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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Beach]
(The Crystal Gems are seen under attack on the beach, as Steven and Amethyst are screaming and thrown across the sand, while Garnet and Pearl land steadily on their feet.)
Pearl You okay, Steven?
Steven *lying on his stomach on a boogie board* I've seen better days.
Amethyst Pearl, I got a boo-boo.
Pearl Oh, walk it off!
Garnet Here it comes! (A pufferfish monster rises about ground and blows strong wind at the Crystal Gems.) You all distract it! *leaps off*
Pearl Let's show this thing what we're made of, guys!
Amethyst What do you think we've been doing for the past hour?
(Pearl hurls her spear at the pufferfish monster, but the pufferfish blows it back to them.)
Pearl Duck! *ducks under the deflected spear*
Amethyst *looks around* Man, I don't see any duc— *notices the spear and ducks at the last second, as the spear chops some of her hair* Quack!
Steven Steven's turn! *throws the boogie board and it gets stuck to the one of the pufferfish monster's spikes* Yup, it's got spikes.
Amethyst It's okay. *rests her arm on Steven's shoulder* Here comes Garnet!
(Garnet begins diving sky-high towards the pufferfish monster.)
Steven Smash that puff!
(The pufferfish monster notices Garnet and starts blowing at her. Garnet tries to force her way through, but the wind is too strong. She is then blown away and sent flying and screaming towards Beach City, smashing into the Fish Stew Pizza restaurant.)
Steven Aw, man, we blew it!
Amethyst Ugh, whatever!
(Amethyst charges up to the pufferfish monster. Just the monster begins to blow at her, Amethyst shapeshifts into a baseball bat and whacks the monster, sending it flying far into the ocean. She then shapeshifts back to normal shortly.)
Pearl Amethyst! Smacking it really far away doesn't solve anything! We needed to destroy it. Now it's just gonna come back later.
Amethyst Yeah, so we'll deal with it later.
Pearl Ugh!
Steven Let's get Garnet. She landed by the boardwalk.
(The group starts walking to the boardwalk.)
[Trans. Ext. Fish Stew Pizza]
(Garnet is lying calmly and still on the wrecked sign of Fish Stew Pizza while Kiki and Kofi Pizza look up at her.)
Kofi *yelling* Would you ANSWER ME! You've wrecked my sign, and now you're just sitting up there! Are we engaged in a secret staring contest?!
Steven *arrives with Pearl and Amethyst* Garnet! Are you okay?
Garnet *jumps off the building* I'm fine.
Kiki Hi, Steven.
Amethyst *looking and laughing at the building sign* This place is wrecked! Gimme one down low! *puts her hand up for high-five, but Pearl shoves it down*
Pearl No accolades for you, Amethyst! *turns to Garnet* She knocked the pufferfish back out into the ocean!
Amethyst Narc!
Garnet Let's regroup back at the temple.
(The Gems leaps away, leaving Steven before.)
Kofi Where are you going? What about my sign? *turns to Steven* Steven! What is wrong with your friends? One of them busted up my sign, then they all just jump into the sky like some circus act, without even offering to help!
Steven But, Mr. Pizza!-
Jenny *exits the restaurant* Da-ad, pipe down!
Kofi Ohhh! Did I interrupt your beauty sleep?
Jenny *yawns* I don't need sleep to look pretty.
Kofi Now you listen here, young woman!
(Nanefua appears at the doorway of the restaurant holding a dead fish.)
Nanefua Kofi, you are going to wake this fish from the dead with all the noise you're keeping. Oh, too late. *pretends to be the fish* Kofi, you so loud! Aaaahh! *sticks her tongue out* Bleeeeeh.
Jenny Gunga, you're so funny.
Kofi Mooom! Quit joking around! Look what they did to my sign!
Nanefua *exits the building looks at the sign* Cheese on bread.
Kofi Can you believe it? You're such a nice boy, Steven. Why do you hang out with those animals?
Steven They're not animals! They're the Crystal Gems, and they protect humanity—
Kofi I've heard enough!
Nanefua *glances nervously at Kofi and Steven* Hey, girls, I think I hear all of our cellphones ringing.
Jenny *plays along* Gunga, your hearing is so good! (The three girls walk back into the shop.)
Kofi Steven, you can tell your friends that they are officially BANNED - from Fish Stew Pizza!
Steven Wait, what?! Kofi, that's not fair! This was just an accident!
(Kofi stomps back into the restaurant and flips the "Closed" sign at the door. Steven walks away in despair.)
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(The Gems are all gathered around the kitchen counter as Steven returns.)
Amethyst Why don't we just, like, let it roam free?
Garnet That's not an option.
Amethyst *looks Steven approaching* Hey, Steven!
Steven I've got bad news, everyone. You've all been banned from Fish Stew Pizza.
Pearl *pause* Oh, uhhh, that's okay.
Amethyst That pizza wasn't even good.
Steven Aren't you guys upset about this?
Garnet Not at all?
Steven But these are our neighbors!
Garnet There's nothing we can do about that now.
