• DragonGem909

    Hi i'm new and I have had this on my mind for quite some time. I've notice that Garnet, amythest, and pearl are not telling steven something. Ether it is that they know that rose is the lion (and known this ever since he was a baby), or their scared of his emotions (for example if he get very angry and his gem goes crazy without him knowing and destroys everything in his path that they can't stop it.) So every time they pretend that there something or sombody they can keep steven's Gem balanced. 

    Reason I ask is that i think i already know that Garnet, Ametyst, And Pearl know that rose is the lion (and not telling steven until he's old enough to understand).

    And since Stevens a boy and they don't know what he will do. So I think their studin…

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  • Mac+Cool

    My Fanon Wiki needs help

    February 3, 2014 by Mac+Cool

    Im CpBetahat and I founded steven universe  fanon wiki and I need your help to fix it the url is  save my wiki now please join my wiki now edit my wiki please!

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  • Lpswinxmermaids

    It came to me recently on how Steven can summon his weapon. He was able to summon it in Gem Glow, but he did it when he ate the Cookie Cat and said these excat words,"So good." 

    Then it came to me. I think that maybe when Steven thinks of something very good, like food, he can summon his weapon. And his shield  could also be a flying disk that acts like a boomerang to defeat monsters. Do you think that this theory could be right in future episodes? Comment below for what you think. :)

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  • Otherside86

    Metal Ores

    February 1, 2014 by Otherside86

    Something I just came up with.

    The Metal Ores are a magical warrior race that rival the Crystal Gems. Each Ore is born with a unremovable metal accessory and summon weapons like the Gems.

    Name: Titanium
    The Leader.
    Metal: Vest
    Weapon: Armor

    Name: Gold
    Noble warrior.
    Metal: Helmet
    Weapon: Swords

    Name: Mercury
    The girl of the group.
    Metal: Earrings
    Weapon: Morphing Liquid Metal

    Name: Copper
    Crazy guy.
    Metal: Bracelet
    Weapon: Chain whip

    Name: Lead
    Big strong guy.
    Metal: Plate in his head
    Weapon: Sledgehammer

    Name: Steel
    Metal: Left-hand Gauntlet
    Weapon: Shurikens

    Name: Brass
    Hot tempered.
    Metal: Rings
    Weapon: Brass Knuckles

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  • Lpswinxmermaids

    Ok, so during the series so far, I've seen that Garnet's and Pearl's weapons have appeared a lot, (probably 6-7 times) and Amethest's weapon ha not appeared in many episodes. (To me, I think it has only been seen 4 times from what I've seen, three times in Gem Glow, and one in Together Breakfast) What do you think? 

    Should we get to see more of the weapons the Crystal Gems have? Should we see more of Steven's shield? Write what you think in the comments. If I am wrong about the appearences about the weapons for the Gems, please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you!

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  • CreatorTheta which is an unknown Wiki contributor has edited the page to put rude content and I have edited it to try to undo damage done by this person

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  • ATinyFloatingWhale

    Guys, Steven's Lion is not a lion at all. It's Rose Quartz, Steven's mom.

    In Cat Fingers, we learn that the Gems can shapeshift. When they do, they remain the color of their gem. Remember Rose' s light cannon? It had a pink gem on it. Lions are not pink, but if Rose shifted into a lion, it would be.

    Also, she went all the way from the desert to the Temple to retrieve the pillow. She knew the glass would be there because she saw the Gems, and Rose LIVED THERE AT ONE TIME.

    In Lion 2: The Movie, he takes Steven and Connie to a Gem infantry. I think it's preparation for the ultimate war against evil. More details will come in new episodes, I'm sure

    If you need any more proof, just ask.

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  • Parallax3599

    In the episode "Tiger Millionaire", Amethyst and Garnet have a fight for a short amount of time, but what if they really had a fight, who would win? And this time it wouldn't be just Amethyst and Garnet, we'd through in Pearl too. Most people im guessing would come to the conclusion that Garnet would win, her being the leader and all, but if you think about it, all that means is that she has better leadership skills than the other Gems. And if Pearl and Amethyst team up against her, she'd be screwed. Then again, she is probably the physically strongest of the Gems.... Any way, leave a comment and shair what you think! i'd love to know who you think would win in a 'Battle of the Gems'!

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  • Yolka Crazy!

    I am very sorry for not being active, I have been busy with school and I kind of ignored the wiki when they had their hiatus. I aploligize and I will be more active and try to be here when the episodes are not airing. Thanks! :D

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  • HallowedArcher

    Woo, we're back after a long break and man did they come out hitting hard. A couple great new episodes to start out its return after close to a month long break mid-season. I'd like to start with Tiger Millionaire because I was really blown away with this episode, really great.

    Tiger Millionaire was a fantastic episode on a number of levels, it addresses a sizable issue, brings in side chars. as a secondary focal point and does absolute wonders for Amethyst's character development. I'll be honest here, out of all the gems, I had pegged Amethyst in last place, granted I know a lot of people have her as their number one. I could just never get over that Tomboy Archetype she was trying to fill out and felt that her character development was to…

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