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Speaker Dialogue
[Trans. Int. Dondai Supremo driving down a road with "Can't Hold Me" by Emily King playing]
Connie Oh, man, I can't get enough of this song! *sings along*
Sour Cream (on radio) And that was "Can't Hold Me" by Emily King, just one of the many songs you can request tonight at the Starlight Roller Rink featuring DJ Sour Cream!
Pearl *while rolling up Bismuth's sleeve* I'm so excited for you to get out there *shows Bismuth blushing* and experience some interpersonal relationships with humans, Bismuth!
Bismuth *chuckles*
Pearl *while unbottoning Bismuth shirt a little bit* Don't be afraid to show off your gem. *while patting Bismuth* They're gonna love you for who you are.
Bismuth Hope I can keep up.
Pearl The most important thing to remember is- *commercial comes on*
Man Are you tired of shady mechanics bleeding you dry?
Pearl Ahhhh! I love this song!
Man Bring it to Cams
Steven *chuckles* You mean this commercial?
Pearl Turn it up! *reaches over to the volume on the radio and turns it up and sings along with commercial* ♫ Cam's Camshafts is the place to bring your wreck

Get your car repaired for cheap and fair
Without risking your neck
Cam's Camshafts ♫

(Steven and Connie start laughing as it shows the outside of the Dondai driving.)
[Trans. Int. Starlight Roller Rink]
Pearl *walks in with Bismuth* Here we are!
Bismuth Wow! So you mean to tell me people pay to have wheels strapped to their feet for fun? That is really something else...
Steven *looks over at something out of frame* Hey, there's Sour Cream!
(Show's Sour Cream as the rink's DJ)
Sour Cream Keep skatin' in circles. You're doing great.
Bismuth I don't know about this, y'all. I've never skated before.
Steven This'll be my first time skating.
Bismuth How'd you end up missing out on this popular human activity?
Steven Well, with everything that's happened since I got my powers, I've kinda missed out on a lot of human stuff. But hey, it can't be that hard to skate, right? *laughs*
Pearl Yoo-hoo! There you are! *runs over to three people*
Jaime Yo, Pearl! *they stand up and start laughing*
Bismuth Wow, so that's Pearl's fan club, huh? They seem so... *Pearl pulls a roll of toilet paper out of her gem and throws it to Khadijah and they laugh* friendly and interesting.
Steven It's like she has a whole other life going on.
Pearl *waving them over* Steven, Connie, Bismuth, this is Khadijah, Jaime, and Brandish. They're just a few of my human friends.
Khadijah So have you guys known Pearl long?
Steven I've basically known Pearl my whole life.
Connie Pearl taught me how to use a sword.
Bismuth I guess I've known Pearl a, uh, few thousand years.
Pearl That's right! Bismuth also built Little Homeworld.
Khadijah You're also an architect?!
Bismuth Somethin' like that. *Steven and Connie laugh*
Connie Hey, let's get our skates on.
Steven Okay.
Connie Alright! You ready?
Steven 'Mm-hmm!
Connie Then let's get this-
A girl *her and a boy skate over to them* Whoa, is that Connie?
Connie Patricia! Daniel!
Daniel What's up?
Connie Steven, these are a couple of my friends from Cram School.
Steven Oh, uh, h-how's it going?
Daniel It's cool.
Patricia You shoulda seen Daniel earlier. He was all bent out of shape cause his mom tore into him over his last test scores.
Daniel UGH! You know I kinda forgot about it for a sec.
Steven Heh. I know how that is. One time White Diamond tore into me. Literally, *laughs*, she, uh, she took my gem, I'm part Gem, by the way, she pulled it right out of my body.
Daniel Okayy.
Patricia So, what grade are you in, Steven?
Steven Grade? Uhhhhh, ahhh, sixteenth.
Patricia *laughs*
Daniel So you're taking AP classes?
Steven Uhhhhh.
Connie Y'all ready to skate?
Patricia Heck yeah! *laughs*
(Connie, Patricia and Daniel skate off to the roller rink. Leaving Steven behind.)
Steven *sighs* I really blew that one. I bet if they were enemy Gems we would be best friends by now.
Connie Hey, Steven! Come on!
