• Chucker the Green Robot

    Here are some things Steven Universe got wrong (Geology wise)

    Gems are objects and is confirmed that they do not have genders but Rebecca also confirmed that they are lesbian. How can objects show sexual relations with each other

    Bismuth is a metal not a gem

    Diamonds and Quartzs are in different crystal families and are not the same

    There are other colours of Sapphires then ablue

    Rubies are the most precious gems so why aren’t they in charge

    Diamonds are primarily clear but natural coloured diamonds are usually shades of brown or tan

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  • Techno Bunny

    Moon Goddes Statue

    July 31, 2020 by Techno Bunny

    What if the Moon Goddes Staute is related to the creators of the Diamonds? Cause she is holding a  diamond and she clearly doesn't look like any of the diamonds(Maybe she looks a bit like blue but whatever) idk just a thought that came in my head

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  • Luke Cage Bass Fishing

    Gregory Universe should lose custody of Steven.

    He wasn't prepared for making Rose pregnant, never took his son to a doctor, raised Steven in a van, and, in running away from home, denied his son the ONE thing he always wanted but sadly will never have now that he's out, A NORMAL CHILDHOOD! WHAT A MONSTER! I once feared that Steven would end up like Greg- a big, fat, lazy, unlikable idiot! Thank the Lord he's more like his responsible mother.

    I wonder when Steven will come back...

    (To the tune of Let Us Adore You Reprise Someday. Somewhere. Somehow. He'll come again. They just need to find someone. (Just let us adore him.)

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  • Elal08

    Question of the day

    July 12, 2020 by Elal08

    Did you miss Steven Universe? 

    P.S.: If you miss this show, tell me your favourite moment. So, my favourite moment are Pearl and Garnet fusion, Steven was dislodged the Crystal gem in the mirror


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  • Ets the Loud House fan

    Hello, everyone. Ets the loud house fan here. It's been 3 months since I got blocked (though it has already ended 2 weeks ago.) I'm here to apologize to all of you for apparently being the source of your problems. Looking back at what happened back then, i got blocked after I was told that I was apparently the source of you guys' problems. I also want to apologize for what happened in discord. So, I'm sorry for apparently ruining your lives 3 months ago, and I fully and deeply regret my actions. What I apparently did was wrong and stupid, so please accept my apology and I hope you guys would do the same thing too.

    Lastly I 100%c cross-my-heart promise to make amends to you all (especially on discord.)

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  • Primrose Night Fury

    I can't post this soooooo





    over the world is this enough characters eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • UseURname

    How are you?

    June 24, 2020 by UseURname

    Hello! Lately, I have been checking my favorite wikis and of course, this one is no exception. It's been quite a while since the last time I'd been here. Quarantine is producing a plethora of opportunities and events, categorized by the choice to either look back or seek forward. So how are you?

    I just want to add that I haven't watched Steven Universe Future. Not even the movie. The past year had been filled by school work so I wasn't really able to catch up. Nevertheless, I am aware of Spinel and major events in the series, but I still want to watch it. I guess another reason why I wasn't able to catch up was my dissatisfaction with the pacing of the show. It all appeared to be very fast, and consequently, it felt unnatural. I would have p…

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  • Luke Cage Bass Fishing

    I thought that The Future would not only be the final episode, but the final piece of Steven Universe media released for at LEAST 6 years.

    Thank the Lord I was wrong. On May 5, 2020, THIS came out! [[1]]

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  • MeliaHall
    Just to let you know this is entirely my opinion mixed along with a little bit of facts. Please comment ot let me know what you think and the rankings are in no specific order, its just the top five. (Diamonds do not count)

    1: Lapis Lazuli

    Ok, I really just love lapis so this might be just my fondness for her but I think Lapis is actually super powerful then she already appears to be. One reason is because we've never actually seen her gem weapon. People have never really thought of this but I will argue that her wings aren't really her gem weapon. A fact to aid this is that her gem doesn't glow when she pulls out her wings, like all the other gems. (Except that one time when Steven litterally just healed her cracked gem, so they added the …
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  • Emilym9

    I could use some help

    June 13, 2020 by Emilym9

    As I've stated on my main page I started a fan wiki for the talented Tumblr artist Diego Souza. He creates his own Steven Universe characters and I wanted to make a wiki supporting him. I've been having trouble with the coding and if anyone could help me with getting a template for an infobox that'd be amazing. Any help would be great help and I'm looking forward to anyone I can find. 

    The link for the wiki is here:

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