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Speaker Dialogue
[Open int. Beach House]
Pearl Oh my goodness!
Amethyst Go for it, bro!
Garnet This is your last chance.
(Steven playing video games.)
Steven No... no... jump... jump...
Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl Awh!
Steven Dying a bunch in video games is emotionally exhausting.
Steven Huh?
(All look toward Lion, who is chewing up one of Steven's shirts.)
Steven Lion!
(Steven tries to pull the shirt from Lion's mouth.)
Steven Drop it!
(Steven pulls the shirt from Lion, and falls on his back. He raises it and looks at it.)
Steven Lion, you can't chew this up.
(Steven looks at the shirt, revealing that it says "Thunder Bird - Always Remember".)
Steven How else am I going to remember the time I rode the Thunder Bird at Funland?
(Steven puts the shirt on his dresser and begins to walk back to his Dolphin game console.)
Steven Okay, I'm sure this time...
(Steven turns to face Lion, who has again grabbed Steven's shirt.)
Steven Lion!
(Lion jumps down from the top level, heading for the door as Steven jumps down to block him from leaving.)
Steven Don't even think about it!
(Steven grabs the shirt and pulls it away from Lion again.)
Steven Since you can't play nice, I'm gonna have to put this where you can't get it: (in a teasing voice) In ya mane!
(Lion lays down and closes his eyes.)
Steven Thank you, boo.
(Steven dives into Lion's mane, entering his pocket dimension. Steven hangs his shirt on a tree branch on the small island inside Lion's mane.)
Steven There we go.
(Steven is shown standing on a tree branch adjacent to the one he hung the shirt on.)
Steven Now it'll be safe forever, hanging in this perfectly stable magic tree.
(The tree branch breaks, causing Steven to fall, in which his fall is broken by landing on a bubbled gem inside Lion's mane. Landing on the bubble bursts it, freeing the gem inside.)
(The scene quickly cuts to back in the Beach House, where Amethyst is playing video games and Garnet and Pearl are encouraging her.)
Garnet Jump! Jump!
Amethyst I am jumping!
(Steven emerges from Lion's mane and lands on his back with his eyes shut.)
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all turn toward to look at Steven.)
Steven I've made a horrible mistake!
Pearl What?
(Amethyst looks back toward the game screen, displaying "GAME OVER.")
Amethyst Aw man.
Steven Hold on, I can fix it!
(Steven leaps back into Lion's mane as he chews on one of Steven's shirts.)
(Back inside Lion's mane, Steven reaches for the gem, but it begins to reform, which quickly scares Steven.)
(The Gem reforms, landing on her knees and stumbling up and back before taking a frightened expression and a fighting stance.)
(The Gem looks around, confused, before spotting Steven and staring at him.)
(The titlecard for the episode appears next to her, simultaneously revealing the name of the episode and the name of the Gem, both being Bismuth)
(Cut to Steven exiting Lion's mane, breathing heavily for air.)
(All the Gems are standing near Steven.)
Steven There's a Gem inside of Lion's mane!
(Pearl looks toward Garnet questioningly.)
Pearl A Gem?
(Garnet looks toward Pearl before looking back towards Steven.)
Garnet Describe her.
Steven Uhh... hang on a sec.
(Steven dives back into Lion's mane, peeking only his head above the fur to see Bismuth looking around. Bismuth spots Steven as he ducks back out of Lion.)
Bismuth Hey, wait!
(Steven pulls his head back out of Lion and turns toward the Gems.)
Steven She's big!
(Steven returns to Lion's mane, spotting Bismuth nearly directly next to him.)
Bismuth Huh? Hey! Don't go!
(Steven returns from Lion's mane, facing toward the Gems once again.)
Steven With rainbow hair and tattoos!
Pearl Rainbow hair..?
(Garnet and Pearl lean forward.)
Pearl What does her gem look like?
Steven It's... an innie?
Pearl It can't be...
Amethyst Can't be what?
Garnet Steven, bring her out.
(Steven's expression of shock turns to one of determination.)
Steven Okay.
(Steven heads back into Lion's mane, searching around for Bismuth, seemingly not finding her until she appears from the top of the shot, looking directly at Steven)
Bismuth Hey, little friend!
(Steven backs away a small bit and whimpers)
Bismuth No, don't go! I believe I'm lost. And there's no one here but us, so how about a little help?
(Steven sticks out his hand, offering her to hold it)
(Steven and Bismuth exit Lion's mane with Lion being shocked. Bismuth stands still, apparently in awe of seeing Garnet and Pearl.)
(The camera switches to a view of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Garnet has a slack-jawed expression of disbelief and Pearl is covering her mouth while crying.)
