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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. The Barn]
(Following the events in "Earthlings", Steven, Amethyst and Peridot return back to the barn to find the five Rubies, trapped in water bubbles by Lapis, and their Roaming Eye parked nearby. Garnet and Pearl are also in the scene.)
Steven The Rubies are back?!
Lapis They showed up on their little ship acting very angry. So I put them in time-out.
Steven I thought we were done with these guys! *walks up to the Rubies* Why did you come back here?
Garnet Let's release one and just ask what they're up to.
Steven Ooh, ooh! Can I pick?
Garnet Go for it.
(Steven walks closer and scans through the Rubies.)
Steven Hmm... Oh! Let's talk to "Leggy"!
Pearl "Leggy"?
Steven I named them based on the placement of their gems. There's "Leggy", "Army", "Navy", "Eyeball", and, uh... "Doc". "Leggy" seems like the easiest to talk to.
Lapis "Leggy", come on down!
(Lapis pops the water bubble trapping "Leggy", and she falls onto the ground.)
Steven Hey! Hi, I'm Steven. What brings you back to Earth?
"Leggy" Uh... *sits up* I... don't... know? *shrugs*
Steven Oh, uh, I understand. I used to forget why we go on missions all the time.
"Leggy" I'll just go stand over here then. *walks over to stand by the fence*
Steven Let's take a chance on "Army".
("Army"'s bubble pops and she falls to the ground.)
Steven Good afternoon!-
"Army" *in rage* RAAH! *charges toward Steven* I'll tear you limb- Huh?
Garnet *picks "Army" up by the back of her tunic* Hey! Don't be like that.
"Army" Why I oughta razzle-frazzle your- *flails about while mumbling angrily*
Garnet Aww. *tucks "Army" under her arm*
"Army" Hey, what the- *flails her legs and continues mumbling angrily*
Garnet Next!
Steven Ehh... "Navy"?
("Navy" is then freed from her water bubble.)
"Navy" If I remember correctly, we were on Earth- *pauses and sees the Gems staring at her, causing her to blush and look away* Uh... hah! This is so embarrassing! *covers her face* Oh-ho- *looks back at the Gems* Aah! *runs away and cowers next to "Leggy"*
Steven Okay, "Eyeball"?
("Eyeball" is then released.)
"Eyeball" I'm not tellin' y'all nothin' about nothin'! *crosses her arms and growls*
Steven The only one left now is, uh... "Doc".
(Lastly, "Doc" is released.)
"Doc" Where's Jasper? Last time we came, you tricked us into playing that stuuupid game! Then, you said: *air-quotes* "She's on Neptune", so we looked, and she wasn't there. She wasn't on Neptune! Or any other planet in this whole dang solar system!
(Amethyst walks past behind the Gems in the background, pondering to herself.)
"Doc" Tell us where she is right now. No games, no tricks, and no slick disguises.
("Army" jumps out of Garnet's hands, and the Homeworld Gems assemble.)
Homeworld Rubies Yeah!
Amethyst HEY!
(The Rubies turn to look in Amethyst's direction, who has shapeshifted herself to look like Jasper.)
Amethyst (Jasper) *trying to imitate Jasper's impression* I'm right here.
(The Crystal Gems stare at Amethyst in perplexity.)
Pearl Is she serious? There's no way this is gonna-
"Army" Look, it's Jasper!
(The Homeworld Rubies all cheer and mumble excitedly. "Eyeball" pushes through the other Homeworld Rubies and approaches Amethyst.)
"Eyeball" Jasper! I'm Ruby 1F4 Cut 4ND. I fought in the war for Earth. *does the Gem salute*
Amethyst (Jasper) Uh... At ease.
"Eyeball" I was on the ground in Facet 6 when I heard the tale of the Facet 9 Kindergarten Quartz that could. They said you popped out of the ground with your helmet on, and took out 80 Crystal Gems before the sun went down. When I found out this mission was to look for you, I nearly dissipated my form! It is... an honor to finally meet you.
