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"Gem Glow"

"Laser Light Cannon"


"Cat Fingers"

"Bubble Buddies"

"Steven's Lion"

"Arcade Mania"

"So Many Birthdays"

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

"Lion 2: The Movie"

"Beach Party"

"Rose's Room"

"Coach Steven"

"Joking Victim"

"Mirror Gem"

"Ocean Gem"

"Secret Team"

"Island Adventure"

"Watermelon Steven"

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

"Alone Together"

"Future Vision"

"Horror Club"

"Maximum Capacity"

"Shirt Club"

"Political Power"

"The Return"

"Full Disclosure"

"Love Letters"

"Lion Loves to Fit in a Box"

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

"Sadie's Song"