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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Lighthouse Cliff]
(A gloomy Steven, lying belly-down on Lion's back, is carried up the cliff overlooking the Crystal Temple, as Connie sets up a picnic on the hill.)
Connie Steven, hurry up! *prepares the mat for the picnic*
(Steven falls face-first off from Lion's back.)
Connie Are you okay?
Steven I'm fine...
Connie Are you sure you're okay? *hands Steven a sandwich from the picnic basket*
Steven Yeah... *eats the sandwich sadly and slowly*
Connie Okay, uh... So, um... Is this fence new? *points to the fence that is now surrounding the entire cliff*
Steven Uh, it's a long story.
Connie Is it a magic story?!
Steven Maybe?
Connie Well, what happened? Tell me, please.
Steven Okay, okay. But it's not a happy story.
(Steven begins retelling the story, flashing back to the events that occurred.)
Steven *narrating* Amethyst was horsing around, by the cliff.
Steven *in the flashback* Amethyst, be careful!
Amethyst *laughs* Steven, why are you getting so worked up? *makes a mock-lovestruck face* Why? Do you care about me or something?
Steven *visibly worried* Yes...
Amethyst Ah, Steven, I didn't mean to make you— *pretends to fall backwards* Woah, woah!
Steven Amethyst, stop! You're gonna fall!
Amethyst *continues horsing around* Ooh... Steven! *giggles* I'm gonna fa-all!
Steven *chases Amethyst* Amethyst, you're gonna get hurt!
Amethyst *stands at the edge of the cliff* Steven, please, I'm a Gem warrior. I'm not gonna fall—
(Ironically, the ground underneath Amethyst gives way, and she falls off the cliff.)
Amethyst *facepalms* Ugh, this is so embarrassing. *gets hit into a rock* Ow!
Steven A-Aahhh!
Amethyst I'm okay!
(The scene briefly returns to Steven, Connie, and Lion at their picnic.)
Steven *narrating* So, I ran there as fast as I could.
(Back in the flashback, Steven runs all the way from the hill to the beach. He then collapses next to Amethyst, exhausted and panting heavily.)
Steven You sure you're okay?
Amethyst Yes, Steven, I'm fine. Except for this!
(Amethyst pulls aside part of her hair to reveal an enlarged eye, when Garnet and Pearl comes running over.)
Pearl *gasps* Amethyst!
Amethyst Ugh, great.
Pearl Show me your gem! *reaches towards Amethyst*
Amethyst *slaps Pearl's hand away* Fresh!
(Garnet grabs Amethyst's arm and pulls down her shirt, revealing a crack in her gem.)
Pearl Amethyst! Your gem is cracked!
Amethyst Rude! *blushes and covers up her gem* Ah- It's not a big deal! Plus, now I have this cool googly eye. *shakes her enlarged eye around*
(Steven laughs.)
Pearl How did this even happen?
Steven She fell off the cliff by the lighthouse.
Amethyst Did not!
Pearl Of course... How could I have been so blind? We need to put a fence up there, so this will never happen again!
(The flashback ends, returning back to Steven and Connie.)
Steven *narrating* And that's why there's a fence. The end! *chomps the sandwich in hand*
Connie Wait, what happened to Amethyst?
Steven Uhhh...
Connie C'mon! Tell me the rest!
Steven I don't wanna.
Connie Steven? (Steven looks away, unyielding.) Steven. (Steven starts trembling and murmuring.) Steven!
(Steven trembles faster and groans louder, and gives in.)
Steven Okay, okay! But only if you let me try on your glasses.
Connie Only if you give me the rest of your juice.
Steven Okay, but it's mostly backwash.
Connie Good enough. (Steven and Connie trade their items.)
Steven *puts on Connie's glasses* How do I look? *makes a goofy smile*
Connie *squinting her eyes* I have no idea.
Steven Well... um... *continues narrating* So... we were all worried about Amethyst.
(The flashback continues.)
Steven *in the flashback* So, what's the problem? Amethyst falls on stuff all the time.
Pearl It'd be fine if it was just her body, but her gem is damaged.
Steven So, what do you do to fix it?
Pearl Before... we had Rose.
Garnet Steven, your mother had healing tears that flowed from her gem. She felt real love for those around her. She felt real sorrow when they were hurt. You have the Rose Quartz gem now. I know that power is in you, too.
Steven Amethyst! Show me your gem!
Amethyst Yeah, all right. *pulls down her shirt*
Steven *whispering* The power... to heal.
(Steven does an elegant and dramatic entry, like he is being wrapped by a vine and then burst out in a flurry of roses. He then starts straining in front of Amethyst's gem bit nothing happens.)