Amethyst (Jasper) Yep! That's me! Always huge, never small, all the- all the time since I was made! *smiles nervously*
"Eyeball") Wait a minute! *gets suspicious* You look different than I thought you would.
Pearl Oh, here it is.
Amethyst (Jasper) Oh, you must mean my tan! You know, from the sun! *points to the Sun*
("Eyeball" glares suspiciously at Amethyst for a moment, and then smiles.)
"Eyeball" Stupid Earth sun! *kicks up a clod of dirt* I hate this planet!
Amethyst (Jasper) Curse this planet! *kicks up more dirt and strikes a pose*
(The Homeworld Rubies run in cheering and begin to kick up chunks of dirt as well. The Crystal Gems continue to star in perplexity as Pearl facepalms in disbelief.)
"Doc" Well, it's a good thing we finally found you. Yellow Diamond is awaiting your return. We'll take you back to Homeworld right away.
Amethyst (Jasper) *normal voice* No! I-I mean- *clears her throat, Jasper's voice* I, Jasper, have decided to stay on Earth.
"Doc" What?
"Leggy" Why?
"Navy" Yeah, why, Jasper?
Amethyst (Jasper) Because... I gotta stay here! With these guys! *walks next to the Crystal Gems* Yup, gotta keep 'em prisoner. (Lapis rolls her eyes.) For the Diamonds.
("Eyeball" begins to clap solemnly while "Navy" wipes away a tear. The other Homeworld Rubies join in clapping and weeping as well.)
"Leggy" Jasper...
"Navy" Such devotion.
"Doc" *walks up to Amethyst, wiping her eyes* Well, Yellow will definitely wanna know about this. You'll have to file a report at the nearest Diamond base.
(The Homeworld Rubies chatter among themselves, wondering where the nearest Diamond base is.)
"Leggy" Where's that?
"Navy" Think we passed it on the way here?
"Doc" You dummies! It's uh, it's... hm.
"Eyeball" Argh! It's there!
("Eyeball" points at the moon, still visible in the bright sky.)
Amethyst *shocked, normal voice* I gotta hold this all the way to the moon?! *Jasper's voice* Uh... Hold this...hold these... prisoners! *points at Crystal Gems* I gotta bring these rebel prisoners if we're going to the moon! Can't leave them here unsupervised.
"Doc" Very well, to the ship!
(The Homeworld Rubies begin marching into the Roaming Eye. The Crystal Gems begin to chide Amethyst.)
Pearl What are you doing? This isn't going to work!
Garnet You can't hold that form forever.
Amethyst (Jasper) *whispering, normal voice* I can do this! We'll go to the moon, come back, and they'll leave us alone. Just play along.
(Amethyst lightly shoves the Crystal Gems forward, and they walk towards the ship too. Amethyst then turns to Peridot and Lapis.)
Amethyst (Jasper) *normal voice* Oh hey! You guys wanna be prisoners too?
Lapis Not really. (Peridot holds onto Lapis' arm.)
Amethyst Alright! Just checking.
[Trans. Int. Roaming Eye]
(The Homeworld Rubies march towards the ship control panels as the Crystal Gems enter the ship.)
Homeworld Rubies Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!
Steven Woah, it's huge in here! I thought it'd be super cramped.
"Eyeball" Hey! This ain't no pleasure cruise!
Amethyst (Jasper) Yeah! Show some respect, you... Crystal Germs!
"Doc" Yeah, you tell 'em Jasper.
"Army" I bet they got those germs from Earth!
(The Crystal Gems decide to play along with Amethyst's act.)
Garnet Aw, curses! I can't believe we've been caught, and by none other than Jasper! So cross over it. *sits down against the ship wall*
Steven Uh huh, that sure is Jasper! The one that caught us. Harumph. *sits down next to Garnet*
Pearl *prances and points at Amethyst dramatically* Of all the indignities! Do what you want! I'll never talk!