Amethyst Wow, a total stranger.
(Garnet takes off her visor.)
Bismuth Pearl... Garnet...
Pearl (overjoyed, runs toward Bismuth and hugs her) Bismuth! Ahahahaha! You're back!
(Steven and Lion look at each other, confused.)
(Bismuth lightly tosses up Pearl, catching her and holding her in her hands.)
Bismuth Woah! Hehehehe! The Pearl I know never jumps into my arms! Hey, did somebody lose a Pearl? Who do you belong to?
Pearl Nobody!
Bismuth Haha!
Garnet Alright, alright, settle down.
Bismuth Oh, you're one to talk, oh, oh, excuse me, you're two to talk.
(Garnet scoffs, casually summoning a gauntlet and punches Bismuth playfully in the arm.)
Bismuth Hey, cool it, your Ruby is showing.
(Amethyst joins Steven and Lion in looking very confused.)
Pearl Where have you been? We thought you'd been captured! Or worse, shattered.
Bismuth Shatter me? Pshh, Homeworld couldn't lay a scratch on this Gem.
Amethyst Ahem. Who is this?
(Garnet smiles and leans on Bismuth's shoulder.)
Garnet Guys, this is Bismuth. She's one of the original Crystal Gems.
Bismuth Oh, hey! New recruits! Welcome aboard, we could always use more Amethyst. And who's this meatball?
Steven Hi, I'm Steven! Y-you were in my lion and now you're in my house.
(Bismuth leans down to shake Steven's hand.)
Bismuth Well, thanks for having me!
Pearl I can't believe it! Rose said she lost track of you at the battle for the Ziggurat! She was worried sick!
(Bismuth's smile turns into an expression of worry.)
Bismuth Wait, where is Rose?
Steven Hi, um... actually, I'm Rose's son. She kinda turned into me... well, I have her gem, the rest is from my dad.
Bismuth Ohh... There she is. You... do you know me?
Steven No, I'm so sorry.
Pearl It's not always easy to understand Rose's choices... but we have to stand behind them.
Bismuth Rose really is something else.
(Steven looks at Bismuth not knowing what to say.)
Bismuth I mean... Look at this! She really is somethin' else!
(Bismuth laughs while putting her hand on Garnet's shoulder.)
Bismuth Wow! Everythin's changin'! And we're buildin' bases out of wood now?!
(Bismuth tears a piece of wood from the floor.)
Bismuth Hmph! Whose terrible idea was this? And where is everybody else?
Steven Everybody else?
Bismuth Yeah, the rest of the Crystal Gems! Old Crazy Lace, Biggs, Snowflake?
(Steven and the Gems give each other worried looks.)
(Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems warp to the Gem Battlefield.)
Bismuth *Gasp* No! No way! We were just here! How long was I out?
Pearl It's been about 5,300 years. We, the Crystal Gems, were able to save the Earth...
Bismuth But we're all that's left of The Rebellion, huh?
(Pearl begins to cry.)
Bismuth (Starting to cry) Oh, come on Pearl. You know I can't take it when you cry like that!
Pearl [Sniffles] I'm sorry.
Bismuth No, no need to apologize.
Garnet Homeworld's final attack on Earth wiped out all of the Crystal Gems.
Pearl Rose was able to protect Garnet and myself and by the looks of it, she was able to protect you as well.
Bismuth *Grunts* I knew those Homeworld elites were twisted. How many of us did they shatter?! Crazy Lace, Biggs, Snowflake?! If I was there, I-I could've stopped it!
Garnet It's not like they've stopped trying.
Bismuth What's that?
Garnet Homeworld still has its eyes on this planet.
Pearl We continue to thwart their plans over and over.
Steven But they just keep coming back!
Amethyst Yup. They want us bad.
Bismuth Good. I thought I wouldn't get another chance to show those uppercrusts who's boss! Let's show 'em what happens when you mess with the Crystal Gems!
Steven Yeah.
Garnet Bismuth, the Gems on Homeworld outnumber us by a huge amount.
Pearl And their technology far surpasses anything we have available on Earth.
Bismuth (Bismuth laughs as she wraps both her arms around Garnet and Pearl) What else is new? Garnet, remember when you and I took on a battalion of Quartz soldiers? We walked out with our stones shining brighter than when we walked in.
Garnet As I recall, it was three battalions.
Bismuth And, Pearl, remember when we stopped that drop ship? I'll never forget the look on that Nephrite's face when you pulled her out of the cockpit!
Pearl [Laughs] I know. How embarrassing for her.
Bismuth Ha-ha! So let's pick up where we left off! To the forge!
