♫ I will fight for the world I was made in! The Earth is everything I've ever known! ♫

—"We Are The Crystal Gems (short)"

"Amethyst" is a main protagonist in Steven Universe.

One of the Gems manufactured on Earth as a part of the Gem Homeworld's Kindergarten project, Amethyst is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth to join the Crystal Gems. After the rebellion, Amethyst helped her friends protect the Earth over the next five millennia, and often aids in the shenanigans of Steven Universe, Rose Quartz's son.


Amethyst is shorter than most characters, rivaling Steven's height, with an almost stout build. Amethyst's skin is lilac, and her hair is a light lavender color. She has plump lips, a small, upturned nose and a large bang which obscures her left eye. If you look closely, she has indigo eyes.


Amethyst sports a dark-mauve, off-shoulder tunic with a black tank-top underneath. She wears black leggings with star-shaped cut-outs on the knees. There is also a tear above the left star. She also wears white ankle-boots. 


Amethyst's clothing is consistent, except the colors of her tunic and leggings are reversed. Instead of cut-outs on her leggings, she now has black patches. On the lower part of her tunic there are now two small slits on either side. Also, she fixes her one shoulder strap, keeping it on her shoulder rather than off (a feature Pearl was happy to see change).



Amethyst summoning her weapon while eating.

Amethyst is really... out of control. She likes to eat, she likes to sleep. She doesn't have to, but she does it 'cause it's fun.

—Rebecca Sugar

Amethyst is fun and care-free. Loud and full of laughter, she is easily amused and very impulsive. Amethyst is often used as comic-relief, she's bad-mannered, rude, and rather untidy, giving her a somewhat uncivilized demeanor. Her overprotectiveness of her junk marks her as somewhat of a hoarder. These tendencies surface in "Maximum Capacity", where she is unwilling to let Greg throw anything away in his storage unit.

Amethyst tends to indulge Steven more than the other Gems' and partakes in human activities with him, generally being carefree to a fault, though at times she has shown major concern for Steven's well-being. Although she doesn't have to, Amethyst enjoys eating and sleeping, and is seen doing so frequently.

Amethyst after rushing her regeneration.

Young 80's Amethyst Pop Pop

Young Amethyst having some Pop-Pop.

Because of her origins in Kindergarten and its dark legacy, Amethyst harbors a tremendous amount of self-hatred, which is also fueled by her perception that she's inadequate when compared to Garnet or Pearl, and leaves her feeling out of place among the Crystal Gems. She thought when Steven learned of her past, he would think less of her. She worries about Steven's and Garnet's approval in "Reformed", and Amethyst demonstrates that she has difficulty thinking for herself. regenerating multiple times in the episode with new forms that were all rushed or based on what she thinks Garnet and Steven will approve of.


Image Description Appearance(s)
Amethyst has slightly darker skin, wears a sleeveless, dark-green tunic under a white top, and white ankle-boots. 2012 Concept Poster
Amethyst wears a white sweater/sweatshirt with a dark-green tank top underneath, black shorts, and dark-green ankle-boots. 2013 Concept Poster (Pre-Pilot)
Pilot Amethyst-
Amethyst wears a baggy, long-sleeved sweatshirt/sweater. She has a silver ring around her gem. She wears a gold-star hairclip. She also has a yellow-green fanny pack, and black leggings with ripped knee-holes. "Pilot"
Amethyst is like her debut design, although her gemstone has a visible ring around it (instead of being hidden) and has slightly longer boots and her hair covers her right eye instead of the left. 2013 Concept Poster (Post-Pilot)
In Steven's black and white sitcom dream sequence, Amethyst is human, she has a baseball cap, a fanny pack, and jeans instead of her regular leggings, which her tunic is tucked into. Her fanny pack resembles the one she wore in the Pilot. "Chille Tid"
A small, "chibi-like" version of Amethyst. "What Are Gems?"
"How Are Gems Made?"
Amethyst as she appears in the RPG, Attack the Light. Attack the Light


