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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Little Homeworld]
(Steven is seen warping into Little Homeworld by acting a commercial.)
Steven Hey, all you Gems out there in the universe! Have you been feeling lost and confused in this new era? Then come on down to Little Homeschool! Are you used to destroying things? Then learn to be constructive instead! Are you used to plotting? Then you can tend to this plot of land! Feeling lost without direction from the Diamonds? Come and find your center. Everyone deserves a chance to change, so come on down today! And, cut. *picks up the camera* Thanks for helping update our commercial, guys.
Larimar I'm an actor.
Steven I'll get this home and do some editing.
Peridot Steven, you smell good.
Steven Uh, what?
Peridot It's written on your back.
Steven Huh?
(The writing on Steven's back says "Tell Me I Smell Good".)
Peridot *laughs* You obviously wrote this yourself.
Steven No, I didn't. *slurps tomato soup* Mnh! Bleh! Tomato soup?
Peridot I thought you loved tomato soup!
Steven Yeah, but... where'd my juice go? *sees toilet paper on Steven's car* Oh, no! The Dondai's been, um... kinda covered in toilet paper?
(Steven hears someone laugh mysteriously.)
Steven Hey! Whoever you are that's "pranking me," you've got a really weird idea of what a prank is. *sighs* At least I don't have to pick up more toilet paper.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven drives in to his house who plays Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star).)
Steven Hmm? Whoa, another welcome party. A new Gem must've arrived.
[Trans. Int. Living Room]
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl let Steven join in.)
Amethyst Yo, dude, come over here and introduce yourself.
Steven Welcome to Earth! My name's-
Short Fusion Gem *cockney accent* Well, well, well, if it ain't the old Gem savior himself, Steven Universe!
Steven *gasps*
(Steven notices that "Eyeball" and Aquamarine knows about fusion.)
Bluebird Bluebird Azurite, at your service! All right, give us a hug then! *hugs Steven*
Steven Oh! Heh.
Garnet Cute.
Bluebird Mmm. Oh! You like food, yeah?
Steven Yeah?
Bluebird Well, sit tight, then. I'll be right back! *flies away*
Steven What?!
Pearl Yeah, she just got here and is already exploring Earth cuisine.
(Bluebird flies back.)
Steven What is this?
Bluebird Just some old Earth things. Clams, peanut butter, and a side of fresh cut grass. *begs* Please enjoy it. I'm begging you. Please!
Amethyst Gosh, Steven, don't make her beg.
Steven S-Sure! Heh. I'll just, uh... dip this here.... *eats the fresh cut grass* Mmm.
Bluebird *offscreen* Is is good?
Steven Yeah, it- it's great.
Bluebird *laughs* Brilliant.
Steven Can I see you guys in the bathroom?
[Trans. Int. Steven's Bathroom]
(Greg brushes his hair and Steven knocks on the door.)
Steven Sorry, Dad. Emergency meeting. Don't panic. I think Bluebird is a fusion of Aquamarine and "Eyeball"!
Amethyst Well, duh.
Garnet It's pretty obvious.
Steven What?! Well, how come you're all so calm about this? Did you forget that Aquamarine kidnapped me? How about the fact that "Eyeball" tried to stab me and ratted me out while I was on trial? They must've fused because they both hate me!
Garnet That was them. This is Bluebird.
Steven But she pranked me earlier today! She put a sign on my back that said I... smelled good, switched my juice with tomato soup, neatly stack toilet paper... on top of my car?
Pearl None of that stuff sounds particularly malicious.
Amethyst Besides, don't you like tomato soup?
Steven Yeah, but isn't it convenient that Bluebird just showed up here at my house?
Pearl Steven, you've literally invited all problematic Gems from across the universe to come here and learn a better way of living.
Steven Well, right.
Greg Listen, Schtu-ball, if you don't want this Gem around, that's totally fair.
Steven No, you guys are right. Everyone deserves a chance to change.
Garnet Don't worry. If she tries anything funny, we'll be there to squash her.
Steven Thanks, Garnet.
[Trans. Int. Living Room]
Steven Hey, Bluebird! What's up?
Bluebird Steven Universe! I'm sorry. I gave you all that food without something to, uh, wash it down with.
Steven Okay, thank you!
(Steven's juice squirts on Steven.)
Bluebird How'd that 'appen?
Steven You obviously shook it.
Garnet *clears throat* Chance to change. A-hem
Steven You obviously shook it... by accident.
(Bluebird giggles.)
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(Steven walks down and sees Bluebird who's got a knife.)
Steven ... Hmm? *gasps* PEARL! Bluebird's got a knife!
Pearl How else are we gonna cut this cake she made for you?
Bluebird Surprise!
[Trans. Int. Little Homeworld]
(Steven sees Garnet being pinned by Bluebird.)
Steven Wha? Bluebird's got Garnet pinned! Let Garnet go RIGHT NOW!
Garnet Hey, Steven. Bluebird was helping me do some stretching before diving into a bit of advanced yoga.
Bluebird It's very important to stretch!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven sees a drawing that says "Steven".)
Steven ... Ugh.
Amethyst What's up, dude?
Steven Bluebird's really getting to me. I mean, look at this terrible drawing she made of me.
Amethyst *interrupts* Steven, I-
Steven These, too! I've been finding this junk all over the place.
Amethyst Steven, those are my drawings! *runs away crying*
Steven Amethyst, I'm sorry!
Bluebird What's with the waterworks, love?
Amethyst My art career is over before it even got off the ground!
Bluebird I don't know what art is, but this is the best art I've ever seen!
Amethyst Awww, thanks, Bluebird! I'm gonna work on my art right now! You wanna come?
Bluebird Lead the way, Amethyst!
[Trans. Int. It's a Wash]
Steven Hey, Dad!