Steven It's not working. I guess I'm just too tough to cry.
Pearl Just today, you were crying about snakes.
Steven *saddened* They don't have any arms!
Garnet We have no choice. We need to take Amethyst to Rose's Healing Spring.
Amethyst *scoffs* Guys, I'm fine, I'm not gonna get any worrrrrrrr.... *pops and starts speaking backwards* "Hey, guys! What are you doing on the beach?"
(Steven, Garnet and Pearl look at each other with concerns.)
[Trans. Ext. Rose's Garden]
(The Crystal Gems warp to a bramble-covered canyon.)
Pearl And in the center of the garden, Rose's Fountain! Overflowing with your mother's healing, lacrimal essence!
Garnet I don't see it.
Pearl Wha... *gasps*
(Pearl notices the garden is overran by massive vines and brambles.)
Amethyst *said backwards* "Ugh, I'm going home."
Pearl Now, now! Let's keep it together! Our memories of Rose can't be tainted by some overgrown brambles! *chuckles* Look at them. They're a mess without her guidance. Directionless, pathetic, clinging things. It's going to be okay, Garnet!
Garnet *shrugs* Sure.
Pearl Y-You really think so?
Steven Healing tears...!
(Steven continues to strain himself, as Amethyst lies next to him, waiting impatiently.)
Pearl Hmm... Maybe there's a path over here! *leaves the area with Garnet*
Amethyst *said backwards* "Hey! If your body can't... Cry on its own... You gotta... Make it cry!" *slaps herself in the face and imitates crying*
Steven Pain can make one cry.
(Amethyst nods her head in agreement.)
Steven Where is pain?
(Steven sees at the brambles all over him. He then slowly approaches them, covering up his eyes, and tries to stick his index finger into a thorn of the brambles. The brambles then suddenly animate and reach towards him. Amethyst quickly notices and tackles Steven out of the way just in time.)
Pearl AMETHYST! no more roughhousing, you'll exacerbate your crack!
Amethyst *said backwards* "The vines are coming to life and are gonna kill Steven, just so you know."
(Amethyst attempts to walk away, but she accidentally reverses herself and walks straight-on into a rock. Pearl gasps in shock as Amethyst collapses onto the ground, her crack beginning to worsen.)
Steven Aw, right in the gem!
Amethyst *coughing and speaking backwards* "Don't worry or anything, I'm good."
(Amethyst's body starts glitching, causing her head and foot to switch places. Amethyst groans in agony.)
Pearl *starts panicking* Ohh! Oh! Keep calm. What we need to do is to get you into the fountain immediately, if we can ever find a way through all this mess!
(Garnet shushes Pearl as she pulls out a rock from the brambles in the background. She then summons her gauntlet and punches the rock through the brambles with an unprecedented force, creating a tunnel to Rose's Fountain.)
Garnet I needed that. This way.
Pearl We could've probably gotten in without hurdling a giant rock... *chuckling nervously* into Rose's most precious sanctuary! But if you're okay with it, I'm fine, too! *chuckles and walks off*
(The Crystal Gems proceeds through the tunnel to Rose's Fountain.)
Garnet This isn't right.
(Steven looks around the fountain once belonging to his mother, surrounded by brambles everywhere.)
Garnet The fountain isn't running.
Pearl What?! W-what's wrong with it?
Garnet I'm not sure.
Steven Is that... Mom? Oh, oh, I'm getting emotional! I think it's happening! Uh, I'm really feeling it!
(Steven leans over Amethyst and starts straining to cry again, while Pearl and Garnet watch. The flashback then abruptly cuts back to Steven and Connie.)
Steven *falls over* Ahh! Headache!
Connie So give back my glasses and finish the story!
(Steven returns Connie her glasses, and the flashback continues, with Steven still not crying and nothing happening.)
Steven *in the flashback* Ah, come on! I had it!
Pearl *sighs* Steven, it's fine. Just— Just stay here and watch Amethyst. We'll find out what's wrong with the fountain.
Steven No, no. Wait! I can still do it! *stretches his eyes*
(The crack in Amethyst's gem worsens again, causing Amethyst's body to fall apart. Garnet and Pearl start to leave but Steven chases after them.)
Steven Wait, wait! It might still happen! Guys?
(Garnet and Pearl continue to leave, ignoring the dejected Steven. Amethyst then rams into Steven with her head.)
Steven Ahh!
Amethyst *said backwards* "Uh, little help?"
(Steven turns and sees Amethyst's body trying to round itself up; her hand bouncing her leg like a ball.)
