• Lanternbat

    Garnet's Collection

    December 31, 2013 by Lanternbat

    Hey, I'm Lanternbat and I wanted to know what you guys noticed this as well. In the episode Gem Glow, we see a small gem stone fall from the distintergrated body of the mother Centipeetle that Garnet immediately picks up and magically sends it away. She does the same thing witht he gem that falls out of the giant worm in Bubble Buddies. In Together Breakfest, we see that the room with the lava pool is decorated with gems of various shapes and sizes in magic bubbles all over the room. So what I want is what is the point of this collection of gems? Are they like hunting trophies or what? What are your theories?

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  • Playdate

    No one actually really knows how Steven actually summons his weapon it has to be through some what of love,happyness mabye compassion? Eh no one really knows but mabye at the bieng of 2014 the creators will tell us how Steven summons his weapon. Hopefully the creators of the show will reveal how Steven summons his weapon also either in 2014 or some point of the show oh well don't under estimate the creators they will think of something. Please leave a comment if you liked this blog post.

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  • Steven U.

    New Gems Ideas

    December 18, 2013 by Steven U.

    I think Steven should have a brother named Joseph. His gem is Saphire and is located on the back of his head.

    If you have any suggestions please reply.

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  • Playdate

    Ok this is my first blog so all i can really say is the show is really great the animation style reminds me that of anime. Also Pearl is my favorite character who is your favorite character please leave a comment bellow. And what do you all think will be expected of next years season or episodes of Stevens Universe please comment below. ;)

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  • ScooterGirl1500

    Voice thing?

    December 12, 2013 by ScooterGirl1500

    I did a voice thing.

    Ugh! I'm so horrible!

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  • HallowedArcher

    Originally posted 11/13/13

    Alright so I just finished watching the latest ep. and the intro and set up were really good, introducing the mailman, getting to know about the Gem history of the Lunar Spire, etc. and then they showed a neat new bugger, the Crystal Shrimp (whom apparently Pearl despises). But right after the Crystal Shrimp, that's when it seems like they rushed an ending. *SPOILERS* They got past the water barrier and then Steven irresponsibly forgets the figurine he needed (the one job man, the ONE job) and his neglectfulness results in the destruction of a CENTURIES OLD historical building...and everybody is..OK with this?? Yeah, they just comfort him like its no big deal and that even though he was irresponsible, well at leas…

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  • HallowedArcher

    This is the first episode I think I've really enjoyed since Laser Light Cannon, the others are good, but I really liked this one. Why? For a number of reasons really. In this episode we get to see the bond between Steven and his Dad closer up, what he does, how they act etc. which is good because up until then we had no idea if they were estranged or not, and then get introduced to a new power all gems have, the ability to Shape shift (seen once before in Together Breakfast). The idea of gems having more than one power (rather than simply be able to summon a weapon) is intruiging and begs the question: how vast is their trove of abilities?

    Another thing I really like was the direction it took with its story pro…

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  • HallowedArcher

    Frybo Ep. Analysis

    December 11, 2013 by HallowedArcher

    Hey guys, apparently there's this thing called a "blog" which I didn't know existed, hehe. So in case you haven't caught on, I'm going to analyze and give my own personal opinions on pretty much every episode (bar filler, Arch don't do no filler) and go over major events, series direction and character progressions. Feel free to hop in and give your own thoughts about the episode or characters, or whatever!

    • May contain SPOILERS (It has been warned)  *

    Alright, tonight I'd like to discuss Frybo aka how to do PG Horror right. I [1]The face of horror, delicious delicious horror.mean look at that thing, and its...blank expression. Pure evil. Just silent and pure evil, no motivation or reasoning. *shudders* Ahem, well at any rate, this episode is…

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  • TheBestGamer

    Other Crystal Gems

    December 11, 2013 by TheBestGamer

    Although I know that the only Gems on the show are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven, but I wonder if it is possible that there would be other Crystal Gems.

    If there were any others, what would you think they would be, and what weapon would they have?

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  • Arielisnotonfire

    Shipping Wars,

    December 11, 2013 by Arielisnotonfire

    Okies, so I'm going around Tumblr, and I run into this ship.

    And it deals with Pearl and Steven.

    And I don't have anything against anyone who ships them, but I'm just kinda confused. I think of Pearl as more of an older sister/motherly figure to Steven, because of how protective she is over Steven and all that stuff.

    In fact, I don't think any of the Crystal Gems have a crush on Steven, and I don't think Steven has a crush on one of them either. Like I said, their more of older sister figures to him, and the show just introduced Connie, Steven's love interest.

    I dunno, what are your guy's opinions on this? x3

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