The Beach City Laugh Guards are the Beach City theatre group formed by Jamie and composed of Harold Smiley, PeridotBarbara Miller, and Amethyst. They perform acts once every week on the Beach City Stage that usually only Pearl and Steven attend.


"Letters to Lars"

Jamie asks the audience (Steven and Pearl) for a suggestion to start an improvised scene. Pearl then yells out "Steven", to which Jamie rejects. Finally, Steven suggests "Plumber".  Barbara and Amethyst start the scene, but Jamie stops them when Amethyst turns into an actual plunger. Jamie then states that she needs to imagine that there is a plunger. After Jamie relizes how hard it is to imagine a plunger he sighs in frustration.


Jamie - The creator of the group, keeps other members in check.

Harold Smiley - A member, possible joing due to his experience in stand-up comedy that was revealed in "Future Boy Zoltron ".

Peridot - A member of the group and Crystal Gems.

Barbara Miller - A member of group, proves to be talented at improv.

Amethyst - A member, possible joined to release stress from her Gem life, similar to her alter ego of Purple Puma


Steven Universe - A weekly audience member.

Pearl - A weekly audience member, constantly suggests "Steven" as a topic for an improvised scene for the Beach City Laugh Guards.


  • The name of the group is a play on "life guard".
  • The official outfit of the Beach City Laugh Guards appears to be a red turtle neck sweater. As every member wears one.
  • The only members that have a history of theatre are Jamie and Harold. Jamie having produced many theatre plays and Harold having a past comedy routine with Quentin Frowney.
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