• Painfulhoe

    Controlled Pink

    November 12, 2019 by Painfulhoe

    I made a controlled Pink! It was pretty easy! All I did was add another image and pasted her arm on the other arm! Then erased the old arm

    I also re-drawn Pink! Pink is one of my favorite characters. So you guys will be seeing a lot of pink.

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  • Spinel0710Pink

    My favourite fusions is Steg, Garnet, Smoky, Rainbow 2.0, Sardonyx, Sunstone and Obsidian and my favourite gems it's Spinel, the Diamonds (especially Pink) and Lapis and yours?

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  • SwappedClothes1749
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  • Future Of Gaming

    Hey guys, so there is an exclusive animatic of the spinel fight and i was wondering if you could make a render.

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  • Painfulhoe

    ❥ Yaranaika?

    November 2, 2019 by Painfulhoe


    ❥❥Ok so I was just bored and felt like making this my first post..

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  • MochaLattes

    Hyped for SU Future

    October 31, 2019 by MochaLattes


                                                                       *COUGH* *BREEVE*


                                                                             *WHHEEZE* *INHALE*


                                      *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH* *BREEVING* *SILENCE*

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  • Steven+Amethyst=SmokyQuartz
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  • EricCartman336 Daria909

    1, The Tale of Steven/14, Change: Steven (Common)

    2, Let Us Adore You: Lapis Lazuli (Common)

    3, Happily Ever After: Pearl (Common)

    4, Other Friends/15, Let Us Adore You Reprise: Spinel (Uncommon)

    5, system/BOOT.PearlFinal(3).info: Reset Pearl (Uncommon)

    6, Who We Are: Bismuth (Common)

    7, Isn't it Love: Reset Garnet (Uncommon)

    8, No Matter What: Reset Amethyst (Uncommon)

    9, Disobedient: Amethyst (Common)

    10, Independent Together: Steg (RARE)

    11, Drift Away/12, Found: Reset Spinel (Uncommon)

    13, True Kinda Love: Garnet (Common)

    16, Finale: Peridot (Common)

    HEA Steven, Garnet, Amy, and Pearl (RARE)

    Galaxy Warp Steven (RARE)

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  • Future Of Gaming

    Ive got a power, that i like to show.
    Everybody thinks its weak, although.
    Im not the jacob you used to know.
    And now im ready to fight solo.

    No rules to abide by.
    1v1, its do or die.
    For one of us, it'll go awry.
    One of us is walking, you best deny.

    It might just be clear, so you can see.
    I fit my powers, yeah they work for me.
    I was weak, but i found the key.
    And my punch's pain went to the third degree.

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  • MochaLattes

    Steven x Connie

    October 19, 2019 by MochaLattes

    If steven and connie dont kiss and/or get in a relationship in Steven Universe Future Im going to storm right over thr Cartoon Network and be like, Give me back my LIFE!

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