Steven Universe Future

Bluebird Azurite, at your service! All right, give us a hug then!


Steven: What is this?
Just some old Earth things. Clams, peanut butter, and a side of fresh cut grass. Please enjoy it. I'm begging you. Please!


Steven Universe! I'm sorry. I gave you all that food without something to, uh, wash it down with.


I don't know what art is, but this is the best art I've ever seen!


Greg: Just showin' Bluebird some of my old classic sci-fi horror movies.
Yeah! They're hilarious!


An era ago, there were two Gems celebrated for taking down Homeworld's greatest traitor. But then, they were cast out, forgotten, when the traitor duped all of Homeworld into loving him instead. Now, they've come to Earth for their revenge! And forever shall he rue the names --
Aquamarine: Aquamarine!
Eyeball: And Ruby!


Back at last!


En garde!


DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!- *notices Crystal Gems* Now, if it isn't my favorite trio.

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