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The shop is closed today because it's broken!

Kofi Pizza

"Beach Party" is the 18th episode of the first season of Steven Universe and the 18th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

After a battle damages Fish Stew Pizza, Steven throws a cookout at the Temple to mend the relationship between the Pizza family and the Crystal Gems.[2]


Beach Party 009.png

The episode begins with the Gems fighting a pufferfish on the beach. The Corrupted Gem easily deflects their attacks with powerful gusts of air as Pearl's spear is flung back at them. Garnet attempts an aerial assault, but the Corrupted Gem quickly blows her far into the air. Frustrated at their inability to do damage, Amethyst rushes towards the creature, shapeshifts into a giant baseball bat, and knocks her far out to sea. Pearl chastises her for only delaying the inevitable fight, but they leave to find Garnet.

Beach Party 049.png

Upon further inspection, they find Garnet planted firmly in Fish Stew Pizza's sign, completely unfazed by the fall. Kofi and Kiki are already outside, examining the damage while Kofi attempts to elicit some response from a stoic and unresponsive Garnet. Garnet completely ignores him and only responds when Steven and the others get there. Amethyst is amused at the destruction and Pearl explains what happened to the pufferfish. Garnet suggests they "regroup back at the Temple" and jump off, seemingly unaware of Kofi's protests at the destruction of his shop's sign.

Beach Party 075.png

At their departure, an irate Kofi questions why a nice boy like Steven would hang around with the Gems, who always mess everything up. The ruckus causes Jenny and Nanefua to appear at the door. Nanefua lightheartedly jokes about the noise with a fish, but stops at the sight of the destruction. Kofi continues to insult the Gems, while Steven tries to defend them, but his words fall on deaf ears. Nanefua, sensing escalation, excuses herself and the girls inside while Kofi carries on, culminating in him banning the Gems from his store forever. Steven protests, but fails as Kofi follows the rest of his family inside and closes the door behind him.

Beach Party 099.png

Back at the Temple, the Gems debate what to do about the pufferfish. Amethyst suggests letting her roam free but Garnet quickly vetoes the idea. Steven returns with "bad news" about the banishment, which elicits little to no response from the Gems. Steven starts to argue why they should care, but Pearl continues that taking care of the pufferfish is more important. Steven, however, takes exception to this attitude and maintains that people should know how "funny, smart, and mysterious" they are and that they should patch things up with the Pizzas. Garnet is amused at being called mysterious. In order to prove his point, Steven decides to throw a "small party" in front of the Temple on the beach.

Later on, Steven sets up the barbecue for the party and exclaims his excitement for it. The Gems appear behind him and he greets them, handing them a fashion magazine. Steven asks them to change into something more casual for the beach. The whole Pizza family rounds the corner, approaching the Temple, which Jenny claims she has never seen before. Steven hurries to greet them. Kofi grudgingly explains that their shop is closed today "because it's broken." This makes everyone nervous until Nanefua brings up the food, which Steven then leads them to. Steven begins to introduce the Gems, but Garnet interrupts as they introduce themselves in a flashy manner, stating their names and then transforming into their beach outfits. Kofi exclaims that he believes they are a "circus act". The Gems and Pizzas all sit down to eat, the Gems explaining that they do not need to eat. Jenny comments on the decrepit state of the Temple, which eventually leads to Kofi exclaiming the Gems have a lazy attitude towards broken things "just like the sign at [his] shop." Steven nervously intervenes by asking if they would like to play volleyball.