Amethyst (Jasper) Heh. I wish.
"Eyeball" Yeah, haha! She talks a lot!
Amethyst (Jasper) Go sit over there now!
"Navy" *walks up to "Leggy"* Wow. Jasper's so funny and strong!
"Leggy" I was just thinking that!
Amethyst (Jasper) *normal voice* Heheh. This is fun-
"Doc" *suddenly walks up to Amethyst* Jasper!
Amethyst (Jasper) Ah! I'm Jasper!
"Doc" Please feel free to take my seat right up front. The captain's seat. *points towards the seat* It would be an honor.
Amethyst (Jasper) Yeah. Yes. Sure thing.
(Amethyst walks over and sits in the captain's seat.)
Ruby ("Doc") I hope it's to your liking.
Amethyst (Jasper) It's alright.
"Doc" You can go ahead and head towards the moon base whenever you're ready.
Amethyst (Jasper) Uhhh... Of course! Heh.
(Amethyst looks at the controls in confusion. She turns to glance at the Crystal Gems, as Steven groans nervously.)
Amethyst (Jasper) Uh, listen. *lifts "Doc" up and sits her on her laps* I'm Jasper, and I'm too worn out from catching rebels to fly, so I'll just sit here like this and you work the thing to get us to the moon. Got it?
"Doc" Yes. Of course.
("Eyeball" looks at Amethyst and "Doc", sitting on her laps, and sheds a tear of envy.)
"Doc" To the moon, then?
Amethyst (Jasper) To the moon, then!
Homeworld Rubies To the moon, then!
(The Roaming Eye starts up and begin flying towards the moon.)
"Doc" We'll be arriving shortly.
Amethyst (Jasper) *sweating* Hey, keep my seat warm. While I check on our uh... prisoners.
"Doc" Yes, Jasper. Good idea.
(Amethyst gets off the seat, sits "Doc" in it, and walks towards the Crystal Gems.)
Pearl NOOOOOO! Stay away from us, you brute!
Amethyst (Jasper) *whispering, normal voice* Tone it down, Pearl. That one Ruby wants to throw you out into space.
(The Crystal Gems glances at "Army", who is looking at Pearl menacingly and punching her palm.)
Pearl Sorry. Got a bit carried away.
Steven Uh, you okay, Amethyst? You've been holding that form forever now.
Amethyst (Jasper) *whispering, normal voice* I've got it under control. *Jasper's voice* Hey, my seat better still be warm when I get over there! *walks back to the captain's seat*
[Trans. Int. Moon Base]
(The Roaming Eye eventually arrive at the Moon Base, enters it, and smoothly hovers onto the moon base's ground floor. "Doc" uses her gem to shine light like a flashlight and the Homeworld Rubies begin to step out of the ship.)
"Doc" All clear!
"Eyeball" Right this way, Jasper.
Pearl *dramatically* Oh, Jasper, won't you ever let us go?
(Steven exits the ship and begins to float around in excitement, but Garnet quickly grabs him and holds his hand. "Eyeball" shines her gem too and starts looking around the dark Moon Base.)
"Eyeball" Look at this place, frozen in time. An Era-1 base. Her Era-1 base. *shines her light at a mural of an unknown Diamond* It was a tragedy, what happened to her.
"Leggy" Who is that anyway?
"Eyeball" Were you made yesterday?! That, is Pink Diamond. Jasper, maybe it's best if you explain.
Amethyst (Jasper) *normal voice* What, me? No- *Jasper's voice* No, you do it. I'm, like, too messed up about it?
"Eyeball" I understand. She was your original Diamond.
(The group begin to climb the staircase to the top control room, as "Eyeball" tells the tale about Pink Diamond's demise.)
