Template:Barbara "Barbara" was first mentioned in "Cheeseburger Backpack", and debuted in "The Return". She is Sadie's mother, and an employee of the Beach City postal service.



As her mother, she cares very deeply about her, even packing her lunch before she goes to work.


They are both work acquaintances. While she yells at him if he doesn't get signatures for deliveries, she does not speak ill-will of him.

Greg Universe

While little of their relationship is shown, they seem to be well-acquainted enough to be on a first-name basis as she remarked "Hey, you're Greg's boy" when meeting Steven.


Work Appearance

She wears a pale blue shirt/blouse with a turned down collar and short sleeves with the postal service logo on it. She also has blue/grey wide waistbanded shorts that end just above the knees and below that, she has a support bandage around her left knee. She wears white high-leg socks and brown slip on shoes too. She is also seen with a mail bag similar to Jamie's.

Off Duty Appearance

Standing behind a crowd of people, only her outer jacket is visible in the cold night air.


  • She seems to have a recovery band on her left leg.
  • She has her first speaking role in "Love Letters", where she appears to be a mailwoman, co-worker to Jamie, and her name is revealed to be Barbara.
  • Her physical appearance (i.e. her face and hair) greatly resembles that of her daughter, Sadie.
  • Her first appearance was in a scene in "The Return", where the townspeople gathered near Greg and Steven, after Steven tumbled out his father's van.


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