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Speaker Dialogue
(The episode opens with Peridot talking into her voice recorder.)
Peridot And then I'll say, "Hey, as one refugee to another, it isn't so bad that we can't go back to Homeworld, am I right? Why don't we watch the sun come up and figure out what we're going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?" And then she'll say, "Yes Peridot, as impressed I was by you on the ship, I am even more impressed with your new compact look and capacity for friendship! I'm so glad we're going to live together!" Peridot, Facet 5.
(Peridot ends her log.)
Peridot (casually turns to Lapis) Let's begin.
Lapis This isn't gonna work.
Peridot Wait, what?
Lapis I really thought I would be living alone here.
Steven Yeah, but this is even better! Oh here, how about this? I saw this on an episode of a TV show! I didn't see how it ended, but I'm sure it worked out right (Steven takes out a marker from his left pocket and open the cap). We'll divide this place in half, you'll both have your own space (Steven divides the Barn into 2 non-equal parts using the marker). High ceilings, real wood floors, convenient location on the heart of the country; so what do you think, roomies? (Stands up and puts the cap of the marker on.)
(Peridot and Lapis Lazuli stand on their sides respecting their space.)
Peridot (approvingly) I like the cut of your gem, Steven Quartz!
Lapis No. No way!
Peridot What's the problem? You're the one getting all the good stuff! You've got the propeller and paint cans on your side! You can do tons with those! oooh, (Peridot puts her right finger on her chin thoughtfully) actually, I want the paint cans - you wanna trade something?
Lapis (dismissively) I don't care about paint cans. That's not the problem.
Peridot Bah...
Steven What's wrong, Lapis?
Lapis It's her.
Peridot Egh?! (Peridot backs away from Lapis, confused.)
Lapis (angrily) She's the problem. I can't stand the thought of looking at her everyday. She's the one who dragged me back to Earth!
Peridot (defending herself) Hey, it wasn't my idea! I was headed to earth and I needed an informant! It should have been a simple mission. Things didn't exactly work out for either of us.
Lapis (furiously) You used me like everyone else did!
Peridot But it's not like that anymore! It's different now - (gesturing to herself) I'm different.
Steven (joining Peridot's side) It's true, Lapis! Peridot has really come into her own since she's been living on Earth.
Peridot I sabotaged my own mission! I helped save the Earth! I even yelled at Yellow Diamond! She's probably sending a whole fleet to find me and shatter me right now. (concluding her rant of achievements) I'm kind of a big deal; (gesturing dramatically to bring emphasis) a big Anti-Homeworld Deal!
(Lapis walks to Steven, Peridot moving behind her uncertainly)
Lapis (softening her tone as she tries to smile) Steven, I don't think this is gonna work.
Steven (trying to think up a solution to convince Lapis) Ahhhh, ummmm, maybe we could put up a curtain?
(Lapis gives him a patient smile, but walks out of the barn and flies to the top of the Silo.)
Steven (Steven looks to Peridot) Err, sorry. Thought this was gonna be okay... I forgot the last time you saw each other.. wasn't, so okay.
Peridot That was in the past! It's not like that now! UGHHhh!
Steven (assuring her) I know.
Peridot But obviously she doesn't! She's the one who needs to know! I want her to understand!
Steven (Steven is endeared by Peridot's efforts) Aw Peridot, that's sweet! That's the you you need to show her!
Peridot (confused) Show her my sweet..?
Steven I got you (Steven does his signature finger-out-and-a-wink).
Steven (Steven takes out a giant piece of paper and folds it in half) Cards are a great way to tell someone something if you can't be face to face with them! (remembering what Lapis said)..or if they don't wanna see your face. You gotta give her a taste of the sweet version of Peridot.
Steven Here, look! (Steven hands Peridot his drawing) It's you and Lapis holding hands!
Peridot (not taken by Steven's cute drawing) Where are our noses?
Steven (dismissively) Oh, that's kinda part of my style lately.
Peridot Is not having fingers also your style?
