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Beach City Funland, or simply Funland, is a location that first appeared in "Bubble Buddies". It is located on the boardwalk of Beach City and is a common sight in many episodes. With many Gems now uncorrupted, they have taken up jobs at Beach City Funland, mostly the uncorrupted Quartzes.


Beach City Funland is an amusement park. It features roller coasters, an arcade, a midway, a teacup ride, a ferris wheel, a carousel and bumper cars.


"Bubble Buddies"

It is first seen in "Bubble Buddies", while Steven and Connie try to pop the magical bubble that they are trapped in. Steven describes the place as "dangerous", because many accidents apparently occur there.

"Serious Steven"

It makes a second appearance in "Serious Steven". Steven rides on The Teacups with the Crystal Gems until becoming motion sick. He leaps off the ride and lands on Mr. Smiley, who is operating the controls, causing the control panel to break. The ride spins out of control and breaks, sending riders flying across the park and into the ocean, and Steven is subsequently declared permanently banned from all of the rides in Funland.

"Arcade Mania"

Despite Steven's ban from Funland rides, he and the Gems go to Funland Arcade. Steven once again causes unintended destruction while he treats Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl to a day of fun at the arcade, much to Mr. Smiley's dismay.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Petals from Rose Quartz's Magic Moss pass through Beach City Funland.

"Rose's Room"

Steven passes through a version of Beach City Funland made in Rose's Room.

"Watermelon Steven"

Steven sets up a stand and sells his Steven-shaped watermelons near the entrance of Beach City Funland.

"Too Short to Ride"

Beach City Funland is the main setting of the episode, with Peridot, Amethyst, and Steven visiting the park. Amethyst and Steven shape-shift in order to be able to ride a rollercoaster, visited the House of Mirrors, and Peridot, with her newfound ferrokinesis powers, completes a game of ring toss in order to win an alien plush.

"Greg the Babysitter"

While searching for Rose Quartz and Sour Cream, Greg gets distracted by a game called "Potato Bros" at the Arcade. He eventually runs into Beach City Funland and finds Rose. He then notices that Sour Cream isn't there and says to Rose that he thought she was going to watch him. She then replies to him that she watched Sour Cream climb to the top of a Ferris Wheel. Greg panics and hurries himself to climb the wheel as fast as he can. He then notices how high he is, starts getting dizzy, and asks Rose if she could set the wheel in motion in-order for the two to get down. She pulls a lever which sets the wheel in motion but Greg says it's too fast for him. Rose tries slowing it down the Ferris wheel but breaks the lever which makes the wheel spin even faster. She angrily smashes the control booth which makes the wheel spin incredibly fast. Rose then tries to hold on the wheel manually, thereby sending Greg and Sour Cream flying into the air. Rose rips off one of the gondolas, jumps into the sky, and catches them.

"Doug Out"

Steven, Connie, and Doug Maheswaran are on a security stake-out at Funland, as there have been recent reports of loiterers causing trouble. They try to find the mysterious culprits wreaking havoc after-hours. After chasing them down, the perpetrator seems to be Onion, who in reality was chased by two unknown shadowy figures, later revealed to be Topaz and Aquamarine.

"I Am My Mom"

The Crystal Gems find Topaz and Aquamarine through a picture sent by Connie's phone. In Funland, the Crystal Gems fight Topaz and Aquamarine to get the captured humans (Onion, Lars, Sadie, Jamie, and Connie) back. Aquamarine also needs "My Dad" before they can leave for Homeworld. After Steven claims he is "My Dad", the Homeworld Gems, the captured humans, and Steven all board Aquamarine's Ship (disguised as the top of Funland's merry-go-round). After they enter the ship, a battle begins, and most of the humans are able to escape. As Steven claims himself to be Rose Quartz, the ship departs, sending Aquamarine, Topaz, Steven, and Lars (still on the ship) departing for Homeworld.

Steven Universe: The Movie

After Greg accidentally loses a rejuvenated Amethyst, Steven and Spinel ride Lion through Beach City Funland to try and find her.


Amethyst sets many Uncorrupted Gems up with jobs here, but Steven switches their positions around. Later, Smoky Quartz rescues the passangers of a runaway rollercoaster carriage which Larimar is failing to control, but they fail in rescuing the carriage itself, and it falls into the sea.


  • The Appalachian - roller coaster (or "kiddie coaster" as Steven refers to it)
  • Carousel
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Funland Arcade
  • House of Mirrors
  • Hyper Space
  • Merry-go-round
  • Ring Some, Lose Some - ring tossing booth
  • Swing Ride
  • The Teacups
  • Thunder Bird coaster
  • Tilt-a-Whirl



  • Steven is no longer banned from Beach City Funland, although it is unknown when or why this ban was lifted.
  • Much like Funland Arcade, Mr. Smiley was once shown to be the only one working at the Funland. It is likewise unknown if he is the only employee or actually owns it.
    • Mr. Smiley does however mention that they are understaffed.
    • As of "Guidance", however, many uncorrupted Quartzes have started working here.
  • According to the map of Beach City, it is located on Bay St.


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