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The Big Donut is a store in Beach City that sells donuts, assorted food, and drink products. For years, Lars Barriga and Sadie Miller were the only employees there. As of "Sadie Killer", however, Sadie has quit. In "Pool Hopping", Garnet is an employee at the store but quits the job soon after. As of "Letters to Lars", the store is now run by the town's former mayor Bill Dewey.



The Big Donut roof is topped with a large donut sign covered in chocolate icing with pink, green, and blue sprinkles. The roof is colored in a blue and pink pattern, the walls are a muted violet-brown, and the window canopies are a deep pink and brown striped pattern printed with a "Big Donut" sign on the awning. There is a table with a pink umbrella and two chairs near the entrance.


Gem Glow Backgrounds (10).jpg

Goods can be bought at a counter at the back of the store's front room; baked goods are stored under the counter. Flyers and advertisements can be seen on a board near the counter. Vending machines, coolers, and product posters that line the walls are also found. Small tables are scattered about the shop. Cookie Cats and Lion Lickers are notably sold.

Behind the storefront through a hallway on the right is the storage room where baked goods and other products are held. An employee break room with a small television, chairs, a table, and some shipping boxes containing some food products, is located behind the central room.

A small parking lot with a few street lights is situated behind the building.

Logo on the shirts worn by the Employees

The company's logo is a donut resembling the letter "D" with a bite taken out of the side (or a topping) to resemble the letter "B". All employee T-shirts are printed with this logo on them.


Pastries and Baked Goods

  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Croissants

Ice Cream


Snack Foods






Although not being canonical, in the Pilot, Steven buys three donuts for the Crystal Gems, but since he goes back in time twice, he has nine in three bags. Later, to save the Crystal Gems, Sadie, and Lars, he pushes the Big Donut's donut sign from the roof onto the Electric Skull which destroyed it.

"Gem Glow"

Steven tries buying Cookie Cats at the Big Donut before the store stops carrying them, and Sadie allows him to take the freezer, as Lion Lickers became more popular and higher in demand. Later in the episode, Amethyst destroys the dumpster behind the Big Donut to which Lars exclaims, "Again?!", implying that she has done this previously.

"Cat Fingers"

Steven goes to the Big Donut to demonstrate his cat fingers to Lars and Sadie.

"Bubble Buddies"

Steven and Connie go to the Big Donut for assistance to break Steven's magical bubble, only to be mocked by Lars while Sadie tries to break the bubble with a hammer and stool.

"So Many Birthdays"

While rapidly aging, middle-aged Steven goes to the Big Donut to order a donut and becomes depressed as he realizes that he is old. Sadie is unable to recognize Steven because he is aging quickly. Steven asks Sadie if she could assist him in getting into his birthday suit, and Sadie chases him out of the store.

"Rose's Room"

While Steven is inside Rose's Room in the Crystal Temple, it creates a false Big Donut, complete with holographic versions of Lars and Sadie.

"Coach Steven"

Steven goes here to show Lars and Sadie his injury (a small cut from shrapnel) from his encounter with the fusion Gem, Sugilite.

"Joking Victim"

Steven becomes a temporary employee at the Big Donut. Sadie shows Steven the back of the store, and also a training tape for employees. Later, Sadie and Steven decide to take revenge on Lars for tricking Sadie, so they give him a donut with fire salt on top. Lars starts a fire in the Big Donut, and Sadie puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

"House Guest"

Greg requests that Steven go to the Big Donut, but the shop is only mentioned.

"Island Adventure"

Steven goes to the Big Donut and convinces Sadie and Lars to take a vacation on Mask Island.

"Watermelon Steven"

Steven visits the Big Donut to recover one of his sentient watermelons. Sadie had decorated the melon's head with a donut.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven and Lion go to the Big Donut for breakfast one morning. Later, Steven and Sadie watch a tape from his mother Rose Quartz in the employee's room.

"Alone Together"

Stevonnie goes to the Big Donut to buy some donuts for themself to eat. Thanks to being awed by Stevonnie's beauty, Lars and Sadie let them have the donuts for free.

