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(Episode starts with Peridot inside the Barn with Lapis and Steven where she is logging about her reform on Earth and her feelings about living with Lapis)

Peridot: And then I'll say," Hey, as one refugee to another, it isn't so bad that we can't go back to Homeworld, am I right? Why can't we watch the sun come up and figure out what we're going to do with all this time? Eh Lazuli." And then she'll say," Yes Peridot, as impressed I was by you on the ship, I am even more impressed with your more compact look and capacity for friendship, I'm so glad we're g oing to live together." Peridot Facet 5

(Peridot ends her log)

Peridot: Let's begin

Lapis Lazuli: This isn't gonna work

Peridot: Wait, Whats?

Lapis Lazuli: I really thought I would be living alone here.

Steven: Yeah but this is even better, oh here, how about this, I saw this on an episode of a TV show, I didn't see how it ended but I'm sure it worked out right(Steven takes out a marker from his left pocket and open the cap). We'll divide this place in half, you'll both have you're own space(Steven starts dividing the Barn into 2 non-equal parts using the marker). High ceilings, real wood floors, convenient location on the heart of the country, so what do you think roomies?(Stands up and puts the cap of the marker on)

(Peridot and Lapis Lazuli stand on their sides respecting their space)

Peridot: I like the cut of your gem Steven Quartz

Lapis Lazuli: No! No way!(Lapis Lazuli seems disappointed as she stands beside Peridot)

Peridot: What's the problem? you're the one getting all the good stuff, you've got the propeller and paintcans on your side, you can do tons with those, hooo(Peridot puts her right finger on her chin), actually I want the paint cans, you wanna trade something?

(Lapis crossed her shoulders and seems more into living alone than with the likes of Peridot)

Lapis Lazuli: I don't care about the paint cans, that's not the problem.

Peridot: Buh...

Steven: What's wrong Lapis?

Lapis Lazuli: It's her!

Peridot: Ehck...(Peridot suddenly backs away from Lapis)

Steven: Ahhh(Steven feels really confused about what to do next?)

Lapis Lazuli: She's the Problem, I can't stand the thought of looking at her everyday, she's the one who dragged me back to Earth.(Seemingly clear, Lapis is angry on Peridot for bringing her back to Earth)

Peridot: Hey, it wasn't my idea, I was headed to earth and I needed an informant, it should have been a simple mission, things didn't really didn't work out for either of us.

(Lapis suddenly scolds)

Lapis Lazuli: You used me like everyone else did!

Peridot: (Peridot calmly replies) But it's not like that anymore, it's different now, I'm different.

(Steven came to the middle of the conversation)

Steven: It's true Lapis, Peridot has come in to her own since she's been living on Earth.

Peridot: I sabotage my own mission, I helped save the Earth, I even yelled at Yellow Diamond, she's probably sending a whole fleet to find me and shatter me right now. I'm kind of a big deal, a big Anti-Homeworld Deal(Peridot seems impressed that she is wanted in Gem Homeworld)

(Lapis walks to Steven in hopes he understands)

Lapis Lazuli: Steven, I don't think this is gonna work.

Steven: (Steven running out of any thing to say goes back to the division of the barn) Ahhhh, ummmm, mmmm, maybe we could put up a curtain?

(Lapis walks to the main doors of the Barn and flies out to the top of the Silo)

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