(Patricia and Daniel laugh and enter the roller rink with Connie. Steven enters as well.)
Steven Alright, here I come! Ah!
(Steven slips and falls over.)
Connie Woah, are you okay?
Steven *nervously laughs* Yeah.
Connie It's your first time, right?
(Steven tries to get up, but fails.)
Steven Uh, yeah. But I'm sure I'll get it.
Connie Do you want some help?
Steven No, thanks. I'm okay.
(Steven tries to stand up on the edge of the rink. He slips, but manages to catch himself.)
Steven You can go on without me. I'll catch up.
Patricia Oh, okay.
Connie Yell if you change your mind.
(Connie, Patricia and Daniel skate off.)
Steven Don't worry about me. *nervously laughs*
(Steven slowly skates across the edge of the rink.)
Steven I'm already getting the hang of it.
(Pearl, Bismuth, Khadijah, Jaime, and Brandish skate past, laughing.
Khadijah Wow, Bismuth. The way you skate is like marvellous.
Brandish I love your flow.
Bismuth Well, you guys ain't see nothing yet!
(Bismuth bumps into Pearl. Bismuth picks her up and swings her across. They laugh.
Bismuth Careful there!
Pearl Bismuth, you're a natural! Now, get this. When humans want to see each other again, they exchange "numbers". You should try it. I'm sure you'll have fun.
Bismuth *laughs* What are you talking about? I'm having fun already.
Pearl Oh! Here, take this.
(Pearl pulls out a roll of toilet paper from her gem, and gives it to Bismuth.)
Pearl Every human has at least one of these in their homes. Sometimes they even use it for vandalism. Good luck out there!
(Pearl skates and twirls away.)
Bismuth Wait, where are you going?
Pearl You don't need me anymore, Bismuth. The humans already love you. I'm going to make some connections of my own!
(Pearl skates over to an old man skating.)
Pearl Hello, fellow skater! Would you like a fresh roll?
(Pearl pulls out another roll of toilet paper, and gives it to the man.)
Bismuth Have fun.
Jaime Hey, Bismuth! You gotta show us more of those cool moves.
Bismuth Well, if you insist!
Jaime Woo! Alright!
(Bismuth skates away, and Khadijah, Jaime, and Brandish follow her. Steven is seen still slowly skating across the edge of the rink. He falls over at the exit from exhaustion.)
Steven Okay, one lap! I think that deserves a break.
(Connie skates over to Steven.)
Connie Hey, Steven.
Steven Connie! Where are Daniel and Patricia?
Connie Their still having fun on the rink. Did you wanna hang out? I don't have to skate, you know?
Steven No, no. You're here to have fun. You're so busy studying. You should get to be with your friends.
Connie You're my friend. We could sit and have some tater tots?
Steven No, no. You should skate. *gets up* I want you to skate.
Connie Well, okay then...
(Connie skates off.)
Steven *groans* What am I doing?
(Bismuth skates over to Steven.)
Bismuth Hey, Steven. Done tearing it up?
Steven Bismuth, I think I've forgotten how to talk to humans.
Bismuth Really? Have you tried one of these?
(Bismuth pulls out the roll of toilet paper that Pearl gave her, and gives it to Steven.)
Bismuth Pearl says it's supposed to help.
Steven Maybe later...
Bismuth What's the deal? I thought you got along great with humans. What about Connie and Greg?
Steven Greg's my dad, he doesn't count. And Connie, it's fine when it's just us, but I don't know how to talk to her when she's with her friends. You did fine making friends, right, Bismuth?
Bismuth Oh, yeah, um. It was alright.
Steven Alright? It was what you came for, wasn't it?
Bismuth Uh, well... um.
(Bismuth looks at Pearl.)
Steven W-Wait, Pearl? Bismuth, you're here for Pearl?
(Bismuth covers Steven's mouth.)
Bismuth Shh!
(Pearl looks at Bismuth and Steven. They wave at each other.)
Steven Are you- trying to hide it from her?
Bismuth I just don't want to take her away from what she's got. She's got her own thing going on. She's like the Pearl I remember, but a little different. She's happier. I just wanted to catch up.
Steven Yeah. When Connie and I were fighting to save the universe things were sort of easier. We were fighting the same fight, now it's like we're living different lives. I wonder if I'm even her best friend anymore.