Steven No, I'm-I'm just bad in drawing hands.
Steven (going back to the card) So here's your part - come here! (Steven gestures for Peridot to sit beside him) Write an apology inside to Lapis so she knows how sorry you are about before, and that everything is okay now. If you write it from your heart, your feelings will reach her!
(Awkward silence as Steven realizes the different context of his words.)
Steven Just, try to be sincere.
Peridot (contemplating) Hm.
Lapis (letting out a relaxed sigh as she lies on the top of the Silo, eyes closed peacefully) Hmm...
Peridot (from a distance) Hey Lazuli! HEY Lazuli! HEEY!
Lapis (widening her eyes in frustration as she turns to her side and puts her hands on her ears, trying to ignore Peridot's shouting) UGgh...
Peridot Lazuliiii, HEY! (to Steven) Why isn't she responding?
Steven I'm not sure. I thought she was up there.. (calling) Lapis, (Lapis, hearing him, mutters a 'huh?' softly, puts down her arms and looks down) are you up there?
Lapis (swooping down from the Silo) Yes, Steven?
Steven (urging Peridot) Go on!
(Peridot hands Lapis the card)
Peridot Steven did the outside, (proudly) and I did the inside!
Lapis (Lapis opens the card with an unimpressed look, reading off Peridot's writing in the card) "Sorry I interrogated you. You were just full of such useful information. That's a sincere compliment. Peridot." (she does not comment further. She looks up at them with the same look)
(Steven and Peridot look at her hopefully, the latter grinning in expectance.)
(immediately cutting to Peridot and Steven walking back into the barn, their efforts clearly rejected)
Peridot (speaking into her recorder) The noses! One can only conclude that it was the lack of noses! It seems illogical to me that it wouldn't be any of the writing elements! It took me over an hour to compose it, and I was the most sincere as per Steven's instructions!
Steven (suggesting) It could be she's not much of a reader? (having an idea) How about a gift?
Peridot Another approach, yes!.. but what?
Steven Hmm, think of things she likes.
Peridot Things she likes.. (recalling) Lapis Lazulis are typically partial to water and flying. Hmm. (getting an idea, putting up her finger excitedly) Ah!
Steven (gasps in anticipation)
Peridot (immediately refuting it herself) No..
Steven No?
Peridot Nuh-uh.. (excitedly again) BUT IF!
Steven Yeah?
Peridot (scrunching her face up in disdainful thought as she refutes her idea again) Nah...
Steven (agreeing) Yeah...That'd probably be overdoing it.
Steven and Peridot together (groaning in mild frustration) Ughh.....
Steven (looking out the barn thoughtfully as he remembers what Peridot just said about Lapis Lazulis' preferences) Hm, 'water'... (noticing the hole made by the Drill) I think you have something with that!
(Steven guides Lapis by her hand steadily, her eyes covered by her water wings.)
Steven You can't see through those, right?
Lapis Actually, yes. (assuring him) But it's very blurry.
Steven Good to know. (gestures his hand to bring emphasis) Well, here we are!
(Lapis unfolds her wings, her smile disappearing as she looks up, Peridot interrupt them)
Peridot (proudly floating in a rubber water float in a pool where the hole had previously been, commentating Lapis' discovery) H-2-Oh my GOSH! (not knowing the earth-term 'pool' ) It's a smaller-than-an-average lake!
Steven (explaining) It's from the hole we drilled! Peridot and I sealed it and filled it with water.
(Lapis looks at Steven, then back at the pool with a disappointed expression.)
Peridot It's a gift for you! (gesturing) You know, 'cause water's your thing. [Chuckles] Pretty good, right? The barn's out here in the country, but now you can get your moisture fix whenever. (waving her fingers wildly) Do all that water stuff you do!
Lapis (staring in disbelief) Water? (scornfully narrowing her eyes) Seriously?
Peridot Yeah!
Lapis You do realize that I spent the last few months trapped under the ocean, right?
