i actually joined so i could check out the chat room. i'm curious to get to know the fandom a bit since this show really is so good. i've been trying to introduce more people to the show but it doesn't seem to have caught on very much just yet, which is a shame. i know i'm going to sound a bit gushy here but steven universe might be one of the best cartoons ever made. meanwhile adventure time is lauded with praise (not that AT is a bad show or anything). i've rarely seen such amazing story telling in any media. it's cute, emotional and fairly deep for a cartoon, and it seems like there's never an episode where you don't learn something new about one of the characters. even the mayor had some character development and that's pretty great imo.

anyway, i've droned on about SU enough. about myself: i enjoy metal and gaming (competative gaming as well, fgc). i was the webmaster of a sizeable forum and imageboard for several years until recently i retired the site. i know a bit of programming but it's mostly concepts about hacking and just how programs work in general. i haven't written any code in years. i'm laidback and rarely serious. this is my first time registering on a wiki. and, stuff...


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