Image Description Appearance(s)
Amatista (2) redo
Amethyst wears a long, mauve cloak over her regular outfit. "Tiger Millionaire"
Amethyst wears Steven's Birthday Suit. "So Many Birthdays"
Amethyst lifevest
Amethyst wears a yellow life vest over her regular outfit. "Chille Tid"
Amethyst wears two striped party hats. "So Many Birthdays"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Amethyst - Old Timey Clothesredo
Amethyst wears a purple button-up shirt with purple-gray cuffs and a gold epaulette with the same gray fringe. She wears long black leggings with white boots with a light purple and gold hat and long hair. "So Many Birthdays" (painting)
Amethyst's tunic straps are over her shoulders. Instead of wearing a tank top under her tunic, she seems to have a large Puritan-style collar covering her shoulders. She wears baggy jogging-pants tucked into her boots. She also has shorter hair that reaches her elbows. "Story for Steven"

"We Need to Talk" "Onion Friend" (pictured)

Amethyst - Gen 4
Amethyst's tunic has long sleeves and it reveals both of her shoulder straps. The stars on her leggings don't have tears. We Are The Crystal Gems (short)

"Onion Friend" (pictured)

Earmethyst ref pic
Amethyst is slightly deformed. She has four legs, two of them replacing her arms, a giant ear, and messy hair. "Reformed"
Pearlmethyst Lol redo 2
Amethyst exaggerates Pearl's pixie-cut hairstyle. She wears a mauve tunic with a purple sash tied around her waist. She also wears black shorts, along with lilac socks and white over-sized slippers.
Messy amethyst by AgustinG19
Amethyst's arm and leg are deformed and muscular. Her hair is messier than before.


Image Description Appearance(s)
DumbPolice "Dumb Police" Officer "Together Breakfast"
Efewf redo
"Dumb Police" with Amethyst's head.
KittyKat Cat "Cat Fingers"
PurpleSeal Seal
PurpleWolf Wolf
BlueJay Blue Jay
PearlAmethyst Pearl
AmethystSteven Steven "Cat Fingers"
"Keep Beach City Weird"
"Maximum Capacity"
Amethyst Purple Puma Purple Puma "Cat Fingers"
"Tiger Millionaire"
"Ocean Gem"
"Maximum Capacity"
SharkAmethyst Shark "Giant Woman"
BabyAmethyst Baby "So Many Birthdays"
BeepBeep Tiny Car
PiñataTime! Piñata
AmethystDogcopter Dogcopter "Lion 2: The Movie"
BoomBox Dogcopter (with boom-box head)
AmethystHead Dogcopter (with Amethyst's head)
BaseballBat Baseball Bat "Beach Party"
Amethyst wears a purple tank top, with black arm bands on both her arms. She wears jean-shorts, instead of leggings. She also wears a green fanny-pack, and goes barefoot.
AmethystTennis Tennis Racket
AmyBall Ball "Beach Party"
"Secret Team"
BuffSteven Muscular Steven "Coach Steven"
FlyHead Fly Head "Island Adventure"
235x235px Rose Quartz "Maximum Capacity"
Greg Universe
Crocodile Head "Full Disclosure"
AmyOwl Owl "Story for Steven"
Abstract Painting 02
Abstract Painting "Onion Friend"
Amethyst old man
Old Man


Image Description Appearance(s)
Amethyst's body is inflated after swallowing a cloud. "Steven the Sword Fighter"
Amethyst's left eye is larger than the other. "An Indirect Kiss"
Amethyst's head and left leg change positions, and her hair is a bit disheveled.
Amethyst's right arm, left foot, and head are stretched to the ground.

Color Palettes

Image Description
Amethyst's standard color palette.

Image Description
Amethyst's color palette at twilight.

Image Description
Amethyst's color palette at night.

Image Description
Amethyst's color palette at Kindergarten.

Image Description
Amethyst's color palette in Facet Five.

Image Description
Amethyst's color palette in her room.

Image Description
Amethyst desert palette
Amethyst's color palette at the Desert.



Amethyst's whip.

Amethyst possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.

