• Fanboiz

    I mean like we’re they meant to be workers,like white diamond was the controller and the rest were workers? I wanna hear your thoughts

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  • Animefanlt01

    so since it's been almost 2 weeks since the movie aired, I'm here to give you all my spoiler-filled review and with that said there's your obligatory spoiler warning and without any further to do to quote a certain YouTuber let's just jump right into it.

    so right off the bat I wanna say this movie has in some regards spark some excitement I had for the series that I had kind lost during the time span of S4 - S5, but that I gotta I love the Disney Esque exposition opening scene as it helps give context for people who are either new, don't really keep up with the series or just simply needed a refresher, and have a 2 year time skip and seeing Steven older and finally have a neck though one thing that kinda felt a little off-putting was seeing…

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  • KameronDoughty

    A Question

    September 11, 2019 by KameronDoughty

    I don't even know if I'm supposed/allowed to do this, but here's a question:

    To anyone who know the ropes around here, where would the Ruby and Sapphire stylized versions of Garnet from the movie go? Like on who's page, Garnet's, or Ruby and Sapphire's? And would they be considered a Design, or something else? Thank you in advance! : )

    -Kam, a completely insecure novice who doesn't want to do something wrong

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  • Magnus124


    September 10, 2019 by Magnus124

    Okay, everyone, my favorite character is Spinel. She is happy even when she's mad. I don't have much to say so I will edit every once in a while.

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  • WaffleTail260

    Elllo! Ello! Ello!

    Man! How british was that!

    Random Guy With Hair: Jeez. This is just cringe. What's with all the exclamation marks? I mean come on! What is this a three-year olds birthday card?!

    Well, Randy. I guess you do have a point. 

    I just want to say a quick hello to everyone out there.

    I've mostly been working on the Milo Murphy's Law Wiki,  but after watching the movie and rewatching Dimond Days I have been rediscovering what made me fall deeply in love with show. Everything is absoulutley what I want in a show. I may touch on that subject later, but for now just know I dislike very little things about this show.

    Make you're mind a great one!

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  • ChromeSpreadSHot


    September 7, 2019 by ChromeSpreadSHot
    • Opal should be Charoite cuz it's both purple and looks like a pearl.
    • Garnet needs a bit more Sapphire sprinkled into her.
    • Spinel looks like it could be Pezzotaite, honest

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  • Hessonite

    I thought that the change White made was totally belevable, toward the end of Change Your Mind she did seem more comfortable with all of the changes being made around her. She is compassionate now and its been a long time since Young Steven (red shirt Steven). Some how some people thought that White's changes were unbelevable but I really dont see that. I am happy they didn't focus on Stevens relationship with the Diamonds this time and more on a strange new character related to Pink. The role that the Diamonds played in this movie was small and that is a good thing. So the people complaining about White Diamonds changed to her personality DO have a right to complain but are wrong in my opinion.

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  • Zellaus


    September 3, 2019 by Zellaus

    Her first appearance in the movie was just amazing, when she was first fighting during the its so swell to meet ya song was Crazy. But when she was poofed and reverted she became less of a villain, and I kinda liked her more when I know nothing about her

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  • To4oo4

    Steven Universe Movie

    September 2, 2019 by To4oo4

    So, I just finished watching the Steven Universe movie... I... Well, I thought it was an obscenely lackluster send-off to the series. That's just me, though. I dunno, it just left me feeling rather empty.

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  • FangirlingSoHard

    My Random Fanart

    August 31, 2019 by FangirlingSoHard

    Just kind of storing some bad fanart here.

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