"Badges" are wearable items featured in the video game Attack the Light. They give special effects when worn.

Badge List

Badge Name Effect Location
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0000 Layer-30.png
Moon Godddess Badge Increases defense against indigo and blue enemies when worn by Pearl or Amethyst. 1-3
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0002 Layer-28.png
Ember Badge Gives Gems the chance to burn enemies, but it does not affect blue or red enemies. 1-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0027 Layer-3.png
XP Badge Makes a Gem gain XP 15% faster. 1-4

(100 gems)

Attack-The-Light-Badge 0026 Layer-4.png
Harmony Badge Increases total harmony by 15% when worn by Pearl or Garnet. 1-5
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0008 Layer-22.png
Leaf Shield Badge Increases defense from green and blue enemy attacks by 25%. 2-1
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0022 Layer-8.png
Lucky Badge Increases luck by 50%. 2-2
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0009 Layer-21.png
Defense Badge Increases defense by 15%. 1-6

(125 gems)

Attack-The-Light-Badge 0019 Layer-11.png
Antidote Badge Makes Garnet or Amethyst immune to poison when worn by them. 2-3
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0003 Layer-27.png
Immunity Badge Grants a 30% immunity to all negative effects. 2-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0013 Layer-17.png
Iron Boots Badge Prevents Garnet or Amethyst from being knocked out of battle when worn by either one of them. 2-6
Attack-The-Light-Badges-2016 0001 Layer-3.png
Protection Badge Grants immunity to shock, burn, and poison. 4-3

(250 gems)

Attack-The-Light-Badge 0001 Layer-29.png
KO Badge Gives the chance to have a Gem's attack knock out an opponent, but does not work on bosses. 3-Gauntlet
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0020 Layer-10.png
Frost Badge Grants 1.5x damage to orange and red enemies, but it halves the damage dealt to blue, indigo, and green enemies. 5-6
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0015 Layer-15.png
Super XP Badge Makes a Gem gain XP 25% faster. 4-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0018 Layer-12.png
Blood Orange Badge Increases the luck of Pearl or Amethyst. 3-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0023 Layer-7.png
Boulder Badge Grants 1.5x damage against orange enemies. 4-7
Attack-The-Light-Badges-2016 0003 Layer-1.png
Recharge Badge Restores 5 harmony every turn to a Gem. 3-2
Rose's Tear Badge Gives the ability to revive every turn 25% of the time when worn after being defeated. Level 6 Upgrade (Steven)
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0021 Layer-9.png
Poison Badge Gives the chance to poison every enemy but green enemies when attacking or blocking. 3-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0004 Layer-26.png
Attack Badge Increases attack by 15%. 5-1
Attack-the-Lights-Items 0000 Layer-2.png
Indigo Buster Badge Makes a Gem deal twice the damage to indigo enemies. 3-2
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0012 Layer-18.png
Shamrock Badge Increases luck by 95%, but reduces defense by 50%. 5-2
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0005 Layer-25.png
Turtle Badge Increases defense by 25%, but reduces attack by 15%. 2-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0014 Layer-16.png
Grumpy Badge Increases attack by 30%, but reduces defense by 50%. 4-6
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0029 Layer-1.png
Garnet's Badge Increases all of Garnet's stats by 15% and can only be equipped by Garnet. 5-6

(250 gems)

Attack-The-Light-Badge 0017 Layer-13.png
Pearl's Badge Increases all of Pearl's stats by 15% and can only be equipped by Pearl. 4-Gauntlet
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0007 Layer-23.png
Amethyst's Badge Increases all of Amethyst's stats by 15% and can only be equipped by Amethyst. 5-4
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0016 Layer-14.png
Star Block Badge Grants the possibility that blocking an enemy attack awards 1 star point. 1-Gauntlet
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0006 Layer-24.png
Lucky Star Badge Makes lucky hits have a chance to restore 1 star point. 5-Gauntlet
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0025 Layer-5.png
Lucky Gaze Badge Grants lucky hits a chance to disable enemies. 3-3

(200 gems)

Attack-The-Light-Badge 0011 Layer-19.png
Lucky Flame Badge Grants lucky hits the chance to burn enemies. 2-Gauntlet
Attack-The-Light-Badge 0024 Layer-6.png
Lucky Restore Badge Makes lucky hits have the chance to restore harmony when worn by Garnet or Pearl. 1-7
Attack-The-Light-Badges-2016 0000 Layer-4.png
Lucky Poison Badge Grants lucky hits to have the chance to poison enemies. 4-2

(200 gems)

Super Harmony Badge Grants the chance to restore all harmony every turn when worn by Garnet or Pearl. 3-6
Attack-The-Light-Badges-2016 0002 Layer-2.png
Lion's Badge Increases the stats of a Gem by 30%. 5-7


  • The Indigo Buster Badge references the Ghost Buster series.
  • The Blood Orange Badge resembles the Red Eye.
  • The Grumpy Badge resembles the logo of the developer, Grumpy Face Studios.
  • The Badges are a homage to Paper Mario.
  • Using the Rose's Tears Badge and the Lucky Restore Badge, it's possible to encounter a glitch which makes a gem revive but still use their defeated 'poofed' sprite. The gem can still attack like normal. This occurs if both badges use their effects at the same time.
  • In the Pokémon franchise, there's also a badge called "Boulder Badge".

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