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Bixbite, also known as the Crab Gem Monster when corrupted, is a former Corrupted Gem that first appeared in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies". Like many of the uncorrupted gems, she now resides in Little Homeworld, working at Fish Stew Pizza.



She resembles a large crab. She has two large claws and six legs. On the top of her head, she has four small horns and in the center is one large spike. She has only one eyeball, with a small visible iris. She is only seen through Ronaldo's night vision camera, therefore the actual color of her shell is unknown. In the palette seen, she appears to be a dark teal color, although she could be orange and white, like her minions. She has two mandibles on her front acting as a mouth.


In her uncorrupted form, she has red, tan, and white coloring. She appears to wear a helmet with three spikes on top and a short bobbed hairstyle. She has one large eye and one pointed tooth. She has broad shoulders and still possesses a large claw on her right arm, with her left arm being normal. She wears a reddish-pink two-piece outfit that appears to have a metallic sheen. The rest of her body is encased in a cinnabar colored exoskeleton not unlike that of her corrupted form, with discernable segments of exposed skin on her elbows and knees.


"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

She is seen fighting the Crystal Gems in Ronaldo's video. The Gems poofed and bubbled her, sending her to The Burning Room.

"Change Your Mind"

Bixbite was healed of her corruption at Rose's Fountain by the Diamonds.

"Little Homeschool"

She is among the gems present in Cherry Quartz's tour of Little Homeworld, attending Vidalia's art class.


Guidance 216.png

She was given a job at Fish Stew Pizza as a chef by Amethyst. She is shown to be very skilled at cutting, having perfectly sliced up the pizza and its ingredients. Steven attempts to reassign her the job of handing out balloons on the boardwalk, but she ends up accidentally popping a child's balloon, causing the child to cry. That evening, she is shown to have returned to her job at Fish Stew Pizza.


Bixbite attends a party at the Beach House meant to welcome Bluebird Azurite to Earth. She is seen chatting with Lace Amethyst on the couch.

"Little Graduation"

Bixbite attends the Off Colors' graduation, cheering as Sadie and Shep come on stage to perform.

"Everything's Fine"

She attends Bismuth's class on crafting wedding armor, and it put off by Steven joining the class. Bixbite is concerned when he breaks Bismuth's anvil.

"The Future"

Bixbite stands outside the Big Donut, part of the crowd waving goodbye to Steven as he leaves Beach City.


While not much is known about her personality, she appears to be kind and happy. She is also shown to enjoy working, happily enjoying her job at Fish Stew Pizza.


Bixbite possesses standard Gem abilities.


  • Precise Cutting: When uncorrupted, Bixbite has been shown to have a knack for making the perfect cut, as shown in "Guidance", where she perfectly sliced up a pizza.

Unique Abilities

A Crab Monster

  • Creature Creation: At least while corrupted, Bixbite can generate smaller Crab Monsters.

Episode Appearances


  • Bixbite in her corrupted form resembles Gohma from the Zelda series, particularly in how she seems to use her claws to help protect her eye, which is her weak spot as well as her ability to spawn smaller versions of herself.
  • Bixbite is similar to Nephrite in her corrupted state, and the Gem Cave Creature, in the sense that she is able to summon smaller versions of herself.
  • A sticker sheet released by Quidd after "Change Your Mind" aired listed her gemstone as "Aventurine"; her final name was confirmed to be Bixbite in the episode "Guidance", which aired months later. Steven Universe: End of an Era reveals that she was indeed going to be an Aventurine, implying her Gem type was changed before "Guidance" aired.
  • Bixbite's red-and-yellow design may be based on unheated bixbite, which usually comes in pinkish red.
  • Out of all of the uncorrupted Gems that were redesigned, Bixbite's changes were among the most minor, including a rearrangement of the spines on her helmet, a brighter, pinker shade of red on her clothes, an extra finger on her left hand, and (unseen in "Change Your Mind" due to the fountain's water obscuring her lower half) the removal of a frilled skirt and the addition of actual legs and feet.
  • Her design is a reference to Darrell, a robotic character from Ian Jones-Quartey's OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. This makes her the second Gem character to have a design that pays homage to Ian's own series, the first being Ruby, who was loosely based on the depiction of K.O. from the show's pilot, Lakewood Plaza Turbo.


Image Description
Crab Gem Blue.png
Her gemstone is shaped like an upside-down teardrop. Its current placement is not known. It appears greenish-blue in color due to the night vision camera recording from "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"; its actual, normal palette is unknown, though it is likely a shade of red, as that is the color of bixbite in real life.


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