The "Big Donut" is a store in Beach City that sells doughnuts and assorted food products and the place where Sadie and Lars work.


Big Donut

Logo on the shirts worn by the Employees


The Big Donut's roof is topped with a large doughnut sign covered in chocolate icing with pink and green sprinkles. The walls are a muted violet-brown, and the window canopies are a deep pink and brown striped pattern printed with "Big Donut" in front.


Goods can be purchased at a counter at the back of the store's front room; baked goods are stored under the counter. Vending machines, coolers, and product posters line the walls. Small tables are scattered around the shop.

Behind the store front through a hallway on the right is the storage room, where baked goods and other products are held. An employee break room with a small television and shipping boxes containing some food products, is located behind the central room.

A small parking lot with a few street lights is situated behind the building.

The company's logo is a doughnut resembling the letter "D" with a bite taken out of the side to resemble the letter "B". Employee t-shirts are printed with the logo.






Steven buys three doughnuts for the Crystal Gems, but since he goes back in time, he has 9. He pushes the Big Donut's doughnut sign from the roof onto the Electric Skulls, defeating them.

"Gem Glow"

Steven buys Cookie Cats here before the store stops carrying them and takes the freezer, as Lion Lickers became more popular. Amethyst destroys the dumpster behind the Big Donut to which Lars exclaims "Again?!", implying that she has done this previously.

"Cat Fingers"

Steven went to the Big Donut to tell Lars and Sadie about his cat finger.

"Bubble Buddies"

Steven and Connie go here for help to break Steven's magical bubble, only to be mocked by Lars as well as Sadie breaks a stool trying to pop the bubble.

"So Many Birthdays"

While rapidly aging, middle aged Steven goes to the Big Donut to order a doughnut and becomes depressed as he realizes that he is old.

"Rose's Room"

While Steven is inside Rose's room in the Crystal Temple, it creates a virtual Big Donut complete with a fake Lars and Sadie.

"Coach Steven"

Steven goes here to show Lars and Sadie his injury (a small cut from shrapnel) from his encounter with the fusion GemSugilite.

"Joking Victim"

Lars starts a fire in the Big Donut; fortunately Sadie prevents a disaster by using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Later Steven is seen in the Big Donut's break room, while he is a temporary store employee. It is mentioned that the Big Donut originally made their doughnuts in-store. Doughnuts are currently shipped to the store, following an undisclosed "accident."

"Island Adventure"

Steven goes here and convinces Sadie and Lars to take a vacation on Mask Island.

"Watermelon Steven"

Steven visits the Big Donut in order to recover one of his sentient watermelons. Sadie decorates the melon's head with a doughnut.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven and Lion go to the Big Donut for breakfast one morning. Later, Steven and Sadie watch a tape from his mother Rose Quartz in the employee's room.

"Alone Together"

Stevonnie, the fusion between Steven and Connie, went to the Big Donut to buy some doughnuts.

"Future Vision"

Steven and Garnet explore Garnet's foresight in at the Big Donut, and Lars almost accidentally spills coffee on Steven, before Garnet jumps in the way to get burned instead.

"Horror Club"

Lars and Sadie lock up the Big Donut before going to The Lighthouse with Steven.

"Political Power"

Mayor Dewey and Steven visit the Big Donut during "damage control" after the power outage.

"The Return"

All the building's windows are shattered by the Gem Warship.

"Jail Break"

Debris rains onto Beach City from the warship explosion.

"Full Disclosure"

Out of habit, Steven visits the store during the Beach City cleanup only to discover the doors are gone and the store abandoned.

"Shirt Club"

Steven put up posters here advertising Greg's guitar lessons.


  • The Big Donut started giving free wifi, as of the episode "Lion 3: Straight to Video".
    File:Joking Victim The Accident.png
  • The store used to make their own doughnuts there, but now they just get them shipped to the store, due to "the accident" from the past.
  • Mr. Smiley sings in the Big Donut's employee training video, shown in "Joking Victim," however, it is noted that he was never actually a store employee.
  • The store name may be a reference to the "Colossal Donut" from The Simpsons.
  • The store's exterior design may be a reference to "Randy's Donuts": a chain of big donut drive-thrus originated in Los Angeles, California.
  • According to "Cat Fingers", it is revealed that doughnuts at the Big Donut cost $1.05 each.
  • The Big Donut is the Beach City building located closest to the Crystal Temple.
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