(Steven hears Greg yelling.)
Steven Dad, are you okay?!
Greg What's up, Schtu-ball? Just showin' Bluebird some of my old classic sci-fi horror movies.
Bluebird Yeah! They're hilarious!
Greg So, what're you doin' over here? Got somethin' on your mind?
Steven You know what, Dad? I think I'll be okay.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven wakes up and yawns. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees his face with scribble marks of Bluebird's gemstones.)
Steven Huh? Oh, Bluebird, classic prank.
(The Warp Pad whooshes, tires squealing.)
Steven What!? Huh? How'd the van...? Oh, gotcha. Welp, I guess Bluebird and Dad must be having a ball together.
Greg *offscreen* AAAH!
Steven Sounds like they're watching another horror movie. I'm sure everything's just fine.
Greg *offscreen* Heeeeelp!!
Steven O-Okay, Steven. Your dad is fine. Bluebird is cool. Dad?
Greg *offscreen* Up here, son!! *back onscreen* *straining*
Steven A-Are those screams of fun?!
Greg NO!!
Bluebird An era ago, there were two Gems celebrated for taking down Homeworld's greatest traitor. But then, they were cast out, forgotten, when the traitor duped all of Homeworld into loving him instead. Now, they've come to Earth for their revenge! And forever shall he rue the names -- *unfuses*
Aquamarine Aquamarine!
"Eyeball" And Ruby!
Aquamarine Well?! It's us!
"Eyeball" It's always been us, and you never knew!
Steven I always knew. Everyone knew.
Aquamarine What?!
"Eyeball" If you knew, they why were your Gems bein' so nice to us, huh?!
Steven That's 'cause they're nice! They're nice people!
Aquamarine Enough of this! *grabs Greg's hair*
("Eyeball" pulls a chisel knife out of her gem.)
Steven Whoa! Hey, careful with my dad! If this is another one of your pranks, you'd better cut it out!
"Eyeball" That was just us softening you up! Now, the real torture begins!
Aquamarine We've learned so much about your life, Steven. Especially how much you love your precious "My-Dad". But, if you want him back, you'll have to do us a favor or two, such as... destroying your house!
"Eyeball" Yeah!
Aquamarine Bubble your friends!
"Eyeball" Yeah!
Aquamarine And burn Little Homeworld to the ground!
"Eyeball" DO IT!
Steven No!
Aquamarine Then "My-Dad" gets it!
"Eyeball" Gets what?
Aquamarine Gets hurt. Just do what we saw in that movie.
"Eyeball" Oh, yeah! *laughs maliciously*
Greg ... Aah! That's enough!
"Eyeball" Hey!
(Greg swipes "Eyeball"'s chisel knife and cuts his hair and falls.)
Steven No!!
Aquamarine What!?
(Steven catches Greg.)
Steven Dad, are you okay?
Aquamarine Ugh! Disgusting! *throws Greg's hair*
Greg *whimpering* Oh, my baby! *crying*
Aquamarine *offscreen* How could you let that happen?
"Eyeball" *offscreen* You distracted me!
Aquamarine *offscreen* I was directing you!
Steven Father, go inside.
(Greg goes inside. Steven turns pink.)
(Steven jumps up and fights "Eyeball" and Aquamarine.)
Aquamarine We have to fuse if we're going to beat him.
("Eyeball" and Aquamarine fuse and fail.)
"Eyeball" What was that?!
Aquamarine You were uncoordinated. Try again!
("Eyeball" and Aquamarine constantly try to fuse but fail each time.)
"Eyeball" That's it! I've had it with you!
("Eyeball" and Aquamarine fighting as Steven changes back to his normal color.)
Steven Tsk, tsk, tsk. You guys fused just because you hate me, didn't you?
"Eyeball" and Aquamarine Yes!
Steven If that's the only reason, then it's no wonder you can't keep it together.
Aquamarine What are you talking about?
Steven There are so many other reasons to fuse, like friendship and responsibility... and love. Imagine how much better it would feel to fuse to support each other instead of tearing someone down. Your life would fill with warmth and friendship and joy, and love and --
"Eyeball" Wowie, wow! He is so annoying!
Aquamarine I hate him so much!
"Eyeball" and Aquamarine I know! Me too! *they fuse again*
Steven Are you kidding me?
Bluebird Back at last! *summons her sword and laughs*
(Steven summons his shield.)
Bluebird En garde!
(Swords whooshing. Bluebird fights Steven.)
Pearl Steven, why is Greg crying in the bathroom?
Amethyst Tell him he's gotta move his dang va- AAAAAAH!!!!
Bluebird DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!- Now, if it isn't my favorite trio.
(They fuse into Alexandrite.)
Bluebird Oh, no.
(Alexandrite slaps Bluebird into the ground. They unfuse.)
Steven Are you two okay?
Aquamarine Oh, we've been defeated.
"Eyeball" Yep.
Aquamarine I've completely learned my lesson.
"Eyeball" Huh?
Aquamarine I'm sorry, Steven. Accept my apology? *swipe* Gotcha! *laughs* You may have gotten us this time, but we'll be out there.
"Eyeball" Hating you!
Aquamarine Forever!
"Eyeball" You smelllll....! *disappears into the sky*
Amethyst I guess, there really are Gems out there that hate you.
Steven Yep, but I'm not the one they hurt.
(Greg sits on the shore, coping with his loss.)
Steven I'm really sorry, Dad. I never should have given Bluebird a chance.
Greg *sighs* I love how you believe in everyone. You stuck to your principles, and I'm proud of you. I mean, everyone can change, but not everyone wants to.
Steven Yeah.
Greg *lets lost hair flow into the ocean* Goodbye, old pal. You're finally free.

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