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You say they want me to be 'made' of honor? Well, I am. I'm made of the most solid, flexible, diamagnetic stuff there is and I'm not as dense as you might think.

—"Made of Honor"
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Bismuth is one of the original and current members of the Crystal Gems. Before the end of the Rebellion, she and Rose Quartz had a conflict of interests, leading to them falling out. This ultimately led to Bismuth being poofed, bubbled, and left inside of the Pink Dimension. Rose then lied to the other Gems, telling them that she went missing in battle.

5,300 years later, Rose's son, Steven, accidentally freed her. After her proposal had been rejected once again, she and Steven fought and she was poofed and bubbled again by him. This time, unlike Rose, Steven revealed to the others what happened to her. Bismuth was kept in her bubble for some time afterward out of fear she might lash out again until Steven finally freed her again in "Made of Honor" to re-join the team permanently.

After her return, Bismuth begins taking on a mentor role for Steven alongside her fellow Crystal Gems. Steven often confides in Bismuth with information nobody but her would understand. She warns him to be wary of the Diamonds prior to his journey to Homeworld, restores his hope after the rest of the Crystal Gems are rejuvenated in Steven Universe: The Movie, and reminds him to be proud of his unusual traits because he's a Crystal Gem in "Bismuth Casual". Bismuth also resumes her role as a blacksmith and resides at Little Homeworld with Peridot and Lapis Lazuli after building a large majority of it. Additionally, Bismuth has developed romantic feelings for Pearl, who seems to be unaware of, but not necessarily opposed to, this attraction.


Bismuth has a large, bulky body type with broad shoulders and a strong, flat chest that is wider than her lower body. She is very tall for a non-fusion Gem, being slightly taller than Garnet. Her legs are noticeably shorter compared to her arms. Her head outlines the shape of the rest of her body, with a large jaw and noticeable cheeks similar to Steven. Her hair is styled in several locks in a mixture of several bright tones, all held back by a lilac headband. She has a cool gray complexion, and she sports a single tattoo-like marking of a star pattern on her left shoulder in a smoky dark red. Her gemstone is located in the center of her chest and is noticeably concave. She also owns a set of full plate armor she wears into a battle that can produce spikes on the shoulders when she flexes. She wore it to Garnet's wedding in Reunited because, according to her, it's the nicest thing she owns.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

She wears a black apron-like outfit, resembling a blacksmith, with a single brownish attachment and a pinkish-red star-shaped belt around her waist. Her pants are a burgundy color, and she has dark brown boots.

Post-regeneration (previous)

After being unbubbled by Steven in "Made of Honor", Bismuth now has a backless and strapless black top that has a square cutout in the middle to reveal her gem. Beneath that is a long light red attachment with a light and dark red apron-like attachment under it, and both of these have a light red belt around them with a light-pink star that is tilted and cut off by the belt and blacktop. Her pants and boots are unchanged.


After being poofed by Demantoid's Light Prism in Unleash the Light, Bismuth eventually regenerates to wear light plum overalls with gold clips at the base of the straps (which she got inspiration for from Lapis Lazuli), and a red star on the back, still with her black boots.


Bismuth is friendly, boisterous, fierce, determined, empathetic, and emotive. She is not afraid to speak and act her mind. While Bismuth cares deeply for her friends, she also harbors an immense hatred for Homeworld elites, specifically the Diamond Authority.

Bismuth 152.png

Bismuth has an aggressive personality, even when being affectionate. When she sees her friends Pearl and Garnet, she immediately pulls them in for bone-crushing hugs. Her manner-of-speaking is blunt and to-the-point, and she acts without gaining consensus from the group surrounding her. She enjoys fighting: she reminisces fondly on the battles she and Garnet fought together against Homeworld's army, for example, and she loves to spar. When confronted, she attacks first and asks questions later. She has a playful side: she regularly creates puns out of the word "Bismuth" and habitually ribs the other Crystal Gems.

Bismuth is deeply devoted to her friends. She makes them weapons to complement their existing skill-sets; she playfully teases them while they are alive, and she grieves for them when she learns they could be dead. The fact that the remaining Crystal Gems did not know of her imprisonment within the Pink Dimension troubles and wound her.

Bismuth also relishes the freedom and possibility that results from being a Crystal Gem. She speaks with passion and wonders about Steven's ability to be himself (rather than a copy of Rose Quartz) and her own ability to differentiate herself from other Bismuths by doing what she wants rather than conforming to a prescribed role. Bismuth's passion for maintaining her own freedom and the freedom of others is what drives her to fight against Homeworld. She deeply resents the "Homeworld elites" for forcing her to do their bidding, and this resentment manifests itself in the form of unmitigated hatred.

Bismuth 516.png

Bismuth is vindictive and determined to win the fight against Homeworld at any cost. She has no faith in the leadership of Homeworld, whom she believes to be fundamentally evil, and sees it as her duty to free the gems that live under Homeworld's rule. Because of this conviction, she is willing to go to any length to obtain what she sees as justice. This mentality leads her to build the Breaking Point, which she sees as the only way to defeat Homeworld despite the ethical complications of using it. It also ultimately leads her to attack Steven with intent to shatter him, whom she believes to be Rose Quartz attempting to stop her again. When it comes to defeating Homeworld, Bismuth becomes ruthless and a danger to anyone standing in her way.

Made of Honor (210).png

However, once she realizes that she has done something wrong, she feels genuinely remorseful and sorry about it, as shown in "Made of Honor". After reforming and learning the truth about Rose/Pink Diamond she is less ruthless and bloodthirsty toward the Diamonds, as seen during the battle on the beach and on Homeworld. In both instances she is willing to defeat the Diamonds without shattering them, even stating they should put Blue Diamond in a bubble during the battle in "Reunited". She also shows inspirational and leadership abilities, rallying the Crystal Gems during their battle with the Diamonds and inspiring Steven to help the Gems regain their memories in Steven Universe: The Movie.

