[Open Int. Beach]

(The Crystal Gems all fall on the ground whilst screaming)


Steven: Whoa!

Pearl: Are you okay, Steven?

Steven: *on a boogie board* I've seen better days.

Amethyst: *innocently* Pearl, I got a boo-boo.

Pearl: Oh, walk it off!

Garnet: Here it comes! *Giant Puffferfish rises out of the ocean and blows a strong wind* You all distract it!

(Garnet jumps into the air)

Pearl: Let's show this thing what we're made of, guys!

Amethyst: What do you think we've been doing for the past hour? *Pearl throws her spear but the pufferfish blows it back towards them*

Pearl: Duck! *Pearl ducks and it flies towards Amethyst*

Amethyst: Man, I don't see any du...*she sees the spear and ducks, but a little bit of her hair is sliced off* Quaack!

Steven: Steven's turn! *he throws the boogie board but it only gets stuck to the pufferfish's spikes* Yep, it's got spikes.

Amethyst: Don't worry. *puts her arm on his shoulder* Here comes Garnet! *Garnet drops down over the pufferfish*

Steven: Smash that puff!

(Garnet tries to smash it, but the pufferfish's blowing power stops her. She then goes flying through the sky and crashes on a building on the boardwalk.)

Steven: Aw, Man! We blew it!

Amethyst: Ughh, whatever! *She runs up to the pufferfish, shapeshifts into a baseball bat, and smacks the fish far into the ocean*

Pearl: Amethyst! Smacking it really far away doesn't solve anything! We needed to destroy it. Now it's just gonna come back later.

Amethyst: Yeah, so we'll deal with it later.

Pearl: Uggh!

Steven: Let's go get Garnet. She landed by the boardwalk. *The rest of the Gems walk to the boardwalk*

[Trans. Ext. Fish Stew Pizza]

(Garnet is calmly laying on the wrecked sign of Fish Stew Pizza with Kiki and Kofi on the ground.)

Kofi: Would you answer me?!? You've wrecked my sign, and now you're just sitting up there! Are we engaged in a secret staring contest?!? *the other gems come to the shop*

Steven: Garnet! Are you okay? *Garnet hops down*

Garnet: I'm fine.

Kiki: Hi, Steven. *the Gems look at the sign*

Amethyst:*laughing* This place is wrecked! Gimme one down low! *puts her hand up for high-five *but Pearl shoves her hand down*

Pearl: No accolades for you, Amethyst! *to Garnet* She knocked the pufferfish back out into the ocean!

Amethyst: Nark! *means snitch*

Garnet: Let's regroup at the temple. *the gems jump into the sky*

Kofi: Where are you going? What about my sign? *demands Steven's attention*Steven! What is wrong with your friends? One of them busts up my sign, then they all just jump into the sky like some circus act, without even offering to help!

Steven: But, Mr. Pizza!*Jenny comes out of the shop*

Jenny: Daad, pipe down!

Kofi: Ohhh! Did I interupt your beauty sleep? *Jenny yawns*

Jenny: I don't need sleep to look pretty.

Kofi: Now you listen here, young woman...*Nanafua comes out of shop with dead fish*

Nanafua: Kofi, you are going to wake this fish from the dead with all the noise you are keeping! Oh, too late.*pretending to be fish* Kofi, you so loud! Aaaahh! *sticks tongue out*

Jenny: Gunga, you're so funny!

Kofi: Mooom! Quit joking around!*Nanafua comes to the front of the shop* Look what they did to my sign!

Nanafua: *surprised* Cheese on bread.

Kofi: Can you believe it? You're such a nice boy, Steven. Why do you hang out with those animals?

Steven: They're not animals! They're the crystal gems, and they protect humanity--

Kofi: I've had enough!!!*Nanafua sees the tension and tries to get out of the situation*

Nanafua: Hey girls, I think I hear all of our cellphones ringing.

Jenny: *playing along* Gunga, your hearing's so good! *the three girls walk into the shop*

Kofi: Steven, you can tell your friends that they are officially banned from Fish Stew Pizza!

Steven: Wait, what?!? *Kofi walks in the shop* Kofi, that's not fair! *Kofi puts the sign to "closed"* It was just an accident!*Steven gets sad and walks away in despair*

[Trans. Int. Steven's Kitchen]

(The gems are all gathered around Steven's kitchen counter.)

Amethyst: Why don't we just like, let it roam free?

Garnet: That's not an option. *Steven walks up to them*

Amethyst: Hey, Steven!