(Bismuth slams her arm on the edge of the rink.)
Bismuth How long has this been going on?
Steven Uh, a couple months.
Bismuth Listen, Steven. Pearl brought me here to set me up with her friends, but Connie came here to be with you. You've got nothing to mope about.
Steven But her friends think I'm weird.
Bismuth Of course you're weird! You're a Crystal Gem! Connie knows that, she's always known that. That never stopped you from being friends.
Steven You're right. Connie knows who I am, she's been my friend, she's still my friend!
Bismuth So, what do you want?
Steven To do friend stuff with Connie.
Bismuth And what are you gonna do?
Steven Skate with Connie!
Bismuth Then go do it!
(Bismuth pushes Steven into the rink, and he skates towards Connie.)
Steven CONNIE! Ah!
(Steven trips and faceplants into the ground.)
Connie Steven?
(Steven slides across the floor as everyone stares at him. Connie skates over to Steven and kneels down.)
Connie Steven! Are you okay?
Steven Connie, I'm sorry. I don't wanna hold you back.
Connie I don't mind.
Steven You've got cram school, new friends. You're going places, and I'm happy for you. But I feel like you're drifting away from me. I wish we could reconnect, but- I don't know how to skate!
Connie Skating is what you're worried about?
Sour Cream Alright, everybody. It's time for our nightly skate competition. Everyone show off your sickest moves, and be crowned "skater of the night!"
Connie Come on. I have an idea.
(Connie offers Steven her hand, he takes it. A pink glow then comes out of their hands, and covers their arms, a white flash then appears as they fuse into Stevonnie.)
Sour Cream Lets get this party started.
(Sour Cream plays "Can't Hold Me" by Emily King on his DJ booth. Everyone on the rink begins to skate around and shows off their moves. Stevonnie goes to the reception and returns Steven and Connie's skates, they then get a larger pair. Stevonnie skates over to the rink, and almost falls over, but manages to catch themselves. They skate into the rink, and zoom past everyone. Stevonnie then jumps over Bismuth and gives her a high-five. They continue to skate, spinning Pearl around. Stevonnie then jumps into the air, and does the splits while landing. The crowds cheers as the music stops.
Pearl *claps* I know them!
Sour Cream I think we can agree who the winner is unless someone wants to follow that up.
(The crowd shakes their heads.)
Sour Cream I guess that makes the winner by default, Stevonnie!
(Stevonnie picks up themself by their jacket, and unfuses. Steven and Connie laugh.
Steven Connie, thanks.
(Patricia and Daniel skate over to them.)
Patricia Steven, Connie! That was amazing!
Daniel What the heck was that out there?
Connie Oh, fusion? Yeah, that's kinda our thing.
Steven It's something I picked from my mom's side of the family.
Daniel The only thing I get from my mom's side of the family is stressed out.
Steven *laughs* Same.
Patricia What was it like the first time you guys did that?
Steven Okay. So, we were at this rave, right-
Sour Cream Yo. Steven, Connie. Since ya'll won you guys get to pick the next song.
Steven The next song?
(Steven looks at Bismuth and Pearl.)
Steven I know the perfect song! Come on, Connie.
Connie BRB
(Steven and Connie hold hands as they skate over to Sour Cream's booth.)
Steven Hey, Sour Cream. I got a song for ya.
Sour Cream This one goes out to Bismuth and Pearl from Steven and Connie.
(Bismuth turns around and blushes. Steven winks as the commercial "Cam's Camshafts" comes on. Pearl happily skates over to Bismuth.
Pearl Bismuth, it's my fav song!
(Bismuth laughs, and begins to sing along with the commercial song.)
Bismuth Cam's Camshafts is the place to bring your wreck!
Get your car repaired for cheap and fair without risking your neck!
Pearl Cam's Camshafts!" ♫
(Pearl laughs and skates off with Bismuth as the commercial song ends.)
Sour Cream Lets spice this baby up!
(Sour Cream plays different music as Steven and Connie skate off as well, wrapping their arms around each other. Patricia and Daniel follow them. Khadijah grabs onto Bismuth's hand, followed by Jaime and Brandish. Steven and Connie laugh, ending the episode.)

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