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Bluebird Azurite, or Bluebird for short, is the fusion between Aquamarine and Eyeball. She made her debut in the episode "Bluebird".


Bluebird Azurite is short in stature with four legs. She has dodger blue skin with red and mint-green patches, a singular black eye, and red hair styled in a bowl cut. 


At first, Bluebird seems to be a very kind and sweet gem, offering Steven food and hanging out with the gems, even though she was a bit of a prankster. Steven automatically assumes Bluebird is up to no good, and later his assumptions are proved to be true. She seems to be a very cruel gem, holding Greg off of Steven's roof, just so she could get his attention. She later attacks Steven without hesitation, showing how powerful her grudge towards him is.




Episode Appearances



Bluebird holds a mutual hatred for Steven, since Aquamarine and Eyeball fused just to make his life miserable.


Bluebird is originally seen watching a horror movie and having fun with Greg, However, it is shown that she was only trying to lure everyone into trusting her, later using Greg as bait for Steven to come out of his house.

The Crystal Gems

Bluebird fakes being nice to the Crystal Gems, which convinces the Crystal Gems to trust her. When Bluebird reveals her true colors, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl fuse into Alexandrite and crush her.




Image Description
AquaEyeball Fusion Gemstone2
Aquamarine's gemstone on Bluebird; the shape resembles a teardrop, colored blue and red. It is located on her left cheek.

AquaEyeball Fusion Gemstone
Eyeball's gemstone on Bluebird; it has a square facet, colored blue and red. It is located on her left eyeball.


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