Season 2

I'm looking for the home of... Steven Universe?

—"Love Letters"

Oh, that poor kid's emotions have been destroyed!

—"Love Letters"

He's a mess! Said he couldn't bear to deliver mail on this route again after having his love spurned.

—"Love Letters"

You're going to sing?

—"Sadie's Song"

I just had to rush home to show you this! Look at this little guy I got for you. Ain't he the cutest?

—"Sadie's Song"

That's what he gets for trying to cheat MY daughter out of a double!

—"Sadie's Song"

Them's the breaks.

—"Sadie's Song"

Well don't you worry, me and Steven will figure out the show for you. We'll make sure the world will hear your voice!

—"Sadie's Song"

Make you!? You said you wanted to sing!

—"Sadie's Song"

I just wanted everyone to know how talented my daughter is!

—"Sadie's Song"

Season 4

Sadie! Don't worry! Momma is coming for ya, baby girl!

—"Are You My Dad?"

What kind of mother would I be if I didn't replicate all of my daughter's keys?!

—"Are You My Dad"

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