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The Beach House is the former home of Steven Universe and serves as the entrance to the Crystal Temple

It was partially destroyed by the parts of Blue Diamond's ship as of "Reunited", but (at least its exterior) was seen under construction in "Escapism" and being repaired later in the episode, "Change Your Mind". In Steven Universe: The Movie, the house has been expanded. However, in "Prickly Pair", the front door has been destroyed, along with a sizable portion of the front wall being destroyed. In "I Am My Monster," the entirety of the front wall was bashed open when Steven transformed into a Gem monster.

Steven moves out of the house in "The Future" and gifts his old room to his father, Greg.


As seen in the extended theme song, Greg Universe, with the help of the Crystal Gems, built the Beach House over the entrance of the Crystal Temple so Steven could live with the Gems. While Steven stays in the Beach House, the Crystal Gems have their own rooms within the Temple, accessible via the Temple Gate.

The original house was a modest-sized dwelling with one large interior room and an upper level. The upper level served as Steven's bedroom while the main interior contained a lounge with a fireplace and a kitchen/bar. The door to the bathroom was located on the back left, past the fireplace, while the bathroom itself was built directly below the upper level. Outside was a balcony/deck with further seating and an umbrella. Hanging inside, a picture of Rose Quartz was above the door. The far side of the house's interior opened into the foyer of the Crystal Temple. Just outside the Temple Gate was a Warp Pad. This version of the house was partially destroyed in "Reunited".

Earth Flag

Homeworld Flag

Soon after Steven left to visit the Gem Homeworld, Bismuth (using her natural building abilities) and Greg started repairing the house as seen in "Escapism". Two years later in Steven Universe: The Movie, the beach house has not only been repaired but greatly expanded. Steven's old bedroom was removed and the house was given a second floor with a new, larger bedroom for Steven. Just outside Steven's bedroom is a new, higher balcony directly connecting to the outdoor walkway leading to a new separate nearby structure: A crystal-domed conservatory containing a second, galaxy-capable Warp Pad and Steven's own Diamond control panel similar to the one in Pink Diamond's Moon Base. The conservatory also functions as a sunroom and greenhouse, containing multiple potted rose and hibiscus bushes, gardening tools, a bench, a bean bag chair, and a bed for Lion. Rose's picture now hanging on the wall of the stairway (now it's inside of Pink Dimension), later the picture of Steven and his friends along with the picture of Cat Steven. There is a flagpole out front with two flags, which represent Earth and Homeworld respectively, as a sign of peace between the two worlds as part of Era 3. Both flags have a black fringe. The Earth flag has a background with three shades of blue representing space, an orange hexagram with a yellow circle in the center representing the sun, and a small blue circle in the hexagram's upper right corner representing Earth. The Homeworld flag has a dark blue background representing space, a saltire with white, blue, pink, and yellow arms representing the Diamonds and two pink and white semicircles representing Homeworld.


"Gem Glow"

Steven and the Crystal Gems are seen fighting off multiple Centipeetles within the episode.

"Laser Light Cannon"

Laser Light Cannon 154.png

The outside of the Beach House is briefly seen as the Crystal Gems try to activate the Laser Light Cannon.

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

Steven stuffs his Cheeseburger Backpack before heading outside.

"Together Breakfast"

Steven prepares a not so healthy breakfast for the Crystal Gems, only for them to have to leave and go to The Burning Room. They later return to look at Steven’s breakfast, feeling unappetized.

"Cat Fingers"

Steven spends much time inside of the Beach House as he begins to start growing cat fingers.

"Bubble Buddies"

Steven once again is seen within the Beach House, this time getting ready to talk to Connie.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Steven comes up with his wrestling alter ego within the Beach House, that being Tiger Philanthropist.

"Steven's Lion"

Lion spends much of the episode trying to get into the house, more specifically to try to get to see Steven.

"Arcade Mania"

Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl spend some time in the Beach House before they go to the Beach City Arcade.

"Giant Woman"

Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl once again leave the Beach House to find the Earth Beetle within the Sky Spire.

"Onion Trade"

Onion Trade 002.png

The Beach House is seen very briefly at the beginning of the episode.

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

Steven spends much of the episode inside the house, having a battle within it at the end of the episode against a poorly programmed Holo-Pearl.

