together, and everyone warps back to Little Homeworld. Amethyst is seen helping Peridot and Bismuth repair the Big Donut. She's part of the ending dance number as well.

Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool"

Little Homeschool 066

Amethyst has helped set up the Little Homeschool program, where she teaches the class "How to Decide Stuff for Yourself 101". She leaves her class alone for an hour to do whatever they want and goes to grab fry bits with Steven. Amethyst tells him about what a great idea Little Homeschool was and how fulfilled she is as a teacher. When Steven alludes to Jasper not wanting to attend classes, Amethyst tells him to forget about her.


Amethyst surprises Steven by showing him one of the successes of her Gem-Human Excellence Mentorship (G.H.E.M.), which is Bixbite's job as a pizza cutter at Fish Stew Pizza. She also has gotten jobs for Rubies as Nanefua Pizza's bodyguards, Quartzes as Funland workers, a Nephrite as a skywriter, and Snowflake Obsidian and Larimar as snow cone makers. Steven is uncomfortable that all of these Gems are performing jobs similar to those they had on Homeworld.

Steven reassigns all of the Gems' jobs. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the Gems are unable to perform the jobs Steven asked them to try, causing chaos on the boardwalk. He finds Amethyst drinking snow cone syrup in Funland Arcade. Steven apologizes to her, and Amethyst agrees to help him fix the boardwalk. Upon exiting the arcade, the two fuse into Smoky Quartz.

Smoky manages to save a plane piloted by Snowflake Obsidian with Andy as a passenger. They're very remorseful over the situation. Frustrated that they aren't moving fast enough to save the roller coaster, Smoky taps into Steven's pink powers, speeding up to the point that they're able to rescue everyone from the roller coaster. However, they're unable to stop the roller coaster from flying off the rails and into the ocean.

Later, Amethyst and Steven sit on the beach together. Amethyst talks about how Smoky's speed was so unexpected and how cool she thought it was. She explains to Steven that she let the Gems choose their jobs, rather than tell them what to do. Amethyst is still happy that Larimar managed to find a job she liked through Steven's meddling.

"Rose Buds"

Amethyst tries to advise Steven on the placement of Rose Quartz's portrait, but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Pink Diamond's Zoo on Earth. While communicating with the Zoomans, Steven asks if Amethyst can come along to see the Famethyst.

Rose Buds 067

Upon reuniting with the Famethyst, Amethyst bowls them over with a spin dash. They all all laugh in a pile together. Later, Amethyst is seen in a conga line with the Famethyst, though her mood immediately shifts when she sees the Rose Quartzes talking to Steven.

Amethyst returns after the Rose Quartzes leave, asking what she missed.


Amethyst tells Steven to introduce himself to Bluebird Azurite. While Steven panics in the bathroom, Amethyst notes that it's obvious Bluebird's a fusion between Aquamarine and "Eyeball" and is confused that Steven sees her pranks as malicious. She laughs when the soda Bluebird offers Steven explodes in his face.

When Steven finds crude drawings of himself, he at first assumes that Bluebird is behind them. He insults them to Amethyst, who reveals that she was the one to draw them. His rejection causes her to run off crying, running into Bluebird. Bluebird compliments Amethyst's art and encourages her to keep drawing.

Amethyst is later annoyed to find Greg's van in the Beach House and is shocked to see Bluebird attacking Steven on the beach. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl form Alexandrite, who separates Bluebird into her components. The two manage to get away, and Amethyst remarks that there really are still Gems that hate Steven.

"A Very Special Episode"

While Pearl and Garnet are arguing over Steven, Amethyst runs up to them and claims she needs Steven too. She misses him because they haven't hung out in eleven minutes. She's saddened that Steven collapses. During Sunstone's PSA, Amethyst is seen playing volleyball with them and Pearl.

"Snow Day"

Amethyst tries to offer Steven an egg breakfast, but Steven declines in favor of his protein shake. That night, as Steven returns from Little Homeschool, Amethyst tries to invite him to watch Pupcopter with her and the other Gems, but he prefers to focus on his work instead.

The next morning, the Gems have prepared a Together Breakfast to eat with Steven. Though he denies them, his exit is stopped by a pile of snow flooding into the house when he opens the door. Amethyst tries to encourage Steven to play Steven Tag, chasing him until he manages to hide from her in the bathroom.

Snow Day 161

Amethyst recruits Garnet to help her drag Steven into Steven Tag, though this backfires as Amethyst accidentally tags Garnet instead. The two pursue Steven until he encounters Pearl, who is tagged by Garnet and shapeshifts to join the game. Though Garnet and Amethyst take a brief break to celebrate Pearl's shapeshifting, they quickly return to their task of tagging Steven.

Steven runs out the house, causing the Gems to resort to fusion to tag him. Steven first encounters Sugilite, in Steven form, who attempts to tag him with her flail. After a brief distraction by Sardonyx, Opal tries to launch Garnet at Steven with her bow. However, Steven simply put his jacket on a pile of snow. He's then found by Alexandrite, who chases Steven up the Temple. Alexandrite separates into her four components at the top of the lighthouse, Steven defeating all except Sapphire.

After Steven is tagged, Amethyst and the other Gems goad him into shapeshifting into his younger form. While he does, he becomes angry at them for still treating him like a kid even though he's more mature now. The Gems apologize, stating that they just want to hang out with him. Their desire for forgiveness is short-lived, as soon Steven tags Garnet, who transforms into his teen self. The two then chase Pearl and Amethyst down the hill. Later, the Gems are seen leaving for the day with Steven, all of them drinking protein shakes, and the snow melting around them.

