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The Beach City Woods is a location that first appeared in "Same Old World". As the name entails it is a large and lush forest that is close to The Barn.


The Beach City Woods is a standard, thick, luscious forest located around the outskirts of Beach City, beyond Vidalia's house. The woods feature very large trees as well as small shrubs on the ground. Boulders protruding from the ground are also abundant. Within the woods, there is a large hollow log. Wildlife such as insects are plentiful in the woods. This is is where Onion and his friends often play in the summer.


"Same Old World"

In "Same Old World", Lapis Lazuli and Steven briefly fly over the forest. It is with the color of the leaves that Steven demonstrates changing seasons to Lapis, and shows Lapis an orange leaf. This demonstration would ultimately lead to Lapis' decision to stay on Earth.

"Onion Gang"

In "Onion Gang", we see underneath the canopy for the first time, and this serves as the episode's main location. Deep in the forest, Onion and his friends play various games, such as bug racing. Similar to "Same Old World", an autumn leaf is shown to mark the end of summer, signalling the departure of Onion's friends.

"Are You My Dad?"

Steven enters the woods with Connie to look for Onion, who has now gone missing. Steven comments that it felt like he was only just here with Onion and his friends. When looking for the missing humans, Steven gets stuck in the hollow log, rendering him briefly unable to help Connie. Connie finds Aquamarine in the woods, and identifies herself to her. It is within the woods that Topaz makes her first appearance with the missing humans engulfed in her fusion. The two Topazes de-fuse and re-fuse around Connie, engulfing her. Steven demands the release of his friends and breaks out of the hollow log. Steven is slammed against a large tree by Aquamarine, and he blacks out as the Topaz fusion takes his friends.

"Pool Hopping"

Steven and Garnet follow a stray kitten into the woods, discovering the bush that the kitten lives in with her siblings. After Garnet becomes panicked about her future vision, Steven helps her take the kittens back to Onion's House.

"Little Homeschool"

Sometime between the events of "Change Your Mind" and "Little Homeschool", Jasper has set up a base in the woods. During the episode, Steven goes into the woods to attempt to convince Jasper to enroll in Little Homeschool, but ends up fighting her instead.

"Together Forever"

Ruby takes Steven and several Little Homeschool students on a nature sketching trip in the woods. She and Steven split off from the students as Steven wonders what he wants to do with his life. Ruby encourages him to propose to Connie, though says he should check with Sapphire first.


Steven flees to Jasper's hideout in the woods, where he begins training with her to control his powers. When they fight again for their rematch, Steven ends up accidentally shattering Jasper.


  • The autumn seasons represented in "Same Old World" and "Onion Gang" appear to be the same autumn, despite nearly thirty episodes that separate them. This is evident through Connie's entering seventh grade in "Buddy's Book".


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