Out of the Crystal Gems, Amethyst is the least likely to rely on her weapon in combat, instead relying on her martial art skills to deal with any threat. In "Laser Light Cannon", she readily volunteered to get thrown at the Red Eye by Garnet in order to punch/body slam into it as an attempt to destroy it; even long after it had proven ineffective. Amethyst is, by far, the most frequent user of shape-shifting, which she uses to enhance her unarmed fighting. She may shape-shift into her wrestling alter-ego, the Purple Puma, or take on more bizarre forms, depending on the task at hand.

Amethyst is very observant of other people's feelings. She tries to reassure Steven in "An Indirect Kiss" when he was worried for her as she fell apart, knows why Pearl kept fixing the Communication Hub in "Cry for Help", and that Garnet will not forgive Pearl unless the two directly talk it out in "Friend Ship".



Amethyst Whiplash (better)

Amethyst's whiplash.

Amethyst Spin Dash

Amethyst spin dash.


Amethyst's hair-blade.

  • Whip Proficiency: Amethyst is very skilled with her whip, and mixes very well with her immense strength. She uses her whip to lash at opponents and cause damage that is strong enough to easily split a dumpster in half. Her lashes are sometimes so precise that it cuts through objects cleanly in a straight line. Occasionally, she uses her whip to grab onto objects, or lift the object, such as boulders, and throw them at the enemy. Her fighting-style can sometimes be considered reckless and foolhardy; in "Monster Buddies", she used her whip to pull the Centipeetle Mother towards her, knocking her and the other Crystal Gems down. Amethyst can throw her whip to entangle or bind her target from afar.
    • Whiplash: Amethyst can send waves of purple energy along her whip(s) in order to create an immense explosion.
  • Shape-shifting: While all Gems are capable of shapeshifting, Amethyst is particularly skilled at it, specializing in transformations.
  • Wrestling: Amethyst is a skilled wrestler, easily defeating all her human challengers in the Beach City Underground Wrestling league.

Unique Abilities

  • Enhanced Digestion: Amethyst has the ability to eat glass, plastic, paper, etc. and is able to digest it without getting sick or disgusted. However, she can still get food poisoning, but won't die from it.
  • Hair-Blade: Amethyst is able to use her hair to slash at an enemy with such potency it severs the claw of the Crab Gem Monster.
  • Spin Dash: Amethyst can rapidly roll in a ball-like shape to attack enemies.



Ha ha! You care about me!

—Amethyst, "An Indirect Kiss"
File:La Fiesta en La Playa-2014-08-14-16h13m16s104.jpg

Amethyst spends a great deal of time hanging out with Steven (in Beach City and in her room), eating with him. Both are very carefree, and as a result, get along very well. Despite their sibling-esque nature, Amethyst teased Steven in "An Indirect Kiss" for caring about her, to which he replied "yes" with tears on his face since she was in danger of falling off a cliff. Steven believes that Amethyst may partially blame him for Rose's "death".

In "Reformed", Amethyst shows that she wants to impress Steven, and is afraid of him not liking her. This is seen in multiple ways. When Steven keeps asking her questions for a personality test on his phone, she avoided and lied about her answers. She even asked once for a correct answer, and Steven replied there isn't, since everyone can answer differently. Also, Amethyst rushed one of her regenerations because she didn't want to keep Steven waiting for her.

However, since the events of "Reformed", Amethyst seems to be more open to discussing her feelings with Steven, singing "Tower of Mistakes" in earshot of him and openly expressing a desire (to Steven) for Garnet to see her as "cool again" in "Cry for Help".


Gem Glow- Garnet nods

Garnet and Amethyst.

While Amethyst dislikes being told what to do and often does what she wants to do, she respects Garnet's leadership abilities and judgment. She, like the rest of the Crystal Gems, is aware that Garnet is a fusion and after Steven revealed he had discovered this, she shouts out "You met Ruby and Sapphire!?". In "Cry for Help", Amethyst is shown looking forward to fusing with Garnet, saying that she feels stronger when fused with her.



Amythest Pearl hug

Amethyst hugging Pearl.

The two share a strained relationship, possibly due to their contrasting personalities; Pearl being clean and tidy, while Amethyst is loud and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Amethyst frequently teases Pearl, who often scolds her. Regardless, they value each other as teammates/friends.