Bismuth is reasonably well adapted to life on Earth, although she doesn't know what a wedding is or the terms associated with it (maid of honor vs. made of honor). However, she used the expression "enter the lion's den" to explain to Steven his situation in "Legs from Here to Homeworld". In "Bismuth Casual", she's willing to get out there and make friends with humans, but only because she thinks it will make Pearl happy. However, by the end of the evening, Bismuth becomes more confident after spending time with Pearl and gets along with Pearl's human friends.


Thousands of Years Ago

Your Mother and Mine (198).png

Bismuth was originally a builder for Homeworld. It is implied by herself that she had been helping construct Gem colonies for hundreds or even thousands of years, and Earth was no different. After encouragement from Rose, however, she fought in the Rebellion alongside the Crystal Gems. When Rose told Bismuth that she could do whatever she wanted now that she was a Crystal Gem, she decided that she wanted to make weapons. Once the Forge was constructed, Bismuth outfitted the Crystal Gems with weapons; every material weapon ever used by a Crystal Gem was made by Bismuth in the Forge.

Bismuth was very passionate about being a Crystal Gem. She took everything Rose told her to heart, about being her own person and taking on her own unique identity. Bismuth was close friends with Garnet and Pearl, along with many other members of the team. At one point during the war, Bismuth poofed Lapis Lazuli, mistaking her for a Homeworld soldier.[1] At another point during the war, Bismuth and Garnet took on a battalion of Quartz soldiers by themselves, and Bismuth and Pearl invaded a Homeworld Drop Ship.

During the war, Rose requested a sword from Bismuth, one that could specifically tear through a Gem's physical form without shattering them.

Lion 3 Straight to Video (190).png

At some point, before the war ended, Bismuth created the Breaking Point with the intent of shattering Gems, specifically the Diamonds. Rose disagreed with Bismuth's intentions which caused Bismuth to become enraged; she did not understand why Rose would value their enemy's lives more than their own. Being "left with no choice," Bismuth attacked Rose and the resulting conflict ended with Bismuth being poofed and bubbled. Rose then hid the truth from everyone, telling them that she had lost track of Bismuth at the Battle for the Ziggurat. Thousands of years later after Lion died and was resurrected, Rose stored Bismuth in the Pink Dimension along with her other personal belongings.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Entering the Pink Dimension, Steven sees Bismuth's bubbled Gem among his mother's belongings.

"Same Old World"

In a flashback, Lapis recounts being poofed by Bismuth after she was accidentally caught up in a battle.


Bismuth 074.png

Approximately 5,300 years after her fallout with Rose, Steven freed Bismuth from her bubble after breaking a tree branch in Lion's Dimension and falling on top of it. After regenerating, Steven takes her out of Lion where she reunites with Garnet and Pearl. Having no recollection of how much time had passed, or the events that took place at the end of the war, Bismuth wondered where the other Crystal Gems were and why their base was so different. Bismuth was then brought to the Strawberry Battlefield where she learned how long she was inactive and that she, Pearl, and Garnet are the only known survivors of the rebellion still around. The Gems also inform Bismuth about recent events and how Homeworld still has its eye on Earth. Bismuth states "So let's pick up where we left off!".

Bismuth 206.png

Bismuth then takes the Gems to her Forge, where she shows them how she makes weapons. She gives Garnet and Pearl weapon upgrades that she had made thousands of years ago but was never able to give them out. She also upgrades Amethyst's whip. To test out these new weapons, the Gems spar on the beach, where Bismuth preaches "The Crystal Gems are back and we'll give those Diamonds another taste of what's coming!". When Steven finds the sparring too intense for him, Bismuth joins Steven in some of his activities such as cooking, playing cards, and watching movies.

Bismuth 523.png

At night, Steven shows Bismuth Rose's Sword, which Bismuth calls her finest piece of work. Bismuth then tells Steven that he deserves a better weapon and presents him with the Breaking Point as she did with Rose. When Steven rejected the weapon, Bismuth attacked him in a rage as she had done to his mother, believing Steven was Rose in disguise. Steven unwillingly impales her with Rose's Sword, and before she poofed, Bismuth reveals that she feels hurt and betrayed that Rose would lie about what happened to her for so long. Steven reassures Bismuth that he will tell the Gems everything, which makes Bismuth acknowledge Steven as his own person, stating "then you really are better than her." Steven then bubbles Bismuth.

Steven comes back to the Temple and tells the Gems what really happened to Bismuth before and what happened to her now, after which they put her Gem in The Burning Room with the Corrupted and Cluster Gems.

"Mindful Education"

Steven is still traumatized by his conflict with Bismuth and feels guilty for being unable to help her, along with Jasper and Eyeball.

"Storm in the Room"

Steven lets out all of his feelings on Rose, questioning why she would lock Bismuth away for wanting to shatter Gems, but then turning around and shattering Pink Diamond.


In Garnet's war flashback, Bismuth is seen with other members of the Crystal Gems facing off against Pink Diamond.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Garnet introduces Bismuth in her flashback when she acknowledges the original members of the Crystal Gems.

