• Ayth333


    April 22, 2014 by Ayth333

    Blog has been moved.!

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  • Gem Theory

    Gem Theory: Evil Gems

    April 20, 2014 by Gem Theory

    In the second post of my new blog Gem Theory, I'll be shining a light on some crazy evil gem evidence.


    Welcome to Gem Theory!

    My speculation into evil gems started after it was confirmed thyere had been a Gem War. Pearl says the strawberry field used to be a Gem battlefield. Did the Gems kill each other to near extinction?

    That's when I started thinking about every single bad guy with a gem reference. That was almost every bad guy or evil/crazy item.

    Even in the first episode, the Mother Centipeedle has a gem. Though there is no reference to it while fighting, when the house is infested by baby centipeedles, Amethyst says "These ones don't have a gem!" and Garnet says there must be a mother.

    So the mothers do have gems. But tha…

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  • Gem Theory

    Hello and welcome to the first post on my new blog Gem Theory.

    I know this topic "Garnet's Weapon" is a bit specific, but I'll be doing way more posts.

    For a start, it's pretty cool that Garnet's gloves are made of Garnet. I mean, Amethyst had a whip with Amethysts, Pearl had a pearl on her staff, so it makes sense that Garnet has Garnet weapons.

    Later I'll be talking about Gem Meanings more, because Steven is the Defensive gem, wanting to protect everyone etc. The weapons also relate to this topic. But what does Garnet's mean?

    We don't know much about Garnet's personality. She likes being the leader, (Gem Glow) and she is very serious about nothing stopping the mission (Cat Fingers).

    Unlike a lot of theories I came up with, this one is pretty …

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  • Thewillo333


    April 17, 2014 by Thewillo333

    Okay. The next episode that will be aired is "Lion 2: The Movie." This episode has Connie in it (A CHARACTER WE WANNA KNOW MORE OF). Sooo... I wanted to see what crazy things people can make up about it. LETS SEE GUYS, WHADAYYA YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN?

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  • Matt Hadick

    What are your favorite WACKY and WILD movies, TV, and comics? Tell us here!

    Calling fans of all things Wacky and Wild! Wikia recently posted a Wacky & Wild Entertainment Guide showcasing some of the latest and greatest in off-the-wall entertainment. Check out the guide and share your favorite favorite wacky and wild movies, shows, and comics in the comments!

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  • Expertnico06

    Episode Ideas

    April 14, 2014 by Expertnico06

    Steven And Amethyst (Half-Hour Special)

    Plot: Steven is looking for his new biscuits when Garnet tries to help Steven, but Garnet heard there was a trouble in the temple, so Steven calls Amethyst to help, then Steven found it on his closet, the closet didn't open when Steven and Amethyst is inside the closet, Steven and Amethyst tried to open it, but doesn't really open, Steven and Amethyst must find another way out, passages, tunnels, underground, and other places in the temple, Pearl tries to look for Steven, will Steven and Amethyst get out.

    Stevana (Part 1)

    Plot: After Steven found out that there's a mirror that makes you a girl, when a girl, it makes you a boy, Steven tries the mirror, but Pearl told Steven to don't ever do that again, b…

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  • Senior-Fluffy

    Sonic Toy?

    April 10, 2014 by Senior-Fluffy

    Hey i just watched the new sword episode of Steven Universe, and i noticed a weird toy that steven had, it was sonic, i dont know if it was just a coincidence, or what, tell me if im the only on who seen it.

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  • HallowedArcher

    Okay, so as we are speedily heading towards having Transcripts for all available episodes, I feel like such information would be best suited being put on each episode page. That way, anyone looking up that episode, could not only get the general plot, but track down specific quotes as well or confirm something they thought a character said, etc. The ways in which the exact dialogue w/ context can be used, I feel, are boundless. Am I bias here? Well, yeah, I did write the majority of them (not to exclude the tremendous help of people such as AwesomeSteven and Pearl is Awesome), but there is no denying it would be a great tool for not only the casual wiki wonderer, but users as well. (if specific info is needed).

    Placement? I was thinking som…

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  • TheGamerNetwork2011

    Dear Supersonic2013,

    Rebbeca Sugar came from the Adventure Time set, so a crossover COULD happen....but it won't.

    Adventure Time is in the year aprox. 2120. SU is probably current time, 2014. I doubt they even would be able to make a story.

    So, goodbye, 

                           TheGamerNetwork2011 (Who did not make it in 2011)

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  • AwesomeSteven

    So, I was just thinking about how annoyed and upset I am during hiatuses. I wasn't really such a big fan of SU until Bubble Buddies, so only from S.L. to A.M. and O.T to S.T.S.F. Then I thought: If I think this is bad, how grumpy will I be between seasons?

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