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I love how you believe in everyone. You stuck to your principles, and I'm proud of you. I mean, everyone can change, but not everyone wants to.


"Bluebird" is the 5th episode of Steven Universe Future.

Official Synopsis

Steven questions the motives of a mysterious fusion that suddenly shows up at his house.


Bluebird 014.png

The episode begins with Steven filming a commercial for Little Homeworld, telling all Gems across the galaxy to come to learn to be an Earthling at Little Homeschool. Once Steven finishes the commercial, Peridot walks up to him and lets him know that he smells good. When Steven acts confused by this, Peridot pulls a note off his back that reads "Tell Me I Smell Good." A couple more pranks happen shortly after which include Steven's Juice being replaced with Tomato Soup, and finding a stack of toilet paper on top of the Dondai Supremo. Steven isn't bothered by this, seeing as he likes Tomato Soup and that he won't have to collect wads of Toilet Paper off his car. He does hear a mysterious voice, however, which catches him off guard.

Bluebird 037.png

Steven drives home and finds a party inside the house. He automatically realizes that a new Gem has come to earth. Amethyst welcomes Steven and tells him to go introduce himself. When the Gem turns around, Steven feels threatened, immediately realizing that this was a fusion of Aquamarine and "Eyeball". However, the Gem acts kind towards Steven, such as introducing herself as Bluebird Azurite, hugging him, and handing him a tray of food (all of which are known to cause allergic reactions).

Bluebird 068.png

While Greg is in the bathroom combing his hair, Steven pulls Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl in there with him and lets them know who this Gem really was. They remain unfazed, revealing that they knew this all along, causing Steven to wonder why they were being so nice to her. He then reminds them of when Aquamarine kidnapped him to bring him to Homeworld, also adding the fact that "Eyeball" tried to stab him in space while attempting to remove his gem, and when she ratted him out when he was on trial with Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond. Garnet informs him that it was all in the past and that people can change. Steven uses a couple more excuses, such as wondering why Bluebird showed up at his house all of a sudden. Pearl then informs Steven that Bluebird Azurite's presence is his fault, indicating that he broadcasted a commercial that welcomed Gems from all across the universe to Earth. Steven then decides to give Bluebird a chance and Garnet informs him that if things go south, they'll squash her.

Bluebird 078.png

Once they leave the bathroom, Bluebird approaches Steven and apologizes to him for giving him all that food without a beverage. She proceeds to hand him a can of juice which sprays Steven in the face once he opened it. She wonders how that happened in a sarcastic tone, in response, Steven angrily tells her that she shook it and she knew it. Garnet corrects him and he changes his approach.

Bluebird 086.png

The next few scenes of this episode show Steven jumping to conclusions, assuming Bluebird is doing harm to the Gems or Greg when in reality they are doing simple activities together. Such as when he noticed her approaching Pearl with a knife (to cut a cake she made), or holding Garnet down on the ground (to help her stretch before doing exercises). In one instance, Steven heard chainsaw noises and Greg's screams from the van, only to find out that he and Bluebird were watching a horror movie, which Bluebird found funny. Steven also finds a few small crummy pictures of himself around the house and assumes that they were drawn by Bluebird, expressing his dislike of them to Amethyst (who had actually drawn the pictures). As Amethyst runs to the door, Bluebird appears and asks what's wrong. When Amethyst shows her the pictures, she states that despite not knowing what art is, she thinks it's the best of it she's ever seen, cheering Amethyst up and inspiring her to continue working on her art.

Bluebird 121.png

Later, Steven wakes up and goes into the bathroom to get ready for the day. When he notices Bluebird's gems drawn on his face, he laughs as he cleans it off. Then the warp pad is heard activating followed by the sound of tire screeches. He runs out of the bathroom and sees that Greg's van had warped between warp pads and was now in the Beach house. Steven comes to the conclusion that Bluebird and Greg were just having fun. Suddenly, Greg's screaming is heard, which Steven thinks means he's watching another horror film with Bluebird. However, Greg is heard screaming again, so Steven goes outside to see what's going on.

Giphy (14).gif

Once Steven goes outside, he looks up and sees Bluebird dangling Greg off the roof. He asks his dad if he was screaming out of fun and Greg assures him that he is not. Bluebird then starts to talk about how there were two separate Gems that were loved for bringing the greatest traitor (Steven) to Homeworld, and how they were cast out once the traitor duped Homeworld into loving him instead, announcing they've come to Earth to enact their revenge. She then unfuses, "revealing" herself to be "Eyeball" and Aquamarine. Steven isn't surprised by this, however, as everyone was aware from the start. When the two Gems ask Steven why everyone was so nice to them if they knew, he exclaims that it's simply because they're nice people. Aquamarine ignores his statement and grabs Greg by the hair, dangling him over the roof again as "Eyeball" holds her chisel near him. Aquamarine then tells Steven that if he wants "My Dad" back, he'll have to listen to their demands, which include destroying the Beach House, bubbling his friends, and burning Little Homeworld to the ground.

