Everyone look at ourselves, we were once a good and happy wiki but now we have a new drama related problem every single day. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting so sick and tired of all of this pesky fighting. That is the reason why I want us all of drop all of this fighting right now because not only are a number of the staff members getting annoyed but so am I. I used to like coming on here but now I can't log on or go onto chat without someone reporting a problem to me, seriously this has gone too far. 

Now I don't want to hear people blaming each other because in one way or another this is everyone's fault. Instead of fighting about what has caused this why don't we work towards trying to fix it? 

I am very happy with the progress that this wiki has made I mean hitting 1 million plus views is a great acomplishment along with making it to 1 on the TV WAM score and 7 on the WAM score for every wiki. However with new users mean that changes have to be made and our staff needs to get a great deal more mature with situations and their handling. You see guys I don't want to lose or anger any users in any possible way but I can't take any more of this stupid fighting at all.

So how about we bury the hatchet and let our actions as users speak for themselves rather then past differences or opinions? I really like our community here and I'm glad that over 2 years ago I founded this place but i just can't let it get lost in fighting between users. So how about we, as staff and regular users, just follow the rules, be mature, and have those in charge play it fairly and enforce the rules?

I honestly don't know how much more of this pointless fighting I can take so either we'd have to make nice and accept it or I either leave or me and the other staff members start taking further action.

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