"Made of Honor"

Made of Honor (177).png

After Sapphire conveys sorrow for all the shattered and corrupted allies that won't be able to attend her and Ruby's wedding, Steven hesitantly frees Bismuth from her bubble in the Burning Room. Seeing all the bubbled gems, she concludes Rose bubbled anyone who disagreed with her. After listing some of her friends who are bubbled, she notices Biggs Jasper. Unaware of corruption, she unbubbles Biggs and tries to talk to her. Through this, Bismuth learns first-hand about corruption and realizes that they'd been bubbled for both their safety and the safety of others. She tearfully poofs her old friend for Steven to bubble once more. She jumps to the conclusion that only Pink Diamond could have been responsible. When she asks Steven why Rose didn't stop her, he replies it's because they were the same person.

After recounting the whole story of the true origins of Rose Quartz and her staged shattering of Pink Diamond, Bismuth is stunned. She calmly walks over to the pool of lava, dunks her head in it, and screams. After pulling her head out, she admits that it makes sense why Rose didn't want to accept the weapon: it was developed to shatter her. Bismuth realizes that the shattering of a Diamond wasn't the problem-ender she thought it would be, seeing as how many of her old comrades were corrupted in retaliation. She thanks Steven for sharing all of this with her.

Made of Honor (250).png

Bismuth is dismayed upon hearing that this revelation drove Garnet to unfuse, as she is Bismuth's favorite couple. Steven assures her that Ruby and Sapphire are back together, though they will not fuse properly until the wedding. Steven reveals the main reason he unbubbled Bismuth was so she could attend. She agrees despite not knowing what a wedding is. However, she becomes reluctant upon learning that the other Crystal Gems do not know Steven released her. Despite Steven assuring her that she will be a welcome surprise, Bismuth retreats to the Forge.

Made of Honor (365).png

Bismuth has forged several swords by the time Steven finds her again. She does not see the point of a reunion with the Gems who did not release her themselves, understanding that this is her own fault. She goes on to say that despite everything they fought for was based on a sham; they remain united because they see Steven as an inspiration for a better future. She does not think they will forgive her attempt to shatter his gem, much less welcome her back to the team.

Steven assures her that even though friends fight, they can still make up, just as the two of them did. Steven adds that if the others kept her bubbled because they care about him, they would also care that he wants her back. He manages to convince Bismuth that if the others see them showing up together, they will know that everything is okay. Before they return, Steven suggests a gift that Bismuth could give to Ruby and Sapphire.

Made of Honor (416).png

Steven brings Bismuth back to the Beach House, where the Gems are waiting for him to return with his surprise. Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire are overjoyed by Bismuth's return, tackling her with hugs. She presents her gifts to Ruby and Sapphire, a bronze and a silver ring. They love the gifts, giving her yet another hug.


Reunited (241).png

For Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, Bismuth wears the nicest ensemble she owns: a shiny suit of armor with retractable shoulder spikes. She serves as the ring bearer for the ceremony, though she misses her cue because the exchange of vows moves her to tears. At the reception, she reluctantly listens to Ronaldo's usual rambling. The bouquet Garnet throws skyward lands on her head and falls into her hands, to her confusion and Pearl and Amethyst's playful amusement. The occasion is interrupted by the arrival of Blue and Yellow Diamond's ships.

The Diamonds arrive to force the Cluster to take form. After Steven hastily explains to Bismuth what the Cluster is and how he can connect to it, she and the others wait for him to make contact. When he cannot calm it down, the Crystal Gems go outside to see the Cluster form a giant arm the size of the Diamonds' ships. Luckily for the Crystal Gems, the Cluster is on friendly terms with Steven and engages Yellow Diamond's ship in battle instead of serving the purpose it was created for.

Reunited (512).png

Blue Diamond disembarks her own ship to exact payback for Pink Diamond's alleged shattering and over 5,000 years of grief. Though Bismuth is eager for a shot at her, Steven insists on trying to talk things out first. The Diamond is too furious to listen to Steven explain the truth about Rose Quartz and attacks with laser fire and an enormous wave of pathokinetic aura that brings Bismuth and the other Gems to tears.

Lapis Lazuli's timely arrival evens the odds, her resistance to Blue Diamond's aura attack helps give Bismuth and the rest of the team a chance to counter. Impressed by Peridot's moxie, Bismuth decides to help her fight by throwing the little Gem at Blue Diamond's face to distract her long enough for everyone else to attack with everything they have. Their combined efforts manage to bring Blue Diamond to her knees, and Yellow Diamond's ship is soon after swung into Blue's, courtesy of the Cluster, bringing the ship crashing down on their opponent. The crash destroys the Crystal Gem's Beach House. Bismuth assures everyone she can fix it, but there is a brief moment of dread when everyone remembers Greg is still in there (he promptly exits the house with Cat Steven in tow, shaken but unharmed).

Reunited (888).png

The Cluster departs back to Earth's core to rebubble itself, but the Diamonds, unfazed by the ships crashing, re-engage the Crystal Gems. The sight of Steven infuriates Yellow Diamond, and she rushes at him and stomps on him hard. Though Steven is able to use his powers to prevent the attack from killing him, it knocks him into an astral plane. The other Gems continue the fight, though Bismuth is distraught at the thought of having the reunion with her friends after so long being cut short so soon. Steven overhears her fears and manages to encourage her not to give up. The fighting ends after Steven manages to make contact with the Diamonds and convince them about whose gem he really possesses.

"Legs from Here to Homeworld"

After proving his true identity to Yellow and Blue Diamond, Bismuth tells Garnet that Blue's not going to hurt Steven, as she thinks that he's one of them just like his mother Pink Diamond was. She goes with the Gems to show the Diamonds a corrupted Gem, and is surprised when they're able to temporarily reverse Nephrite's corruption. However, she becomes upset when White Diamond is mentioned. When Steven takes the Gems to Rose's Landfill to try to find her ship, Bismuth draws his attention to the fact that he activated the leg ship.

