"Beach City" is the primary location of Steven Universe. It is situated in Beach County[1] in the fictional state of Delmarva,[2] in the 443 area code, in the Eastern United States.


It would appear that the Crystal Gems have resided in Beach City prior to when Bill Dewey's great-great-great-great grandfather, Captain William Dewey, founded Beach City nearly 200 years ago. After many months out at sea, the Crystal Gems, as messengers of Rose Quartz, came across William Dewey's ship and warned the captain and crew to turn back, as the land that would soon be known as Beach City was dangerous and not safe for humans. William Dewey, after an incident with the mast of his ship, drifted across the sea until he and his crew encountered a huge storm and a giant Gem Monster. The ship was saved from being sunk after a four-armed gem fusion saved William Dewey and the ship. She brought Dewey and the Ship to shore, and told the Captain to not reside on the land. William Dewey chose to stay on the land and the fusion accepted William's decision and informed him that she would most likely interfere again.[3] The Crystal Gems continue to reside in Beach City where they watch over and protect its inhabitants from danger and evil.


  • Aqua-Mexican - Former restaurant; closed 5 years prior to the start of the series.
  • Beach City Bikes - Located between the Ocean Inn and the Original Crab Shack.[4]
  • Beach City Funland - Amusement park operated by Mr. Smiley.
  • Beach City Music - A music store next to Danny's, seen in "Watermelon Steven" and "Joking Victim".
  • Beach City Pier - A harbor in Beach City.
  • Beach City To The Tee - A t-shirt shop seen in the opening, between the Big Donut and the Beach City Funland Arcade.
  • Beach City Theater - A movie theater showing Dogcopter 3, seen in "Lion 2: The Movie".
  • Beach City Water Tower - A water tower up on the hill.
  • Beach City Visitor Center - A visitor center in the southwest corner of Beach City.[5]
  • Beach Citywalk Fries - The Fryman family business. Located Between Fish Stew Pizza and Funland
  • Big Donut - A donut shop; Lars and Sadie's place of work.
  • Classic Thyme - A "Kitchen Shoppe" seen next to Suitcase Sam's. 
  • Cone 'N' Son - Presumably an ice cream parlor, located between Beach City Visitor Center and the Funland Arcade.[5]
  • The Crab Shack - A fancy restaurant where the Maheswarans and the Universes meet in "Fusion Cuisine".
  • The Original Crab Shack - Another restaurant with a similar name to the Crab Shack, located across the street from Beach City Bikes.[4]
  • Danny's - Candy store seen while Steven sits atop the float during the Beach City annual parade.
  • Dewey Park - A park in the center of Beach City, presumably named after Beach City's founder, William Dewey, or Mayor Bill Dewey.[5]
  • Fish Stew Pizza - Pizzeria run by Kofi, Jenny, Kiki, and Nanefua Pizza.
  • The Gift Shark - seen in "Joking Victim". A statue of Mayor Dewey is in front.
  • It's A Wash - A car wash owned by Greg Universe.
  • The Mayor's House - Presumably the home of Beach City's mayor, currently Bill Dewey.[5]
  • Miroslaw's Jewelers - a store next door to the Beach City Theater.
  • Ocean Inn - Located between the Original Crab Shack and Onion's House.[4]
  • Onion's House
  • Lars' House
  • The Lighthouse or Beach City Light[5] - The HQ for Ronaldo's conspiracies which overlooks the town.
  • Seafood and Eat It! - A seafood restaurant seen in Watermelon Steven.
  • Sports R Cool - A store next door to the Beach City Theater.
  • Suitcase Sam's - A luggage store that Onion visits in "Onion Trade".
  • U-Stor - Storage facility. Unit 1B is rented by Greg Universe.
  • Wiener in Hand - A hot dog stand in the Beach City Funland.
  • Smile - An unknown establishment in front of Beach City Funland, as seen in "Onion Trade".
  • Outside of town:
    • Beach House - Steven's home.
    • Crystal Temple - Crystal Gem headquarters.
    • Abandoned Warehouse - The unauthorized location of Beach City Underground Wrestling, serves as Mayor Dewey's campaign as a storage area, and sometimes location of Sour Creams' raves. Located outside of town, near Brooding Hill.
    • Greg's Storage Shed - A barn that holds Greg's late aunt and uncle's aeronautic equipment.
    • Brooding Hill - a cliff found on the opposite side of Beach City and the Crystal Temple.
    • Dead Man's Mouth - A flooded abandoned quarry used as a swimming hole, once taken over by Rose Quartz's moss.
    • Mini Golf Course- A golf course outside of the town.


  • In "Steven and the Stevens", Greg jokingly tells Steven that the population is "like 15 people", despite its status as a "city".
    • Plenty of equally small cities exist in the US and Canada, such as Forest City, New Brunswick (pop. 12).
    • Of the three beach side resort which inspired Beach City, Dewey Beach has a little over 300 permanent residents, and Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach only have a little over 1000 permanent residents each.
    • This is most likely an in-joke about how while Beach City has many people living in it, the show only introduces the audience to a select cast of a relative few characters.
  • Ronaldo stated on his blog that Beach City is in Delmarva, which is a peninsula of Delaware, parts of Maryland, and parts of Virginia. He also states that "DelmarvaCon" is held over in "Charm City" every summer. Charm City is a nickname of real-life city Baltimore in Maryland.
    • According to Matt Burnett, Beach City is located in the state of Delmarva, which is the show's version of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. He also confirms that it is a play off of Ocean City, Maryland.
  • During "Jail Break", the view from the ship's window during the crash landing would support a location in the eastern states.
    • However, due to Steven Universe being set in an alternate earth influenced by Gems, Rebecca Sugar stated that Delmarva is its own state within the show's universe.[6]
  • Steven Sugar has stated that Beach City was inspired by the beaches he and his sister, Rebecca, visited when they were young. He says that there are "not-so-subtle" references in Beach City to Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Dewey Beach;[7] all of which are located in Delaware.
    • In the real Rehoboth Beach, there is a candy store called Dolle's Candyland[8] which is parodied as Danny's in Steven Universe, a restaurant called Bricker's Famous French Fries which has a french fry mascot,[9] and Funland is an actual amusement park for children.[10]
    • Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Dewey Beach are all in Sussex County, Delaware in real life.
    • The area code 443 is actually an overlay area code for Eastern Maryland which went into service July 1, 1997 on top of the 410 area code which split off from Maryland's orignal area code, 301, on October 6, 1991. A new overlay area code for the same area as the 443 area code, 667, was implemented on March 24, 2012. 301 and 302 (Delaware's areacode) are two of the original 86 area codes that were created in 1947 by AT&T.
  • According to Matt Burnett, Lars, Sadie, Ronaldo and the Cool Kids are a mix of various ages, ranging from early teens to young adult.[11]
  • According to the official map, the peninsula Beach City is on is facing eastwards, is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean form the east and south, with Rehoboth Bay north of it.
  • As said in "Sadie's Song", Beach City has a swim team called the "Beach City Seals".


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