Pearl Right now, we have to figure out a way to take care of that pufferfish.
Steven What's the point of saving people if they're just gonna ban you from their pizza shops?
Garnet We don't do it for thanks.
Steven Yeah, see! *nods* That's so nice of you, the Pizzas don't even know! If they got to spend some time with you they'd see *turns to Amethyst* how fun, *to Pearl* and smart, *to Garnet* and mysterious you are!
Garnet *chuckles* Hah, mysterious.
Steven Hmm... *ponders for a while* I know! I'll throw a little party on the beach in front of the temple! Just us and the Pizzas.
Amethyst I don't know, Steven. I mean-
Steven Don't worry! I'll take care of everything!
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven has a table and chairs set on the beach. He is also cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on a barbecue grill.)
Steven Man, this is gonna be so good. *sniffs the food and giggles*
Amethyst Hey, Steven.
Steven Hey!
Pearl Got everything ready for your little party?
Steven Yeah, and there's one more thing. *hands the Gems a magazine reading "Foine Summer Special" and Garnet grabs it*
Amethyst What's this for?
Steven I was thinking you guys could change your outfits.
Pearl What's wrong with what we have on now?
Steven Nothing. I just thought it would be nice to go kinda casual.
(The Pizza family begins to arrive around the cliff.)
Nanefua Is this the right address?
Jenny I've never seen this side of the beach before.
Steven Oh man, they're here! Hurry up and change. Over here everyone! *runs towards the Pizza family* Hi!
Jenny & Kiki Hey, Steven!
Nanefua Hello.
Steven How are you all doing today?
Kofi The shop is closed today, because it's broken!
(His family looks around nervously.)
Steven *sweating* Oh! Uh... that sounds, uh...
Nanefua Hey! Do I smell hot dogs? Show me where the hot dogs are.
Steven Oh, right this way, everyone. *leads them toward the Gems* First, let me introduce—
Garnet We Are the Crystal Gems!
(The Gems turns their appearances and outfits into casual beachwear as they introduce themselves.)
Garnet Garnet!
Amethyst Amethyst!
Pearl Pearl!
Steven *pops in* And Steven! ...But you already knew my name.
Nanefua Oh, you're all so talented.
Kofi So, you are a circus act.
Pearl Circus act?
Steven *barges in* Hey, let's eat!
(The Crystal Gems and the Pizza family begin eating around the party table.)
Kiki Everything came out great!
Steven Thanks, Kiki.
Nanefua Aren't you girls hungry? You've barely touched your food.
Garnet We don't need to eat.
Nanefua Oh, you young people and your experimental diets.
Garnet I am much older than you.
Kofi So, you all live in that tiny house up on that hill?
Garnet *waves her hand as it sparkles in the air* We inhabit the inner sanctums, only accessible through magical extra dimensional doors.
Kofi What is wrong with your hand?
Jenny And why does this place look like it's falling apart?
Pearl Well, the temple has been here for thousands of years—
Kofi Oh! I see how it is, when something breaks around here, you just leave it alone... just like the sign at my shop!
Steven Um... *sweating profusely* Who wants to play volleyball?
(Steven draws the outline of the volleyball court on the sand with a stick.)
Steven Okay, everyone, the court is all set. Now to get into our teams.
Pearl But, Steven, won't our abilities give us an unfair advantage?
Steven That's why I'm picking the teams: Amethyst and Jenny! Pearl and Kiki! Garnet and Kofi! And last, but not least, yours truly and Nanefua!
Nanefua I haven't played in ages but I bet I could whoop all your butts.
Steven That's the spirit. You guys ready? Let's play!
(Steven throws the volleyball into the air and the first match begins. Amethyst gets the first serve.)
Amethyst Oh-ho! Hope you're ready to lose, Pearl.
Pearl There is no way I'd lose to someone like you!
Amethyst Here we come! *hits the ball*
Kiki Uh... hah! *hits the ball up*
Pearl Nice one, Kiki!
Kiki Aaand... pow!
(Kiki smacks the ball down. Amethyst and Jenny miss it.)
Steven Amethyst, no kicking!
Amethyst What kind of game is this?
Pearl Nicely done, Kiki! *high-fives Kiki*
Steven Try and stick to the rules, Amethyst!
Nanefua Try harder, Jenny!
Kiki Here it comes! *serves the ball*
(Jenny pulls back the net and uses it to deflect the ball into the air.)
Kiki Come on, Jenny!
Jenny What? I'm not doing anything.
Amethyst My move! *shapeshifts into a tennis racket and smacks the ball down*
Jenny Aw, yes!
Pearl That was uncalled for, Amethyst!
Jenny You afraid of getting a little sand in your hair, Kiki?
Kiki No, just trying to keep tidy.
Pearl There's nothing wrong with trying to keep tidy.
Nanefua So exciting!
Steven Yeah!
Kofi Our turn!
Garnet I'm ready.
Jenny I got this one.
Kofi Jennifer! You touch that ball, you're grounded!
Jenny Whoa! *dodges the ball* Daddy, you cheatin'!
