Trentonius Trentonius 24 July 2014


Where are the rest of the Crystal Gems?  Other Gems are pictured but haven't appeared in person.  In Serious Steven we see a "Gem Battlefield" as well as illustrations of several gems and in Coach Steven there is a communication hub that ONCE allowed Gems to communicate. Why don't they need to communicate any more?  Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl also just decide to destory the hub instead of trying to fix it.  Do they not have anyone to contact any more or does no one want to contact them?

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Trentonius Trentonius 24 July 2014

Fusion Gems

How many possible fusion gems are there? There is Garnet + Amethyst, Pearl + Garnet, Pearl + Amethyst, Steven + Garnet, Steven + Pearl and Steven + Amethyst.  Then there would be all four of them together. So that is seven. Could three fuse together? For example Garnet + Amethyst + Pearl?  If so that would make ten. Could whatever Steven and Pearl make fuse with Sugilite to make a new gem or would that just make whatever they are called when they all fuse together? If it makes a new gem that makes 12, right?  If there could possibly be twelve fusion gems that would be amazing. What do you guys think?

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Manthili Manthili 19 July 2014

about me

about me:

my name is yasmina indira karim

im new here

i was born in january 21st 2003

my birthstone is a garnet gem stone

my zodiac sign is aquarius

i love steven universe

favorite character is garnet and amethyst

amethyst:she is really funny,voiced by michaela dietz

garnet:she has a british accent,really tall and strong and voiced by estelle

my father is english

my mother is indonesian i can speak two different languges,which is indonesian and english

i found out about steven universe on january 8th 2014 when i saw the commercial.

At first i didnt really care but i was curious,when i watch the first episode gem glow

i was like 'this cartoon isnt so bad' but the longer i watched the show i liked it more and more,

then i started going on the internet and tr…

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Extraneous Extraneous 12 July 2014

Rose Quartz is Lion?

okay, so I have no idea if anyone has the same theory as me, but if you do...i guess our minds are on the same page:) anyway, i've come to the conclusion that rose quartz, after giving up her physical form to give birth to Steven, has moved on to another life, which is Lion. This may have been obvious to you, or maybe I'm just dumb and think I'm on to something when in reality, everyone knows way more than me about this show. However, to start of I think the most obvious reason I believe in this theory is because of the color of the Lion. LIke Rose, the lion is a very soft shade of pink. Also, Lion has the ability to open portals into what possibly could be the chamber that belonged to Rose? And if you can tell, the lion is actually very p…

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Thekingofallfrogs Thekingofallfrogs 1 July 2014

Zach is at Switzerland

Okay I was asking where Zach Callison was because he was inactive on twitter and I waited a whole day to get his response. He is at switzerland at a school. Evidence: I dont know if Zach will use internet to voice steven. He usually voices Steven at the LA CN Headquarters.

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Fandomized Fandomized 10 June 2014

Steven Universe: A FAILED ANIME

Is it just ME or, could this have made an AMAZING anime or at the very least Ameri-Manga (American made anime. Anime is a type of animation from Japan and this is made in AMERICA). Just the secrets and suspense, monsters and magic, like: Is the lion a re-embodied version of Rose? What happened to the gem society? Is there an actual VILLAIN CONTROLLING the monsters OR destroy the gems lives as they knew it??? a few things point to other anime (and Ameri-Manga series) the "dance" is a reference to "DBZ" and the weapons are unique to there personalities like in "BLEACH" : AMETHYST is laid back and goes with the flow like her whip. GARNET is strong and tough like her gauntlets. PEARL is a perfectionist who uses her spear with the grace a cheer…

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Peridot The Techtition Peridot The Techtition 1 June 2014

What are the point of these?

There are actually no points of blogs because all they do is mainly cause drama and gossip amongest wiki's and there common users.So when doing a blog make to asure that people respect other people in a common manner. So now I must bid you all aduie.

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StevenstheBest450 StevenstheBest450 26 May 2014


                           Does anybody else think Herobrine invaded Rose's Room?  (This is a joke. Not meant to be taken seriously.)

Please do not flame. Thanks! ;-)

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Ayth333 Ayth333 23 May 2014

Steven Universe Art!

Digital rendering of Antares the dragon (Carnelian's Gem animal, go to my other blog for details):  

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Expertnico06 Expertnico06 21 May 2014

Episode Ideas Re-post

Steven And Amethyst (Half-Hour Special)

Plot: Steven is looking for his new biscuits when Garnet tries to help Steven, but Garnet heard there was a trouble in the temple, so Steven calls Amethyst to help, then Steven found it on his closet, the closet didn't open when Steven and Amethyst is inside the closet, Steven and Amethyst tried to open it, but doesn't really open, Steven and Amethyst must find another way out, passages, tunnels, underground, and other places in the temple, Pearl tries to look for Steven, will Steven and Amethyst get out.

Stevana (Part 1)

Plot: After Steven found out that there's a mirror that makes you a girl, when a girl, it makes you a boy, Steven tries the mirror, but Pearl told Steven to don't ever do that again, b…

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