Legs From Here to Homeworld 284.png

Afraid of what would happen if she went to Homeworld, Bismuth doesn't accompany the rest of the Crystal Gems. She chooses to stay in Beach City instead to keep an eye on Peridot's and Lapis' gemstones as they regenerate. Bismuth warns Steven that he needs to be seen as a Diamond in order to be taken seriously be them. She watches, along with Lion, Greg, and Connie's parents, as the leg ship take off towards Homeworld.


Escapism 336.png

While trapped on Homeworld, Steven decides to send a psychic message for help after realizing that although Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl were poofed, Bismuth and the other Crystal Gems were still safe on Earth. When Steven arrives at Beach City via the possession of a Watermelon Steven, Bismuth can be seen working on repairing the Beach House. She appears shocked that Steven is possessing a Watermelon Steven, and initially does not understand his messages for help. Only when Steven spells out his message does Bismuth, Greg, and Lion understand and agree to help. She's worried as the Watermelon Steven begins to fade.

Between "Escapism" and "Change Your Mind"

After receiving Steven's message, Bismuth postponed fixing Steven's house and instead repaired the Diamond ships and donned her armor, expecting a fight. At some point, Lapis and Peridot, whom she was watching over, reform and the three of them pilot the Diamond ships to Homeworld.

"Change Your Mind"

Change Your Mind 337.png

Bismuth arrives on Homeworld piloting Yellow's arm ship, which she repaired, to help the Gems fight White Diamond. Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot, (who were piloting Blue’s ship) attack White's ship and manage to knock her over. She exits the ship and announces her presence. She witnesses White take control of Blue and Yellow, and she falls off the arm ships as White Diamond drops them. Lapis ends up catching her, and the two land on the ground after Steven has pulled Pearl and Amethyst out of their Gemstones.

As Sunstone begins to form, the Gems are interrupted by White Diamond attempting to crush them with the Diamond Mech. Bismuth reaches out to protect Lapis, but they're all saved by Sunstone pushing the foot away. After Sunstone's failed attempt to scale the Mech, Bismuth is in awe and excited as the Gems form Obsidian. Realizing they need to draw fire away from Obsidian, Bismuth offers Connie the new sword she made for her, and the four of them take off to distract White Diamond.

Change Your Mind 853.png

While attacking the ship, Lapis is slapped, causing her to drop Bismuth. However, Peridot is able to catch her with her metal powers. She later enters White’s ship, ready to fight her, but stops when she sees that the fight is over and the Crystal Gems are celebrating.

Bismuth returns to Earth with the Diamonds and the other Crystal Gems. She helps empty the Burning Room of Corrupted Gems, staring fondly at Biggs' Gemstone. At Rose's Fountain, she is excited to see Biggs reform and jumps on her. She swims in the fountain with the Uncorrupted Gems. Later, she attends a barbecue on the beach with the other Gems.

Unleash the Light

During their mission, the Crystal Gems meet up with Bismuth, who reveals that she made a Prism Containment Chest to disable both Prisms. After fighting several constructs they encounter Demantoid who modified her Prism. After defeating Demantoid, Bismuth tries to use the box to capture her prism, only to be attacked by her instead. Despite being attacked, Bismuth tells Steven to go save the box, which he does, but this results in Bismuth being poofed by Demantoid. After Demantoid flees from the Crystal Gems, Steven places Bismuth's gemstone in his Cheeseburger Backpack, until she reforms. A little while later, Bismuth reforms with a new outfit and continues on the mission to retrieve the two prisms.

Once they unlock all the barriers in the Palace of Light, the Crystal Gems fight their way through, to find Pyrope sitting in her personal room. They attempt to convince her to stop using the prisms, but she refuses in a snobbish answer, leading Bismuth to call her "the crustiest of all the uppercrusts". After Demantoid arrived to assist Pyrope, Bismuth then tries to use the box to help capture the Garnets' prisms, only to be interrupted by Hessonite, who arrives to "aid" the Crystal Gems. Demantoid than steals George, Hessonite's old light prism, and combines with the other two prisms, creating one big, powerful, light construct. After fighting the two Garnets and their giant construct, Steven convinces George to fight back before being silenced by Demantoid. This causes Hessonite to stand up to her and apologize to George telling him he doesn't have to be a weapon anymore. George causes the construct to defuse and reunites with Steven.

Bismuth locks Demantoid and Pyrope's Prisms in the containment chest, causing Demantoid to lose her Limb Enhancers and blames Pyrope who blames her back. The two poof each other and Hessonite takes over the palace promising to open it back to Gemkind. George then aks Bismuth to release the other prisms, to which she happily obliges. George then tells the prisms that the three of them are now free. Pearl then reminds Steven that there are still other colonies that are yet to be freed, so Bismuth and the rest of the Crystal Gems decide to stay on Homeworld for a while to help establish Era 3.

Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 224.png

Bismuth is first seen in the opening as Steven sings "Happily Ever After", installing the new Warp Pad at Little Homeworld alongside Lapis and Peridot. As Amethyst continues the song, she depicts Bismuth as a member of her family.

Later on, Steven returns to Little Homeworld to tell them about Spinel's injector and shows them the weapon she used to poof Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Bismuth is the only one to recognize it as a Gem Rejuvenator and tells everyone what it's capable of. When Steven breaks down in despair and starts singing a sorrowful rendition of Happily Ever After, Bismuth responds (leading to the song "Who We Are ") and inspires Steven to find a way to fix the Gems, declaring it's what the Crystal Gems always do. Soon after, Bismuth is mortified to watch Spinel accidentally destroy her scaffolding, but soon perks up after this causes Garnet to reform, albeit still lacking her memories. Because of Garnet's amnesia, Bismuth agrees to watch over her so Steven can find Amethyst.