"Lion 2: The Movie"

Steven and Connie are seen here at the beginning of the episode before they go to the movies.

"Beach Party"

The Crystal Gems leave their house and go on the beach to play a friendly volleyball game with the Pizza Family.

"Rose's Room"

Within the Beach House, Steven learns he can unlock Rose’s Room.

"Coach Steven"

The Beach House can be seen in the background as Pearl fights a disobedient Sugilite.

"Steven and the Stevens"

Steven and the Stevens 141.png

Steven brings his many clones inside the Beach House, even having them play in a band together there.

"Monster Buddies"

Steven brings the corrupted Nephrite, at the time Centipeetle, into the house. She then proceeded to destroy everything and spit corrosive acid everywhere, much to the annoyance of the Crystal Gems.

"Mirror Gem"

Pearl tells Steven all about a magic mirror, to which Steven takes said mirror and leaves the Beach House.

"Ocean Gem"

Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Greg all get ready to hunt down Lapis Lazuli within the Beach House.

"House Guest"

Steven and Greg spend the day hanging out and bonding together within the Beach House, playing music and having fun. After Steven leaves because of his duties, Greg stays and instead uses his new Warp Whistle.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

The Crystals Gems, excluding Pearl, play a game of Steven Tag outside of the Beach House.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Steven and Connie are shown watching TV before needing to impress Connie’s parents, in this case with Alexandrite.

"Garnet's Universe"

Steven and Garnet spend some time together in the house in the beginning of the episode.

"Watermelon Steven"

Steven and the Crystal Gems have to fight the many Watermelon Stevens outside of the Beach House.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven attempts to sleep in the Beach House, only to have Lion continuously tying to smother him with his mane.

"Warp Tour"

Steven argues with the Crystal Gems in the house throughout the episode.

"Alone Together"

The Crystal Gems try to teach Steven how to do a fusion dance.

"The Test"

Steven spends part of the episode with the Crystal Gems within the episode.

"Future Vision"

Steven and Garnet spend part of the episode together, with Steven learning of Garnet’s future vision.

"On the Run"

On the Run 032.png

Steven and Amethyst decide to go see the Prime Kindergarten and learn more about Amethyst’s upbringing.

"Winter Forecast"

Steven and Connie spend much of the episode sitting in front of the fireplace within the Beach House.

"Marble Madness"

Steven does some research about Peridot within the Beach House.

"Rose's Scabbard"

Pearl has an argument with Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems about her relation to Rose.

"Shirt Club"

Steven creates some short designs for his friend Buck Dewey.

"The Message"

The Crystal Gems spend the start of the episode trying to receive a message from the Wailing Stone.

"Political Power"

Mayor Dewey spends some time with Steven in his house.

"The Return"

The Gem Warship comes to Beach Cuty, landing right in front of the Beach House.


The same Gem Warship from before is hijacked by the Crystal Gems, causing it to crash into the Beach House.

"Full Disclosure"

Steven spends some time within the Beach House, with it being seen in Steven’s flashback as well.

"Joy Ride"

Sour Cream and Buck Dewey show up to Steven’s house to invite him to hang out, to which he agrees.


  • Steven was missing a baby tooth in the extended intro, which usually begins when children are five to seven years old. The house was in the process of being constructed at that time.
  • The house was temporarily home to a restaurant known as "Steven's" as shown in the episode "Restaurant Wars" where the business both opened and closed.
  • The design of the exterior has changed slightly from episode to episode: the door frame changes from red to white, the railings change their placement, and the number of steps in the exterior staircase varies from about 10 to 15 depending on the episode. The direction and side of the door open also change between episodes.
  • In the opening scenes of "Legs From Here to Homeworld", the Beach House is still partially destroyed as depicted in "Reunited". Later in that episode, as Pink Diamond's ship takes off from the beach, the house is shown intact in the background. Since "Escapism" shows the house still being repaired, this is presumably a continuity error.
  • The heat source is a classic 1960s Malm fireplace, consistent with the house's open-plan midcentury design.
  • Much of the design provides environmentally-friendly passive cooling: the platform, the clerestory roof, the large, well-situated windows, and the lack of walls. The house is excellently suited for a warm beach.
  • Instead of load-bearing walls or posts, the roof is supported by crossbeams, leaving the floor space completely open.
  • The Earth flag resembles James W. Cradle's Flag of Earth.


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