• HotPinkMegaStar

    Dearest fellow SU fans, it's been fun being on the wiki discussing awesome stuff about the show Steven Universe and our hero Steven has grown to the mature, powerful teenage guy he is today after all these years of love and character development. However, I'm going to say that's hard to see our much beloved show depart forever but it'll be alright because we'll always have it in our hearts and never forget its wonderful moments. It's sad to say this but I'm leaving the wiki since the show has ended also it's been my greatest pleasure to be a part of the wiki and stay strong; here's my catchphrase something to remember me by and for all SU Fans in the wiki

    "Fans Together, Steven Universe Forever"

    Now without further ado, I'd like to wish you …

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  • XRapplex

    Here is the original english version of the ending song from SU Future:

    Just a little time.
    Just a little something else instead.
    Just a little time.
    Just a little something up ahead.
    I'm dreaming of being... being... being...
    Being human...
    Just a little time.
    Just a little something that I need.
    Just a little time.
    Just a little feeling gaining speed.
    I'm dreaming of going... going... going...
    Going somewhere else...
    Being... being... being...
    Being human...

    And here is the croatian translation (Evo prijevod na hrvatskom/hrvatski tekst) :

    Samo malo vremena,

    Samo malo nešto drugo umjesto,

    Samo malo vremena,

    Samo nešto malo predamnom,

    Sanjam o bivanju...bivanju...bivanju....

    Bivanju čovjekom....

    Samo malo vremena,

    Samo malo nešto što trebam,

    Samo malo vremena,


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  • Rainbowderp01

    There are so many unresolved plot points and potential arcs that could've been addressed further in Future. But one of the most important ones that was TEASED in the original series, was the dang treasure chest inside Lion's mane! We saw it was opened in the movie, but after knowing about it for 6+ years, we don't even get to know what was inside it or how it was opened? C'mon! 

    CoLoRFuL DiTZ~ 17:19, March 29, 2020 (UTC)

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  • GeneBernardinoLawlYesGreeNo

    It's been 7 years being a fan of this show. Now that this is the end, I will move on watching something else, just like Steven moving on to live somewhere else. Goodbye, Steven Universe. Don't forget about us.

    Oh, the one of meme videos will be coming after the 70th episode of my Angry German Kid series which is this video featured after the credits.


    There it is:


    Here's the edit of the episode "I Am My Monster:

    (Warning: this contains bad words, I don't want you to be offended by these!)

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  • Thelovblepearl22cutie number 2

    Well folks I really have to say I was really impressed with Steven Universe finale and the ending too. Man! I was just mind blown to think that the Movie or that Change your Mind episode couldn't been more dark or emotional. but seeing Steven going through his growing pains and turning into that Godzilla like monster was so off guard but epic! and Connie tells Everyone inclunding Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. that Steven was always there for them and He needed them more. and Greg will never look the same with his long hair since it got cut off by Bluebird. and Spinel made another appearance and She said that She feels bad and guilty for what She did to Steven in the Movie. Wipping out Pearl's memory and almost Killing him off too in that fig…

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  • Mellowix

    There's many simillaries between computers and gems, such as: Pearl's memories being stored like files and a Rejuvenator can turn a Gem back to their "factory settings". So going back this logic, can Gem crash like a computer? What do you think the Technicalities of a "crashed gem" would be: How is their phyical appearence effected? How is their abilities effected? What could trigger a Crash?  

    (Note: A computer "crashing" and "corrupting" are two distintive concepts, despite some simillaties. Therefore, a crashed gem would be different from a corrupted one.)

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  • HarperTheGemHybrid

    Height chart

    March 28, 2020 by HarperTheGemHybrid

    Hey guys! This has been getting me thinking, would you guys like it if I posted a height chart of all the characters? Like listing their heights. We all know that rose is eight feet tall and that Steven is 5'6.  Should I go through with this chart? Give me your thoughts!

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  • Lunarmochis


    March 27, 2020 by Lunarmochis

    Ok. I have watched the episode with cookie cat and Steven does an impression of an advertisement right?

    After that, everybody laughs and is impressed about it. Garnet claps her hands and it makes a normal clapping sound. No big deal right? 

    BUT WAIT. Garnet's gem is on her palm the exact place you use to normally clap. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

    I think someone already brought this up but my sheer fabric of mind is broken

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  • KameronDoughty

    So, I'll make this quick. I know this wiki is filled with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. And I wanted to send my wishes out to all of you to stay safe out there in these trying times. It's a wild ride. Wash your hands, and stay up to date. Anyways, that's all. Love y'all. < 3


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  • Speccyemerald

    Okay, I'm back from a nearly 3-year hitaus from here! Wikia Should NEVER have been renamed "FANDOM"!

    Shep is an okay character to me. They're not my favorite character in the show, I'm still for either Peridot, Garnet, or Steven in terms of that. Personally, I think Shep should have either been trans or a Therian rather than a non-binary human. Most of you already know what "trans" is, but not therian. A therian(sometimes called an otherkin) is someone who has a spiritual connection to a non-human animal. These people actually are legit (unlike the Xir Xe Xer "special" ones) but are usually a rare occurance. Its kind of hard to explain beyond what I already stated as to how they are what they are. It didn't started with tumblr or twitter, …

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