As the injector begins to cause visible damage, Bismuth assists Peridot in analyzing its effects. Steven finds out the poison will kill all life on Earth and tries and fails to lift it out of the ground, despite Bismuth telling him to stop. She states that Steven has to restore Spinel's memories so she can stop the injector.

Peridot's tablet produces more data on the status of the poison, which Bismuth remarks looks bad. Steven returns with Spinel, who know remembers everything. She high fives Lapis after Spinel lifts her injector, but becomes defensive when Spinel begins to spiral and once again inserts the injector.

SU Movie 1978.png

Bismuth takes care of the refugees at Little Homeworld. As Steven arrives, she's seen offering a toy to a baby. Happy with his return, Bismuth lifts him up and joins in singing "Finale". She later helps with the reconstruction of the Big Donut and attends a small Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert on the beach.

"Little Homeschool"

Bismuth is seen forging a weapon while she teaches a blacksmith class at Little Homeschool, with the Heaven and Earth Beetles sitting on her arm.

"Bismuth Casual"

Bismuth Casual 012.png

Bismuth goes with Pearl, Connie, and Steven to the roller rink so Bismuth can learn to start relationships with humans. Pearl encourages her to show off her Gemstone instead of hiding it behind her shirt. She listens as Pearl sings along to her favorite song, a jingle for an auto repair store. After arriving, she's initially confused by the prospect of roller skating. She meets Pearl's friends, Khadijah, Jaime, and Brandish, who end up taking a liking to her. Pearl mentions to them that Bismuth built Little Homeworld.

Bismuth takes to skating quickly and has fun laughing with Pearl and her friends. While showing off, Bismuth accidentally runs into Pearl, but she grabs her and sets her down by her side. Pearl encourages Bismuth to exchange numbers with a human, as this is what they do when they want to see each other again. She also hands her a roll of toilet paper, saying that humans have these in there house and sometimes use them for vandalism. She skates off, telling Bismuth she doesn't need her anymore.

Bismuth Casual 093.png

Noticing Steven looking sad, Bismuth quits skating for a moment to check in with him. He admits to her that he's struggling to connect with Connie's friends, and Bismuth offers him the roll of toilet paper Pearl gave her. Steven notices that Bismuth doesn't seem that invested in making friends, and Bismuth admits that she came to the roller rink because she wanted to catch up with Pearl.

Steven wonders aloud whether he's still Connie's best friend, causing Bismuth to encourage him to get out there and talk to her. She tells him that it's okay that he's weird, because that's what Crystal Gems are. She pushes him out on the rink towards Connie.

Bismuth Casual 191.png

During Stevonnie's performance, they jump over Bismuth and give her a high five. As the winners, Steven and Connie get to choose the song, and they end up choosing the auto repair jingle that Pearl loves. Bismuth sings along when she sees how much Pearl is enjoying herself, pulling Pearl close. She then skates with Pearl and her new human friends.

"Growing Pains"

While reflecting on traumatic moments from his childhood, Steven remembers being attacked by Bismuth in "Bismuth".


Bismuth takes a look at Greg's Van, which was crashed the previous episode.

"Everything's Fine"

Bismuth with Blue Pearl, Yellow Pearl, Bixbite, Snowflake Obsidian and Pearl.

Bismuth is seen in the forge with Pearl, testing some wedding armor on Yellow Pearl when Steven, glowing pink, buff and tall enters. After commenting on Steven's new form and asking him to help detail the new form, she gives him a small hammer to do so. After he accidently breaks the anvil, Bismuth mourns its destruction with Pearl comforting her and Steven leaving the forge.

"I Am My Monster"

Bismuth is seen in Little Homeworld cleaning up some of the rubble with Peridot when she sees a giant pink monster on the beach. Warping to the partially destroyed Beach House with Lapis and Peridot with the intent on fighting the monster, Bismuth announces that reinforcements have arrived. Bismuth is then seen with Lapis and Peridot when Garnet explained that the rampaging monster is Steven, much to the trio's horror. When the monstrous Steven begins to walk towards Beach City, Bismuth states that they have to keep him away from the town. Using Peridot's metal abilities, she and Bismuth managed to score a hit on their monstrous comrade after he defeated Alexandrite easily, apologizing while doing so and distracting him so Lapis could restrain him with her water chains.

Bismuth is later seen on the beach when the Diamonds (along with Spinel) arrive to return Steven's forgotten sandal. When the Cluster emerges and struggles to hold Steven back, Peridot states that Steven's monstrous form is even stronger than the Cluster. Bismuth knowing this, tells her not let her guard down as he could break free at any moment.

Bismuth and friends surrounding Steven, happy he is back to his normal self.

When Steven eventually does break free of the Cluster's grip and begins charging forward. Bismuth, alongside everyone else, rush forward and hug him in a massive group hug. Bismuth is later seen with everyone else after Steven turns back to normal as he breaks down crying.

"The Future"

At Little Homeworld, Steven reveals his plan to leave Beach City to Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot. They're distressed by this, Bismuth believing that Steven may be mad at her. When he says that he isn't, Bismuth asks why he's leaving, but then realizes she might be smothering him. She offers to build him a vacation home outside of Little Homeworld.

The Future 069.png

After giving Lapis and Peridot their gifts, Steven offers Bismuth Rose's Battle Flag, as nobody is more of a Crystal Gem than she is. Bismuth tells him that none of them would be who there are if it wasn't for him and he makes her proud to be a Crystal Gem. The three of them hug Steven, Steven telling them that he loves them. Sobbing, they all respond that they love him as well.


Bismuth possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.

