The Beach City Stage is a stage on the beach in Beach City. The stage has been used numerous times on different occasions.


"Steven and the Stevens"

The stage is used by Steven and the Crystal Gems, where they perform the song "Steven and the Crystal Gems" for the annual Beach-a-Palooza. A crowd of people from Beach City showed up.

"Story for Steven"

Greg Universe played a concert on the Beach City Stage. He played the song Comet on stage, though only Rose Quartz showed up to see it. This fact was first mentioned by Greg in "Laser Light Cannon".

"Historical Friction"

A play by Jamie starring both him and Steven is hosted here. The play gets positive reception from the crowd of Beach City residents that came to watch, including Mayor Dewey who makes Jamie the director of Beach City's local theater (albeit with budgetary constraints).

"Sadie's Song"

Sadie is pressured into performing at another Beach-a-Palooza event after Steven and Barbara notice her singing talent. However, Sadie freaks out and messes up her outfit and make-up. Steven, feeling guilty for being the catalyst of her anxiety, wears Sadie's dress and make-up and performs in her place as the "Mystery Guest" so she does not have to.

"Letters to Lars"

Jamie has made a comedy group called the "Laugh Guard", consisting of himself, Amethyst, Barbara, Mr. Smiley, and Peridot. The Laugh Guard do a completely improvised scene based on the word "Plumber". Pearl says "It was better than last weeks'.", suggesting that they aren't very funny.

"Change Your Mind"

Sadie Killer and the Suspects plays "Let Me Drive my Van into Your Heart".


  • The stage has the ability to raise and lower set pieces.
  • A fake tentacle was lifted from the floor with a lever during the play in "Historical Friction", indicating some sorts of mechanisms under the floor.
  • Although the first appearance of the stage was in "Steven and the Stevens", it was chronologically first used in "Story for Steven", since the stage was shown in a flashback before any of the episodes took place in the show.
  • In its first four appearances, it has not been seen being set up on the beach. It is unknown if it is a permanent fixture.


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