Steven: I've got bad news, everyone. You've all been banned from Fish Stew Pizza.

Pearl: Oh, uh, that's okay.

Amethyst: That pizza wasn't even good.

Steven: Aren't you guys upset about this?

Garnet: Not at all.

Steven: But these are our neighbors!

Garnet: There's nothing we can do about that now.

Pearl: Now we have to figure out a way to take care of that pufferfish.

Steven: What's the point of saving people if they're just gonna ban you from their pizza shops?

Garnet: We don't do it for thanks.

Steven: Yeah, see! That's so nice of you, the Pizzas don't even know! If they got to know you they'd see how fun,*Amethyst* and smart, *Pearl* and mysterious you are! *Garnet*

Garnet: Heh, mysterious.

Steven: Hmmm. *gasp*I know! I'll throw a little party on the beach in front of the temple! Just us and the Pizzas.

Amethyst:I don't know, Steven. I mean...

Steven: Don't worry! I'll take care of everything!

[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]

(Steven is cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on a barbecue grill.)

Steven: Man, this is gonna be so good. *sniffs food and giggles*

Amethyst: Heyy, Steven.

Steven: Hey!

Pearl: Got everything ready for your little party?

Steven: Yeah, and there's one more thing.*hands them a magazine entitled "Foine Summer Special" and Garnet grabs it*

Amethyst: What's this for?

Steven: I was thinking you guys should change your outfits.

Pearl: What's wrong with what we have on now?

Steven: Nothing. I just thought it would be nice to wear something kinda casual.

Nanafua: Is this the right address? *Pizza family walks onto the beach*

Jenny: I've never seen this side of the beach before.

Steven: Oh man, they're here! Hurry up and change. *walks to Pizza family* Over here everyone!

Jenny & Kiki: Hey Steven!

Nanafua: Hello.

Steven: How are you all doing today?

Kofi: The shop is closed today, because it is broken. *everyone starts feeling awkward*

Steven: *sweating* Oh, uh, that sounds, uhh.

Nanafua: Hey! Do I smell hot dogs? Show me where the hot dogs are.

Steven: Oh, right this way everyone. *leads them toward Gems* First, let me introduce...

Garnet: We are the crystal gems! Garnet! *changes into beachwear*

Amethyst: Amethyst! *changes into beachwear*

Pearl: Pearl! *changes into beachwear*

Steven: And Stevenn! But you already knew my name.

Nanafua: Oh, you're all so talented.

Kofi: So, you are a circus act.

Pearl: Circus act?

Steven: Hey, let's eat!

(Amethyst lifts burger off table and takes a huge bite.)

Kiki: Everything came out great!

Steven: Thanks Kiki.

Nanafua: Aren't you girls hungry? You've barely touched your food.

Garnet: We don't need to eat.

Nanafua: Oh, you young people and your experimental diets.

Garnet: I am much older than you.

Kofi: So, you all live on that tiny house up on that hill?

Garnet: *waves sparkling hand* We inhabit the inner sanctums, only accessable by magical, extradimensional doors.

Kofi: What is wrong with your hand?

Jenny: And why does this place looks like its falling apart?

Pearl: Well the temple has been here for thousands of years...*Pearl gets interrupted*

Kofi: Oh! I see how it is, when something breaks around you just leave it alone. JUST LIKE THE SIGN AT MY SHOP!

Steven: Um... who wants to play volleyball?(Scene changes to Steven drawing a line for the volleyball court) Ok everyone, the court is all set now to get into our teams.

Pearl: But Steven, won't our abilities give us an unfair advantage.

Steven: That's why I'm picking the teams, Amethyst and Jenny! Pearl and Kiki! Garnet and Kofi! And last but not least yours truly Nanafua!

Nanafua: I haven't played in ages but I bet I could whoop all your butts.

Steven: That's the spirit, you guys ready? Leeets play!

Amethyst: Hoho! Hope your ready to lose Pearl.

Pearl: There is no way I'll lose to someone like you!

Amethyst: Here we come!*Amethyst hits the ball*

Kiki: Uh..Hah!*Kiki hits the ball up*

Pearl: Nice one Kiki!

Kiki: Aaand..pow!

(Amethyst and Jenny miss the ball)

Steven: Amethyst! No kicking!

Amethyst: What kind of game is this?

Pearl: Nicely done Kiki *Pearl and Kiki high five*

Steven: Try and stick to the rules Amethyst!

Nanafua: Try harder Jenny!