Unique Abilities

Bismuth shapeshifting her hands into hammers.

  • Shapeshifting Weapons: Befitting her former purpose as a builder in Homeworld society, Bismuth is able to easily shapeshift both of her hands into several types of weapons or tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and even a Roman scissor, matching their shape and durability. They are used in both combat and forging.
  • Thermal Resistance: Bismuth is impervious to high temperatures. She can shower in lava as if it were water and collect samples of lava with her bare hands, showing no visible injuries. She shares this power with Ruby and by extension Garnet.
  • Enhanced Breath: Bismuth is shown to be able to instantly cool a heated sword that was dipped in lava simply by blowing on it.
  • Superhuman Strength: Bismuth is incredibly strong, capable of rivaling Garnet in terms of power and shattering solid stone to bits with her blows. Even without using her weapon hands, she is capable of lifting a statue made of solid rock over her head and throwing it with enough force to leave a crater in a stone wall. According to Bismuth, she and Garnet once took on a battalion of Quartz soldiers with relative ease. She was also able to hold back a corrupted Biggs Jasper, who had just before managed to shatter Steven's highly durable bubble shield.


  • Skilled Craftsmanship: As shown in her debut, Bismuth is shown to build and forge remarkably powerful weaponry and amazing structures such as arenas and spires. To add to this, she was a craftsman for Homeworld as well as the blacksmith for Rose's army.
    • Weapon Alteration: Bismuth is capable of creating attachments and upgrades for Gem Weapons such as giving Garnet's gauntlets spiked edges, turning Pearl's spear into a trident, and turning Amethyst's whip into a spiked flail. Gems who have their weapons altered by Bismuth can freely summon either version.
  • Piloting: As seen in "Change Your Mind", Bismuth can pilot ships, as she pilots Yellow Diamond's ship in super speed and adjusts movements in fighting combat.



Woah! Hehehehe! The Pearl I know never jumps into my arms! Hey, did somebody lose a Pearl? Who do you belong to?

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"

Bismuth holding Pearl in her hands and both laughing.

Bismuth learns about the remainder of the war from Pearl. When Pearl starts to cry, Bismuth tells Pearl that she starts to cry whenever Pearl does, implying they had a close relationship previously. Pearl apologizes, but Bismuth says that it is okay, and they comfort each other. In general, they appear to be close (at least in comparison to the still extant Crystal Gems). Pearl runs immediately towards her upon reuniting, and they have bonded over their common disregard of the Gem caste system. Bismuth enjoys teasing Pearl over her original purpose as a servant-class Gem. During their sparring match, Bismuth ribs Pearl asking who told her to bring her (Bismuth) a spear. It's hinted at in "Bismuth Casual" that Bismuth might have a crush on Pearl.


Garnet, remember when you and I took on a battalion of Quartz soldiers? We walked out with our stones shining brighter than when we walked in.

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"

Bismuth and Garnet while training.

Bismuth is seen laughing with Garnet at the Temple. After learning about the war, Garnet walks over to comfort her and the two hold hands, showing their close relationship as equals with Pearl and the other original Crystal Gems. Bismuth frequently jokes about her being a fusion, calling her "power couple," "two to talk," and commenting on how "[her] Ruby was showing.".

They appear to be the roughest with each other, with Garnet socking Bismuth in the arm with her gauntlet after a tease, and Garnet being the first to charge at her during a spar. They were comrades during the Rebellion and once took down three battalions of Quartz Gems together at the same time. She also claims that Ruby and Sapphire are her favorite couple in the episode, "Made of Honor". She even teared up emotionally during their wedding whilst serving as ringbearer in "Reunited".


Aw, yeah, baby. Bismuth's the best!

—Amethyst, "Bismuth"

Amethyst excited about her new Whip upgrade.

Amethyst was initially suspicious of Bismuth, having never seen her before or learned about her from Rose. When Bismuth provided Amethyst with an upgrade for her whip, however, she quickly warmed up to the blacksmith. After Steven was forced to poof Bismuth and revealed her intentions, she joined the other Crystal Gems in mourning. Amethyst nonetheless continued to respect the relationship Bismuth has with the older Crystal Gems, giving her space with Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire when Bismuth returned on the eve of Ruby and Sapphire's wedding.

Steven Universe

You are different. That's what's so exciting. You don't have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you.

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"

Bismuth attempting to shatter Steven.

Initially confused by the prospect of Steven being a hybrid of human and Gem, Bismuth comes to accept Steven for who he is, encouraging him to always do his best and to take pride in what he can do. She is even fond of taking part in his kind of activities, such as playing cards, cooking, eating, and even enjoying TV with him. Later, however, upon Steven showing his disagreement with the Breaking Point in the same words as his mother, Bismuth believes he is actually Rose in disguise and tries to "shatter" him. After the fight, when Steven promises to tell the others what happened to her, she laughs bitterly, proclaiming that he is better than Rose before her physical form explodes. Her words before poofing indicate Bismuth saw the distinction between Steven and Rose.

In the podcast, Rebecca Sugar states that meeting Bismuth is a huge turning point for Steven because what he learns from this event contrasts with the portrait of Rose he gets from his family. He feels confused, guilty, and devastated over Bismuth, feeling that he had failed her. Steven comes to better understand that he needs to deal with the baggage from Rose's life, and Bismuth was the first indication that he has inherited something "wrong with the Crystal Gems".[2]

Bismuth rekindling her friendship with Steven.

In "Made of Honor", Bismuth eventually makes amends with Steven after he frees her and tells her the truth about Rose. She also acknowledges that Steven has become the glue holding the Crystal Gems together in light of learning their former leader was a sham, even suggesting that Steven – not Garnet, as he claims – is the true leader of the team now.