"Little Graduation"

Amethyst and Pearl are seen hanging a banner at Little Homeworld welcoming new students.

"Prickly Pair"

Since Steven has stopped running Little Homeschool, the Gems try to support his horticulture hobby by delivering soil for his plants. Amethyst is initially suspicious that Steven accidentally created Cactus Steven, though she comes to find him adorable.

While ranting to Cactus Steven, Steven claims that the Gems at Little Homeschool are better off learning from Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. After Cactus Steven begins parroting Steven's thoughts to the Gems, Steven complains to him about the Gems. He's tired of Amethyst acting more mature than she did in the past. When Amethyst tries to check in on Steven, he brushes her off.

The Gems arrive back at the Beach House to find Steven fighting with Cactus Steven. The Gems join the battle, Cactus Steven repeating Steven's rant from earlier. Their attacks are deterred by Cactus Steven's spines.

After Cactus Steven is calmed by Steven and leaves the Beach House, Amethyst is shown to be worried about Steven.

"In Dreams"

In Steven's first dream, he sees Amethyst and other people he's close to taking part in a dance party in the Beach House, which he can't access. In another dream, he sees Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl fly away from him.

"Growing Pains"

Growing Pains 110

The Gems have gone on a school field trip, so they're not at the Beach House while Steven starts swelling. Dr. Maheswaran mentions that Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl allowed her to x-ray them. Amethyst's x-ray shows her Gem and all of the items that she's eaten.

While describing his traumatic experiences, Steven mentions seeing Amethyst with her cracked Gem in "An Indirect Kiss". He also flashes back to Amethyst shapeshifting into Rose Quartz in "Maximum Capacity", scaling the Diamond Mech while they were fused as Obsidian, and seeing the other Crystal Gems being controlled by White Diamond.


Amethyst tries to stop Steven from leaving and have him talk about his problems. She's shown to be worried after Steven leaves, claiming, "We looked everywhere for you!"

"Homeworld Bound"

Amethyst is shocked to see Jasper come out of the bathroom instead of Steven, becoming defensive. She's confused and angry as Steven decides to leave for Homeworld.

"Everything's Fine"

When the Gems hear Steven's return, they rush upstairs to see him. Though shocked by his new appearance, they decide to take his word that he's okay.

At some point in the past, likely after the events of "Prickly Pair", Amethyst informed Peridot that Steven is not allowed to use his healing spit on any plants. Amethyst is seen coaching a baseball game in Little Homeworld, where she allows Steven to sub in for Larimar. After successfully catching a ball, Steven's shout of happiness causes him to destroy several nearby buildings. She is in shock as Steven and the Topiary Stevens walk off to fix everything that's broken.

At the end of the day, the Gems, Greg, and Connie confront Steven at the Beach House. They demand Steven talk about what's wrong, which causes him to start ranting about how he wanted to shatter White Diamond and shattered Jasper. Everyone reacts in disbelief, and Steven states that he's a monster. His form begins to change.

"I Am My Monster"

Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot find Amethyst standing on the beach with the others, trying to calm Steven down. At first, the Gems enact a plan to trap Steven in the ocean. Amethyst quickly fuses with Garnet and Pearl into Alexandrite, redirecting Steven's attention away from the city. Bismuth and Peridot lure Steven into the ocean, where Lapis traps him with water chains. Amethyst is exasperated when Spinel and the Diamonds arrive to visit with Steven.

I Am My Monster 120

Amethyst is knocked to the ground following Steven's shockwave. Seeing the Cluster is holding Steven back, Amethyst blames herself for everything. She states that she knew something was wrong with Steven, but she wasn't able to do anything to help him. After some of the others begin to lament, Connie cuts them off, saying that it is their fault but it isn't the time to focus on that. They need to be there for Steven.

I Am My Monster 174

Amethyst takes part in Garnet's plan to show Steven some love. She flies on one of Blue Diamond's clouds with Greg and Pearl. The three jumps towards Steven and land on Garnet's super-sized head, hugging him. Amethyst tells him, "I know you feel bad! Believe me, I get it! Sometimes it feels like you're never gonna like yourself, but... It's possible, man!" The support from his family causes Steven to revert to his original form. Upon waking up, Amethyst is among those there to support Steven.

"The Future"

The Future 026

Several months after "I Am My Monster", the Gems warp into the Beach House to find Steven with homemade Cookie Cats. He shares the ice cream with them, and they all end up singing the Cookie Cat rap. In the end, Steven reveals that he's going to be leaving Beach City to travel the country. Amethyst states that she'll miss him but supports his choices.

The Future 089

Steven decides to leave Amethyst his video game systems. She immediately taunts him with the fact that she's going to beat his high scores and delete his save files. Steven is put off that she doesn't seem sad that he's leaving. When he brings this up with his father, Greg tells him that they might be trying to be supportive.

The Future 167

The Gems gather with Connie and Greg to see Steven off. As Steven drives away, he becomes paranoid by the Gems' seemingly uncaring behavior and reverses back in front of the Beach House. Confronting them, the Gems begin to cry, revealing that they just wanted to be supportive of him. Garnet tells Steven she looked into his future, and no matter where he ends up, they will stay a part of his life. The Gems wave as Steven drives off once more, Amethyst telling him to have fun.

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