"Eyeball" Earth was Pink Diamond's colony. Everything was going smoothly at first. Kindergartens were incubating their first soldiers. Big, warm pieces of Quartz, like this mountain over here- *looks at Amethyst* -were being created from its rich minerals with great success. Then BAM! One of Pink Diamond's very own Quartz soldiers started a rebellion and took it too far. *turns towards Amethyst* Where were you when it happened?
Amethyst (Jasper) Oh, you know, around?
"Eyeball" I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!
(Everyone freezes as "Eyeball" reveals the stunning fact. Steven glares in disbelief at Garnet and Pearl, who is shivering violently and covering her mouth.)
Steven No! Rose Quartz would never do that! *tears up* A-And, sure, she had to fight but- but she would never shatter someone!
(Amethyst and the Homeworld Rubies turn to look at Steven.)
"Doc" Hey! We got a problem.
[Trans Int. Moon Base Control Room]
(The Homeworld Rubies gather to inspect the broken control panel.)
"Doc" The panel is broken. The communicator is gone! There's no way to contact Yellow Diamond from this hub.
(Amethyst walks in, sweating excessively from trying to keep her form as Jasper.)
"Eyeball" Crystal Geeems!
Other Rubies Unbelievable! Rude! No respect!
(Amethyst shapeshifts back to her normal form to catch a breather.)
"Eyeball" See? They'll stoop to anything!
(Amethyst quickly shapeshifts back into Jasper as "Doc" turns towards her.)
"Doc" We'll have to take you to Homeworld to file a report in person.
Amethyst (Jasper) *straining* I can't! I can't go!
Homeworld Rubies Huh? I don't understand. What do you mean? What's going on?
("Eyeball" rushes in front of Amethyst in concerns.)
Amethyst (Jasper) You know what? *pats "Eyeball"'s head* You know me. Do me a favor and go back home and file the report for me. I'm trusting you, soldier.
"Eyeball" Wow. *excitedly* Of course!
"Doc" That settles it. All right, Rubies, back to the ship!
(As "Doc" speaks, Amethyst gives Pearl a smug look. Pearl then facepalms in exasperation.)
[Trans Int. Moon Base Ground Floor]
("Eyeball" waves to Amethyst as she climbs into the Roaming Eye and Amethyst waves back. As the ship's door closes and the engine starts up, Amethyst finally shapeshifts back to her default form and runs over to the Crystal Gems.)
Steven All right, Amethyst!
Garnet You really held it together.
Pearl You did it! I told you you could.
Amethyst *high-fives Pearl and Steven and chuckles* Aww.
(Steven walks over to look at the mural of Pink Diamond portrait, when the door of the Roaming Eye opens again.)
"Doc" Hey, you need a ride back to Earth? I could sit on your lap if you want- *sees Amethyst in her default form* What?!
Amethyst *yelling hurriedly* I'm still Jasper!
"Doc" We've been tricked? Again?!
Other Rubies No way!
"Doc" Rubies, assemble!
Homeworld Rubies Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup! Yeah!
(The Homeworld Rubies jump onto one another and begin to fuse into a single giant Ruby.)
"Giant" Ruby Yeah! We won't let you trick us again!
Steven Hey, Rubies! *stands next to the Moon Base door* If you're gonna fight, take it outside!
(Steven activates the door switch, opening the door and the giant Ruby gets sucked halfway out the door.)
"Giant" Ruby You can't get rid of us that easy!
(Pearl and Garnet fuse into Sardonyx, with Amethyst on her shoulder.)
Steven I bet she can.
(Sardonyx takes out her hammer and slams it into the giant Ruby.)
"Giant" Ruby Oof!
(The giant Ruby unfuses back into the Rubies and are sucked out the door into space. As "Eyeball" is sucked out the door, she grabs Steven and pulls him out with her. Steven screams as he too gets sucked into space.)
(As Steven floats further away from the Base, Amethyst's scream fades while Sardonyx looks on helplessly.)

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