In "The Future", Bismuth is very upset that Steven is going to leave Beach City. She begins to think that maybe she is the problem and steps away from him, though the latter denies this. When Steven hands out gifts to Lapiz and Peridot, Bismuth is hesitant to receive any gifts as she did not want to feel any worse. This fails, as Steven gives her the old Crystal Gem flag and Bismuth weeps as she gives Steven one last hug.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz changed my life. I came to Earth thinking this was just another colony. Build another arena for important fighters to fight in, build another spire for important thinkers to think in, and then, I met her. Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be. And she asked me what I wanted to build, and I'd never heard that before. And Gems never hear they can be anything other than what they are, but Rose opened our eyes.

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"
Bismuth 112.png

Bismuth initially loved and respected Rose for encouraging her to be more than what she is supposed to be, and was a fanatical follower of her doctrine. When Rose opposed her idea of creating a weapon that would permanently destroy their enemies, gemstone and all, Bismuth lost all faith in her and the two fought, which resulted in Bismuth being poofed and stored away in Lion's Mane. Bismuth's distrust of Rose runs deep to the point where she briefly believes that "Steven" is just another one of her "lies", a false identity Rose created for herself to deceive her. Despite her disdain for Rose, Bismuth fondly recalls how she helped her foster her own identity and helps impart that wisdom onto Steven in the hope that he may turn out better than his mother. In the podcast, Rebecca says that Bismuth would have done anything for Rose, and when she came up with a weapon that she thought served Rose's agenda, Rose rejected it and rejected Bismuth for reasons she never understood and was totally "screwed over" by her.[2]

Bismuth is as shocked as everyone else when she learns from Steven that Rose had secretly been Pink Diamond, screaming into the lava to conceal herself. But apart from that, she seems to take it relatively well and admits it casts better lighting on the cause of their disagreement over the Breaking Point. When she sees the Crystal Gems still holding together despite learning their former leader was a lie, Bismuth concludes that it is Rose's son Steven who is keeping the team together and regards him as their new leader.

To our fearless leader. You gave us everything. You made us who we are. I would do anything for your cause. I would do anything for you.

—Bismuth on a statue inscription, Save the Light

In Save the Light, there is a secret room of The Forge where a giant statue of Rose Quartz lies. It is discovered that before their fight, Bismuth made it in honor of her actions, as a surprise gift to her.

The Great Diamond Authority

Come on, you rocks, let's put her in a bubble!

—Bismuth, "Reunited"

After joining the Crystal Gems, Bismuth grew to despise the Diamonds with a passion, viewing them as nothing more than tyrants to be defeated and going as far as building a weapon capable of destroying them. Even after learning the truth about Pink Diamond, Bismuth still holds a great deal of animosity towards the other Diamonds and is more than willing to fight them. During the battle of Beach City, she, alongside the other Crystal Gems, faces off against Blue and Yellow Diamond. Bismuth along with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Connie were surprised that they can undo the Corruption. When White Diamond is brought up by Yellow, Bismuth expresses shock and fear.

Eventually, when the Diamonds are allied with the Crystal Gems and Steven decides to join them on a journey to Homeworld, Bismuth refuses to go. Despite trusting Steven's judgement, she cannot bring herself to ally with the Diamonds, who have shattered or corrupted most of her former friends and allies. Bismuth warns Steven to be careful, but also advises him to play at their level, as he too is technically a Diamond. When Bismuth arrives on Homeworld to assist Steven, she finds that the Diamonds are already defeated. This doesn't stop her from making fun of White Diamond after her defeat, though. It is unknown if Bismuth's feelings towards the Diamonds has changed at all after they healed the corrupted Crystal Gems, as she never comments on them after this. She does, however, willingly ally with them with no complaints after Steven becomes corrupted in Steven Universe Future.

Biggs Jasper

Biggs was beloved by everyone!

—Bismuth, "Made of Honor"

Bismuth reuniting with Biggs.

Bismuth was friends with Biggs Jasper, a member of the Crystal Gems before being corrupted. Once first freed from her bubble (5,000 years after being poofed and having missed the rest of the War), Bismuth asks about the whereabouts of some of her closest Crystal Gem friends, including "Biggs". Later, in "Made of Honor", Bismuth spots Biggs' bubbled gem, and says that "Biggs was beloved by everyone!" Bismuth frees Biggs from her bubble, only to find that Biggs has become corrupted. Biggs Jasper, now monstrous and hostile, attacks Steven and Bismuth. The latter attacks and poofs her former friend. Later when she is uncorrupted in "Change Your Mind" Bismuth tears up and embraces her, tackling her in a hug.


I like you, Peridot. You don't quit.

—Bismuth, "Reunited"

Bismuth holding Peridot.

Similar to Amethyst, Peridot initially had no idea who Bismuth was upon meeting her. During the subsequent battle of Beach City, however, they become fast friends due to Peridot's high levels of energy, eager willingness to fight, and their mutual dislike of the Diamonds. It is also implied in "Change Your Mind" that Peridot helped Bismuth repair Yellow and Blue Diamond's arm ships.

Steven Universe: The Movie shows that she and Lapis have become good friends with Bismuth and somewhat of a team themselves.

Lapis Lazuli

Bismuth attacking Lapis during the Rebellion.

Though Bismuth poofed Lapis during the Rebellion, leading to her imprisonment in a mirror, both of them are unaware of this fact and have thus never discussed it. Bismuth's poofing of Lapis was not personal, however and merely a mistake made during a war.

Initially, Bismuth rarely interacted with Lapis as they didn't appear together very often, as Bismuth was bubbled for a prolonged period and Lapis was either living at the barn or off-world. Eventually, however, the two join forces to fight Blue Diamond alongside the rest of the Crystal Gems.