Kiki: Here it comes!*Hits the ball*,*Jenny cheats by pulling the net* Come on, Jenny!

Jenny: What? I'm not doing anything.

Amethyst: My move!*Amethyst changes into a tennis racket*

Jenny: Aw, yes!

Pearl: That was uncalled for Amethyst!

Jenny: You afraid of getting a little sand in your hair Kiki?

Kiki: No just trying to keep tidy.

Pearl: There's nothing wrong with trying to keep tidy.

Nanafua: So exciting!

Steven: Yea!

Kofi: Our turn.

Garnet: We're ready.

Jenny: We got this one.

Kofi: Jennifer! You touch that ball your grounded!

Jenny: Whoa! Daddy! You cheatin'!

Kofi: HAHA! The look on your face! Hahaha

Garnet: This is going to be easy.

Nanafua: It be nice if they stuck to the basics.

Amethyst: Take this Garnet! Yeeeee Ha!*Amethyst hits the ball high up in the air*

Garnet: Haaaghh! Ah!*Garnet hits the ball*

Jenny:(The ball is coming full speed at Amethyst and Jenny) We should probably move, huh?

'Amethyst: Yeah... we should.*Both Amethyst and Jenny move away*

Kofi: Haha! You're all running like wild chickens! Hahaha!

Amethyst 8 Jenny: Woaaaaah!

Nanafua: Did you know? When sand is super heated it turns into glass?

Steven: I did not know that.

Amethyst:(Amethyst carries the glass heated by the sand and throws it into the ocean) Let's play!

(The next scene shows all the gems and the Pizzas playing, where Amethyst kicks the ball with her foot and Pearl summons multiple holograms of herself, a part where Kofi says that Jenny can't use the car for a month if she hits the ball. The teams then fight because of the cheating)

Nanafua: This is getting out of hand.

Steven:*sigh* I'll run and get the ball,*Suddenly a strong gust of wind blows* Hey why is it getting so.. WINDY!? Ah, no! It's back! Pufferfish monster is back!

Nanafua: What's all the..*Nanafua gets interrupted*

Steven: Nanafua! Ruuuunnn!!!

(The gems and the pizzas are still arguing oblivious to the pufferfish monster)

Steven: Garrneeeet!!!

Garnet: Steven! Oh no! Gems protect the pizzas!*The gems grab the pizzas and jump away to safety*

Kofi: Hey!? What is going on!?

Steven: This is terrible, I was trying to get everyone together... now everyones in danger.

Nanafua: I'm not afraid of that thing! Lets see if you can keep up with me!

Steven: Of course I can!

Nanafua: Over here!

Steven: No! Over here!*Nanafua and Steven run in circles distracting the monster*

Pearl: Oh my gosh! Steven!

Kiki: What are they doing?

Steven: Everybody! Get ready!

Kofi: Mum, you are crazy!

Garnet: Not crazy... brave.

Jenny: Gunga! Careful with you back!

Steven: Amethyst! Turn yourself into a ball!

Amethyst: Okay!*changes into a ball*

Nanafua: Jenny! Roll Amethyst to the net and than hold on!

Jenny: Sure thing!

Nanafua: Pearl! Head over to Jenny and Amethyst!

Pearl: Yes ma'am!*Pearl jumps over to the net*

Nanafua: Hit Amethyst into the air as hard as you can!

Pearl:*Cracks knuckles* With pleasure.*Pearl hits Amethyst high into the air*

Nanafua: Kofi! Kiki! Get over to the net!

Steven: Garnet spike the beach!

Garnet: I understand!*Garnet equips her gauntlets*

Amethyst:*Garnet grabs Amethyst* Be gentle.

Garnet: I'll try!

(Garnet hits Amethyst, Amethyst lands of the sand creating a huge spike of glass)

Nanafua: Here comes the tricky part!

Steven: I'm ready!

Nanafua: Everyone take the net to the other side of the court!

Steven: Ok everone pull the net onto its face!

(Everyone pushes the net onto the monster's face)

Nanafua: It's not enough!

Steven: Don't worry here comes Garnet!

(Garnet punches the monster into the spiky glass)

Kofi: Thank you for your hospitality.

Nanafua: And?

Kofi: And for saving my family, you are all officially un-ban from my shop.

Steven: Aww thank you so much Kofi! We really appreciate it, right guys?

Garnet: Ok... yeah thanks.

Steven: Aaaand?

Pearl: What were we banned from again?

Steven: *laughs nervously*

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