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Steven Universe has a way of making the episodes the opposite of what you think it will be like.

Ain't that the truth. I think it'll be like Secret Team, where it seems like Steven being silly until the last minute or so, then something profound will happen or be revealed that adds another level of meaning to the stuff that came before it.
SU Episodes are becoming a little...weird.

It's a cartoon, it doesn't have to make perfect sense.
Can't disagree with that.
Agreed, SU is getting to meh leveled-episodes for me. 

I hope that an episode that will be major will come along, and would be either really popular or reveal something extreme. Some of these episodes are So Many Birthdays, Giant Woman, etc. I want to see another one of these episodes, that almost everyone in the SU community loves.

well, after a while, they basically have nothing else to introduce without f**king the plot up or anything, so might as well take care of some things like relationships and stuff
No swearing please, even if censored.

He's still right though honestly

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