Amethyst had thought that Pearl perceived her as a "mistake", due to her origins. But she dismissed the notion when Pearl stated, "You were the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that."

During the episode "Cry for Help", Pearl and Garnet fused to form Sardonyx, as opposed to Amethyst and Garnet fusing to form Sugilite, resulting in Amethyst being jealous towards Pearl and Amethyst's lament. However, when Steven and Amethyst learned that Pearl was fixing the Communication Hub just to create Sardonyx, Amethyst was not angry or upset once she discovered Pearl's motivation for doing so. When the truth was revealed to Garnet, Amethyst defended Pearl as she knew why she did it. In "Keystone Motel", when Steven, Garnet and Greg return from their trip, Amethyst can be briefly seen trying to console a very upset Pearl, whom Garnet is ignoring due to Pearls‘ irresponsible actions in "Cry for Help".

Rose Quartz

It appears that Amethyst and Rose were good friends, as Amethyst describes her as "the person that was always there for me". Amethyst was hurt when Rose Quartz started seeing Greg and had less time to spend with her, even more so when she gave up her physical form.


File:Steven.Universe.S01E27.House.Guest.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-RainbowCrash.mkv snapshot 03.47 -2014.11.17 23.33.46-.png

In "Maximum Capacity", it is revealed that Amethyst and Greg used to be good friends. After Rose gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven, the two would marathon the "Li'l Butler" TV show together for days at a time. This would stop when she blamed Greg for Rose's "death", messing with him until she took it too far in an incident which involved shapeshifting.[1] During the episode she torments Greg again by shapeshifting into Rose. By the end of the episode, Amethyst made efforts to mend their friendship by replacing the broken frame of a photo of Greg with Rose and giving it to Greg.

"Story for Steven" seemed to imply that she has longer hair now because she liked how his hair looked.


Much like Pearl's dislike towards Sugilite, Amethyst seems to show jealousy towards Sardonyx as she made Amethyst feel weak and reckless after Sugilite went berserk in "Coach Steven".



In "Alone Together", Amethyst is happy to meet Stevonnie (after chuckling at Garnet's blissful reaction to their appearance). She ultimately names them after tripping over Connie and Steven's individual names when asking about how they feel in their newly fused form.



Aw, man. We used to get into all sorts of trouble.

—Vidalia, "Onion Friend"
Amethyst and Vidalia were close friends in older days, both being mischievous troublemakers. They had a lot of fun together, but lost contact for 17 years when both moved forward with their lives.

In "Onion Friend" they reunite and talk like the old days, and it is revealed that Vidalia takes a lot of inspiration from Amethyst, not just through her paintings and drawings, but also in her everyday life, considering how much she admires her laid-back personality. Amethyst however felt the opposite, with Vidalia being her inspiration for the same reasons.



Like all the Crystal Gems, Amethyst has no problem treating Lion like part of the team and like a friend. Amethyst has liked Lion since the first time they met, unlike Garnet and Pearl.


See Amethyst's Quotes.


Amethyst's evolution

Amethyst's evolution

Temple Door Amethyst

Amethyst's door.

  • Amethyst must have had an accident between the construction of the Beach House and the time of Steven moving in, causing her to regenerate as evidenced by the fact that her outfit had longer sleeves and had no straps during Steven's song (during construction of Beach House) but when welcoming Steven into the house with Garnet and Pearl, her outfit was as it is in "Gem Glow".
  • She is the first Gem shown to shapeshift.
  • Amethyst shape-shifted herself a digestive system in order to eat.[2]
  • Of all the Crystal Gems, save possibly for Steven, Amethyst is the one who eats solid food the most often.
  • Her Spin Ball attack, which she shares with Jasper, may be a reference to the popular fictional character Sonic the Hedgehog whose main form of attack is rolling into a ball and dashing into enemies. Both attacks go by the same name.
  • She is the first Crystal Gem to have three revealed fusions.
  • It is possible that she has long hair due to Greg's influence on her, because in "Story for Steven", Amethyst takes an interest in Greg's hair and climbs through it.
    • However, she's had long hair in the past, as evidenced by the painting in her room from "So Many Birthdays".