Bluebird 156.png

Steven refuses to do as such, to which Aquamarine responds by instructing "Eyeball" to kill Greg. As "Eyeball" laughs, Greg grabs her chisel and cuts his hair to free himself. Steven catches him as Aquamarine throws his hair down in disgust. Greg, heartbroken, grabs his hair and grieves. While "Eyeball" and Aquamarine argue, Steven angrily tells his dad to go wait inside, and the latter does so while holding his hair. Steven then swears he won't let the Gems get away with what they've done, turning pink and launching himself at them.

Bluebird 209.png

After attempting to fight Steven unfused, they acknowledge his strength and attempt to fuse again, to no avail. After several more attempts, "Eyeball" grows frustrated and starts fighting with Aquamarine as Steven watches and drops his guard. Knowing that they fused solely because they hated him, he attempts to steer them in the right direction, but only annoys Aquamarine and "Eyeball" further, causing them to quickly bond over their mutual hatred of him and successfully fuse. Announcing her return, Bluebird summons her weapon (an ice cutlass) and begins fighting Steven. Meanwhile, the Gems look for Steven while asking why Greg is crying in the bathroom, with Amethyst exclaiming that he needs to move his van before spotting Bluebird slashing at Steven's shield. The Gems fuse into Alexandrite and, as promised, squash Bluebird into the ground, splitting her back into Aquamarine and "Eyeball". After taunting Steven briefly, they fly away while exclaiming that they'll always be out in the universe, hating Steven (with "Eyeball" childishly exclaiming that he smells).

Bluebird 214.png

Steven then joins up with his dad by the ocean, who is still upset about his hair. Steven apologizes to Greg and states that he never should have given Bluebird a chance. Greg responds by telling him that he loves how Steven believes that everyone can change, but lets him know that not everyone is going to want to. He says goodbye to his hair before placing it on the ocean water and the two watch as it drifts off into the sea.







Instrumental Songs


  • A painting of the Crystal Gems with Cat Steven is seen in the place where Rose's was before by Steven's room.
  • As of this episode, Greg is now the second person in the series to have cut their long hair short; the first person to do this being Connie, who did so at some point during her estrangement from Steven in-between "Dewey Wins" and "Kevin Party".
  • Bluebird gives Steven a plate of peanut butter, grass, and clams. Nuts, pollen, and shellfish are common allergies. While Steven was shown to be allergic to pollen in "Warp Tour", it's possible that antihistamines are being used or that some quirk of gem physiology is reducing or nullifying the symptoms.

Cultural References

  • When Bluebird "reveals" to Steven she is the fusion of "Eyeball" and Aquamarine, they do it in the same fashion as the Team Rocket trio introduce themselves in the Pokémon anime.
    • Similarly, when "Eyeball" and Aquamarine depart, they disappear similar to how the Team Rocket trio blasts off when defeated.
  • The aforementioned scene could alternatively be interpreted as a reference to Joe Pesci's tooth from Home Alone.


  • Steven and the Gems once again hide in the bathroom to discuss their concerns about a new character.
  • Aquamarine refers to Greg as Steven's "My Dad", referencing the events of her debut episodes, "Are You My Dad?" and "I Am My Mom".
    • She and "Eyeball" do not fully understand human terminology yet.
  • A painting of Greg's unnamed uncle and aunt is hanging in Lapis' art studio, though it is unknown if it is the same one that hung in the Barn.
  • "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" starts playing when Steven heads back to the Beach House.
  • Another time the rest of the Crystal Gems ignore Steven's intuition, which turns out to be spot-on about the motives of someone. 


Bluebird 118.png
  • While Bluebird handed Steven the disgusting food at the welcome party, both of her shirt sleeves are blue, despite the right arm of her shirt being red.
  • When Steven first wakes up before noticing "Eyeball" and Aquamarine's gems are drawn on his face, the graffiti is missing.
  • When "Eyeball" and Aquamarine get knocked back by Steven using his shield, Aquamarine's shoes are the same colors as underneath her skirt when she lands next to "Eyeball".
  • When Alexandrite unfuses Bluebird, she briefly disappears.
  • Pumpkin appears in the credits despite not being in the episode.
  • When Steven opens the chips, he finds the drawings of Amethyst, which are impossible to put inside without opening the bag.


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