Steven Yay! To the forge!
Amethyst Yo, what's a forge?
[Scene changes to a volcanic like land.]
Bismuth That brings back memories, huh?
Steven Is this the forge?
Bismuth [Chuckling] Not yet. Follow me.
Steven Is this the forge?
Amethyst Ugh. Don't ask me. I've never been here before.
Pearl Well, since Bismuth was gone, we've had no reason to come back here.
Bismuth Let's just say this place ain't the same without me.
Steven What does that mean? Amethyst! What do think you that means?
Amethyst I don't know, dude. I've never even seen this Gem before today.
Bismuth We took a huge blow from Homeworld. But, now, we're back in Bismuth.<
Steven [Laughing] She's got jokes! Is this the forge?
Pearl Not quite.
Bismuth Wah. -Wah. [Slamming] Ta-da!
Steven Wow. -Now, that's an entrance.
Pearl Bravo, Bismuth!
(The Gems enter the Forge)
Pearl Aaaah! Bismuth.
Steven Whoa!
Pearl It's just like I remember it.
Steven It feels like an oven in here.
Bismuth You think it's hot now?
Steven Yeah, like an oven. [Laughs]
Bismuth Well, it's about to get way hotter!
Steven Ah, cool! Ooh. Hah!
Bismuth Nothing like a hot lava bath to get into a working mood.
Steven Uh, what, exactly, do you do here?
Bismuth Homeworld used us Bismuths to erect spires and temples for the Gem elites to enjoy. But Rose taught me that my life was my own, that I could choose to do whatever I wanted. So I chose this. [Blows]
Steven Bismuth, you make... weapons?!
Bismuth That's right! I outfitted the entire Rebellion. Every material weapon used by the Crystal Gems was made right here in this forge. Wait. Is it still here? Aha! Yes! Here. Something to pack a little extra punch. And why don't you try a trident.
Pearl Oh, Bismuth, you shouldn't have.
Bismuth It's no big deal. I was working on them since before... Well, may as well give them to you now.
Garnet It was worth the wait.
Bismuth Hey, it's a pleasure doing Bismuth with you.
Steven *laughs* Bismuth is so funny.
Amethyst I don't know. Same joke twice?
Steven Well, it'll be really funny if she does it a third time.
Amethyst Right. Sorry, I -- I don't know. I mean, she's one of the original Crystal Gems and no one ever mentioned her to me, not even Rose? Don't you think that's a little bit, uh... suspicious?
Steven I guess that is a little strange.
Bismuth Hey, deep cut, don't think I forgot about you. What you packin'?
Amethyst Oh, this old thing?
Bismuth Oh, wow.
Amethyst What is it?
Bismuth Well... Not every Quartz can make a whip like this. You mind if I take a look?
Amethyst Knock yourself out.
Bismuth Hold on! I've got an idea.
(Bismuth walks away and return momentarily with Amethyst's whip)
Bismuth Here. With this, you can really do some damage.
Amethyst [Gasping] Aw, yeah, baby. [Amethyst uses her upgraded whip] Bismuth's the best!
[Ext. Beach House]
Bismuth Homeworld treats us like dirt because we don't shine like the elites. But the Crystal Gems are back and we'll give those Diamonds another taste of what's coming!
Bismuth Now, show me what you got, soldiers.
Garnet Huh!
Bismuth Unh! I think the power couple's losin' their spark.
Steven Hmm.
Bismuth Who's next?
Pearl Ha ha-a-a!
Bismuth Pearl, I don't recall asking you to bring me a spear. Uhh!
Pearl You won't like how I give it to you.
Bismuth Ah! Lasers? When did that happen? Wha...?!
Amethyst Haha! *shapeshifts into Purple Puma* I'm gonna wreck your Bismuth!
Bismuth [Laughs] Very creative.
Amethyst Yeah, (Shapeshifts back into herself) I guess I am pretty great.
Bismuth That's right! *fist-bumps Garnet* We are powerful. We are important. We! are! the Crystal Ge-e-e-e-e-ms! *breaks a rock* Steven, come down and show me what you're made of!
Steven Uh, I would, but this is a little intense for me.
(Bismuth shapeshifts her hands back into their original state while Garnet and Pearl go to her and she puts an hand on each of them)
Bismuth But it's a ritual for us Crystal Gems to spar before battle.
Steven Well, actually, I have some rituals I like a little better.
Bismuth Oh, yeah? Let me see 'em.
(The Crystal Gems start playing badminton on the beach.)
Bismuth [Jumps] Huh! (Shapeshifts her hand into a tennis racket) Ah!
Pearl Ohh!