Beach Party 139.png

Steven finishes making the court and then picks the teams: Amethyst with Jenny, Pearl with Kiki, Garnet with Kofi, and himself with Nanefua. Pearl and Kiki win their point against Amethyst and Jenny after Amethyst's failed attempt to kick the ball. The second point goes to Amethyst and Jenny when Amethyst spikes the ball after transforming into a tennis racket. The next match is won by Kofi and Garnet against Amethyst and Jenny when Kofi threatens to ground Jenny if she touches the ball, causing her to miss the hit. For the next point, Amethyst sends the ball flying into the air, but Garnet jumps higher and slams it with such force that the ball craters the ground and forms glass shards out of the sand. Nanefua explains to Steven that sand crystallizes into glass at super-heated temperatures. At this point, each team is shown using cheap tactics to win points (Pearl using hologram-esque clones, Kofi threatening to take away privileges, etc.), resulting in the teams beginning to argue loudly about how each is "cheating" at the game. Nanefua claims it is "getting out of hand," so Steven decides to go and get the ball.

Beach Party 217.png

As Steven runs after the ball, it begins to blow backwards, and the pufferfish appears around the corner of the Temple. Steven runs back to the still arguing group and warns them. The Gems then quickly grab the Pizza family and jump off behind cover as Steven and Nanefua hide behind a rock formation. Steven begins to place guilt on himself about putting everyone in danger, but Nanefua claims she is "not afraid of that thing" and runs towards the pufferfish. Steven follows her as they begin to distract the fish by running in circles underneath her. As they do, Steven and Nanefua begin to shout orders at the others for Amethyst to transform into a ball, Jenny to roll her to the net, and Pearl to jump over to them. Nanefua orders Pearl to hit Amethyst (in ball form) into the air "as hard as [she] can." Pearl stretches out her hands and deviously replies, "With pleasure." Nanefua orders Kofi and Kiki to head over to the net while Steven orders Garnet to spike the beach with Amethyst (to which Amethyst asks her to "be gentle") and does so, resulting in a massive glass shard formation. Steven and Nanefua lead the pufferfish towards the net, where they command everyone to pull the net towards her face. They manage to push the pufferfish back until she presses up against the glass shard. However, they can not place enough pressure to poof her. Garnet shoots down from up high, punching the fish into the shards, resulting in a massive cloud of sand and dust, finally poofing the pufferfish.

Later on, Kofi thanks the Gems for saving his family and officially un-bans them from his store. Steven says they greatly appreciate it, but Pearl asks what they were banned from to begin with, causing him to laugh nervously as the episode ends.





Instrumental Songs

  • Unknown Music Soundtrack


Early character designs.

  • Kofi's personality adheres to the common representation of the West African father.
  • With Nanefua's debut, all characters in the opening sequence are now accounted for on the series.
  • Pearl's beach outfit resembles the dress she dons from her first design in 2012.

Cultural References

  • When the Gems were changing clothing, their transformation sequence is similar to the classic Power Rangers transformation sequences seen in every Power Rangers show before the rights were bought by numerous companies (with Hasbro Studios owning them as of 2019). How Garnet says "Garnet!" and the others also say their names are the same as the Red Ranger saying "Red Ranger!" with his teammates.
  • After Garnet strikes Amethyst (as a ball) down, Amythyst says “WRY”, which is said by Dio Brando in the manga/anime series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


  • When the Gems are changing their clothes, the poses they perform resemble the ones they did when they were teleporting in the Pilot.
  • Amethyst's beach outfit includes a small green fanny-pack similar to the one she wore in the Pilot but with a lighter shade.


Note: Time is displayed in [mm: ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [01:13] In the episode "Steven's Lion", the door to Fish Stew Pizza is to the right of the windows; however, the door is shown on the far left of the windows in this episode.
  • [05:11] After Amethyst takes a bite of her burger, the burger disappears in the following scene.
  • [05:25] When Garnet is telling the Pizza family about the Temple, she waves her left hand. However, the following shot shows her lowering her right hand bearing the gem of her left hand.
  • [10:10] After Pearl, Jenny, Kiki, and Kofi move the net, the court disappears.


  • [00:51] When Amethyst says "whatever," her tank top's right strap colors are reversed.
  • [02:16] The knife that Gunga was holding disappears after she makes her fish joke.
  • [03:23] When Garnet says "We don't do it for thanks," the middle finger part of her glove is not colored in.


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