Peridot Sure!.. but I thought-
Lapis (darkly describing the event) It was an endless, crushing darkness. Wet, and bleak, and suffocating. (the camera zooming in on her monotonous eyes) Water was the tomb I lived in for those months.
(Peridot starts falling into the hole of the rubber floater, her pride shot down)
Peridot "T-Tomb", you say?
Lapis Yeah. I'm kinda taking a break from water right now. (disdainfully) But thanks... for the lake.
Steven (realizing his own mistake) Uhh...
Peridot (Peridot creates quiet sounds of despair) Ugh...
Lapis (reassuring Steven) Don't worry, Steven. It's not your fault. (she makes deliberate emphasis on 'your', and turns to Peridot before spreading her water wings before flying away again, Steven and Peridot staring after her speechlessly)
(cutting to Steven and Peridot in the barn again, Peridot fuming into her recorder while Steven sits on the ground and watches her)
Peridot A pool?! What a cloddy idea! Of course she wouldn't like that! (despairingly) There's nothing, nothing, NOTHING!
Steven (melodically refuting Peridot's sentence) There has to be something, something, something... (thoughtfully) Maybe, instead of something she likes.. give her something you like! A piece of you! (Steven spreads his arms in excitement)
Peridot Umm..... okay? How about, (she shrugs) my Camp Pining Hearts DVD..?
Steven (judging) Which season?
Peridot 5...?
Steven (immediately shrugging and refuting the idea) Trash.
Peridot (shrugging and agreeing) I know. (Peridot falls backwards onto the floor) Ughhhh.
Peridot (growing in frustration) Log date -- whatever, Facet -- whatever! Ughh, WHATEVER! Clearly there's nothing important enough for me to give to Lazuli. (softening her tone and speaking to her recorder) At least I have you, tape recorder. (Peridot looks at her Tape Recorder in realization.)
(The scene immediately cuts to Peridot and Steven outside again, Peridot presenting a small gift with both hands excitedly and Steven behind her, making a dramatic, emphasizing pose towards Peridot.)
Peridot Ta-dah!
(Lapis does not respond, but instead stares down angrily at Peridot as the latter inches closer and closer, trying to get a response)
Peridot (points to the gift) See, the ribbon is even blue. (winking and pointing at Lazuli as she says in a voice) I got yo number!
(Peridot excitedly presents the gift to Lapis, who continues to silently and monotonously stare at her motionlessly. Peridot's grin falters and she darts an uncertain side-wards glance to Steven, who shrugs in response)
Peridot Uh, here, I'll unwrap it for you! (explaining the contents of the gift) When I was stuck here, Steven gave me this tape recorder as a gift and I didn't really get it at first, (Peridot easily rips the top half of the wrapping off, revealing her tape recorder bundled inside and takes it out) but it made me feel better. Just to talk about the weird stuff that was happening. It'll help you too!
(Steven smiles at Peridot as she holds out the tape recorder to Lapis again hopefully. Lapis finally takes the tape recorder by its top side, still making no comment or further action.)
Peridot (nervously instructing) You, umm, press the button to record, an- and then you talk into it!
(Both Peridot and Steven smile expectantly at Lapis)
(Lapis glances down at the recorder briefly, then presses the red record button.)
Lapis (speaking into the recorder) I don't want, (angrily) your garbage.
(She raises her hand holding the recorder, easily crushes it and drops it. Steven stares in horror and shock while Peridot stares at her wrecked recorder, flinching without blinking as it hits the ground and the tape inside it pops out.)
Peridot NNGUH! What, were you trapped in a tape recorder too?!
(Lapis looks at her, enraged by Peridot's comment.)
Peridot (rubbing her gem on her forehead, still upset) Look, I get it, you know? You're confused! You can never go back to Homeworld. (gesturing the field around her) This place, doesn't exactly feel like home yet. You're alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like! (Lapis narrows her eyes and glares as Peridot sarcastic emphasizes 'possibly) Oh wait, (angrily) I do! We're the same, except!.. (ending her outburst) you don't have to be alone! (she regains her composure, and looks at Lapis, who is still glaring at her, unconvinced, looking away with the same expression.)