"Future Vision"

Steven and Garnet explore Garnet's future vision at the Big Donut, and Lars almost accidentally spills hot coffee on Steven, before Garnet jumps in the way to stop it from burning him.

"Horror Club"

Lars and Sadie lock up the Big Donut before going to the Lighthouse with Steven to watch horror films.

"Shirt Club"

Steven puts up posters advertising Greg's guitar lessons on the store's bulletin board. Buck Dewey visits the store to order a salad, despite the Big Donut only selling baked dessert items.

"Political Power"

Mayor Dewey and Steven visit the Big Donut during "Damage control" after the power outage.

"The Return"

The building is seen with all of its windows shattered by the Gem Warship's crash landing.

"Full Disclosure"

Out of habit, Steven visits the store the next day only to discover the store damaged and abandoned.

"Sadie's Song"

Steven hands out flyers for Beach-a-Palooza and finds Sadie singing in the back room. At the end of the episode, they return to the backroom to perform the song in private.

"Steven Floats"

Steven realizes that the store is closed for the night, and Sadie greets him at the time, advising him that if he wakes up when the store opens, he will have the honor of having the store's first handmade fresh donut of the day. Steven plans to arrive when the store opens at 7 AM but ends up getting stuck in the sky after accidentally jumping too high. 7:00 passes and he resigns himself to missing out, but after finally landing he is told by Garnet to get to the Big Donut, where he finds Sadie opening up. Sadie reveals that the Big Donut opens at 7:30 on weekends and gives Steven the first donut of the day. Steven becomes so excited he jumps straight into the ceiling, damaging it and surprising Sadie.

"The New Lars"

While hanging out the store, Steven asks Lars and Sadie whether koalas or sloths should be crowned the king of "hanging around, doing nothing mammals".

"Crack the Whip"

Amethyst, Steven, and Connie visit the store to buy donuts.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

The store is mentioned when Lars and Sadie contemplate whether to skip work or not. After encountering Zoltron (Steven), they decide to go after all when told their deep feelings.

"Last One Out of Beach City"

Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst visit the store to get snacks and drinks before going to the rock show. They encounter Mystery Girl here.

"Dewey Wins"

Steven came to the Big Donut to tell Sadie and she was shocked that Lars still in space.

"Sadie Killer"

Steven visits the Big Donut to buy some donuts. Here he also informs Sadie about the band he is in with the Cool Kids and invites her to join them. Throughout the episode, Sadie struggles to juggle her work with band practice. In the end, Sadie quits her job at the Big Donut.

"Lars of the Stars"

Lars is excited to return to his home planet Earth to show the Off Colors the Donut store. Steven mentions that Sadie quit her job there.

"Pool Hopping"

Garnet temporarily worked at the Donut store, before eventually quitting.

"Letters to Lars"

Steven allowed Bill Dewey to work at the Donut store and Bill takes Steven's advice as the Big Donut is back in business.

Steven Universe: The Movie

In the movie, the Big Donut is damaged by the poison that was injected by Spinel's injector. It was later repaired by the Gems and the citizens of Beach City.

"The Future"



  • They used to make the donuts in the store, but now they just get them shipped to the store, due to a catastrophe that is known as "The Accident".
    • However, as of "Steven Floats", they now continue to bake donuts as the workplace safety lawsuit against them has been thrown out.

"The Accident"

  • The store's exterior design may be a reference to "Randy's Donuts": a chain of Big Donut drive-thrus' which originated in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Big Donut is the building in Beach City that is located closest to the Crystal Temple.
Joking Victim (071).png
  • In the break room by the door, there hangs a "Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire" poster, shown in "Joking Victim".
  • The Big Donut did not exist at the time of Greg's beach concert, as shown in "Story for Steven".
  • The Big Donut opens at 7:00 but at 7:30 on Sundays, as mentioned in "Steven Floats".


Shirt club1.png
  • The prices for Donuts seem to be inconsistent, with a single donut being $0.99 while a "Combo" is $3.39, and a "Triple" is $2.49.
    • Another inconsistency is a sign that reads "WE ONLY SELL DONUTS!", even though a number of other things are sold as well.


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