• KameronDoughty

    Connie Quad-Redraw

    January 16, 2020 by KameronDoughty

    So, someone by the name of @akkinight on Instagram redrew Connie when she's all awkward right before she pecked Steven on the cheek. My friend's sister (@artisticspinel) the redrew *that* redraw, and *then* that same friend (@ii.draws) redrew her sister's redraw. And now, four levels deep, it's my turn to redraw my friend's redraw. I figured I'd post it Here, 'cause all the SU fans gather on this wiki. Feel free to leave thoughts. ^^

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  • HotPinkMegaStar

    Hey, everybody

    As you all know that the show is on the hiatus right now but it'll be back sometime soon and it'll departing very soon after its finale had aired but it'll be okay because it told us a heartwarming,character-developing,emotional story also Steven has grown to the powerful teenage person he is today and the same thing goes for his team the Crystal Gems which is also his family and friends. So even if the show is gone, we'll hold it close and it'll always be in our hearts throughout our everyday lives no matter what. And I know that Steven Universe:Future will have a happy ending and Steven has decided what he wants to do for his future besides Steven and his friends have made this far and Steven Universe: Future they are. But …

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  • MapleSugarThirtynumber

    Hello everyone! (I'm actually maplesugar33, but I was locked out of my account, and created this one, just so you know :1) 

    I haven't drawn gems in a while but..... FUSIONS

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  • Ninjago24


    January 3, 2020 by Ninjago24

    There is a lot of lgbtq+ in steven universe/SU future. For example Garnet, the leader of the

    crystal gems, is a married 'gay' couple between the gems Ruby and Sapphire. Sadie Miller is (I am pretty sure) 'Pansexual'. She is dating a 'Non binary' partner, "Shep." Shep pronouns are They/Them/Theirs. I love how Rebecca sugar is adding lgbtq+ in this kid friendly cartoon show. I am apart of lgbtq+ myself so this is special to me and other people who are apart of lgbtq+ group.
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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Happy New Year

    January 1, 2020 by Steven Bomb 17

    Happy New Year everyone! Man, hard to believe that I started using this wiki in 2015. I have some good, fun memories. I don't want you looking up those first hundred, cringey comments so in summary I was excited all the time because literally everyone could see my thoughts, I roasted people that annoyed me, I learned about the weird code that always shows users their username the hard and slightly scary way, I once made a theory about Gems being Moonblinked because Owls of Ga'hoole was my obsession...don't look that up, fights happened for reasons I still don't understand, friendships formed, I cringe at my comments about Regular Show and Adventure Time...I'm cool with them now, my horizons have broadened.

    Steven Universe Future may well en…

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  • 01ZanderBanks01


    December 30, 2019 by 01ZanderBanks01
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  • ScarletFlashPony

    Steven's jacket is an object of importance so why not give it a page? He wears it almost all the time and it has some of it's own trivia. Steven is shown to wear the jacket in every episode but one since the movie. 

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  • Spinel0710Pink

    So telll me (blog's title). My favourite gem is Spinel, my favourites fusions it's all of them (excluding Malachite, Cluster Gems [not the Cluster itself], Zebra Jasper, the Ruby fusions and Bluebird), my favourite Diamonds it's all of them and my favourites humans it's Greg, Steven (I KNOW STEVEN IS HALF-HUMAN!), Sadie and Lars and my favourites animals it's Lion and Cat Steven. So what's yours?

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  • SupremeBeatlesFan

    peel it down and go mm mmm mm mmm

    grjjfgjfjdjfdjfddckkckkckxkckvmvmvmbvgjhjjhgjhjjhjgjhjgjhjjggjfjfjfcjfvbjbjggjgjbjjbjgjgbjgjgnjgjgnjgbjnjnbnbnbjngjnbjngbjbngbngngjnjnbjgnmmmmmmmmdmfmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious seizure banana

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  • KameronDoughty

    Possibly off-topic, but I really wanna get it put there to those who've requested renders from me. Sorry mods. : (

    So, I originally had a much longer post here, but I decided to edit the blog's name, so I copied it, started over, then stupidly copied something else before I pasted it back in. Just add that to the list of things making today awful. Ugh.

    So, to very, very, briefly summarize, my drawing pen broke, and I won't be able to draw for an unknown amount of time.

    I'm sorry, and I really want to make it up to y'all, so please tell me how.

    -BrokenCreativ- you know what, no, this is (was, see second paragraph) a heart to heart, I'm gonna use my real name

    -Kameron Doughty

    P.S. Here's a vid showcaseing what's going on (once again, sorry mods),…

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