[Trans. to the Crystal Gems playing cards in Steven's room]
(Amethyst shapeshifts to look at Steven's cards. Garnet puts down all her cards and wins.)
Amethyst Wha...?
Bismuth Hahahaha!
[Trans. to Steven using a rolling pin to flatten dough]
(Bismuth is looking at him then shapeshifts her hand into a rolling pin.)
(She pulls a pizza out of the oven.)
[Trans. to the Crystal Gems watching a Lonely Blade movie]
(Bismuth and Steven are both eating a slice of pizza.)
Lonely Blade The powerful, legendary demon blade, possessed by Muramasa. With this demon blade, I will be the most powerful fighter in all the world!
Steven No, Lonely Blade! Don't use it!
Bismuth What? If that thing's got infinite power, then, of course Lonely Blade should use it. It just makes sense.
Pearl It doesn't have to make sense. It's entertainment.
Lonely Blade Infinite... powe-e-e-e-r!
[Trans. to Steven's house at night]
Steven Bismuth, you can chill out here tonight and...sleep, if you want to.
Bismuth You know what? I think I'll give it a try. I like these new Crystal Gem rituals.
Steven [laughs] You know, usually, when I meet a new Gem, they try and kill me and it takes me forever to become friends with them. I guess I mean I'm really glad you're here.
Bismuth Me, too. Glad to have another chance. So, tomorrow, you gonna show me what you got on the battlefield?
Steven Oh, I mean, I-I would, but, most of my weapons are for defense. Oh, except for one.
(Steven pulls out Rose's sword out of Lion's mane.)
Bismuth [Gasp] Rose's sword. My finest piece of work.
Steven You made this?
Bismuth You really don't remember, huh? Rose Quartz changed my life. I came to Earth thinking this was just another colony. Build another arena for important fighters to fight in, build another spire for important thinkers to think in, and then, I met her. Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be. And she asked me what I wanted to build, and I'd never heard that before. And Gems never hear they can be anything other than what they are, but Rose opened our eyes.
Steven Everybody always tells me how great Mom was. I just don't feel like I can ever measure up to her.
Bismuth I can't believe this, that I'm the one giving the pep talk to Rose's... Rose's...?
Steven ...Son.
Bismuth Right. You are different. That's what's so exciting. You don't have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you. And you know what? You deserve an even better weapon.
[Trans. to Bismuth's forge]
Bismuth I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem's physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.
Steven Cool.
Bismuth But... Homeworld doesn't fight fair. That's why we need a different strategy. *winks and clicks tongue*
Steven Ohh. Whoa.
Bismuth I was working on a weapon that would've been a gamechanger. Homeworld knows how to hit us where it counts, but we can do everything they can do, and better. Here it is: the weapon that would've won the war.
Steven Whoa! What is it?
Bismuth I call it a Breaking Point.
Steven Cool! What does it do?
Bismuth Just watch. Hah! Listen up, you Homeworld upper crusts! We! are! the Crystal Gems! Unh! So, what do you think?
Steven Y-You shattered it.
Bismuth That's right! One shot from this baby will shatter any Gem in the galaxy, in the blink of an eye.
Steven Shattering a Gem would destroy them forever.
Bismuth Exactly! The Homeworld Gems won't be able to retake this planet when they're reduced to shards. There. Now, you look like you really mean Bismuth.
[Commercial break]
Bismuth Now, that's a real weapon. Why don't you give it a test run? This one's got your name on it. Wait, let me get out of your way. Hooh!
Steven Ah. Bismuth, I can't use this.
Bismuth What? Why not?
Steven Sh-Shattering Gems... wouldn't that make us the same as Homeworld?
Bismuth Of course not! We'd be shattering them for the sake of our cause, to protect our allies, our friends, to free all Gems from Homeworld's tyranny!
Steven It's just, it... It's not what a Crystal Gem would do...
[Bismuth gets slightly angry, and starts walking toward Steven.]
Bismuth Don't tell me what a Crystal Gem would do. Nobody's more "Crystal Gem" than I am. If you won't take it, I'll just use it myself.
[Bismuth tries to take her weapon off of Steven's arms, but Steven jerks away.]
Steven NO! No one is using it!
[Steven throws the weapon away.]
Steven I'm sorry, Bismuth, but it's not right.
[Bismuth gets slightly shocked, and then starts making a fist.]
Bismuth That's exactly what she said...
Steven Huh?
Bismuth That's exactly what you said.
[Steven starts getting nervous.]
Steven Um, uhh...
Bismuth It is you, isn't it, Rose?
Steven Wh-Wha-What are you talking about?!
