SteelRunner15 wrote:
Apollo C Vermouth wrote:
SteelRunner15 wrote:
Right now it seems like cartoonnetwork is shoving SU in the back of the priority list and putting the more dumb shows like uncle grandpa and TTG at the front.We bare bears is in the middle.

Cartoonnetwork wants to be like nickelodeon

Where its full of dumb shows and only aimed at 6 year olds

Hopefully that wont happen

Teen Titans Go and Uncle Grandpa produce more episodes, at a more frequent rate. They're also more easily marketable with a wider demographic (read: dumb show that kids can understand) and each episode has more replayability, in terms of repeats. Steven Universe doesn't.

Why wouldn't CN promote the hell out of those shows?

So your saying CN is nickelodeon?

Not exactly, no. But both channels mimic a certain consensus when it comes to children's programming. 

Kids like dumb cartoons. Kids also make up the majority of viewership for each channel. Ratings are good for a television channel. 

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