Amethyst's far-distance render.

  • She is one of the characters whose design changed from the "Pilot" to the series, Amethyst's design changed the least, besides Steven, these changes include:
    • Removal of silver ring around gemstone. (As seen in "Reformed", her gem still has a ring around it, however it's not visible unless she's regenerating, as the ring is usually hidden under her skin.)
    • Her top changed from long-sleeved to strap-like.
    • Circle shaped holes in her leggings changed to star shaped.
    • Removal of hair clip.
    • Boots changed from fold-over to regular.
    • Removal of fanny pack, though it makes an appearance in "Beach Party".
    • Skin tone is lightened.
    • Hair style is cleaner.
  • Amethyst's debut outfit does not feature the classic Crystal Gem star symbol/emblem seen on Pearl and Garnet, but rather has cut-outs of stars on her knees.
    • This is likely because she was not born/created as a Crystal Gem, but rather found at Kindergarten by the others and adopted into their fold.
    • As a result, she might have altered her default outfit to represent the Crystal Gems.
  • "Frybo" is the first episode that neither Amethyst nor Garnet appeared in, with "Garnet's Universe" being the second episode that neither Amethyst nor Pearl appeared in.
  • Out of all the Gems, she is the one seen shape-shifting the most.
  • At New York Comic-Con, Rebecca Sugar revealed that Amethyst's designs and color palette are based on Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess, due to her earlier work on that show.
  • In "Steven and the Stevens", it is shown that Amethyst knows how to play the drums.
    • In "We Need to Talk", it is revealed that Greg was the one that taught her how to play the drums.

Amethyst's cracked gemstone.

  • She was the first Gem to have her gemstone cracked on screen. The second being Lapis Lazuli.
    • She is the only Crystal Gem so far to have her gem cracked (on screen).
  • In "Secret Team", Amethyst states she can't shape-shift when she is under a lot of pressure.
  • Amethyst is seen blushing for the first time in "An Indirect Kiss". Her blush is shown to be a darker purple.
  • Amethyst can speak some Spanish, as she says "¡No, mi torta!" in "Monster Buddies", which translates into "No, my sandwich!".
  • Amethyst, Sugilite, Rainbow Quartz, Alexandrite, Ruby, Sapphire, and Sardonyx are the only Crystal Gems who haven't been seen bubbling away a gemstone.
    • Although some purple shaded bubbles can be seen in The Burning Room, suggesting she's bubbled some off-screen.
  • Amethyst has made three fusions so far: Opal, Sugilite, and Alexandrite.
  • None of Amethyst's fusions are fully stable (Opal de-fuses at the minimal disagreement with Pearl, Sugilite's personallity combines the worst of her and Garnet's personallities, being very dangerous and reckless and Alexandrite is the most unstable due to the several conflicts between all of her fusees).
  • All of her fusions have extra limbs, her wild long hair, the stars in their legs and her voluminous lips.
  • Rebecca has revealed in an interview that Amethyst's room is the closest to her actual lifestyle.
  • According to creator Rebecca Sugar, Amethyst's dancing/fighting style is based on dance hall and club dancing.[3]
  • Amethyst shares the same gemstone placement with the Invisible Gem Monster, that being their chests.
  • Based on the events shown in "On the Run", Amethyst would be the youngest of the Crystal Gems, excluding Steven.
  • Amethyst is ashamed over the fact that she is from Kindergarten, as she shouted at Pearl, "I am not gonna let you stand there and remind me of everything I hate about myself!".

    Amethyst's handwriting as seen in the first Steven Universe Comic

  • Amethyst is at least 6,000 years old, as confirmed in "Marble Madness", as that was when Earth's Kindergarten was shut down.
    • As revealed in "Rose's Scabbard", she did not take part in the battle in the Gem Battlefield, though she would've been a thousand years old by then.
    • In "On the Run" it is revealed that Amethyst lived some time in Kindergarten after her "birth"; spending her time playing with different rocks she had adopted as her friends.
    • In "Story for Steven" and "We Need to Talk", Amethyst acts in many ways like an animal or a feral child. She mostly walks on all fours, is very invasive and inquisitive, rips through a bag of pop-pops like a dog would, and even goes to fetch a stick when Garnet throws it.
    • It is also possible that she matured after Rose's "death".
      Amethyst Water Clone

      Amethyst's water-clone.