Bismuth Don't lie to me! You can't expect me to believe you now, after you lied about everything? You're lying about this new form, just like you lied to the others about ME!!
[Bismuth grabs Steven's shirt, and holds Steven by it.]
Bismuth But I didn't just disappear, did I?! You know what happened to me!
(Steven creates his bubble shield, escaping from Bismuth's grasp.)
Steven Wait, Bismuth! This is just a big misunderstanding!
Bismuth Liar! Don't play games with me, Rose. We were right here. I offered you the secret to victory, and you refused. The Breaking Point would've changed everything.
(Bismuth's right hand turns into a hammer while still talking.)
Bismuth I didn't want to fight you, but you left me no choice!
(Bismuth tries to smash Steven, but escapes.)
(Steven runs away, and hides behind a Gem Statue.)
Bismuth What type of leader doesn't give her army the best chance to win?!
(Bismuth's hammer arm turns into a sharp-like weapon, cutting the statue Steven is hiding behind.)
(Bismuth stomps on the statue also.)
Bismuth How could you value the gems of our enemies more than our own? And look what you've done without me, without the Breaking Point!
(Before Bismuth could cut Steven in half, Steven summons his shield, blocking her attacks.)
Bismuth You've... lost
(Steven blocks more of her attacks, until one of her blows destroys his shield.)
Steven W-Wait!! I'm not my mom! I don't know what she did, but, I'm sure she didn't want to hurt you.
Bismuth It's too late. I don't believe you anymore!
(Steven creates a spiked bubble shield, forcing Bismuth to jump backwards.)
Bismuth All that talk about how Gems could take control of their own identities, how we'd been convinced to ignore our own potential?
(Steven's shield fades away, with Steven falling onto his knees, feeling the heat of the floor.)
Steven Ah! Hot!
Bismuth That's all it was, wasn't it?! Just talk!
(Bismuth summons her hammer arm once again, doing a giant frontflip, smashing Steven, sending him flying into the wall.)
(Steven's left flip-flop falls into the lava and melts, raising Steven's fear.)
Bismuth You should've listened to me, Rose! I would've taken the war to Homeworld and shatter the Diamonds! I would've liberated... everyone!
(Bismuth picks up one of the statues, throwing it into Steven, severely injuring him.)
(Thinking Steven (Or Rose) is dead, Bismuth walks away, picking up her weapon, until Steven picks up the statue that was thrown into him, jumping off the wall.)
Steven Unh! Ah! Errggghhhh, Bismuth, watch out!
(The statue is thrown at Bismuth, exploding the statue, severely injuring her as well.)
(Bismuth's weapon falls out of her hands, rolling into Steven.)
Bismuth Ugghhh...
(Bismuth's weapon rolls to Steven and he picks up the weapon, hopping on one foot towards her.)
Steven Bismuth, this has to stop.
Bismuth So what are you gonna do, shatter me?!
(Bismuth holds onto the weapon while in Steven's hands still, aiming it at her gem.)
Bismuth Go ahead! Just do it!
Steven No! Even if we don't agree, nobody deserves this...!
(Even more enraged, Bismuth yanks the weapon out of Steven's hands, about to shoot it at him.)
(Steven steps back, stops at his mom's sword, and he draws it, closing his eyes.)
(Simultaneously, Bismuth's weapon fires and the sword clangs as it impales her. The weapon is smoking and so is Steven's foot.)
(Steven opens his eyes. He gasps in surprise as he sees that he stabbed Bismuth.)
Bismuth ...You shoulda shattered me back then... At least if I were in pieces, I wouldn't have to know how little I mattered to you... You didn't even tell 'em.. You bubbled me away and didn't ever tell your friends... My friends...
Steven I'm going to tell them! I'm gonna tell them everything.
(Bismuth gets surprised.)
Bismuth Heheheheh... Then you really are better than her.
(A tear rolls down her cheek before Bismuth poofs, dropping the weapon, along with her gem.)
(Steven bubbles Bismuth's gem, and then stares at Bismuth's weapon.)
(Steven throws the weapon into the lava, and it is presumably destroyed.)
[Trans. to Steven's room]
[Steven warps in.]
Pearl Steven!
Amethyst Oh, hey, dude.
(Steven limps a little and Pearl notices Steven's injuries and his bubble.]
Pearl Oh!
Amethyst What?!
Steven There's something I need to tell you.
[Trans. to the Burning Room.]
(The Crystal Gems are mourning the loss of Bismuth, Garnet places her bubbled gem with the Corrupted Gems, and Steven is seen standing outside on the balcony, the Gems walk up to him and comfort him.)
[Episode ends with the Gems looking up at the starry night sky.]

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