Steven I can't understand you! I don't understand anything! Why is everyone acting so strange? Why can't I— *looks at Rose's statue at the fountain* WHY CAN'T I CRY?!
(The place echoes back "Why can't I cry?", startling Steven.)
Steven It's just... I mean, I don't know how to feel about you, but everyone else does. I wish I could have met you then this place would make me sad, and I could cry healing tears... like you. *climbs and lies on Rose's statue*
(Steven then suddenly hears sniffling sounds. The flashback cuts away, revealing it is Connie, getting emotional and tearing up.)
Steven Are you okay?
Connie *sniffles and nods her head* Keep going. *bites a sandwich*
(The flashback continues, as Steven continues to gaze at the statue of his mother. Amethyst suddenly interrupts his trance by hooting and screaming loudly. Steven then puts his hand over her mouth, stopping her noise.)
Amethyst *said backwards* "Cheer up will ya?" Huh?
(Steven then turns over and gasps. The brambles all around come alive and begin attacking Steven and Amethyst, catching and squeezing on Amethyst's foot and hand. Steven tries to flee, but gets blocked by a series of animated bushes, and runs back towards the fountain.)
Steven Ahh! Amethyst, where's your gem?
(Amethyst uses her other hand to point where her body is, as more bushes chase her. Steven quickly run faster and tackles Amethyst's body. Both of them collide and roll into the center of the fountain, where the bushes cannot reach them. Steven then sees Amethyst's gem is on the verge of shattering.)
Steven Amethyst, I'm sorry! I can't do anything right. Now I'm going to lose you, and it's all my fault.
Amethyst *glitches and speaks normally* Ha-ha... You care... about... me.
Steven *hugs Amethyst tightly* Please let me be a magic healer...
(Steven starts weeping, and a tear drips off his face and onto Amethyst's gem. Steven gasps in joy, but Amethyst's gem remains cracked.)
Steven Oh, come on!
(Suddenly, the whole place starts rumbling. Pink water begin to flow out of Rose's Fountain, washing over Steven and Amethyst and flooding the whole place. The bushes disperse away from the fountain and roses bloom on them. The brambles also begin to disappear as they blossom into flowers, allowing sunlight to shine into the now-lively sanctuary again. Steven, from underwater, thinks he sees his mother reaching down towards him. He swims up to the water surface and finds it is just the statue. Amethyst then bumps into him, floating on the water and fully healed.)
Amethyst Look at this guy, saving my life and junk.
(Steven and Amethyst laugh in joy)
Pearl Oh, thank goodness.
Steven Did you see what I did? It was magic! My tears brought the fountain back to life and saved Amethyst! *swims with Amethyst towards Garnet and Pearl
Pearl *looks at Garnet* I'm pretty sure Garnet and I unplugging the clogged chamber brought the fountain back to life.
Garnet We saved Amethyst.
Steven You don't think my crying was... a little related to that?
Pearl Oh, Steven, you don't have healing tears. You'll never have any real magic powers, and we don't want anything more to do with you. (Saddened, Steven looks at Pearl.)
Connie (o.s.) She didn't really say that.
(The flashback ends, cutting back to Connie and Steven.)
Steven No, but that's what it felt like.
Connie Is that why you've been so down? (Steven shrugs.) Oh... You can have your juice back.
Steven Nah, that's okay. *sniffles and sighs* Everyone expects me to be like my mom. What if I never get those powers?
Connie Then you'll be like me. That's not so bad.
Steven But if I don't have powers, then I can't hang out with Amethyst or Garnet or Pearl, and I-I can't go on missions! *starts tearing up*
Connie You don't need any powers to be here with me.
(Connie takes a sip of the juice and leans forward to Steven, but suddenly stops.)
Connie Ow. Ugh. *places her hand on her forehead*
Steven What's wrong?
Connie I think— There's just— *takes off her glasses* Something wrong with my glasses. My... *vision suddenly becomes clear* My eyes. I-I-I can see!
Steven What?
Connie I can see without my glasses!
Steven Did I heal your eyes? But how?
(Both Steven and Connie stare at the juice box Steven gave to Connie, and Connie drops it in shock.)
Steven *gasps* The juice box! I don't have healing tears, I have healing spit!
Connie What am I going to tell my parents? What am I going to tell my optometrist?!
Steven I don't even know! Oh, thank you, Connie! *hugs Connie* Lion, let's go tell the Gems, they're never going to believe this!
(Steven and Lion rush down the hill, leaving Connie alone. She then pops the lenses out of her glasses and puts them on, as the episode ends.)

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