• William1414

    ocean gem best show ever

    September 27, 2014 by William1414

    when garnet grouned steven for letting the other gem is steven friend on a mirror from mirror gem it is the best show ever

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  • Matrix the Hedgehog

    Trivia Time

    September 27, 2014 by Matrix the Hedgehog

    The trivia on this wiki is not very well made, I'd like to have a conversation with whoever writes it around here. I've seen "trivia" that's just events that happen in the episode that you likely just saw or were about to see. Trivia isn't events, it's refrences and (sometimes hidden) details. So far I've had to make major changes on the trivia for Mirror Gem, Ocean Gem, and Monster Buddies, and I'm sure that all the other episodes need to have such updates as well.

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  • WillDragonArt1223

    Welcome to my blog! This is where I will be posting most of my Fanart, Concepts, Ideas, etc. I hope you all enjoy. As if constructive criticism is encouraged, hurtful criticism is not. Please enjoy! ;)

    WillDragonArt1223© (2014-)

    WillDragonArt1223© (2014-)

    Steven Universe Wiki Members© & WillDragonArt1223©

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  • Tomoppang

    Gem's Gender

    September 26, 2014 by Tomoppang

    Hi everyone! I'd appreciate if the people who edit the Crystal Gem's genders to "female" because Rebecca Sugar has stated that Gems are genderless on several occasions on her Reddit! Here and here !

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  • AwesomeSteven

    Transcript Sign-Up

    September 25, 2014 by AwesomeSteven

    Ok, here are the sign-ups for the next few episodes:

    House Guest:         Space Race:          Island Adventure:            Secret Team:         Keep Beach City Weird!:

    Fulip Yogow       Pearl is Awsome                                                                               AwesomeSteven

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  • Trentonius

    Blue Gem

    September 24, 2014 by Trentonius

    The fifth gem on the door is blue and so is the gem on the mirror that Pearl  gives Steven.  Could they be related somehow?

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  • Phinto64

    new gems for boys

    September 23, 2014 by Phinto64

    I was thinking of the theory that can change the show forever.

    If there was an alternative universe of the show, the crystal gems, pearl, garnet, amethyst, meet there match that look like male versions along with a female version of Steven. But this is different.

    The new gems are called metal gems.

    There are cyborg like that look like gems.

    Names after the chamestry table elemental metal.

    Has elemental powers instead of super human abilities.

    Gemstones are replaced with colored orbital pats with symbols.

    And there outfits had heart shapes instead of stars like they crystal gems had. 

    Looked like gentleman pearl, British talk, powerful by absorbing energy. Colored yellow/orange, with a weapon choice: a freanch sword. Clever he was, sometime…

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  • Yolka Crazy!

    The Burning Room

    September 13, 2014 by Yolka Crazy!

    Hey guys! I was thinking. After I watched the episode Monster Buddies, I noticed that Steven and the Centipeedle got bubbled here. My guess is that "The Burning Room" is used to store all of the bubbled gems (You can see multiple bubbled gems in room) and maybe Garnet uses the Lava Pool to destory them. Thoughts? 

    Yolka Crazy! (talk) 16:38, September 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Pearl is awsome

    Ok I don't know about you guys... but I definitely 100% that everyone saw that moment when the mother was reforming itself it took like a human form. Now that could mean many things like what if.... All the gem monsters they fought and all the gems in the crystal temple were like previously crystal gems that turned bad. At the end of monster buddies Garnet revealed that Rose was trying to "heal" these monsters so this really means alot. Also I noticed one thing about the mother when it was reforming it became and adult but chose to make itself smaller... So many questions and opinions....

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  • CloudFarts

    gems levitate?

    September 7, 2014 by CloudFarts

    ok so in the episode "Coach Steven" pearl seems to levitate in front of Sugilites face right before she is head smashed to the grund and after she has knocked her glasses off.... SO what else can gems do there is levitate fuse, non aging, regeneration,summon objects/weapons,summon holograms,swim in lava,shapeshift,ect.

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