Peridot So tell me then, (her expression turns desperate) what you want from me! And whatever that is, (sighing) I'll do it.
Lapis (scowling angrily as she snarls) I want you, TO LEAVE!
Peridot (she is visibly hurt by the comment, but regains her determined look) Okay.
(Peridot complies and walks away into the hills as Lapis folds her arms, Steven staring after her worriedly. Lapis joins Steven's side with a cool expression.)
Steven Lapis, why are you being so mean to her? (he looks up at her) She's really trying!
Lapis (her expression softening, but still skeptical) Why do you trust her, Steven? (she unfolds her arms)
Steven (spreading his arms in explanation) Because I know her! Lapis, you're not even giving her a chance! You should have at least gotten to know her before you decided you don't like her! (Lapis looks at the broken tape recorder with a tinge of regret, before up at Steven again as he continues). Now it's too late. (they both look down at the recorder) And she's never coming back again.
(They look up in surprise as Peridot's distant cries rise in volume.)
Steven (surprised by Peridot running back over the horizon) Oh, she's coming back again!
(Peridot runs screaming past them to the barn.)
Peridot They're here! AHHHH! (Peridot's screaming softens as she runs towards the barn.)
(A menacing, modern floating pod burst out of the clouds above and beams a yellow ray of light at Lapis and Steven.)
Steven (gasps) Run!
(Lapis and Steven run inside the barn, Steven panting audibly.)
Steven What is that thing!?
Peridot (flustered) It's a Roaming Eye, a Homeworld tracking vessel! I told you, I'm public enemy number 1!
(The pod hovers from above the barn and its beam passes in scattered rays through the plank ceiling.)
Peridot (gasps in fear and covers her mouth quickly)
(All of them relax and sigh in relief as the Pod's light disappears and it audibly moves away, until the Pod resumes its beam from the partially-repaired broken wall of the shed, evoking them to flee again, Steven panting and Peridot screaming as they run out of the barn into the field.)
(All three cover their heads as it passes over them, the pod focusing its beam on the trio again.)
Peridot No, uh, ah! (Peridot, overcome with fear, makes flustered and desperate noises as the pod stares them down.)
(The pod suddenly gains more visuals, its iris constricting and four similar diamonds surrounding its perpendicular sides as it moves towards them.)
Peridot (closing her eyes in resignation as she hugs Steven's arm) This is it, Steven!! They're going to wipe my precious grin off the face of this planet!
Steven (she guards her with the arm she was hugging) Stay behind me! I'll protect you!
(Lapis moves forward silently and looks back at them. Peridot looks out from Steven's arm, blinking worriedly. Lapis turns back to the Roaming Eye, its light shading her red as she draws water up from the lake and shapes into a hand, flicking the pod and halting its descent upon them, before palming it into the ground dismissively.
(The pod forms several diamond patterns around it as she slams into the ground. She stares at the pod with a mildly triumph stance as the others stare in disbelief.)
Peridot (muttering in disbelief) Holy smokes...
Pearl (calling out from afar) Steven!
(Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl run into the field beside them, noticing the crashed pod.)
Amethyst Holy smokes!
Pearl (concerned for Steven's safety) Are you alright? We saw the ship and came as fast as we could.
Steven Yeah, I'm okay. Lapis saved us.. but, it looks like Homeworld really has it out for Peridot.
(Peridot quietly starts moving away in a crouched position)
Lapis Peridot... (Peridot's hair stands in shock as she turns around, anticipating further rebuff.) (Lapis turns around) ..Are you okay?
(Peridot beams happily.)
Lapis Um... (she turns to hide her blush as Steven laughs gently, the other Gems staring curiously.)
(Suddenly, the pod begins to emit sounds, smoke gushing out as its hatch opens, and a one-eyed Ruby soldier emerges, staring around towards them menacingly.)

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