Alongside Peridot, Lapis moves to Little Homeworld to assist Bismuth in building it. During this time, the trio grow very close to one another, essentially forming their own "B-team". One notable thing Lapis and Bismuth are able to relate to in one another is how they both tried to kill Steven at one point, which they find amusing upon reflection. Later on, when Spinel's injector explodes, Bismuth grabs Lapis and is ready to protect her.

By the events of Steven Universe Future, Lapis continues to live alongside Bismuth and is shown to still have a strong bond, as they are all ready to spring to action whenever necessary without any prior communication.

Ronaldo Fryman

Ronaldo talking to Bismuth at Garnet's wedding.

Bismuth and Ronaldo first meet during Garnet's wedding reception. Though their conversation is not heard, Ronaldo appears to be wearing his own (presumably fake) formal armour and bragging about it, leaving Bismuth thoroughly confused.

Connie Maheswaran

But, first, I made you a little somethin'.

—Bismuth, "Change Your Mind"

Bismuth and Connie appear to be on good terms. This is evident where she forges Connie a personal sword and gives it to her while they are on Homeworld.

Snowflake Obsidian

Bismuth was friends with Snowflake Obsidian, a member of the Crystal Gems before being corrupted. Once first freed from her bubble (5,000 years after being poofed and having missed the rest of the War), Bismuth asks about the whereabouts of some of her closest Crystal Gem friends, including "Snowflake". Out of all the names Bismuth lists, she appears to be the most exasperated when talking about Snowflake, hinting at either a close bond with Snowflake Obsidian or disbelief the Diamonds would even think of shattering her.

Crazy Lace Agate

Bismuth was friends with Crazy Lace Agate, a member of the Crystal Gems before being corrupted. Once first freed from her bubble (5,000 years after being poofed and having missed the rest of the War), Bismuth asks about the whereabouts of some of her closest Crystal Gem friends, including "Old Crazy Lace".


Bismuth was a friend of Larimar, a member of the Crystal Gems before becoming the Ice Monster. Once she was freed from her bubble in "Made of Honor", she was freaking out over the various Crystal Gems that were bubbled, including "Little Larimar".

Episode Appearances


  • Bismuth's theme music and musical motifs are a pun on what bismuths are: metal.
    • The guitar can be heard on any musical piece that features her but is prominently heard in "Bismuth's Forge", which is considered a type of light industrial metal.
  • Bismuth's bubbled gemstone made an appearance in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" when Steven first discovered Lion's Dimension.
  • Bismuth is voiced by Uzo Aduba, an actress known for playing the character Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren in Netflix's original series Orange Is the New Black.
    • When Bismuth was asking about other Crystal Gems, she lists a few, one of which is named "Crazy Lace" (later shown to be Crazy Lace Agate). Bismuth mentioning Crazy Lace's name might be a reference to the character Aduba plays ("Crazy Eyes") in Orange Is the New Black.
    • Uzo Aduba also voiced Queen Nova from the My Little Pony movie
  • Bismuth was poofed roughly 5,300 years prior to the show.
  • In "Made of Honor", it is confirmed that Bismuth didn't know about the Corrupted Gems and assumed that all the other Crystal Gems are shattered. This is due to her being bubbled before the Rebellion's end.
  • Bismuth is the first non-corrupted Gem to be poofed by Steven.
  • Bismuth is the only known Crystal Gem to have been purposefully poofed by another Crystal Gem during their affiliation with the team. This is not counting Peridot, as she was not a Crystal Gem when she was poofed.
  • Bismuth is the first Gem shown whose gemstone is a metal and an actual element.
    • Bismuths and Pearls are the only known Gems whose gemstones are not minerals. However, in real life, they can be used in jewelry and/or as gemstones.
  • Bismuth is one of the only Gems seen whose gemstone is concave, or as Steven calls it, an "innie".
  • According to Steven Universe: Art & Origins, Bismuth's design was influenced by the Gorons from The Legend of Zelda franchise and by the design of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Rebecca Sugar confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that Bismuth was the Gem who poofed Lapis in the flashback from "Same Old World".[3]
    • Both Bismuth and Lapis seem unaware of this, as they never bring it up throughout the series.
  • Though Bismuth originally rebelled from her purpose as a builder to forge weapons, in Steven Universe: The Movie she is one of the main architects and builders of Little Homeworld.
    • This may be because she didn't want to build towers for the Gem Empire which she viewed as oppressive, while Little Homeworld serves as a safe haven for Gems to discover themselves.
  • Bismuth is lava proof and frequently bathes in it. This trait is seemingly uncommon amongst Gems, as Garnet mentions neither Pearl or Amethyst can swim in lava in "Giant Woman" implying only a few Gems are able to resist that amount of heat.
  • In "Made Of Honor", after becoming overwhelmed by seeing the Gems after the events of "Bismuth", she retreats to The Forge and begins forging some weapons, possibly hinting that Bismuth uses weapon forging as a sort of stress reliever or coping mechanism.
  • It's revealed in "Unleash the Light" that the reason behind Bismuth's regeneration during the timeskip, was because she was poofed by Demantoid after attempting to trap her prism in the container box.


Image Description
Bismuth - Gem.png
Bismuth has a rectangular rainbow gem inside her chest. The gemstone itself is hollow, and each "layer" of the gemstone is a different color, starting pinkish/purple on the outside, and then forming a gradient to yellow in the center. There is a small swirling notch in the lower left-hand side of the gem preventing the hollowed-out interior of the gem from forming a perfect rectangle.

A full view of Bismuth's gemstone.


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