• NeptuneID13


    July 20, 2019 by NeptuneID13

    The trailer has me hypeddddddddd:

    • Steven's voice is deeper
    • The new villain is absolutely insane and reminds me of a classic cartoon
    • Bismuth, Peridot and Lapis appear
    • Connie kisses Steven


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  • Austria-Man

    A new chance!

    July 17, 2019 by Austria-Man

    Steven Universe is nominated for the Creative Arts Prime Time Emmy Short Form Animated Program again. This time it's the episode Reunited. That's a good choice, because there are much reasons, why that episode should win the Emmy:

    • There's a almost LBGT wedding
    • The most of Steven's friends appear in this episode
    • Steven and his friends fights the first time versus the Diamonds
    • We see the Cluster the first time in a "real" form
    • The Diamonds know about Pink Diamonds' secret at the end

    That's why this episode should win, but it will not be easy, because there are some rival episodes.

    They are:

    • "The Witness" (Love, Death and Robots)
    • "Why is it wet?" (Robot Chicken)
    • "Plankton Paranoia" (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    • "Nostalgia is not a substitue for an actual sto…

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  • PinkSuperStar

    Steven Universe has been my most favorite show for years since 2013 not only that it's the most empathetic show on Cartoon Network. it told us a awesome story from Steven's gem glow in Season 1 to Harmony and Peace with The Diamonds in Season 5. in the beginning, Steven hangs out with his caretakers the Crystal Gems Garnet,Amethyst,and Pearl and his Dad Greg Universe. His mother Rose Quartz gave up her physical form for Steven to be born since then Steven been hearing wonderful stories about her like She valued The Earth for its beauty and worth that how she want to protect by starting a revolution against the Great Diamond Authority which lead to war. And many gems were hurt including her allies and friends but in the end, Rose Quartz an…

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     Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog here. Im not new in the wiki, or to the series, but yet i havent been very active, so i thought i could contribute to the fandom by making an AU

     AU stands for Alternate Universe, and most common AUs are swaps, or Evil! Aus. 

     This alternate universe i made is settled years after the series, when Steven is an adult. Its.. interesting.

     So, its pretty much just an apocalyptic version of SU that i made up a year ago.

     If this gets popular, ill give you the first chapter(yes, it'll be some sorta fanfiction)


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  • Thelovblepearl22cutie number 2

    I Hear that Steven Universe the Movie is coming out! and i recently saw Steven's neck! and he's growing up too!

    Can't Wait!

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  • Elal08

    I'm a big fan of 5 years ago, because... When my favorite character was Pearl. In 3 years my favorite character is Rose Quartz, now Amethyst and Lapis... and Sapphire maybe :)

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  • ParriBla 2019

    Gem Height

    June 16, 2019 by ParriBla 2019

    That's how I think. I feel, it have to be a true. There is:

    • Rose Quartz: 210 cm
    • Garnet: 190 cm
    • Pearl: 170 cm
    • Lapis Lazuli: 165 cm
    • Amethyst: 140 cm
    • Peridot: 137-140 cm
    • Steven Universe: 140 cm
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  • PinkSuperStar

    I've read on a article on Steven Universe Season 6 about its release date and spoilers: Series reset following satisfying Season 5 finale. According to EconoTimes, the hints we got so far are a sign to the Steven Universe Season 6's future but the fans are thinking to withhold from to figuring out what's next. The show is going to have all-new new story arc which make it seem like the series is starting over; Furthermore, after long-lasting months of the hiatus the fans really loved the ending of Season 5 earlier this year. the fifth part of the series' goal of healing all of corrupted gems on Earth and Steven embraced his genuine identity has been achieved. Cartoon Network is not through with the show just yet though it might take a good …

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  • IThinkOfNamesUncreatively

    title is self explanatory

    1. if you want them done with extra details like the callie and marie pearls in the examples, please tell me
    2. all recolors will be done in batches, once there are 5 requested recolors, they will be put in a batch and uploaded simultaneously
      1. please be patient for the slots to fill up and your request to be uploaded
      2. post a request on my wall if you wish to see your recolor early, but only after 1 day, I will not upload your request under a day unless I've finished it.

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  • PinkSuperStar

    I read on a article about the San Diego Comic Con happening some time in July this summer after school's over that Cartoon Network is going to announce Steven Universe The Movie now that  Adventure Time have concluded so we'll be getting news about it also Cartoon Network should have plenty to share fans with. Who knows? we might get the antagonist's name of The Movie, its main storyline and maybe new songs are in The Movie Nonetheless, we'll have to wait and see other than that, we're in for a big surprise once we reached July.

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