  • In "The Message", Amethyst was more irritated by the Wailing Stone than the rest of the Gems.
    • Amethyst also started Greg's Van with its key, and she exclaimed that it was "way easier", implying that she may have hot-wired a car before.
  • Amethyst and Jasper have similarities, including but not limited to:
    • Hair Style: They have voluminous, white, and seemingly untamed hairstyles.
    • Abilities: Jasper possesses the "Spin Ball" attack. Jasper's version, however, has a fiery aura around her when performing the ability.
    • Gemological Properties: Jasper is a non-crystalline quartz, while Amethyst is a crystalline quartz.
  • In "Full Disclosure", Amethyst suggested they build a moat to keep humans off the beach with her as the crocodile, but the idea was rejected by Pearl because Amethyst "never commits".
  • It is revealed in "Steven the Sword Fighter", that out of all the Gems, Amethyst usually ends up getting hurt and having to retreat to her gemstone to regenerate the most.
    • This is ironic, considering she was the last to retreat into her gem during the show's timeline.
    • She also had to regenerate 4 times in one episode.
  • Amethyst was the first Gem to regenerate in season 2.
  • Amethyst, so far, has regenerated the most out of the Crystal Gems.
    • In each regeneration, her color palette slightly changed.
    • Amethyst is the first and only gem to have to retreat into a gemstone because of a corrupted gem. Pearl was attacked by Holo-Pearl and Garnet was hit by the Gem Destabilizer from Jasper.
  • She has had the least amount of singing time of any Crystal Gem, besides Sapphire and Ruby.
  • Amethyst's first solo, "Tower of Mistakes", was featured in "Cry for Help".
  • Amethyst's reason for protecting Earth is because it is her birthplace, and the only home she has ever known.
    • Her lines from the extended opening theme are "I will fight for the world I was made in! / The Earth is everything I've ever known!"
  • Amethyst does not care what food she eats or where she eats it from, as shown in the episode "Reformed", where she is willing to add engine oil to her meal or when she eats empty containers like in the extended theme song or "Onion Friend".
  • Amethyst's color pallete is based on the real life variation, banded amethyst.
  • In "The Return", Jasper called Amethyst an overcooked runt.
  • Amethyst is loosely based on Rebecca Sugar's friend Valerie Ang from college.
  • She's the only Crystal Gem to not have a human take romantic interest in her. The other Crystal Gems to have a human's romantic interest are:
  • Amethyst has stated she enjoys the feeling of digestion.
  • Amethyst enjoys urinating in the ocean as stated in the episode "Catch and Release".
  • She has shapeshifted significantly less after her most recent regeneration
  • According to the Guide to the Crystal Gems Amethyst had in the past, experimented with taking on Male forms in past regenerations. The Purple Puma being one of them.


Gemstone Information

  • Amethyst is the birthstone for those who are born in February, or for the zodiacal sign of Pisces and Aquarius.[4]
  • Amethyst belongs to the macro-crystalline branch of quartz and owes its violet/purple color to iron and aluminum impurities, though radiation can cause purple coloration as well. The colors range from purple and violet to pale red-violet.
  • Amethyst stones are often associated with the Greek/Roman god Dionysus/Bacchus, god of wine and intoxication. This could be the reason behind her impulsive and self-indulgent nature.
    • Which is ironic considering amethysts, though associated with the wine god, symbolize sobriety. Often carved into wine goblets to prevent drunkenness.
  • Amethyst's chemical formula is SiO2::Fe, where the iron makes amethysts have a purple-like coloration.


Image Description
Amethyst's gemstone is located on her chest. It has a hexagon facet on it. As seen in "Reformed", the front and back are symmetrical, and it has a silver ring around it, which is usually hidden inside her body unless she's regenerating. It is a tetradecahedron, specifically a truncated hexagonal dipyramid.



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