Kofi Hahaha! The look on your face! Hahaha!
Garnet This is going to be easy.
Nanefua It'd be nice if they stuck to the basics.
Amethyst Take this, Garnet! Yeeeee-ha! *hits the ball high up in the air*
Garnet *jumps up into the air* Haaaghh! Ah! *smacks the ball hard downwards*
(The ball comes charging at full speed towards Amethyst and Jenny.)
Jenny We should probably move, huh?
Amethyst Yeah, we should...
(Both Amethyst and Jenny move away from the volleyball court, just as the ball hits the sand like a meteor, forming glass on its impact.)
Kofi Hahaha! You're all running like wild chickens! Hahahaha!
Amethyst & Jenny *looking at the glass formation* Woaaaaah!
Nanefua Did you know that when sand is super heated it turns into glass?
Steven I did not know that.
Amethyst *grabs the glass formation and tosses it into the ocean in rage* Let's play!
(The Gems and the Pizzas continue playing volleyball with each other.)
Pearl *sees Amethyst kicking the ball* Amethyst! *proceeds to summon five Holo-Pearls* Aahhh... *runs around Kiki with the Holo-Pearls* Over here, Amethyst! Over here!
Kofi Kofi time! *hits the ball*
Jenny Jenny time!
Kofi You can't use the car for a month!
Jenny *misses the ball* Daddy!
Amethyst Why you cheatin' so much?
Garnet You cheated first.
Jenny That is not true!
(The Gems and the Pizzas start arguing in the background.)
Nanefua This is getting out of hand.
Steven *sigh* I'll run and get the ball.
(He chases after the volleyball, when a strong gust of wind starts to blow.)
Steven Hey, why is it getting so... windy?! (The pufferfish monster appears around the cliff corner.) Ah, no! It's back! Pufferfish monster's back!
Nanefua What's all the—
Steven Nanefua! Ruuuunnn!!!
(The Gems and the Pizzas are still arguing, oblivious to the strong wind blowing.)
Amethyst We should win 'cause we're the best.
Kiki Y'all cheated!
Garnet You are lying.
Pearl Cheaters!
Kofi Everyone is grounded here!
Steven *running away with Nanafua* Garneeet!!!
Garnet Steven! Oh, no! Gems! Protect the Pizzas!
(The Gems each grab the Pizzas and leaps away to safety.)
Kofi Hey!? What is going on!?
Steven This is terrible. I was trying to get everyone together, but now everyone's in danger.
Nanefua I'm not afraid of that thing! Let's see if you can keep up with me!
Steven Of course I can! *runs towards the pufferfish monster with Nanafua*
Nanefua Oh! Oh! Over here!
Steven No! Over here! Come on!
(Nanefua and Steven starts running in circles around the monster and distracting it.)
Pearl Oh my gosh! Steven!
Kiki What are they doing?
Steven Everybody, get ready!
Kofi *to Nanefua* Mom, you are crazy!
Garnet Not crazy... Brave.
Jenny Gunga, careful with your back!
Steven Amethyst, turn yourself into a ball!
Amethyst Okay! *shapeshifts into a ball*
Nanefua Jenny, roll Amethyst to the net and then hold on!
Jenny Sure thing! *rolls Amethyst towards the volleyball net*
Nanefua Pearl, head over to Jenny and Amethyst!
Pearl Yes, ma'am! *jumps into the air and over to the volleyball court*
Nanefua Hit Amethyst into the air as hard as you can!
Pearl *cracks knuckles* With pleasure...
(Pearl tosses Amethyst into the air and whacks her high into the sky.)
Pearl Hu-uh!
Nanefua Kofi, Kiki! Get over to the net!
Steven Garnet, spike the beach!
Garnet I understand!
(Garnet summons her gauntlets and leaps into the air.)
Amethyst *gets caught by Garnet* Be gentle.
Garnet I'll try!
(Garnet smacks Amethyst hard. Amethyst grunts as she plunges towards the ground like a meteor, gradually setting aflame. She then makes impact on the sand, creating a huge spiky formation of glass.)
Nanefua Here comes the tricky part!
Steven I'm ready!
(Steven and Nanafua runs towards the volleyball court and the pufferfish monster gives chase.)
Nanefua Everyone take the net to the other side of the court!
Steven Okay, everyone, pull the net into its face!
(Everyone starts pushing against the wind and shoving the monster into the glass spikes with the net.)
Nanefua It's not enough!
Steven Don't worry, here comes Garnet!
(Garnet dives from the sky towards the monster and punches it into the glass spikes. A cloud of sand then envelops the screen. A period of time passes by.)
Kofi Thanks for your hospitality.
Nanefua *lightly jabs Kofi in the stomach* And?
Kofi And, for saving my family, you are all officially unbanned from my shop.
Steven Aw, thank you so much, Kofi! We really appreciate it, right, guys?
Garnet Okay, yes, thanks.
Steven Aaaand?
Pearl What were we banned from again?
(Steven protects the Gems and laughs nervously as the star iris zooms in on his face, ending the episode.)

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